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  1. Agamoni Ghosh

    agamoni 704 followers · 620 friends · 2.4k tweets
    Bureau Head, Entrepreneur - Formerly at Newsweek, Business Standard, CNBC - Aspiring confectioner, tech writer, travel junkie,poetry lover, journalist
  2. Alex Depledge

    adepledge 4.4k followers · 1.1k friends · 4.6k tweets
    Lives firmly in the unfashionable centre. Global citizen. Entrepreneur trying to make it serial w @buildpathhq Board @LondonLEP
  3. Alice Bentinck

    Alicebentinck 7k followers · 987 friends · 3.8k tweets
    Helping the best technical individuals build startups in London and Singapore. Co-founder of EF (@efLDN) and @CodeFirstGirls
  4. Amali de Alwis

    amali_d 3.6k followers · 1.7k friends · 10.1k tweets
    CEO @CodeFirstGirls Views posted here (usually around money, tech, corporate values & strategy) are my own or borrowed from others.
  5. Amandine FLACHS

    AmandineFlachs 3.4k followers · 1.8k friends · 12.5k tweets
    Community @streamrinc | #EmergingTech 👉#VR #AR #Blockchain #Startups | #Crypto miner | Founder of @unfold_uk | Interested in #Tech #Investment
  6. Angelique Vu

    angelique_vu 240 followers · 265 friends · 943 tweets
    Software developer @FT & @Nikkei and Chair of FT Women UK. ❤️feminism, media, cigars & blading. Let's get more women into technology.
  7. Anjali Ramachandran

    anjali28 9.2k followers · 2.3k friends · 28.6k tweets
    Editing & partnerships @storythings, publishers of @howwegettonext / Co-founder @adaslist / Writer @othervalleys / Advisory Board @angelacademe @photoworks_uk
  8. Anna Doble

    annadoble 7.1k followers · 4.7k friends · 25.3k tweets
    Digital Editor, BBC World Service, English. @BBCWorldService. Formerly @BBCNewsbeat & @Channel4News. I tweet about news, music & tennis.
  9. Anna HD

    AnnaHDespointes 767 followers · 305 friends · 164 tweets
    Early Stage Investor @balderton enthusiastic about data, ML & AI, BI, Media, SaaS, DigitalHealth, AgTech, and New Space @diversityvc co-founder
  10. Anna Shipman

    annashipman 3.3k followers · 950 friends · 5.4k tweets
    Open Source Lead @gdsteam. Technical architect and software developer. Likes Perl, Ruby, Vagrant, DEVOPS!, and good commit messages. And pool.
  11. Avid LarizadehDuggan

    avidl 3.7k followers · 146 friends · 185 tweets
    General Partner @GoogleVentures cofounder and UK lead. Entrepreneur, advisor, investor.
  12. Becca Caddy

    beccacaddy 8k followers · 2.5k friends · 27.3k tweets
    Writer. Tech, science & the future. 🚀Bylines: TechRadar, T3, Wired, Wareable, Lifehacker, Gizmodo, MSN, All About Space & more.
  13. Becca Lipman

    BeccaLipman 1.1k followers · 974 friends · 1.3k tweets
    Oreo fanatic and Editor @TheEIU. I'm taking a closer look at health and tech trends that keep the world turning.
  14. Camilla Dolan

    Camilladolan 2.5k followers · 1.2k friends · 826 tweets
    Investor at Burda Principal Investors (Investors in @baublebar @bloomandwild @notonthehighstreet @mgemi @Etsy @vinted) -
  15. Cat Albeanu

    catalinacma 3.4k followers · 2.4k friends · 10.2k tweets
    Journalist about journalism & tech. international editor, @journalismnews. Working on @newsrewired. Romanian in UK. Email: catalina[at]
  16. Cathy White

    cathywhite10 3.9k followers · 2.6k friends · 14.7k tweets
    Founder @CEWComms Empowering #WomeninTech @GGMUK Occasional podcaster #GeekGirlMeets & presenter/MC. Geek, open about #mentalhealth - opinions are mine.
  17. Charlotte Jee

