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  1. #WinnieSun ® ☀️

    SunGroupWP 314k followers · 245k friends · 62.3k tweets
    Wealth Whisperer | @CNBC @Forbes @Cheddar Contributor | Top Social💰Fin Advisor | Podcast |💡🔥 Brands | Join #WinnieSun chat Wed 11a PT | ✈️ #Travel #Speaker #TV
  2. @Serena

    Serena 12.4k followers · 2.8k friends · 57.9k tweets
    Dir. of Social and Evolving Media, Product Team. Focus: PR, IR, SM + mobile marketing. My views are my own. IG/Snap: serenaehrlich
  3. @wittier

    wittier 25.2k followers · 10.6k friends · 338k tweets
    Ken Danieli. Insightful Strategist. Trusted Advisor. Kellogg MBA. Freelance Writer, News Corp Dow Jones Fox News Pepsi Microsoft eBay Tropicana
  4. ★ Patty Farmer ★

    PattyFarmer 33.9k followers · 17.2k friends · 31.9k tweets
    Marketing Strategist, #Speaker, Author, #Event Producer & #Radio Host. I work w/ entrepreneurs 2 connect, collaborate & convert in less time & make more money.
  5. ✵Kim Walsh-Phillips✵

    KWalshPhillips 27.7k followers · 12.4k friends · 23.6k tweets
    Mom fueled by my children’s laughter, coffee, prayer, and a mission to get professionals the respect & income they deserve. CEO of @EliteDigitalGrp
  6. 2TALLIN'

    2TALLINmania 53.5k followers · 33.9k friends · 23.6k tweets
    6 foot 8, #CEO @ & #Podcaster & #MusicProducer @ #AngelInvestor
  7. A. Hernandez-Diaz

    alfredohdezdiaz 6.6k followers · 956 friends · 18k tweets
    Consultor de Marketing Digital. Especialista en Posicionamiento y Analítica Web. Apasionado por las estrategias online. Blogger
  8. Aaron Kilby

    kilby76 37.5k followers · 30.6k friends · 68.3k tweets
    Vice President of Sales & Marketing at @artisancolour. Founder and Host of @Media_Chat at #MediaChat! Major Coffee Addict & Love #Bacon!
  9. Adam Helweh

    secretsushi 5.7k followers · 5.5k friends · 36.6k tweets
    Empathy is the key. Geek, Marketer, Speaker, Designer, Taikoist, Tech head, CEO/Founder at Secret Sushi Creative Inc and human work in progress.
  10. Adeel Sami ツ

    AdeelMSami 4.1k followers · 2.3k friends · 24.1k tweets
    A not-so-regular blogger making you to unlearn the regular blogging thing.
  11. Adrian Jock

    IMTipsNews 13.8k followers · 9.3k friends · 32.3k tweets
    Blogging about #SocialMedia, #EmailMarketing & more @ | Author of the Solo Ads eBooks Series
  12. AJ Ghergich

    SEO 82.5k followers · 231 friends · 10.7k tweets
    SEO & Content Marketing Expert. I Share articles, guides and studies around SEO & marketing.
  13. Alex Stojkovic

    stojkovic_alex 99.8k followers · 37.2k friends · 87.3k tweets
    I am a communication evangelist who eats, sleeps and breathes everything marketing - call me obsessive. Founder of @tor_dealfinder network and @followrocket_TO
  14. ali mirza

    AliMirza2k 25.9k followers · 15.9k friends · 55.4k tweets
    Digital #Marketer | Growth Evangelist | Startup Advisor. Founder of
  15. Ali SABKAR

    AliSABKAR 14.9k followers · 8.5k friends · 48.2k tweets
    Global Co-Chair @SocialMediaClub ♦ Founder & President @SMCMENA @SMCBahrain ♦ #eMarketing & #DigitalMarketing Expert ♦#SocialMedia Strategist
  16. aliceheiman

    aliceheiman 10k followers · 9.6k friends · 59.2k tweets
    The entrepreneurs sales coach, #SalesCatalyst #SocialSelling #MillerHeimanOriginal, Chief Networking Officer #S30c, #TEDxUNR organizer @coalitionsnow Advisor
  17. Allen Mireles

    allenmireles 18.5k followers · 7k friends · 49k tweets
    Marketing PR & social/digital media strategist, writer & editor, who never gets enough time in the garden. Endlessly curious. Always learning. Joyful.
  18. AMA

    AMA_Marketing 68.1k followers · 247 friends · 28.3k tweets
    The American Marketing Association is a global community of 445,000+ who turn answers into action. #oneama
  19. Amber Osborne

    MissDestructo 39.8k followers · 17.9k friends · 122k tweets
    Chief Marketing Officer for Virtual Reality meeting and education software @DogheadSims | Former Co-founder & CMO of A.I. @Meshfire | @Forbes #2 Social CMO
  20. Ammar Mohammed

    ammr 730k followers · 2.1k friends · 86.6k tweets
    ‏‏مستشار الاعلام الرقمي ضمن أقوى ١٠ مؤثرين بالاعلام الاجتماعي بالشرق الأوسط Social Media Guru, Author & trainer. snap:ammartalk PR:
  21. Amy Martin

    AmyMartin216 6.5k followers · 3.5k friends · 6.4k tweets
    Senior Partner & head of #Marketing @JumpstartInc. Founder of @SheInTheCLE. #Brand builder focused on online/offline engagement. Usually smiling & blogging ✏️
  22. Amy Noteworthy

    NoteworthyWifey 20.9k followers · 23k friends · 339k tweets
    I'm a curator at and finally found my calling, helping entrepreneurs spread their vision. Also, a Mom, Wife, Crafter, and traveler.
  23. Amy Porterfield

    AmyPorterfield 153k followers · 50.4k friends · 6.4k tweets
    I'll show you exactly how to monetize your online marketing efforts and grow your social media fan base, grow your email list and boost your profits.
  24. ANAmarketers

    ANAmarketers 14.5k followers · 1.9k friends · 23.6k tweets
    The official account of the Association of National Advertisers. Fueling marketing growth since 1910.
  25. Andrea Callahan

    1andreacallahan 14.5k followers · 4.5k friends · 33.4k tweets
    Brand manager, author, speaker, trainer, CEO @aciagency: | Where #industryinfluencers brand their WHY |
  26. AndreaVahl

    AndreaVahl 30.1k followers · 0 friends · 20.7k tweets
    Co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies. Creator of @GrandmaMaryShow. Improv comedienne and wine drinker.
  27. Andreu Ballesteros

