How to easily clean up an old Twitter List?

Twitter Lists are a labor of love. It's certainly not easy to create one (unless you are using Listpedia, of course), and it can be hard to maintain it, by adding new accounts and remove old ones. What if you created a list a few years ago about Photographers and when you check it again you see that some people haven't tweeted in two years, other abandoned their photography career, and a third one, well, you made a mistake adding them in the first place.

Going through each account on Twitter is an absolutely pain. Thankfully, Listpedia has a bunch of features to make your life really easy. Here are a few things you can do.

Even if you didn't create the list originally on Listpedia, you can still edit your Twitter Lists. As soon as you sign up for Listpedia, all your Twitter Lists will be imported and synchronized with Twitter. Depending on how many lists you have this might take a minute or two.

Open your Twitter List for editing:

  1. Click on My Lists in the top to view all your lists.
  2. Click Edit and Add/Remove Accounts
  3. All listed accounts will have an X next to it. Clicking that X immediately removes that account from your list.

Sort your list

If you have too many accounts it might be worth sorting the list by number of followers, friends, or by name and look at the list from a different order to better find the accounts.

Search by name or bio

Another way to find accounts to remove is to use the Account Search box and type the name of the person or any other word you want to find in their bio and it will be automatically filtered by accounts that have that word.

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