    charlottejee 4.4k followers · 2.8k friends · 22.7k tweets
    Editor @techworldnews @idgworld Founder @jeneoltd 'Pesky journalist'. Tolkien fan. @uclssees grad. Marathoner & @mindcharity advocate. Wife to a v tired bloke.
  18. claire cockerton

    clairecockerton 7.7k followers · 608 friends · 1.1k tweets
    CEO of Plexal, Founder of ENTIQ & Innovate Finance, Co-Creator of Level39, Techbiker - Loves IoT, FinTech, Smart Cities, Design & Boldness in humans
  19. Colleen Wong

    blablamummy 168 followers · 91 friends · 194 tweets
    Founder of @techsixtyfour and mum of 2. I am a big supporter of flexible work! #wearables #techforkids #digitalparenting
  20. Dee Saigal

    deesaigal 1.3k followers · 3.2k friends · 846 tweets
    Inspiring children to learn professional coding languages with @EraseAllKittens | CEO & Creative Director @EraseAllKittens | freelance creative | storyteller
  21. DionneCondor-Farrell

    dionnecf 496 followers · 364 friends · 423 tweets
    Java developer creating bespoke Java web apps 4 public transport co . @WomenWhoCode @UKBlackTech member. Wordpress enthusiast . Live music lover. World travellr
  22. Donna Herdsman

    dmsenterprise 451 followers · 256 friends · 2.8k tweets
    Executive, business consultant; mentor, loves the value add of IT; family, seeing others progress and supporting worthy causes. Own words
  23. Dr A Imafidon MBE

    aimafidon 9k followers · 2k friends · 7.1k tweets
    MBE, DUniv, DSc. I like Maths, Tech & helping others. Co-Founder, Head Stemette & CEO of @Stemettes. #FRSA #OutboxIn #socent
  24. Eileen Burbidge

    eileentso 72.1k followers · 889 friends · 23.6k tweets
    Early-stage tech VC and recovering work- and tech- aholic. Online identity full circle: Eileen Tso, Eileen Broch, Eileen Burbidge
  25. Elizabeth Varley

    evarley 18.7k followers · 1.8k friends · 24.2k tweets
    Co-founder & CEO @TechHub, we work globally with 750+ tech startups to help them scale. London, NYC, Europe, India & more soon
  26. Emily Atkinson

    emilyatk 2.1k followers · 1.7k friends · 2.1k tweets
    Software Engineer @CondeNast | Managing Director & co-Founder @DevelopHerUK | mentor @connectMentors | former @MOO
  27. Emily Brooke

    buzzbrooke 3.2k followers · 340 friends · 1.4k tweets
    Founder of @blazefeed - The ultimate products for urban cyclists. On my bike and buzzing!
  28. Emily Spaven

    emilyspaven 9.1k followers · 656 friends · 5.9k tweets
    UK News Editor @LinkedIn. Former Editor @uktnofficial (formerly TechCityNews). Ex-@CoinDesk & @Google employee. Interested in tech and business.
  29. Emma Cerrone

    emmajcerrone 1k followers · 553 friends · 1k tweets
    Co-founder & Partner of @freeformers_uk, passionate about #futureofwork #futurepeople #digitaltransformation #coffee #exploring
  30. Emma Sinclair MBE

    ES_Entrepreneur 26.2k followers · 580 friends · 21.6k tweets
    Entrepreneur. Techie. Youngest to IPO. Enterprise Software CoFo @EntAlumni @EntJungle. @Unicef advisor. Dabble in papers & tv. Views invariably plagiarised.
  31. Francesca Dean

