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  1. ⭐ Laura Hampton ⭐

    lauralhampton 1.2k followers · 622 friends · 7k tweets
    Digital Marketing Manager @impressiontalk. Tweeting all things digital. In my spare time, I jump out of planes.
  2. Adam Connell 💡

    adamjayc 25.3k followers · 11.4k friends · 26k tweets
    I help entrepreneurs reach more people online. Founder of @BloggingWizard. And I can 'split the atom' on a yo-yo.
  3. Adam Ludwin

    adam_ludwin 225 followers · 133 friends · 59 tweets
  4. Ammo Singh #CRO

    AmmO_Singh 14.6k followers · 8.2k friends · 20k tweets
    #CRO Manager. Digital marketing, #Analytics & #optimisation junky. Dad/husband & big #LFC supporter & purveyor of interesting content. All views my own etc.
  5. Andrew Betts

    andybetts1 2.8k followers · 1.6k friends · 15.1k tweets
    Strategy Content & Marketing. Advertising, PR Digital, Search and Social. Growing business
  6. Andrew Girdwood

    AndrewGirdwood 8.3k followers · 891 friends · 25.7k tweets
    Geek. Gamer. Affiliate. SEO. Lover of the biddable PPC & display landscape. Blogger. Opinions are my own.
  7. Andrew Henning

    AndrewSHenning 849 followers · 373 friends · 1.6k tweets
    Chief Strategy Officer of @Redweb, husband to Jo, father of Tom & Daisy, @BrentfordFC supporter & eternal optimist! #StopBrexit
  8. Andy Drinkwater

    iqseo 17.5k followers · 388 friends · 15.4k tweets
    UK based Freelance #SEO consultant, @oncrawl ambassador & part-time gym goer. Lover of internal links! 18 year SEO vet and 21 years UX.
  9. andyatkinskruge

    andyatkinskruge 1.8k followers · 392 friends · 4.2k tweets
    international seo, global sem & content marketing consultant and trainer
  10. Ashley Friedlein

    AshleyFriedlein 8.5k followers · 668 friends · 2k tweets
    Founder, Econsultancy: Chairman, Ably: Author, speaker, blogger on digital, marketing & ecommerce.
  11. Ben Norman 💯

    bennorman 1.6k followers · 166 friends · 3.9k tweets
    I am the CEO & Founder of Digital Marketing Agency @Koozai, I was an SEO Consultant, I still am a Published Author, and I will always be a Superhero!
  12. Ben Wood

    iambenwood 765 followers · 544 friends · 1.5k tweets
    Marketing Services Director @HallamInternet. Contributor to @sejournal & @stateofdigital. 👍 playing ice hockey, watching #NFFC and traveling 🌎
  13. Christina Jones

    christinacjones 1.9k followers · 1.5k friends · 3.8k tweets
    Digital Marketer | ACES Method™️ Creator | Equine Business Assoc. Founder | Still Pony Mad 🐴
  14. Claire Beale

    ClaireBeale 3.7k followers · 6 friends · 747 tweets
    Global editor-in-chief of Campaign
  15. Colin McFarland

    MCFRL 822 followers · 223 friends · 372 tweets
    Head of Experimentation @Skyscanner.
  16. Dan Croxen John

    dancroxenjohn 724 followers · 358 friends · 2k tweets
    CEO of AWA digital, CRO book author and bucket list completer
  17. Dan Purvis

    DanPurvis 5.5k followers · 2.9k friends · 39.9k tweets
    Dan Purvis: Director @CommsAxis Digital Marketing Agency: Content, Social Media, SEO, Sales, MarTech | @alzheimerssoc Media Champion | Proud father of 2 | #MUFC
  18. Daniel Gilbert

    dangilbertppc 130k followers · 69.2k friends · 3.2k tweets
    Failed comedian. Mad about PPC. CEO @Brainlabs, Oxford grad, ex-Google, columnist @sengineland & keynote speaker. I like eggs, GIFs & ☺☺☺☺☺☺ #PPC
  19. Daniel Knowlton

    dknowlton1 48k followers · 28 friends · 31.7k tweets
    📈Top 100 Digital Marketing Influencer | International Speaker | Co-Founder @KPSDigitalMktng with @lloydy37 | Write for @SMExaminer @CMIContent @jeffbullas ❤→🐶
  20. DanielRowles