    AndreuSocial 10.9k followers · 9.2k friends · 27.7k tweets
    Digital Consultant for Major Sporting Events. Projects Director at #SocialMedia #DigitalTransformation #EventMarketing #InboundMarketing
  28. Andrew Grill

    AndrewGrill 17.2k followers · 5.9k friends · 40.1k tweets
    The Practical Futurist. Global Managing Partner. Husband & Dad. 3 x TEDx & International Keynote Speaker. Blog @ Views own
  29. Andrew Vesey

    ATVesey 13.6k followers · 6k friends · 75.8k tweets
    Brand/Business Junkie. Founder @BrandQuarterly & @VeseyCreative. #49ers 🏈 Faithful & Rock Music lover 🤘🤘🤘
  30. An-GELI-ca

    matageli 5.1k followers · 5k friends · 36.6k tweets
    Quirky SoMe technophile. Aspiring amateur cosmonaut & global revolutionary. @TEDxSanAntonio Board Member. @OverlandPartner CMGR. #MobileChat CoHost. #presentHER
  31. Angie Dokos

    AngieDokos 8.1k followers · 6.8k friends · 128k tweets
    I'm simply an author trying to make it in the book world. I love to read, write, and hike. And I hate grocery shopping.
  32. Anh Nguyen

    AnhTNguyen 7.6k followers · 3.8k friends · 50k tweets
    #Marketing chick - #B2B, #nonprofit, #socialselling, #mobile. Love travel, tech, foodie adventures, vodka. #MobileChat host. On @arthritisfdn #Houston Board.
  33. Anita Clark

    Anita_Clark 12.9k followers · 3.9k friends · 19.1k tweets
    Residential real estate agent, helping both buyers and sellers with their middle GA real estate needs. My blog:
  34. Ann Handley

    annhandley 34.5k followers · 19.2k friends · 11.9k tweets
    Author. Marketer. Chief Content Officer waging a war on content mediocrity. My new book is the WSJ bestseller, Everybody Writes. I'm also @marketingprofs here.
  35. Ann Tran

    AnnTran_ 567k followers · 183k friends · 133k tweets
    #Forbes listed #luxurytravel writer & public figure collaborating w/brands to build their global #socialmedia #speaker IG: @anntranfashion
  36. Antonio Vieira Santos 💙

    akwyz 122k followers · 19.6k friends · 261k tweets
    @Atos Social Media Business Evangelist. Digital Transformation & Inclusion.Accessibility. Tech-Sociologist @Plus10Org CMO. @axschat Founder @rotary @CorkCityPPN
  37. Antonios Tsagkaratos

    Tsag_An 26.1k followers · 21.8k friends · 2.4k tweets
    18 yrs in the content business | Brand journalism pioneer & storyteller | Inbound, Content & Social Marketing Cert. | MAs in STRATCOM/PR & Digital Communication
  38. Apolline Adiju💥

    apollineadiju 37.7k followers · 22.1k friends · 60.1k tweets
    Certified Digital Marketer - Email & Content Marketing | Marketing Funnel, Customer Acquisition | FB Ads | SEM @DigitalMktr | #SMM |#Inbound Certified @Hubspot
  39. Areti Vassou

    AretiVassou 5.2k followers · 6.4k friends · 12.1k tweets
    Make Ideas Happen @ #SocialMedia, #WebDesign, #DigitalStrategy, #SEO, #DigitalCopywriting, #GraphicDesign, #DigitalMarketing, #ContentMarketing
  40. ArkangelScrap

    ArkangelScrap 39.3k followers · 27k friends · 1.3M tweets
    #Innovation #VR #IoT #AI #BigData #Cloud #StartUP #SocialMedia |Top50 #datasecurity #M2M #Blockchain #SMM #ITSM #Connected Home influencer #InsurTech|#i4Emploi
  41. Armando Ruiz

    Armando_Mkt 1.6k followers · 834 friends · 56.9k tweets
    Marketing y Relaciones Públicas, escritor y dibujante en busca de historias que contar. Fundador de @BlogIsAllWeNeed y conductor de @WindPodcast
  42. Art Mind Heart

    annettekalfon 9.4k followers · 8.9k friends · 49k tweets
    #Artist #Coach #GraphicDesigner learn #SEO#SociaMedia #EmpirKred subscribe to my YouTube channel
  43. Ashley Faulkes ⭐🔍

    madlemmingz 16.8k followers · 10.7k friends · 37.4k tweets
    SEO, Content and WordPress Specialist. Join my SEO for Bloggers group to give your SEO a boost!
  44. Ashraf Garda

    AshrafGarda 55k followers · 4.8k friends · 94.1k tweets
    I'm building South Africa into #ChampionSouthAfrica @ChampionSAfrica SAfm Radio & Tv host , MC / facilitator /Keynote speaker / also on IG , FB & YouTube
  45. Barb Giamanco

    barbaragiamanco 13.6k followers · 5.2k friends · 36.2k tweets
    #SocialSelling #Sales Advisor, Speaker, Author. Conversations with #WomenInSales podcast host. The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media. +1-404-647-4925
  46. Bebert EL Cavalos

    ELCavalos 21.1k followers · 20.2k friends · 42.8k tweets
    #DigitalMarketing #GrowthHacking #SEO #BigData #Analytics #IoT #DataScience #AI #Programming #Futurism... & More ...
  47. Becky Tengwall

    itakethelead 21.5k followers · 5.9k friends · 126k tweets
    Business Networking Connector building referral groups that provide value/education while creating community, one member at a time #networking #success #fun
  48. Ben Risinger

    BenRisinger 3.9k followers · 2.6k friends · 27.3k tweets
    #SMM #PR @mfbrehab. Adjunct Prof of Public Relations @gvsuapr @iupuijournalism @uindy. Love @slicklaroo. Alum @AndersonU and @IUPUI. Fanboy. Be a good guy.
  49. Ben Shute

    Ben_Shute 4.5k followers · 4.4k friends · 27.2k tweets
    Manager, Social Media & Content. Music, film, caffeine & BBQ enthusiast. Owner @moonshine_bbq. Hilarious tweeter according to BuzzFeed.
  50. Berrie Pelser -

