About Listpedia

Have you ever been in a situation where you wonder where can you find a list of ____ on Twitter? For business or pleasure? Yes, we have too! You might be looking to follow some Basketball players, or some modern cuisine chefs, or even a list of potential customers. The beauty of Twitter is that you can embed yourself into a tribe and learn a lot by following them. This is where Listpedia comes in.

Listpedia is the easiest way to find a list of _______ on Twitter!

If you don't find the list you want, you can make one. It's possible you are not the only person looking for it, so your efforts to build it will be rewarded by recognition from many. But it gets better! If you find an incomplete list, or a list that's close enough to what you are looking for, you can fork a list and modify to suit your needs. Github meets Twitter Lists, if you will.

We also make it easy for you to suggest changes to the list maker, watch lists to get updates when new accounts are added, and export a list to Excel if that's what you need.

Wait, doesn't Twitter have Lists already?

Oh, yes they do. Actually, the original version of Listpedia was called TweepML, a product started in 2009 by Marcelo Calbucci, which was the precursor to Twitter Lists. One might say the popularity of TweepML is what lead Twitter to add the Lists features. :)

Twitter Lists serve a purpose, but with Listpedia we expect to make lists that are more up-to-date and easier to find. And, Twitter is just the start. We hope to launch the ability for you to create lists of all kinds. Let us know what network or service to add next.

Now go make a list...

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