    FrancescaDean 2.6k followers · 2.5k friends · 1.9k tweets
    @GoogleforEntrep Program lead @Campuslondon Former @GoldmanSachs Passionate about people, science, stories & startups #techbiker
  32. Gemma Milne

    gemmamilne 3.5k followers · 2.8k friends · 8.1k tweets
    Tech & Science Writer & Podcaster • Co-founder @sciencedisrupt • Learning to fly ✈️ • Speaker @SXSW @TEDx @Cannes_Lions • Enquiries @PFDAgents
  33. Gen Ashley

    coderinheels 8.8k followers · 4.1k friends · 20.4k tweets
    Director @WomenWhoCode | Lead #Google @WomenTechMakers #NASA @SpaceAppsLondon @TwitterDev @Adaslist @CoedCode l Ex: VP @Citi| Head of DevOutreach @SkillsMatter
  34. Georgie Barrat

    GeorgieBarrat 7k followers · 998 friends · 4.7k tweets
    Tech journalist & C5's @TheGadgetShow presenter, trotting along to the rhythm of life. Enquiries: @CrownMediaMGt
  35. Harriet Minter

    HarrietMinter 11.6k followers · 2k friends · 8.5k tweets
    Journalist & broadcaster. Presenter @badasswomenshr on talkRADIO. Speaker. Formerly @Guardian #womeninleadership Editor. Likes high heels and big boats.
  36. Ingrid

    ingridlunden 28.1k followers · 1.7k friends · 18.9k tweets
    Journalist. Mom. Wife. Traveler. Speaks English, American, Russian, Franglais, Spanglish, in metaphors. DMs OPEN
  37. Ivana Ojukwu

    iojukwu1 98 followers · 89 friends · 177 tweets
    Tech entrepreneur. Big Data enthusiast. COO @seefashionnow
  38. jacqui_journo

    Jacqui_Gibbons 708 followers · 686 friends · 2.4k tweets
    Journalist at Time Inc UK | Digital Commissioning Editor (commercial) | #beauty #skincare #homes #tech #fashion
  39. Jamillah Knowles 💾

    jemimah_knight 6.9k followers · 1.8k friends · 38.2k tweets
    Online and social media editor, Reuters UK. I like robots. World record breaking hula hoop dancer.
  40. Janine Gibson

    janinegibson 40.5k followers · 2k friends · 32.4k tweets
    editor in chief @BuzzFeedUK • Sinkhole tracker •
  41. Jeni Tennison

    JeniT 6.2k followers · 1.3k friends · 13.8k tweets
  42. Jenny Griffiths

    JennySnapTech 2.4k followers · 1.1k friends · 7.1k tweets
    @SnapFashion and @snaptech founder. software engineer turned entrepreneur, MBE, Forbes #30under30. Download here:
  43. Jessica Butcher

    jessbutcher 4.6k followers · 1.1k friends · 2.1k tweets
    Co-Founder, Blippar- world's leading AR/ computer vision tech. CNBC Disruptor 50 Co. Mum, award-winning entrepreneur, writer, speaker, media commentator, NED
  44. Jessica Okoro

    JessyOkoroSTEM 1.2k followers · 403 friends · 1.5k tweets
    Founder and Lead STEMmer of the Award Winning @BeScienceSTEM, @LUIS__uk Ambassador and Unapologetically Apologising for her Dyslexia- #DyslexicApologies
  45. Jessie Link 👑🍌👖

    mad_typist 1.5k followers · 893 friends · 14.5k tweets
    code monkey, NFL fan, gamer, podcaster, pointy-haired boss, fancy lady. eng site lead @twitterUK . all views my own.
  46. Jots Sehmbi

    JotsSehmbi 230 followers · 313 friends · 938 tweets
    Tweets & interests: #Tech, #Art, #Gadgets, Yoga, #Tigers & Star Gazer amongst other things...twts own views.
  47. Julie Adenuga

    JulieAdenuga 35k followers · 629 friends · 10.9k tweets
    ...on the radio @Beats1
  48. June Angelides

    JuneAngelides 2.7k followers · 5k friends · 3.1k tweets
    Founder @MumsinTech|Mum of 2|Formerly @SVB_UK|Founder at @zincvc, Mission 1|Ambassador @huckletree|Mum advocate|Barrier breaker|TLA|Mentor|Speaker
  49. Justine Roberts