    BerriePelser 77.2k followers · 42.2k friends · 137k tweets
    Berrie Pelser ✯ ✯ WordPress Google SEO Cloud Hosting Webdesign Social Media Strategy Internet Marketing @IdoPelser
  51. Bill Gassett

    massrealty 32k followers · 6.8k friends · 180k tweets
    One of the top 5 RE/MAX agents in MA for the last decade. Social media/SEO junkie.
  52. Billee Howard

    MashupTweet 33.1k followers · 10.4k friends · 38.2k tweets
    CEO BRANDthropologie + Author WE-Commerce Penguin + IBM Futurist + Forbes contributor
  53. BillSchick

    BillSchick 8.5k followers · 4.9k friends · 7.1k tweets
    Father, musician, artist, writer, thinker, @muse fan, lover of 70s and 80s rock, tie designer, creator.
  54. Bob Cargill

    cargillcreative 4.9k followers · 4.6k friends · 21.7k tweets
    Social media and marketing aficionado, proud dad, devoted husband, news buff, pop culture junkie, sports nut, avid runner and fan of all things #Boston.
  55. Bobby Umar

    raehanbobby 443k followers · 333k friends · 134k tweets
    4x @TEDx Speaker | Inc Mag Top 100 Heart-Leader, Networking, Personal Brand & Parenting. Author, @HuffingtonPost Writer, TV Host, Comedy Actor, GMAT pro & Daddy
  56. Bradley H. Smith

    BHSMITH 12.4k followers · 5.7k friends · 18.1k tweets
    #Marketing Executive / #contentmarketing #branding / Never mean. Often cheeky.
  57. Brand Quarterly

    BrandQuarterly 12.6k followers · 5.1k friends · 68.8k tweets
    Content rich, visually engaging resource to help grow your company, personal & employee brands. Visit our website for your free digital magazine subscription.
  58. Brandon Painter

    Bpaint 3.5k followers · 2.4k friends · 20.6k tweets
    Explore↟ #NPS9by7 | @BpaintMovies, sports, ♫, tech, @KStateBusiness | Young Pro Membership Dir. @Ad2KC Help: @KCSW x @MOTMfest  Content @BarkleyUS #AddBarkley
  59. Brett Greene

    BrettGreene 152k followers · 98.8k friends · 36.3k tweets
    Founder @NewTechNW » Chief Evangelist @CityBldr » Community Builder » Board Member @SXSW Interactive Accelerator
  60. Brian Holler

    holler1012 5k followers · 2.8k friends · 17.9k tweets
    Director of Business Development, @prodstepchange. Enjoy reminding people they are amazing, awesome and incredible. Also a fan of adjectives.
  61. Brian Honigman

    BrianHonigman 24.4k followers · 19.2k friends · 28.2k tweets
    I'm a content marketing & social media consultant, marketing speaker, executive coach, contributor @Forbes & an adjunct professor @nyuniversity 🎓 📝 📲 🌈
  62. Brian Moran

    brianmoran 201k followers · 3.4k friends · 91.2k tweets
    Helping #entrepreneurs & marketers navigate the small-to-midsize business marketplace. Ex @WSJ, @Inc. & @Entrepreneur. #SMBExperts
  63. Brian Peters ✈️🌎

    Brian_G_Peters 4.5k followers · 1.9k friends · 8.3k tweets
    Digital Marketing + Social Media @buffer | Outdoorist | Adventures w/ ❤️ @katiemaecolombo |🎙The Science of Social Media | 📷
  64. Bruno Gebarski

    BrunoGebarski 23.1k followers · 21.7k friends · 60.7k tweets
    Provocateur: Founder of Vision 2021 Love Your People, Boost your Culture #EmployeeExperience #socbiz #cmgr #DX & a touch of French Sauvignon blanc & foie gras
  65. BuzzSumo

    BuzzSumo 18.1k followers · 1.9k friends · 10.2k tweets
    Helping you create & amplify content. View most shared content & influencers for any topic or site. Content strategy, outreach & competitive research.
  66. Carla Gentry

    data_nerd 44.3k followers · 12.9k friends · 289k tweets
    Data Scientist at Talent Analytics - Proud DataNerd RT ≠ equal endorsement. Love sharing info about data analytics
  67. Carla Johnson - Keynote Speaker

    CarlaJohnson 25.1k followers · 23k friends · 23.8k tweets
    World-renowned keynote speaker & author. Taps storytelling to inspire action. Cultivates idea-driven teams that breed creativity & innovation.
  68. Carly Alyssa Thorne

    CarlyAThorne 9.9k followers · 8.4k friends · 65.9k tweets
    Multi-Sensory Muse: We Leadership-Conscious Business Transformations-Consultant-Speaker-Actress-Producer-Director-Author-Photographer
  69. Carmen Lascu

    CarmenLascu 7.7k followers · 7.2k friends · 11.8k tweets
    #SocialMedia Expert #DigitalMarketing #Blogger #Author | Online Shop | Former Journalist & PR Specialist | Mum #Entrepreneur | #Christian
  70. Carol Forden

    CarolForden 10.1k followers · 6.7k friends · 93.3k tweets
    All the marketing or growth hacks in the world will never fix poor product quality, lack of engagement or a shoddy customer experience
  71. Carol Hink

    CarolHink 3.8k followers · 3.6k friends · 31.9k tweets
    #Marketing #SocialMedia #Business #Consulting; Fndr of #Ocean #Blog @blufeet ♥Tea addicted Mermaid helping #Eco #wildlife #SocialGood causes /New to #BayArea
  72. Carolyn R. Owens

    CarolROwens 14.7k followers · 14.3k friends · 51.6k tweets
    The possibilities are there... Speaker, Career, Leadership Coach - Align your career with your passion & live the life of your dreams.
  73. Chaudhry Javed Iqbal

    cjiqbal 8.6k followers · 6.2k friends · 173k tweets
    Tweets on #DigitalTransformation #governance #socialmedia #leadership #civilsociety #Pakistan. My views, not of organisation I work for. RTs not endorsements.
  74. Ȼħɍɨs Ⱥɍnɇłł

    MrChrisArnell 44.6k followers · 44.3k friends · 53k tweets
    #unfluencer Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Public Speaking, Social Media Training. #SEO #Marketing
  75. Chris Barrows 🎙️ #eduweb18

    CBarrows 16.3k followers · 10.6k friends · 83.9k tweets
    #Highered digital professional | Host @WhyISocial + #FiveFavorites |#eduweb18 | @Snapchat_EDU | AKA #CaptainAmerica | @WhyITabletop | Featured somewhere
  76. Chris Reimer