    DanielRowles 7.4k followers · 305 friends · 6.3k tweets
    CEO TargetInternet, Host of Digital Marketing Podcast, CIM Faculty, Imperial College Lecturer, Author of Mobile Marketing, Digital Branding & Digital Culture
  21. darren_mccowan

    darren_mccowan 33.3k followers · 23k friends · 53.1k tweets
    Digital Marketing Strategist & Social Media Influencer with over 20 years’ experience of developing the marketing strategies for established UK brands
  22. Dave Naylor

    DaveNaylor 28.7k followers · 582 friends · 11.1k tweets
    Head of Search Marketing and Speaker – – Bronco is a leading Digital Agency which I run with @BeckyNaylor
  23. David Burton

    Phishtitz 12k followers · 1.6k friends · 23.5k tweets
    Mark maker, ink smudger, illustrator, printmaker & pixel shifter. Chin scratcher, pipe smoker & fly fisher. Ex head of Innovation @Redweb = @redweblabs
  24. David Mannheim

    davidmannheim 250 followers · 339 friends · 340 tweets
    User Conversion. Manchester United. Conversion Rate Optimisation. Disney. in that order.
  25. David Moth

    DavidMoth 4.7k followers · 264 friends · 8.2k tweets
    Managing Editor at Barclaycard
  26. Doug Kessler

    dougkessler 18.7k followers · 7.7k friends · 11.7k tweets
    Creative Director & Co-founder of Velocity, B2B marketing agency to the stars. I tweet on content marketing, B2B copywriting, social media, tech marketing...
  27. Dr Aliya Haider Shah

    aliya_Hshah 6.7k followers · 3.1k friends · 47.1k tweets
    Global Top 50 #PR & #UK Top 30 #DigitalMarketing #Influencer; Personal Account #ThoughtLeader; #Comms; #strategy; #Rockstar
  28. Dr Dave Chaffey

    DaveChaffey 25.7k followers · 1.9k friends · 9.7k tweets
    I love sharing the latest #DigitalMarketing innovations and tips. Editor @SmartInsights. Author of Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice.
  29. Ed Leake

    EdLeake 54.6k followers · 550 friends · 63.3k tweets
    I ❤️Analytics + AdWords (& doughnuts). Real coffee drinker, purveyor of pivot tables | MD of @Midas_UK | Founder @Ad_Evolver - Level Up #AdWords Performance 🏆
  30. Farky Rafiq

    farkyrafiq 3.9k followers · 3.2k friends · 926 tweets
    Digital Marketing Director.
  31. Gerry White ⁉️ SEO geek

    dergal 2.7k followers · 1.2k friends · 33.1k tweets
    SEO guy at Just Eat - Co organiser of conference - Digital geek, often talking at conferences and UK Search Awards judge
  32. Guy Levine

    guylevine 3.4k followers · 68 friends · 7.1k tweets
    Award Winning Digital Marketer & Entrepreneur, Agency Owner, Helicopter Pilot, Cyclist, Photographer, Paleo fiend & Dad of 2 girls
  33. Guy Phillipson

    GuyPhillipson 1.2k followers · 147 friends · 1k tweets
    Former CEO of IAB UK. Now Chairman of iCrossing UK. Live Oxford & Isle of Wight. Play Guitar and Piano, love cycling, birds, theatre and the arts. Own a bunny.
  34. Hannah Corlett

    Hannah_Corlett 468 followers · 601 friends · 5.1k tweets
    New Vegan | Love life and Las Vegas | Head of Digital Media Marketing for @Bronco | Follow me on
  35. Henry France

    henry_france 381 followers · 847 friends · 1.2k tweets
    Digital Marketing Manager @distinctionuk.
  36. Ian Brodie

    ianbrodie 105k followers · 84.8k friends · 29k tweets
    Yeah, it's me. You know who :) Go to for more marketing goodies.
  37. Ian Miller

    millerian 3.2k followers · 565 friends · 10k tweets
    CEO at @craftedmedia, Regular speaker at CIM, IDM events, @brightonseo and digital industry conferences. LinkedIn
  38. Ian Rhodes

    iRhodes 7.8k followers · 774 friends · 6.9k tweets
    Ecommerce Growth Consultancy & Coaching. An Englishman raised in Indiana, y'all.
  39. J_Fairweather