    Justine_Roberts 7.4k followers · 768 friends · 2.3k tweets
    CEO and Founder Mumsnet & Gransnet LFC fan
  50. justyn

    justynashley 1.5k followers · 1.3k friends · 8.2k tweets
    #sexologist. feminist activist. queerlesbiandyke. wanderlust. writer. freelancer. pleasure revolutionary. @radcampaign + #WomenWhoTech staff. all tweets=my own
  51. Kate McLaughlin

    Kate_McLaug 899 followers · 459 friends · 576 tweets
    Co-founder/CEO @wegotpop. Entrepreneur passionate about improving film production with technology; and advocate for women in business.
  52. Kate Unsworth

    kateuns 7.4k followers · 2.1k friends · 3k tweets
    CEO of @VINAYAhouse - we build human-centric consumer tech. I always have headphones around my neck... #JOMO
  53. Katharine Viner

    KathViner 168k followers · 3k friends · 31.4k tweets
    Editor-in-chief, Guardian News & Media
  54. Kathryn Parsons

    KathrynParsons 13.4k followers · 1.1k friends · 6.5k tweets
    Founder @DecodedCo. Entrepreneur, educator, campaigner for code & a digital economy LDN/NY/GLOBAL
  55. Katia Moskvitch

    SciTech_Cat 3.8k followers · 1.3k friends · 7.9k tweets
    Chief editor of PE mag @profeng, @QuantaMagazine contributor, ex @BBCNews & @Nature reporter. Quark-filled Canadian in the UK. Message me re stories & jobs!
  56. Kiki Loizou

    KikiLoizou 6.8k followers · 408 friends · 729 tweets
    Former enterprise editor at The Sunday Times
  57. Kim Pham

    kim617 3.5k followers · 269 friends · 17.4k tweets
    Made of the Internet. Vietnamese New Yorker. Then: first lady at @Frontline. Now: traveling South America, working on @stateofplatform. Free agent 👋🏽
  58. Kira Coley

    KiraMColey 621 followers · 1.1k friends · 1.3k tweets
    Freelance science & technology writer (anything oceans; environment; offshore) @MarineTechno @ecoMagNews. Lecture #scicomm @UoPSciMedia. Founder @TheChattySci
  59. KristinaTachmannova

    kristinatauch 1.7k followers · 922 friends · 870 tweets
    The best way to predict the future is to create it. Operations at @balancemymoney Previously @TechCityUK Running with @techrunnersldn + biking with @techbikers
  60. Lauren Maffeo

    LaurenMaffeo 1.1k followers · 757 friends · 5.8k tweets
    Senior content analyst covering #SaaS & #tech trends for @getapp, a @gartner_inc company. Member of @thedrum's #50under30. Former expat who lives to travel.
  61. leanne_kemp

    leanne_kemp 2.6k followers · 979 friends · 548 tweets
    Everledger: Blockchain & Diamonds
  62. Lizzie Barclay

    LizzieBarclay 507 followers · 460 friends · 246 tweets
    Spiralizer enthusiast. Feminist. Pun fan. Marketing Director @Yahoo UK. One of @TheDrum's 50 under 30.
  63. Lu Li

    houseofli 2.1k followers · 418 friends · 522 tweets
    Founder @bloomingfoundrs @bloomslondon. Publisher #DearFemaleFounder. Ambassador @WED_UK. Ex @McKinsey @ProcterGamble. Cheerleader for #FemaleFounders.
  64. Lynsey Barber... probably hasn’t seen your email

    lynseybarber 6.5k followers · 3.4k friends · 13.5k tweets
    City A.M. tech editor | fan of fintech, blockchain, AI, flying cars, lols | opinions mine, or my dog's | weeping over my inbox | pivoting to bed
  65. Marija Butkovic