    ChrisReimer 51.7k followers · 7.9k friends · 159k tweets
    Author of the business parable #Happywork. Humanist, higher ed communicator, former CPA, current wine drinker. Coffee 24/7/365. Secret project in progress! 🤐
  77. Chris Strub #SMMW18

    ChrisStrub 17k followers · 9.8k friends · 92k tweets
    My work: @TeamStrub ▪️CEO, @IAmHereLLC ▪️ Author, @50States100Days ▪️ 2017 Salvation Army USA Red Kettle Ambassador ◾️ #SMMW18
  78. Christine Salberg

    Innov8ivePlanit 9.6k followers · 9.4k friends · 11.5k tweets
    Social Media Community Manager 🤓📱 🇨🇦 We connect people. Mom, wife, booklover & runner. Former Montrealer & dentist
  79. Christoph Trappe

    CTrappe 100k followers · 2.5k friends · 103k tweets
    Top 25 content marketer | Public Relations leader | Keynote speaker | Author | Storyteller | Publishing exec | My opinions blah blah | Often tongue in cheek
  80. Christy Soukhamneut

    chrisellaloans 3k followers · 1.4k friends · 21k tweets
    SalesLeader-#Mortgage Lender-TurningPossibility intoReality-BuildingTeams-Empowering Individuals-POVareMe #withCertainty #PencilPoints
  81. Chuck Aikens

    chuckaikens 50k followers · 25k friends · 22.6k tweets
    Founder @VolumeNine 16 Year Search Marketing Vet. Pretend Scratch Golfer.
  82. Cision

    Cision 52.4k followers · 20.5k friends · 66.6k tweets
    Leading #media communication technology & analytics company for marketers, communicators & #PR Pros. | #CisionChat #CisionCloud☁️ #SocialMedia #Mktg #Comms
  83. CM

    CindyLMillet 16k followers · 12.9k friends · 16.6k tweets
    Educator and Advocate for #neurodiversity Licensed #SpEd / #tech for the advancement in #education/Leadership/Personal Development/ Writer/ Views are my own
  84. Coach Karl

    coachkarlPA 897 followers · 514 friends · 17.6k tweets
    Livin' life on the edge of the Web, coaching youth sports, cooking as much as possible and always loyal to BGSU - Ay Ziggy Zoomba!
  85. Cody McLain

    codymclain 26.5k followers · 16.8k friends · 10.6k tweets
    Founder of too many companies, #CEO of @supportninja // Solving the human capital needs of fast-growing tech #startups.
  86. Connie Pheiff

    conniepheiff 1.1k followers · 2.6k friends · 1.4k tweets
    TOP Leadership Expert to follow; High Performance | Unstoppable Keynote #Speaker. Former CEO Girl Scouts USA and TV personality: ABC, CBS, NBC & Podcast Host.
  87. Cori Ramos

    NotNowMomsBusy 7.7k followers · 4.2k friends · 47.9k tweets
    Mom, furmom and grandma. #Houston #Texas #Blogger #WAHM. ❤️🖥️ I'm also a #WordPress #WebDesigner. Follow me @corirams
  88. Craig McGill

    craigmcgill 8k followers · 6.5k friends · 44.1k tweets
    Digital. Cybersecurity. FinTech. FoodTech. Opinions mine, interesting stuff probably retweets from others. Author. Speaker. Commentator. PR. Media. Scot. Change
  89. Curation Suite

    CurationSuite 71.9k followers · 79.3k friends · 406k tweets
    Curation Suite™ complete content curation platform for any market or any niche. See our discovery tool:
  90. Curatti

    janlgordon 30.7k followers · 16.7k friends · 125k tweets
    Top 20 #Socialmedia Global #Influencer 2018 | CEO of Curatti, #Publisher of #socialmediamarketing #B2B / #Digitalmarketing #smm |
  91. Dan Gingiss

    dgingiss 17.9k followers · 6.8k friends · 27.4k tweets
    Author, "Winning at Social Customer Care". Co-host, "Experience This!" Podcast. #Marketing #CX #SocialMedia. VP @Persado. Formerly @Discover @Humana @McDonalds
  92. Dan Stepel

    lastbabyboomer 57.8k followers · 22.3k friends · 35.9k tweets
    The #socialselling Guy over @causrapp Feel free to conect with me on Causr Tweets are my own
  93. Daniel Knowlton

    dknowlton1 48k followers · 28 friends · 31.7k tweets
    📈Top 100 Digital Marketing Influencer | International Speaker | Co-Founder @KPSDigitalMktng with @lloydy37 | Write for @SMExaminer @CMIContent @jeffbullas ❤→🐶
  94. Daniel Newman

    danielnewmanUV 50k followers · 8.7k friends · 103k tweets
    Principal Analyst @FuturumXYZ | #CEO @Broadsuite & V3B | @Forbes @Entrepreneur Contributor | TEDx Alum | Global Speaker on Digital Transformation| Dad x3 | #CMO
  95. Daniel Rehn

    danielrehn 7.1k followers · 1.8k friends · 51.7k tweets
    Digital Trend Scout bei @achtung. Lebt Social Media. Kennt das M.C.U fast auswendig. Zitiert Filme. Trägt Anzug. – Credo: Wenn nicht schlafend, dann online
  96. David Boutin

    dmboutin 50.9k followers · 30.9k friends · 15.7k tweets
    Digital Marketing & Writer/Editor @TheSocialQuant | Social Media Marketing | Dad, Husband, MBA, 80s Geek, Sarcasm Aficionado, Fluent in GIF & UGA Dawg 4 Life
  97. David Honig

    davehonig 2.1k followers · 421 friends · 7.4k tweets
    @dynamic_signal. @BuddyMedia, acquired by @Salesforce. Co-Founder @Dstillery. @DoubleClick (Acq-Google). Board @interclick-Acq by @yahoo
  98. David Kirk

    davidrkirk_ 1.9k followers · 2.1k friends · 11.7k tweets
    Building Expert-to-Expert Marketing SaaS company, @passle SVP, #Fintech Interest, GB Duathlete, @RobSquadReading @Spokes_Bagshot Instagram: @instdk
  99. David Kutcher

    confluentforms 1.8k followers · 1.9k friends · 5.8k tweets
    We create smart (and beautiful!) websites and online strategies at
  100. David Leonhardt

    amabaie 40.4k followers · 39k friends · 106k tweets
    I run THGM. We write and we promote. I love nature and living simply. Follow me also on
  101. David Pepper

    thedavepepper 8.1k followers · 4.4k friends · 38.4k tweets
    Say what you mean. Be loud. Social Media to achieve goals.
  102. DavidKWilliams

