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  1. Aaron Hillegass

    AaronHillegass 19.6k followers · 63 friends · 2.9k tweets
    Author of books on Cocoa, iOS, and Objective-C. Founder of Big Nerd Ranch, Inc.
  2. A-BOO-zern 👻🎃

    abizern 2k followers · 818 friends · 22k tweets
    Contractor  platforms. I like Emacs, the Dvorak layout and nice pens. Sometimes I try to draw things. I hate long walks on the beach.
  3. Andy Matuschak

    andy_matuschak 17.8k followers · 529 friends · 11.2k tweets
    Wonder, blunder, salve, solve! Exploring empowering future possibilities in education with team @khanacademy, where I lead early product development. Ex-@apple.
  4. Artsy Open Source

    ArtsyOpenSource 1.8k followers · 40 friends · 252 tweets
    Open Source by Default @artsy
  5. Ash'ing Through the Snow ❄️

    ashfurrow 14.8k followers · 824 friends · 68.6k tweets
    Compassionate software developer with @ArtsyOpenSource.
  6. Ayaka Nonaka

    ayanonagon 13.7k followers · 1k friends · 9.7k tweets
    [ios brewer, tea engineer] @Apple, previously @WorkflowHQ @venmo ↯ 日本語: @ayanonagon_jp
  7. Ben Sandofsky

    sandofsky 16.6k followers · 336 friends · 11.9k tweets
    Co-founder of @harness_ai. Developer of @halidecamera. Previously: @twitter.
  8. Ben Scheirman 📎

    subdigital 5.3k followers · 573 friends · 43.2k tweets
    Creator of @NSScreencast. Host of @vibratofm. #resist
  9. Benedikt Terhechte

    terhechte 2.8k followers · 278 friends · 3.4k tweets
    #Swift Fanboy, #OSX & #iOS indie developer. Creator of @photodesk_app, AppleWatch fan.
  10. Brian @ LLVM Dev Mtg

    modocache 7.8k followers · 226 friends · 9.2k tweets
    LLVM and compiler toolchains at @Facebook. Creator of Quick, the Swift (and Objective-C) testing framework. Former Japanese literature translator.
  11. Chris Eidhof

    chriseidhof 19.7k followers · 661 friends · 12.4k tweets
    Founder of
  12. Chris Lattner

    clattner_llvm 48k followers · 101 friends · 572 tweets
    LLVM & Clang rule the world. The present revolution is Swift!
  13. Cocoanetics 

    Cocoanetics 40.8k followers · 885 friends · 49.6k tweets
    iOS Developer, Trainer, Coach, iOS Tech Journalist and Speaker Wannabe. This is the professional account, the personal is @OliverDrobnik (German)
  14. Curtis Herbert

    parrots 2.1k followers · 291 friends · 22.6k tweets
    iOS indie and Apple enthusiast. Expect plenty of 👨‍💻, 🎮, 🏂, and general 🤓 too. Elsewhere: building @slopesapp, talking into a mic on @independcast.
  15. Dan Counsell

    dancounsell 16.7k followers · 200 friends · 77 tweets
    Founder of @realmacsoftware. I blog about indie marketing and app design. Tweets deleted every two weeks via
  16. Dave Verwer

    daveverwer 18.8k followers · 581 friends · 13.5k tweets
    Author of iOS Dev Weekly ( and Product Director at Litmus (
  17. Ellen Shapiro

    designatednerd 3.7k followers · 356 friends · 24.3k tweets
    I make apps that make your phone more useful, like @justhum. Tech here, personal nonsense over at @loudguitars.
  18. ericasadun

    ericasadun 20.6k followers · 1.5k friends · 20.4k tweets
    geek girl and brood
  19. Greg Heo

    gregheo 7.8k followers · 196 friends · 5.4k tweets
    iOS & Swift nerd; sometimes writer; full-time Canadian; avid semicolon user. 🤓📝🇨🇦🦊
  20. Guy English

    gte 14.8k followers · 632 friends · 54.7k tweets
  21. Hwee-Boon Yar

    hboon 1.6k followers · 216 friends · 9.6k tweets
    iOS & macOS app developer/trainer. Wrote now-defunct @SimplyTweet. Write @iosdevnuggets newsletter. Ex-FAST, Microsoft. Singapore.
  22. Hyper

    hyperoslo 1.9k followers · 1.1k friends · 913 tweets
    Turning ideas into business

    invasivecode 1.2k followers · 644 friends · 11.6k tweets
    We bring AI and Computer Vision to iOS & tvOS and provide the longest-standing iOS training in the world.
  24. James Frost

    frosty 1.2k followers · 155 friends · 15.2k tweets
    Mobile Wrangler at Automattic.
  25. Jameson Quave

    jquave 3.1k followers · 2k friends · 4.6k tweets
    Building mobile apps at Matter. Studying Machine Learning.
  26. Javi