    MarijaButkovic 9.3k followers · 5.9k friends · 12k tweets
    Founder and CEO @Women_Wearables 👭🏆🚀 | Co-founder @GetKisha | #STEM Ambassador | Digital marketing & PR educator - Public speaker - Blogger #WomenInTech
  66. martha lane fox

    Marthalanefox 172k followers · 2.4k friends · 20.9k tweets
    "Dot com dinosaur" apparently. Fighting for a fairer internet @doteveryoneuk. Chancellor of @openuniversity + cross bench peer. Board member @twitter
  67. Michelle Hua

    MadewithGlove 3.8k followers · 3.8k friends · 3.9k tweets
    CEO MadeWithGlove | Community Mgr Forge #IoT Accelerator | Ambassador @Women_Wearables #TechNationVisa #STEM | Speaker | Workshops #Wearables #womenintech #IoT
  68. Nancy Fechnay

    NancyFechnay 2.6k followers · 543 friends · 867 tweets
    Investor who's interested in creating positive+ future. Founder@ Partner @Flightvc. Formerly @KPCB @Techstars. #Engineer
  69. Olivia Solon

    oliviasolon 30.9k followers · 2.1k friends · 41.5k tweets
    Journalist for @guardian. Formerly @WiredUK and @Business DMs open (for tips). / ask me for Signal / WhatsApp
  70. ophelia

    ophelia_brown 3k followers · 204 friends · 241 tweets
    A VC and occasional tweeter
  71. Paris Petgrave

    ParisPetgrave 1.8k followers · 1.2k friends · 1.7k tweets
    Co-founder and CEO @weloveworkltd Founder of @Rareseedcapital. Tech Entrepreneur & Investor. Love building Startups. YSYS member. 🦄
  72. Pip Wilson

    pipwilson0 8.5k followers · 1.2k friends · 1.2k tweets
    Entrepreneur, Investor, Founder @amicableapps @bluefinsolution Trustee @theRSAorg and @TheGirlsNet, making change happen
  73. Rashada Harry

    RashadaHarry 2.4k followers · 3.2k friends · 3.4k tweets
    Award Winning Enterprise Tech Specialist @VodafoneVge• Founder of @YFYAUK •STEM• AI •Diversity• Mentor• Speaker •LLB (Hons)• LLM @LSElaw• @Cisco Alum• My Tweets
  74. Reshma Sohoni

    rsohoni 18.5k followers · 541 friends · 7.7k tweets
    Seed investor in pan-European startups. O/w spending time w/friends, playing, and in general making others and myself laugh
  75. Rosario Gª de Zúñiga

    phpeach 787 followers · 635 friends · 3.5k tweets
    Co-Founder & CTO at - Techstars '15. I blog at Unhealthy relationship with Music
  76. Salone Sehgal

    SaloneSehgal 567 followers · 384 friends · 1k tweets
    Consumer Internet, Operations, Strategy, Games, M&A | ex-CEO,TrulySocial |Top 100 Asian Stars in UK Tech |Top 30 Women in Mobile | Compulsive reader|
  77. Samantha Kingston

    K_Samantha1 4.7k followers · 998 friends · 13.6k tweets
    Award-winning Founder @VirtualUmbrella & @hello_founder | #Progress1000 | Working to create equal opportunities @VRGirlsUK | 'her rise has been meteoric' - BBC
  78. Sammy Payne

    SighSam 4.1k followers · 169 friends · 9k tweets
    Co Founder @openbionics, at @BristolRobotLab. @disneyaccel @techstars alum. Like #startups #wearables #robots. @PMStudioUK resident & @WIRED Fellow.
  79. Sanchita Saha

    ubersaha 739 followers · 329 friends · 2.2k tweets
    Founder and CEO of @citysocializer, passionate about the online to offline local social discovery space. Keeping it real (world) whenever and wherever possible.
  80. Sara Kelly