    DavidKWilliams 3.9M followers · 5k friends · 29.1k tweets
    #Chairman #CEO #BoardMember #BizConsultant #LeadershipCoach #Forbes #HBR #Author-The 7 Non-Negotiables of Winning @CamFoundationFB
  103. DB

    Hoovers 15k followers · 7.6k friends · 25.6k tweets
    For updates on Sales & Marketing news, content, & more; follow @DNB_Marketing
  104. Deborah Thomas

    DTNEtiquette 23.9k followers · 13.6k friends · 108k tweets
    Teaching soft skills to help make people strong, because life is too short to not know what to do! #speaker #keynote #MiniManners #DTN
  105. Deborah Weinstein

    debweinstein 10.8k followers · 2.8k friends · 36.2k tweets
    #PR Pro, Prez Strategic Objectives @SO_pr IABC/TO Agency of the Year 2017, 15, 14, 12, 11 & 09. Former journo, culture-vulture, love info, travel & friends
  106. Denise Wakeman 🌎

    DeniseWakeman 34.4k followers · 27.7k friends · 58.2k tweets
    Digital Marketing Strategist for Authors & Online Business Owners ➼ Free 7-Day Visibility Challenge on demand 💯 JOIN Today!
  107. Dennis Shiao ✍️

    dshiao 11.3k followers · 10.5k friends · 50.5k tweets
    Content Marketing at @DNN, Organizer of @Content_Meetup. I love: blogs, bad jokes and good puns. Favorite letters: I-P-A.
  108. Denyse Whillier

    DenyseWhillier 30.8k followers · 25.3k friends · 50.1k tweets
    ★ Business Champion ★ Business Consultant & Coach ★ Former CEO ★ Loves tennis, yoga + all things Spanish.
  109. Derric Haynie 🚀📈

    SixPeppers 22.2k followers · 16.3k friends · 46.7k tweets
    I passionately help #Businesses and #Marketers not suck 💪 by never shutting up about #Growth 🚀, #SocialMedia 👍, & #Marketing 🎯 . CEO @VulpineInteract 🦊 Blog ⤵️
  110. Desmond Dreckett

    DesmondDreckett 40.4k followers · 39.8k friends · 28k tweets
    I help GROW small businesses. ★Co-founder @XenMediaM. ★Co-founder #T30DC ★ #TwitterMarketing Expert ★Mad idea 2 help 10k small businesses per year!
  111. Dhariana Lozano

    DhariLo 23.3k followers · 9.6k friends · 9.7k tweets
    #Socialmedia is my 2nd love. Living in, blogging & helping #brands from #NYC. Co-Founder @SupremacyMKTG. Get My Advent Calendar here:
  112. Didier Delmer 🇬🇧

    didierdelmer 21.2k followers · 13.8k friends · 266k tweets
    Advisor @bb247hq | Personal Account | Lobbyist @wto | Pro Brexit | @ConHome | T. +44 208 123 0309
  113. Digital Branding

    dbiweb 17.1k followers · 3.8k friends · 28.2k tweets
    DBI helps individuals & organizations enhance their digital identity, visibility, & credibility through digital branding resources, training, & education.
  114. Dola Mohapatra

