Terms of Service & Privacy

We are keeping it simple.

We affirm that...

  1. We won't use your Twitter account authentication to automatically follow any other account without you expressly pressing "follow" on our service.
  2. We won't change any information on your Twitter account (name, picture, etc).
  3. We won't modify your Twitter Lists without making it clear when you are taking an action that might cause it to change.
  4. We'll respect your privacy in a way that's consistent with the service we are providing. In other words, this is a public social service, so your lists will be public, your account will be public, and your upvotes will be public.
  5. We'll not share information about lists you're watching.

We expect you...

  1. You must use this service keeping the spirit of what we are trying to do -- yes, this is blurry, and we are happy to clarify as we go.
  2. You must not use the service in any way that violates your laws or our laws (Seattle, Washington, USA), and we certainly not responsible if you do so.
  3. You must not use the service in any way that violates Twitter's Term of Service.
  4. You assume the act of curating a list is not "copyrightable". In other words, it's fair game for anyone to copy, modify and re-share these lists for commercial or non-commercial intent with or without attribution.

Which brings us to...

  1. You may not create any list with the intent of creating a follow-ring (a.k.a., follow-back lists). We'll shutdown these lists, ban your account and flag the accounts that were involved to review their eligibility to be on this system.
  2. You may not use the service with the intention of harass, threat or intimidate people or organizations.
  3. Play nice and give attribution where attribution is due.
  4. Use this service at your own risk. We are not liable for anything. Seriously. Nothing. Even if we screw up, we are still not liable.

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