    Javi 8.8k followers · 555 friends · 111k tweets
    iOS Engineer 💻 @Twitch. Previously @Twitter, @Fabric, @Pebble📱. Rubik's Cube speed solver (7.78s)⏱. Student Pilot 🛩. Chess player ♟. Space fan 🛰.
  27. Jesse Squires ✊

    jesse_squires 7.8k followers · 1.2k friends · 972 tweets
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ • iOS @plangrid • open source • Writer @swiftlybrief • Co-host @swift_unwrapped • Anti-fascist
  28. John Gruber

    gruber 384k followers · 1.2k friends · 61.9k tweets
  29. JP Simard

    simjp 5.6k followers · 455 friends · 10.6k tweets
    @lyft (prev @realm), cohost of @swift_unwrapped, runner, jazzman
  30. Justin Spahr-Summers

    jspahrsummers 5.2k followers · 160 friends · 20.9k tweets
  31. kharrison

    kharrison 1.3k followers · 96 friends · 829 tweets
  32. krzysztof siejkowski

    _siejkowski 618 followers · 213 friends · 725 tweets
    iOS dev @Polidea. Coorganizer of @MobileWarsaw. Cultural anthropologist, happy to talk about the human side of programming
  33. Krzysztof Zabłocki

    merowing_ 10.6k followers · 240 friends · 19k tweets
    Dev, Speaker, Creator: Sourcery, Playgrounds, Apple Essential apps e.g. @foldify, 3D Engines. Lead iOS at @nytimes
  34. ManiacDev.Com

    maniacdev 5.3k followers · 4.4k friends · 5.3k tweets
    Development site that posts iOS developer tutorials, libraries, components and more. Submit yours at
  35. Marco Arment

    marcoarment 107k followers · 201 friends · 52.8k tweets
    Husband of renowned @TheIncomparable panelist @tiffanyarment.
  36. Mathew Sanders

    mathewsanders 1.7k followers · 1.9k friends · 7.1k tweets
    Product Designer at ustwo New York
  37. Matt Blair

    elsewisemedia 1.5k followers · 2.4k friends · 4.8k tweets
    Words. Music. Sound as Signal. Monteverdi fan. Appreciator of rain. I aspire to multitudes. (In the Whitman sense of the word.) Tech/Biz Tweets: @elsewiseapps
  38. Matt Gallagher

    cocoawithlove 8.6k followers · 63 friends · 353 tweets
    Mac/iOS Swift programmer.
  39. Matt Galloway

    mattjgalloway 10.1k followers · 713 friends · 6.4k tweets
    iOS developer, Dad, author of Effective Objective-C 2.0. All opinions are my own, etc.
  40. Matt Reagan

    hmblebee 1.4k followers · 293 friends · 673 tweets
    Former Apple UI engineer, @ShopKeep dev Currently: Articulate iOS / macOS Interests: Coding, design, game dev, Zen, motorcycles
  41. Mattt

    mattt 30.9k followers · 0 friends · 7.5k tweets
  42. NatashaTheRobot

    NatashaTheRobot 26.9k followers · 2.2k friends · 9.3k tweets
    Addicted to learning. #iOS Engineer and robot. Currently learning #Swift. @tryswiftindia organizer. @swift_jobs. Newsletter:
  43. Nate Cook ☃️

    nnnnnnnn 6.7k followers · 567 friends · 3.5k tweets
    a machine that made silence; it just sucked up the whole opinionated din
  44. Nick Lockwood

    nicklockwood 8.9k followers · 765 friends · 37.5k tweets
    Writer of Objective C and objectionable Swift. iOS @SchibstedGroup. Ex-@facebook. Author of iOS Core Animation: Advanced Techniques, iCarousel, FXForms
  45. Ole Begemann

    olebegemann 16.6k followers · 497 friends · 9.6k tweets
    Co-author of Advanced Swift: Blog: I also tweet as @elo (in German).
  46. Peter Steinberger

    steipete 21.6k followers · 1.2k friends · 56.6k tweets
    Founder and CEO at @PSPDFKit, the most advanced PDF framework for iOS, Android and the Web. My superpower is finding all the bugs. Also working on @pdfviewerapp
  47. Radek Pietruszewski

    radexp 2.2k followers · 398 friends · 34.3k tweets
    On Twitter detox. Software writer. Proud generalist. Poking the box since 1995. Do you even Swift? 🚀♻️ @Nozbe, @TadamApp, @thepodcastfm & @radex_io.
  48. Raizlabs