    DolaMohapatra 20.9k followers · 8.1k friends · 21.1k tweets
    Still learning...
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    #SocialPRSecrets #DigitalDetoxSecrets Author, Influencer, Speaker, Prof @UFSMM, @SEJournal Writer about teens, parents and digital addiction. #Yoga girl :)
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    Training CEOs & business owners to use social media effectively! Aerospace Engineer, Published author, photographer, actor, singer & cancer survivor.
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    Founder @webcitygirls, Content Creator, SM Strategist. Creator #UnstoppableLATINAS Summit + #BeNumberless movement. Stop #cyberbullying
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    Digital Marketing Strategist that helps companies connect with their most loyal customers to drive real growth, all with a Southern accent.
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    Tweets on #branding #communication #elearning #MOOC #edtech #SEO #SMM #IoT #FinTech #InfoSec #B2B #ITIL #SMB #Contact me on #LinkedIn:
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    Husband, Father, #CEO of @GoVengreso, #Sales #Leader, #Speaker, #DigitalSales Evangelist & a champion of #SocialSelling. Learn:
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    (CapeTown Bookings) Professional #SocialMediaStragists. Marketing Western Cape as a destination. #influencer #socialmedia. #luvit tourism development & will RT
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    #Career and #leadership mentor | Solution junkie | @YouTern | @WorqIQ | @WorldGoneSocial | @Entrepreneur | @Forbes | @Inc Top 100 Leadership Speaker | Dad of 5
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    I extract the signal from the social media noise. Keynote speaker, executive branding coach, marketing strategist. Podcaster, author of 6 books including KNOWN.
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    Need more online sales? I love doing that. Respected event speaker (SEO, Pay per Click, Social Media) and proud MD of @TeamTillison.
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    Senior Director of Brand Evangelism for Stone Temple - Speaker & Author - Digital Marketing | SEO | Content Marketing | Social Media | Tweets represent me alone
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    #digital #knowledge #innovation leader w/#AI #ML #cog focus / #AR #VR #MR pioneer; #foodie #photog #avgeek; @BCG Global #KM & #Collaboration Lead [tweets mine]
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    The leading Engagement Platform that empowers marketers to create lasting relationships and grow revenue. Need support? Contact @MarketoCares. #MKTGnation
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    Author 48 📚: Social Media, eCommerce, eBay, Customer Service. Forbes Top 10 Futurist, Founder #CustServ, #techradio podcast, marketing whisperer. StarTrek nerd
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    Martech #influencer and speaker, Lana K. Moore, connects marketing technology professionals to learn, share, and discuss all things #martech.
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    I create #socialmedia, #content & #digital #marketing experiences for @CoxBusiness. Leading social strategist, manager, adviser. Keynote #speaker.
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    Global and Chinese network social media management (incl UGC) software for brands and agencies. Free Trial
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    Your corporate social media for business resource featuring expert contributions from industry peers. #socialmedia #marketing #smm #socialbusiness
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    Hey man, I'm Korg. We are gonna get outta here on that big spaceship. Wanna come?
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    Awaken #Leadership | Impact Millions Host of Amplify Your Success #Podcast for visionary #entrepreneurs. 70% #paleo, 100% Bold in my Goals.
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    Forbes #1 Influential Woman for Entrepreneurs, Host #SmallBizChat, Author, Become Your Own Boss in 12 Start-up, Social Media & Reinventing a Biz
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    Innovation at scale: CEO @LH3com Ex-Google, HP, Symantec RTs not = endorsement #bigdata #AI #Ethics #Governance #emergingtech #diversityintech
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    Social Selling Accelerator (#socialselling) - SocMed #Policy Creation -Trainer - Entrepreneur - Vanguard Leadership - ( -Views R my own
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    Founder: Social Media Examiner & Social Media Marketing World; host: Social Media Marketing podcast; author: Launch & Writing White Papers; committed Christian.
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    Marketer, consultant, speaker, author, and CEO of @MKTGInsiders. Teaching leaders to focus on work that creates more impact by championing others.
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    'Share Your Story'​ - I enhance your personal brand through storytelling.
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    Founder of Crowdify, and @TheSuperiorCoin. (stolen) Recovering lawyer I ❤️ Bitcoin, Photography, $Waves Platform. Cleantech, Crypto Currencies, Superior Coin
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    One nerd’s perspective on the financial planning world… CFP, #LifelongLearner, Entrepreneur-In-Denial, Advisor #FinTech, & publisher of the Nerd’s Eye View blog
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    Content Marketing Practitioner ⌨ | Brand Evangelist at Agorapulse | Author 📘 | 🏆 Award Winning Social Media Blogger | Fluent in Star Wars & 🖖
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    Mike Johansson, Sr. Lecturer, School of Communication, RIT; SM strategy consultant. On social to learn and to help. Kiwi in U.S.
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    VP of #SalesTransformation Services @DXformInc | #SalesEnablement #SalesTraining + #IoT #IIoT #DigitalTransformation Connect:
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    Host of #SmartBrownVoices podcast. Voted one of the top Black Business Podcast by @iTunes. #Digital #Marketing #Consultant for @AARP @ToyotaUSA #ICO Advisor
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    Award-winning Twitter site (@NYCREMilton). Int'l Trade and Marketing, Real Estate Writing/History/Science and family man. Former Trade Commissioner.
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    #PersonalBranding & #SocialMarketing Strategist who makes #thoughtleaders look great online. Autodidact. Meathead. Feminist. Remote Work. #altMBA Alumna. 🏳️‍🌈
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    Wife | Mom | Speaker | #Storyteller @Microsoft | Contribute @PRNews @SimplyMeasured | Board @TradePlusImpact | @NASASocial | #PersonalBrand Coach | #Jesus 🇻🇪
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    T. Scott Clendaniel offers tips, tricks and news for #analytics! Includes #AI, #BigData, #DataMining, #DataScience, #IoT, #MachineLearning and #ML.
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    I'm a published #author who writes books about the fallen angels, an artist, actor, #YouTuber, #LGBT advocate, social media prince, Where do i find the time?
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    Believer. Wife. #SocialmediaSpecialist | Co-Founder @Storefoundry Get Exclusive Content
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    Proud mama of 3. Loves travel, tech, cooking & my #nyc. #t1dmom #MomBlogger #clemfandangofan Instagram: @themamamaven
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    We give fast, actionable advice on how to build a #salestech strategy for killer sales growth. On Forbes Top 30 Social Selling thought leader list.
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    Freelance Facebook Ads Strategist, Spending $100,000/month in Facebook advertising for multiple clients. Digital Marketing, Fitness Fanatic and Husband.
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    Grow Faster with Nimble - The #1 Rated Social Sales & Marketing CRM. Tweets by: @MichaUnderdahl. Support: @NimbleCare. Company blog:
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    share your story on the B2B community - now connecting over 40K small, growing and large businesses. #smallbiz
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    Writer, translator, forensic psychiatrist From Barcelona now in UK. Escritora, traductora Subscribe #ASMSG
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    We specialise in providing Influencer Relationship Management software and supporting professional services to help brands run influencer marketing campaigns
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    Dad of 4! Optician passion for People, Postive Energy, and Life. A mix of Digital, SEO and Optics! Author of Social Media & Digital for #Opticians #MS
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    Communications professional specialized in #SocialMedia, #InfluencerMarketing & #PublicAffairs. ✪Member: @PRSA | @dircomspain ✪Previously: @WPP | @msl_group
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    #LGBTQ #DigitalMarketer w. passion for #graphicdesign (@eyeplaydesign) & #photography (@respectfulyours). Views are my own. #ByeAutoDMs #GetSocialWithPatrick
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    Speaker, B2B strategist, @Profitecture trainer, author of five social media books. Also love @RedSox, @Patriots @Bunnylvr and my kids.
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    #Linkedin Book Author / Speaker & Trainer // Interests: Digital Marketing / Startup Advisor / #employeeadvocacy / #socialselling / #Growthhacking / #Mindmapping
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    Rockin' a positive attitude ✨Social smarts + creative inspiration for entrepreneurs. Author Art of Social Media ✨ Create a blog
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    Rabbi of Reason. ✡️ Former Federal Cybercop and Intel Expert. Now founder @adotas, @performinsider, and Aspie + PTSD | Hispanic Jew. 🇺🇸🇮🇱
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    Sales & Marketing Technology Speaker & Trainer | Connecting people & technology to create business opportunities #Sales #DigitalSales #SocialSelling
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    CEO of FeedBlitz, the feed, email & social media marketing automation service, & premium FeedBurner alternative
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    Phil Mershon is Director of Events for Social Media Examiner, a speaker, jazz saxophonist, and podcaster at the Man in the Pew show #SMMW18 #eventprofs
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    I am a social chef mixing digital marketing sprinkles for SME's with my sweet sauce the #curlymarketertip 🎂🥄
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    Experienced, blessed Mom & Dad, children & grand child. . Brand Ambassadors for Club 1 Hotels. Not ready to retire. what's next? Looking forward.
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    Crafting commerce through customer information management, location intelligence, customer engagement, shipping, mailing & ecommerce. Customer Service @PBcares.
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    A @Cision company. The premier global provider of multimedia platforms & distribution. #Media #PR #Comms #Mktg #SocialMedia
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    Providing information and printspiration to the print and marketing community - with some fun in the mix! Join us every Wednesday at 4PM ET for #PrintChat
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    @ConstellationR CEO, CoHost @DisrupTVShow, BestSelling @HarvardBiz Author, Negotiator, Keynoter, Futurist, Biz Innovator, Provocateur, EDM DJ #Foodie #SVLife
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    Social Media Coach | 📈 Grow traffic & leads | Uni SFO Adv Social Media+SEM | travel+books | SM Ambassador: @LifeInAperture @HomeZada | Brown Pinay sa'Merika
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    Founder/CEO @DanjusPA Public Affairs. Strategist, Consultant, Communicator, Adviser, Content Barista, Writer, Influencer, Connector & Speaker. Always Grateful.
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    Public Speaker #Management Training Programs #Leadership Development #SocialMedia #Marketing #Influencer based in #Dubai #EAv (e)RAMIKANTARI🔝
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    Bitcoin for the win. Marketer to the #Crypto and #Bitcoin World. #Panama is home.
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    WordPress Professional, @LinkedIn Influencer. #WordPressthemes Developer Skilled #Blogger. An animal lover. @wordcampdelhi Organizer, Speaker
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    ⭐Photography / Artist ⭐ Fine art prints, greeting cards, T-shirts, coffee mugs - more. Member Fine Art America. F/RT ≠ endorsement. I #FollowBack⭐
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    Just a guy who ❤️ #SocialMedia #Tech #AI #DigitalMarketing & #Infosec The force behind @Bookchat_ @Zaibatuplanet & some insanely powerful political accounts
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    @TEDx #Speaker • #CEO @MarketingLancer • Top 10 #ContentMarketing & #SocialMedia #Influencer • #Malaysia Most Influencial #Blogger • #Coach
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    Business Ops Mgr @Cisco & Social Media Enthusiast @CiscoEWN | #STEM & #WomenInTech advocate | Wife & Mom of 3 | Soccer fangirl | #MotiGirlDiaries All my tweets
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    Peak Performance, Digital Marketing, Author, Speaker, Strategist, #blockchain, #ICO, #cryptocurrency, RT/Fav/Follow doesn't imply endorsement
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    #DemandGeneration #GrowthMarketing #ABM Executive at @SnapLogic #SiliconValley | Ex: @RedisLabs #Agari @Twitter @HPE @Apple | #Drummer & #Producer
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    B2B Biz Dev Specialist-Digital Marketing - Inbound Rainmaker - MarTech Enthusiast - Life Long Learner  #B2B #Inbound #DigitalMarketing #RobBOnline 🔗
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    I help B2B, SaaS, Tech, Startup and Medium local brands get results w/ integrated digital marketing, content & social
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    INTJ Entrepreneur; strategist; author; speaker and business mentor to aspiring market leaders. Digital native and foodie into cars, design, Apple and skiing
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    Visual Marketer & Content Strategist @Bannersnack (The Original Online Banner Maker) Contributor for @TheNextWeb @MSocialBusiness @Adweek @CMIContent
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    Marketing Strategist Print, Web & Social. 31 yr Entrepreneur - all about Local & Localization. Built Internet News & eCommerce Localization Tools. 561-371-4113
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    Writer, speaker and consultant (when it doesn't interfere with sea kayaking or exploring the PNW) focused on social media & SEO
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    Ich bin ein Mailänder,independent analytical thinker.Fulltime student of News RT=FYI #MIlano #engineer #networker ½ROBot #CiclabileOrtlesCalabiana
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    Social Media Speaker, @ConstantContact ALE, Social Media Director @HBCUToday, Seen on @BmoreLifestyle, Contributor @B2Community + @LocalGuides:
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    Growth Marketing Advisor | Blogger at | Editor, Strategic Content Marketing [Medium Publication]
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    Strategy Consultant. Formerly @BSD, @Vocativ, @GovHowardDean's 2004 Campaign. Ex-Theatre Director. Secular, Progressive, Gay. FB:
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    International Speaker 🌎 | Creator of #313Method | Blackbelt of Branding 🥋 | Comm manager @UCIrvine👍 | ❤ ⛵🌬 | AKA #GingerMC:🎙️
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    A voracious reader, Surfing through the tweet world,finding and sharing those precious tweets!! Tweet On!! ~ Saju
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    Field Ops @google (Adecco). Prev @DreamItAlive, @gen_110, @repowertalent, @WeGreenlight Social Entrepreneur, Blog @talentculture #branding #growthhacker
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    sam.biddle @theintercept dot com — I'm on Signal, ask for # — my DMs are open, say hi — PGP: 72D7 6D77 EFCF 7C5D C628 BAD2 5D7F 56C2 5811 B183
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    The Guy Who Went From 'Nobody' to #1 Marketing Influencer in 15 Months (Without a Website) 🚀 Featured in: @entrepreneur @inc @fastcompany @Forbes @TheNextWeb
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    I sprinkle #Twittermagic everywhere! Founder @WomensInspireIE Ted X speaker, Brand ambassador for @ContentCal_io and @SmSummitIrl ...Nice people collector!
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    Run the #strategicplanning of @Makheia Passionate #socialmedia #Twitter Involve in #digital #marketingcontent #transformation #CX #data #AI #ABM
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    Senior Manager, Brand Advocacy & Community @SproutSocial. Ask me about #SproutChat and #SproutAllStars!
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    Online | Digital | Social Media | Reputation & Perception Consultant | Entrepreneur | Christian | Top 20 Indian Non Resident Influencers
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    Social Media. Blogger. Tito. Producer. Speaker. Theater. Film. Spoken Word. Host. Snapchat: smfdejesus @PageFourPH @TweetUpMNL #ThisHappyGeneration #HootAmb
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    CEO @YourBrainTrust, consultant, advisor, keynote speaker. Husband, dad, Sherlockian. Editor of, generally nice guy. Bostonian in MI.
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    Host of @SocialBuzzTV's #FoodieBUZZ! Corporate Event Emcee, #SocialMedia #KeynoteSpeaker, Strategist. Christ follower. Author of #SocialMediaSUCKS, #Podcast Pro
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    Influencer Marketer| Consultant #ForHire ******Influencer & Brand Wrangler****** Download my FREE Influencer ebook
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    #Digitalstrategist & owner of Forj Marketing - Bringing your business to life. Creative Founder of @forj_m, @beseen__ & @girlbosshealth #marketing #digital
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    Founder + #CEO @V3Broadsuite + @Broadsuite, #DigitalTransformation expert, #CMO #CIO, Speaker on #IoT, #AI #HRTech #FutureofWork
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    Express gratitude...share your story, inspire others, engage in random acts of kindness! Influencer, Brand Ambassador, Advocate #LoveAndContradictions
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    MSc. #SocialMedia #Science #Art #Photography #Health #Food #Politics Proud supporter of change-makers & philanthropists. NO DM Pls.
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    CEO of a #socialPR biz; teach @JHUComm. Founder #measurepr. Skimm'bassador @theSkimm. I ♥ shoes, dogs, Elvis & ABBA. Paleo FTW. Don't be hatin.

