How to create a Instagram List from an Excel spreadsheet?

You might have an Excel spreadsheet someone sent you with a list of Instagram accounts or some other document (a Google Doc, a text file, etc.) and you want to follow or create a list with all those accounts.

With Listpedia you can add hundreds of Instagram accounts at the same time from a document in under a minute.

  1. Click "Make a List", select "Instagram List", give it a name (description and tags are optional).
  2. Open your Excel spreadsheet and select all the Instagram usernames you want to create a list from (up to 500):
  3. Go back to Listpedia and on the Add accounts box paste all those accounts:
  4. Click Add to include the accounts.
  5. Click Done Editing.

If you have the accounts on multiple spreadsheets or documents, you can repeat the process multiple times. Listpedia will remove duplicates and update your Instagram List.

Once you are done, you can easily follow all the accounts directly from Listpedia (huge time saver!), share with friends or in social media so others can benefit from the hours minutes of your labour.

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