How to merge two Twitter Lists

Imagine you have found two great Twitter Lists for Real Estate Agents, one for San Francisco and one for San Jose, and you want to merge them into a single list. You could create your own list, go to the San Francisco Real Estate Agents list, add each one to your list, then go to the San Jose Real Estate agents list, and add each one to your list. By the time you are done, you forgot why you were even doing this to begin with and start to think about becoming a farmer.

Fear not!

Combining two or more Twitter Lists is an easy task with Listpedia. You can start from a list you already own, from a list another person owns, or from an empty list.

Get your initial list ready

METHOD 1: If you don't have a list:

  1. Click "Make a List", give it a name (description and tags are optional)

METHOD 2: If you already have an initial list:

  1. Go to your initial list on Listpedia by clicking on "My Lists" and click the list you want.

METHOD 3: Starting from one of the lists.

  1. Find the list on Listpedia (if you can't find it, just copy the Twitter List link and paste on the Search box on Listpedia's homepage).
  2. Click on the list and click on the Fork menu and confirm it.

Now, that you have an initial list, you can start importing and merging all the additional lists.

For each list that you want to merge:

  1. If you are not editing your list yet, click on My Lists, then click on the "Add/Remove Accounts" menu.
  2. In the Enter Twitter Accounts or a link box paste the link to the other Twitter List you want to merge into this one and click Add. Listpedia will fetch the members of that list and merge into the current list, removing duplicates if found.
  3. Repeat the above steps for each list you want to merge into this one.

Now you have a Twitter List that has the members of two or more Twitter Lists combined.

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