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    The world’s largest professional certifications company & an Onalytica Top 20 brand, our 400+ courses have helped 500,000+ professionals advance their careers.
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    Author The Book of Mistakes: 9 Secrets to Creating a Successful Future. CEO, Author, Speaker, Blogger. (No DM's). Tweets don't = agreement.
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    Insights for Recruiters to help you recruit smarter & faster. We're here to help you get your jobs seen by passive candidates on social media
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    #SocialMedia tips after I prove they really work. @AmpliPhiBiz Co-Founder @UWMadison instructor @IBMadison writer @Forbes feature -
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    🚶🏾Social media consultant/coach • ex-ChiefDigiOfficer: @Columbia @MetMuseum @NYCgov • hubby of @roopaonline • SOCIAL MEDIA WORLD TOUR (see link)
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    Social #CustomerAdvocacy Mgr @GoDaddy | connection catalyst | agent of change | #CX & #WordPress geek | 🚴 ☮ ♀🌍🌻#IndieWeb #coop activist (opinions own)
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    Director, Communications @autocareorg. Formerly @cision. Speaker. Author. Former Mrs. Maryland '15. Loves guns, gaming & cars. 🇹🇹 #PR #comms #social
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    - Digital inside - Curious - Photography lover
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    Culinary #climateaction advocate. Plantbased. Progressive. Publisher. Founder of @theflexi21. iPhonographer at @thehealthystock. #climatechange
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    I tweet about content marketing, social analytics, elearning, SEO and startups. @buzzsumo @anderspink Political stuff at
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    I am a business video chat show host on and Lightstream, a Udemy instructor and author. Based in Wiltshire UK
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    Hi I'm Susan from NC, Social Media Enthusiast & Strategist. I create social media campaigns to help build awareness. ♥ Music, Movies & More! #NeverTrump #Resist
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    2015 Academy of Motion Pictures Nicholl Finalist, Multi-Award-Winning Screenwriter, Film Producer, International Amazon Bestselling Author.
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    a.k.a The Girl With The Red Hair. Social Strategy @FancyPantsGroup, Occasional #Blogger, Adjunct Instructor at @NYUSPS #Trekkie🖖#Geek #Feminist
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    🎙Gen X Keynote Speaker🔵 Social Media Strategist & Podcast Host of 'Business, Jesus & Sweet Tea' ☀️Join My FREE group below⬇️⬇️
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    #SMMSociety Social Media to listen, engage, promote. My passion is #H2H #HugYourHaters #customerexperience #healthcare #nonprofits #mentalhealth
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    Global speaker & author (Peopleshock: The Path To Profits When Customers Rule) I help orgs balance of technology & people for great customer service & #CX
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    Author of six books: 3 time travel, 3 fantasy; conference addict; Social Media fanatic; host of the @beginsppodcast - Books and Marketing for authors.
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    Bestselling author of Secrets of the Six-Figure Author, publisher, marketer, book lover, founder of The Publishing Profits Podcast show. I love my life
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    Tony Renner is a late-bloomer. He earned his M.A. in American Culture Studies from Washington University some 29 years after graduating from high school.
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    Social Media Marketing for Recruiters and Small Businesses | Follow for tips + insights that'll help Small Business Owners + Recruiters | #SocialRecruiting

