How to create a list of Instagram Accounts

Instagram doesn't provide a way for you to build a list of accounts but Listpedia makes it very easy for you to create one for your own use, to make it easier for you or others to follow the accounts, or share o social media sites.

Create a list of Instagram accounts, even with hundreds of accounts, it's a very trivial process and require very few clicks.

  1. On, click "Make a List", select "Instagram List", and give a name to your list.
  2. On the text field under "Enter Instagram Accounts or a link" enter the Instagram accounts you want to add. You can add them with or without the @ sign, or even the instagram URL for that account, so, @gordongram, or gordongram will all work.
  3. Click the Add button to add the accounts and click Done Editing once you added all the accounts you have. It's as easy to add and remove more accounts later.
  4. You can now promote or share your list with friends, and they can easily follow the accounts directly from Listpedia without having to click to go to Instagram.
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