Create a Twitter List by Scraping a Website

It's not uncommon for you to find a page on a website with a list of people's biography and links to their social media accounts, including Twitter. Most of the time this is on a "Team's page" for a Startup or VC, but also on pages that list speakers at an event, or backers of a crowdsourcing campaign, or even those magazines listicles ("Top 50 Female Athletes in the US").

One way for you to follow all of those accounts is to go through each one of them and follow the link to Twitter, click follow, and repeat it 50 times. If you want to create a Twitter List the work has even more steps. Who has time for that? With Listpedia you can create a list by simply having a link to a web page.

Start a new Twitter List from a website

If you want to start a new Twitter List from a website link:

  1. Click "Make a List", select "Twitter List", give it a name (description and tags are optional).
  2. On the box to add new accounts, paste the link you want to scrape
  3. Click "Add"

Listpedia will automatically collect all the accounts that it can find on that page and add it to your new list. At this point, you might want to review the accounts to make sure those are correct. Often, the website's main account is also found on its footer and it's added to the list.

A little bit of warning, since this might not work for all websites. Many of them, use some web rendering technology that prevents this type of scraping.

Scrape new accounts into an existing Twitter List

If you already have a Twitter List that you want to augment by adding the accounts from a website, Listpedia can scrape the site, add the new accounts to your existing list, and account for duplicates.

  1. Click on "My Lists" at the top menu to find the list you want to edit.
  2. On the Edit drop-down click on "Add/Remove Accounts"
  3. On the box to add new accounts, paste the link you want to scrape
  4. Click "Add"
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