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    Digital Marketing Agency serving enterprise B2B brands. Our marketing strategy: Attract, Engage, Convert! Next event #mpb2b Blog:
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    Husband and dad of 2 lovely daughters, life-long learner, entrepreneur and business owner. Helping to achieve your goals. Let me know how I can help you.
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    🎁 Deals on toys, electronics, apparel, etc. Interests: Sci-fi, & writing.
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    Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) technology that enables brands to manage, measure & scale influencer strategies, while maintaining authenticity.
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    Narcissist Abuse Support, Web Design, #SocialMedia, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Marketing your business. #Wordpress #SEO
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    @PRSAStL Tech Dir (past prez), @PRSA_MDC 2015 Chair, @PRSSASE advisor, @BurrellesLuce VP | PR Media Social Marketing Mentor Speaker. Rescue dogs, country girl.
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    Now in our 9th year helping everyone get the most out of #Twitter and #SocialMedia. Tweet us anytime! Tips, tools, #Tweetsmarter news and tech support for all.
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    The #DigitalSales Transformation Company for B2B #Sales & #Marketing. We provide #DigitalSelling Training #SocialSelling #ContentMarketing #EmployeeAdvocacy.
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    Publish at Influencer in blockchain, ico, solar, social media, tech and marketing. Futurist, Advisor, Author and friend
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    Award winning #Photographer, #Travel Influencer, Co-founder @AmazingTravelBeauty, Artist in software engineer's body! Believer.
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    WeRSM is one of the world’s leading independent sources of digital news, covering social media marketing, the connected lifestyle, and a lot in between.
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    Agentur Pixelportal: #Webdesign, #WordPress, #SEO, #AdWords, #Socialmedia Instagram… linkedin
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    Amsterdam 🏡 | LinkedIn Client Solutions Manager 💻 | Personal branding & Social Selling | Runner 🏃‍♀️| Stockholm ❤️ | | My own views
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    We help small businesses GROW their profits using digital marketing & business intelligence. #GrowWithXen
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    Top 100 #Martech Influencer | Author of Sycnfluence | Director Marketing at @fiindinsights | Speaker | Columnist at @Huffpost, @BWdisrupt | Host #fiindchat
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    The Power Of Your Communities Will Make Your Brand The Next Big Thing! #Socialmedia strategy & #management for #business' #entrepreneurs & #topexecs. #tech #SMM
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    Global Wealth U/HNW marketing firm. #FinSvcs compliant content & digital strategies. HuffPost blogger. Likes: #NextGen #Asia #FinTech #WealthTech #Detroit
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    Social, Digital, Ecommerce Guy 🤝 LOVE Sales, Marketing, Social, Tools, HouseMusicMarketing @playlistsdjs, VT @rocktrust_tweet. Group @sMarketingMinds BA🐝@bebee🏴
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