    MsSaraKelly 4.1k followers · 529 friends · 8.3k tweets
    Working at City Hall on improving London's digital connectivity. Views are mine, all mine.
  81. sarah drinkwater

    sarahdrinkwater 10.8k followers · 1.1k friends · 31.7k tweets
    Head @campuslondon & chair women @GoogleUK, @thekilnco, board @CodeFirstGirls & @BlackhorseWS. I love communities, cities & tech that helps people do & be more.
  82. Sarah Wood

    sarahfwood 9.1k followers · 1.3k friends · 3.6k tweets
    CEO & Co-Founder of video ad tech company @unrulyco and author of Stepping Up: Accelerate your leadership potential. Buy now on link below!
  83. Sharmadean Reid

    sharmadeanreid 7.2k followers · 1.7k friends · 10.8k tweets
    Founder of @beautystack / Formerly @wahnails + @futuregirlcorp - I know beauty + tech + communities + girls
  84. Sherry Coutu CBE

    scoutu 22.5k followers · 2.8k friends · 9.1k tweets
    Mother, Author of the Scaleup Report on UK Economic Growth, Product Strategist, Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and Non-exec board director.
  85. Shilpa Shah

    ShilpaBShah 1.2k followers · 1.2k friends · 1.6k tweets
    Director for Delivery models and Leader of the Deloitte Women in Technology Network. Passionate about attracting & retaining females in STEM careers. Views own.
  86. Silja Litvin

    PsycologyAndMe 1.8k followers · 4k friends · 704 tweets
    #Psychologist & CEO of @PsycApps a #digitalmentalhealth #game #startup. Happy #feminist #WomenInTech #MentalHealth
  87. Sitar Teli

    sitar 8.5k followers · 664 friends · 6.1k tweets
    Partner w/ Connect Ventures: @citymapper, @boilerroomtv, @typeform, @marvelapp, @joincharlie and @PactCoffee. Prev led A round in @soundcloud.
  88. Sonali De Rycker

    sonalidr 5.1k followers · 286 friends · 122 tweets
    Venture Capitalist. Mother of 2. Love all things tech - early to growth.
  89. Sophie Curtis

    scurtsy 10.9k followers · 1.7k friends · 5.8k tweets
    Technology and Science Editor @MirrorTech. Formerly @TelegraphTech. East London dweller. Travel junkie. Food snob. Accidental geek.
  90. Vicki Turk

    VickiTurk 6k followers · 1.6k friends · 4.5k tweets
    Senior editor @wireduk, previously Tech Editor @NewScientist, UK Editor @Motherboard, @ViceUK.
  91. Vicky Hunter

    VickyHunter24 2.8k followers · 1.1k friends · 8.2k tweets
    I 😍 creating amazing experiences. Freelance Event & Community manager. Global CM @silicondrinkabt. Instagram #food #travel #blogger
  92. Victoria

    stoyanova 5k followers · 4k friends · 6.6k tweets
    Founder of the first community systems lab - hito labs | Host @london_cm + The Work We Do podcast | Fellow @onbeing l Judge @lovieawards @thewebbyawards
  93. Wendy Tan White MBE

    wendytanwhite 6.1k followers · 957 friends · 6.6k tweets
    Partner @BGFVentures £200m UK early stage tech fund. Former GP Entrepreneur First, Co-Founder Moonfruit. Trustee Alan Turing Institute, Gov DEC, TechCityUK. MBE
  94. Yashu Reddy

    ReddyYashu 271 followers · 185 friends · 681 tweets
  95. Yessi Bello-Perez

    yessibelloperez 3.7k followers · 911 friends · 8.2k tweets
    Editor @UKTNofficial, ex #FinTech journo @coindesk • Bylines inc: @CosmopolitanUK @hellomag @TimeOutLondon • • 🇪🇸🇬🇧•
  96. Yuelin Li

    yuelinX 285 followers · 440 friends · 790 tweets
    Data @ASIdatascience, prev @SwoonEditions, @JPMorgan. Ex-medic; data geek; loves good writing & design; TCK.
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    golistpedia 41.8k followers · 2 friends · 4.7k tweets
    Make a list of Instagram accounts, share it, let others follow easily. Twitter Lists too.
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