How to create a Twitter List from search results?

If you are doing marketing, customer research, tracking trends, or even finding new accounts to follow, you might have used Twitter Search to see who's tweeting about what. Twitter Search provides a long list of search operators (and, or, quotes, to, etc.) that allows you to fine tune a search to exactly what you want. But once you got your search results, how do you convert those tweets into a Twitter List of accounts?

Using Listpedia you can create a list of accounts using a Twitter Search query in less than a minute and it's so easy you won't believe it. Here is how you do it:

  1. Go to and click on Make List (you might need to sign in or sign up at this point), and select Twitter Lists.
  2. Give your list a name and click continue.
  3. Under the Enter Twitter Accounts or a link box, enter search: followed by the Twitter search term you want and click Add.

Listpedia will search Twitter for up to 250 accounts whose tweets match that search query and automatically add it to your list, and synchronize it real-time with your Twitter List.

Since this is powered by Twitter Search functionality, it might be that we can't identify more than 250 accounts at any given moment. You might want to do that again a few hours later to add more accounts to your list.

One way to build the perfect Twitter Search query is to use Twitter Advanced search, and then copy the Search box query and paste it on Listpedia. Another way is to go to Twitter Search and click on tips on how to use the Operators*.

* Unfortunately, not all Twitter Operators are exposed via the Twitter API. If you run a search query on Listpedia that returns zero accounts, but you can see results on Twitter that's probably the reason. One operator, that's very useful is "NEAR:" that allows you to geo-locate a query.

Here are a few useful examples:

  • Love OR Hate = Includes the word love or the word hate
  • Beer -root = Includes the word Beer but not the word root.
  • #icymi beer = Includes the hashtag #icymi and the word beer
  • to:nasa mars = Someone who tweeted to the account @nasa and included the word mars

The full list of what Listpedia supports can be found on the Twitter API documentation in the section Query Operators.

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