    raizlabs 5.8k followers · 5.2k friends · 2.7k tweets
    Improving lives through development and design. We build award-winning products for #iOS #Android, #Web, #IOT, and more. Get in touch!
  49. ramotion

    ramotion 13.7k followers · 2.6k friends · 9.4k tweets
    design agency — 💙clients: @adobe, @xero, @opera, @oppo and more. current status: exploring #ARkit
  50. Raymond Law

    rayvinly 884 followers · 100 friends · 1.7k tweets
    Mentor and train development teams to apply Clean Architecture and unit testing best practices
  51. Realm

    realm 17.7k followers · 1.2k friends · 6.7k tweets
    Realm is a mobile platform for sync + offers a replacement for SQLite, ORMs & Core Data. Ready for Java, Objective-C, React Native, Swift, & Xamarin.
  52. Rob Napier

    cocoaphony 5.3k followers · 309 friends · 11.4k tweets
    Swift and Go. Love 'em both. They make me mad in completely different ways. Infosec as required.
  53. Ryan Nystrom

    _ryannystrom 4.1k followers · 831 friends · 8.7k tweets
    Software Engineer @Instagram, creator @githawk, pilot, writer at @rwenderlich, open source:
  54. Sam Davies

    iwantmyrealname 3k followers · 642 friends · 3.4k tweets
    Wangs on about iOS. Trombonist and cynic. CTO for, for which he makes much stuff. People like my glasses.
  55. Sam Soffes

    soffes 16.9k followers · 421 friends · 77.3k tweets
    Developer & designer. iOS @lyft. Overly passionate about motorcycles & scuba.
  56. Simon Ng

    simonng 4.9k followers · 604 friends · 6.1k tweets
    Founder of AppCoda. Swift HK Meetup Organizer. iOS Developer, Author and Blogger. Love coffee, food and travel.
  57. soroush

    khanlou 3.8k followers · 301 friends · 7.1k tweets
    the json don / writing / recording @fatalerrorfm / making
  58. SpookyStraws

    twostraws 9k followers · 93 friends · 28.5k tweets
    Editor of Swift Developer News, author of books about iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS, public speaker, Rubik's cube enthusiast, and herder of my kids.
  59. Steve Streza 🌹

    SteveStreza 18.1k followers · 2.2k friends · 177k tweets
    @EnveloveComic @Strezabyte. Fan of space, animation, cuties, social justice, Sonic Mania, @DemSocialists. Black lives matter. He/they
  60. Thomas Hanning

    hanning_thomas 3.8k followers · 2.8k friends · 2.5k tweets
    #iOS developer, blogger, #SwiftLang enthusiast
  61. thoughtbot

    thoughtbot 47.8k followers · 670 friends · 5.2k tweets
    web + mobile + design + development
  62. Wayne Bishop

    waynewbishop 1.5k followers · 656 friends · 4.4k tweets
    Writing code and sharing work with others.
  63. Y Media Labs

    ymedialabs 1.9k followers · 145 friends · 1.6k tweets
    Y Media Labs is a leading creative technology company. We partner with brands to create products that have lasting impact.
  64. Yalantis

    yalantis 3.3k followers · 2.9k friends · 3.3k tweets
    Yalantis is a web & mobile app development company from Dnipro, Ukraine. We create gratifying user experiences for customers and consumers
  65. Yari D'areglia

    bitwaker 2.5k followers · 141 friends · 2.5k tweets
     Senior iOS Developer at @NeatoRobotics. Author of 'Learning iOS UI Development' Playing with code at @BlackRobotGames.
  66. マット is at dub dub

    mattdelves 1.3k followers · 1.5k friends · 43.6k tweets
    Mad Scientist, Crazy Engineer. Happen to be spending my time writing iOS apps and riding bikes.
  67. 🎃Krak O' Lantern🎃

    allonsykraken 3.4k followers · 1k friends · 6.9k tweets
    iOS Dev @Twitter, Dad, #TwitchAffiliate, Link/ZSS main. Sm4sh & LoZ ❤️. I would make a Zelda pun but I don't wanna try & force it. 😏
  68. 💍rta Therox

    orta 11.7k followers · 1.3k friends · 31.7k tweets
    Made OSS default at @ArtsyOpenSource - Helped make @CocoaPods - Got @DangerSystems off the ground - 15 years of native iOS/macOS dev, 1 of JS
  1. Marcelo Calbucci

    calbucci 11.7k followers · 967 friends · 11.6k tweets
    Tech Entrepreneur. CTO. Product. Father. Runner. Did: @getdoctorlink @psl @EveryMove @Microsoft
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