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  1. (((FrancesCoppola)))

    Frances_Coppola 32.9k followers · 4.7k friends · 319k tweets
    Writer, speaker and singer. Forbes and BBC contributor, occasional FT blogger. Opines on banks, finance and economics. Remoaner, saboteur and traitor.
  2. ⭐ Best Tweets Ever ⭐

    DrJeffersnBoggs 651k followers · 593k friends · 19k tweets
    ♦♦Not♦Selling♦Anything♦♦ #FollowBack most ►#Quotes ►#Photos ►#Inspiration ►#Art ► Investor CEO Please►Open my►link

    34SP 1.9k followers · 923 friends · 6.6k tweets
    UK based WordPress hosting with exceptional service and support
  4. 93digital

    93digitalUK 652 followers · 438 friends · 938 tweets
    The London #WordPress Agency. An award winning digital agency that solves challenges and creates success stories using the most popular CMS in the world.
  5. Advance Web Solution

    VanceWeb 185 followers · 248 friends · 323 tweets
    WordPress Websites for Small Businesses. Stroud. Gloucestershire.
  6. Alister Cameron

    alicam 498k followers · 11.1k friends · 35.2k tweets
    Head of Marketing at @clear_com_au. Life is good! Jesus follower. Digital tinkerer. Blogger. Speaker. Hacker. Opinions my own. #itsoktovoteno
  7. Amar

    amarsthename 527k followers · 57.9k friends · 2.2k tweets
    Entertainment. Executive. Platinum Living.a little more Exec. Investor. I build brands like bricks on a building #amarsthename
  8. Carroll Trust

    carrolltrust 2M followers · 1.3M friends · 102k tweets
    Carroll Foundation Maryland Trust $5,OOO,OOO,OOO Five Billion Dollars Offshore Tax Fraud Identity Theft Files LOCKDOWN FBI Scotland Yard Most Famous Case
  9. Douglas Idugboe

    douglasi 630k followers · 175k friends · 29.6k tweets
    I'm a digital marketing and business optimization geek, CEO of @smedio, author, speaker, and social evangelist who loves technology and its impact on business.
  10. Elliot (Raison)

    raisonco 1.4k followers · 2.3k friends · 5.7k tweets
    Product & WordPress! Founder of,,, Run by Elliot @ejntaylor
  11. Envigorate.Me

    EnvigorateMe 57.8k followers · 34.5k friends · 14.2k tweets
    Curating the top events, people and ideas in self-help and transformation. Post events/shows free. I'm Jocelyn, webmistress. Was @MindExpanding
  12. Eric Lewis

    SubEWL 1M followers · 994k friends · 42.4k tweets
    It's not about the followers, it's about following. Sub, as in submarine. EWL, as in my initials. INTP Keirsey school. Share birthday with FLWright.
  13. FlexiDB

    FlexiDB 263 followers · 604 friends · 1.3k tweets
    FlexiDB is a database framework for WordPress and mobile apps. Our mission is to make database creation and deployment as easy as adding a post or web page.
  14. Franz Vitulli

    franzvitulli 1.8k followers · 487 friends · 4k tweets
    Product Manager @humanmadeltd | WordPress, openness, media, community & respect | bassist | linguist | sporting a beard | views my own.
  15. Hilary Steel

    HilaryJSteel 7.3k followers · 3.2k friends · 11.7k tweets
    I like to cook and will give anything a go! (recipes 😂) I laugh a lot! Presenter/host for #HABA17 #IBAK17 and #KWIBA18
  16. Illustrate Digital

    IllustrateUK 2.2k followers · 2.2k friends · 1.1k tweets
    🤓 WordPress development. 🖥 Web design. 🇬🇧 UK-based digital agency. 🏒 Proud sponsors of @CardiffDevils.
  17. Jack McConnell

    jackmcconnell 701 followers · 384 friends · 17.5k tweets
    Runs @madewithfuel and @_bnfw from @theguildhub. Husband and Father. #WordCamp Speaker. Sometimes on podcasts. Loves #WordPress, film, music, cycling, running.
  18. Jonah Lupton 🇺🇸

    JonahLupton 1.1M followers · 1.2M friends · 64.1k tweets
    Entrepreneur, Investor: (@GetSoundGuard) and (@StartupSense) Snapchat/Instagram: jonahlupton
  19. Kevin Green

    MySOdotCom 722k followers · 411k friends · 177k tweets
    #RockTheReTweet LLC CEO, Speaker, Traveler, #TwitterTips #quotes ღ Thanks for adding me to your Twitter lists ღ
  20. Lolly Daskal

    LollyDaskal 1.3M followers · 1.2M friends · 272k tweets
    Dedicated to bringing Heart Based Leadership to organizations & individuals |Coach |Consultant |Speaker |Columnist| Best Selling Author: The Leadership Gap
  21. Loui

    ByrdziakLoui 29.3k followers · 942 friends · 128 tweets
    Co Founder ThingsTooDo | Traveler | Blogger | Startup Guru | Sports Fanatic | Travel Reviewer | Freak Entrepreneur | Software Developer | Freestyle Skier
  22. Made with Fuel

    madewithfuel 468 followers · 77 friends · 857 tweets
    A tiny, one-man WordPress web design agency in Bath, UK with RAR-awarded Recommended Agency status. Run by @jackmcconnell from @theguildhub.
  23. Manika

    ManikaOfficial 1.2M followers · 102k friends · 13.2k tweets
    New single "Museum" out now! 😊😻Get it on iTunes👉
  24. Melin Edo

    melin_edo 457 followers · 459 friends · 1.5k tweets
    Designer: @medesign_studio & @illustrateUK Host: @CM_cardiff team @bibelotmagazine
  25. Nic Thomas

    nicannthomas 181 followers · 455 friends · 330 tweets
    Here to help small businesses with their branding and websites.
  26. Oprah Winfrey

    Oprah 39.2M followers · 288 friends · 12.2k tweets
  27. Paul Steele

    paul_steele 730k followers · 320k friends · 148k tweets
    The BaldHiker, Traveller, adventurer, Founder of Travel, Tech, photography, nature, hiking, food & smiles IG - baldhiker 😀
  28. Sean Gardner

    2morrowknight 951k followers · 533k friends · 125k tweets
    World Traveler ✈️, Board Member @WorldCommForum & @FreeNPTech, Keynote Speaker, #GivingTuesday Ambassador; producing a film with @RashaGoel | #aiforgood #AI
  29. Shin DongSuk

    neoseol 559k followers · 617k friends · 2.7k tweets
    국민의당, 안철수 의원을 응원합니다.
  30. Steve Keating

    LeadToday 993k followers · 771k friends · 107k tweets
    Improving the Sales Profession, Developing the Next Generation of Leaders, Not selling a thing on Twitter, only giving back.
  31. Tammie Lister

    karmatosed 2.7k followers · 617 friends · 11.6k tweets
    Experience Designer at Automattic.
  32. Tamsin Fox-Davies

    tamsinfd 7.2k followers · 6.1k friends · 24k tweets
    Small Biz Evangelist & Marketing Manager at @hibobHR. I love small business in a big way. Also adore dogs, boats, cakes, shoes, trikes, steampunk & geekiness
  33. The Web Guild

    WebGuildSeal 293 followers · 445 friends · 795 tweets
    A not-for-profit org which gives a voice to developers, designers and marketers who believe in a better #digital code of conduct. #standards #lookfortheseal
  34. tony mashburn

    tmash 39 followers · 100 friends · 27 tweets
  35. UK in Brazil

    ukinbrazil 10.1k followers · 619 friends · 12.6k tweets
    British Diplomatic Mission in Brazil / Embaixada e Consulados Britânicos (Inglaterra, Escócia, País de Gales, Irlanda do Norte) no Brasil.
  36. University of Kent

    UniKent 44.5k followers · 846 friends · 20.5k tweets
    News & events from the University of Kent, the UK's European university. Looked after by Allie 09.00-17.00, Mon-Fri. House rules at:
  37. Viktoria Foxx

    ViktoriaFoxx 537k followers · 130k friends · 3.2k tweets
    Businesswoman & Attorney @
  38. WordCamp Bristol

    wordcampbristol 272 followers · 252 friends · 453 tweets
    The first ever WordCamp Bristol took place on 13/14 May 2017 at the Watershed on Bristol's scenic harbourside. Keep an eye out for next year's event. #WCBRS
  1. Sian Murphy

    SianAMurphy 9.3k followers · 6k friends · 18k tweets
    ☕️Caffeine based life-form. Radio show host at The Women In Business Radio Show.
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