    J_Fairweather 892 followers · 1.4k friends · 1.2k tweets
    We do data-driven performance digital & on/off-site marketing strategy at @RepriseMediaUK, an IPG @MediabrandsUK agency. All views are my own.
  40. James Bloor

    JamesBloor 768 followers · 356 friends · 2.8k tweets
    Managing Director of digital agency @DistinctionUK. Tweets infrequently about all things digital, business and sports. Supporter of @ParkinsonsUK
  41. James Whatley

    Whatleydude 16.4k followers · 5k friends · 88.3k tweets
    Planning Partner @OgilvyUK; new stuff made useful. I got ♥ for film, comics, PS4, frisbee, ice cream, and hugs.
  42. JamesFinlayson

    JamesFinlayson 15.1k followers · 440 friends · 2.4k tweets
    Head of Innovation at Verve Search, Europe's Best Large SEO Agency. A self-taught geeky creative, exploring how things work, railing against 'impossible'.
  43. Jamie McGrath

    seo_jamie 550 followers · 541 friends · 12.3k tweets
    Actively On Twitter! (Occasionally - its quality not quantity....)
  44. Jamie Riddell

    jamieriddell 11.4k followers · 10.3k friends · 35.6k tweets
    One of the UK's most successful Digital Entrepreneurs. CEO @digitomorrow growing @birdsongsocial, @tweetchup & @birdsongdata. Personal Writing @winetravelsong
  45. Jim

    JimConnolly 11.9k followers · 114 friends · 89.1k tweets
    I write one of the world's most popular marketing blogs »
  46. Jim Wolff 🐺

    jimwolffman 2.6k followers · 1.3k friends · 9.9k tweets
    Digital head, analogue heart. Work at @theleith, play everywhere.
  47. John G. Courtney

    JohnGCourtney 38.2k followers · 31.4k friends · 93.3k tweets
    Listed:Top 100 Digital Influencers and Top 100 UK Entrepreneurs. Chairman, NED, Mentor. Director, The Marketing Centre
  48. johnmcelborough

    johnmcelborough 6.2k followers · 160 friends · 766 tweets
    Growing businesses with #digitalmarketing & #growthhacking strategies. Consultant, ad agency owner and blogger.
  49. Jon Payne

    MrJonPayne 1.3k followers · 180 friends · 15.8k tweets
    Founded @NoisyMonkey, @DigitalGaggle & @ODLbristol. Tweets about #Inbound, the West Country & swears majestically.
  50. Jonny Longden

    jonnylongden 17.6k followers · 459 friends · 14.5k tweets
    Head of Ecommerce, Digital & Analytics @ Principal Hotel Co. - CRO; conversion optimization; growth; AB testing; UX; dig marketing; hospitality; direct bookings
  51. Kath Dawson

    kathdawson 27.9k followers · 20.6k friends · 13.5k tweets
    Freelance Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant. Sharing tips on #SEO #SocialMedia #ContentMarketing #DigitalAnalytics #CRO with a focus on Data Driven Insights
  52. Kevin Gibbons

    kevgibbo 11.8k followers · 1.6k friends · 16.5k tweets
    Co-Founder, CEO of @BlueGlass - a strategy-driven SEO & content marketing agency
  53. Kevin Taylor

    GravytrainCEO 1.2k followers · 538 friends · 2.6k tweets
    CEO of Marketing Agency Gravytrain, Former Racing Driver, P/T Triathlete, Hubby to Debbie, Dad to Alex, Cameron & Archie. Someone who can't sit still for 5mins!
  54. Liam Wade 💬

    Digital_Liam 497 followers · 605 friends · 811 tweets
    Digital marketer - PPC manager @ImpressionTalk - Best-selling author. Talks about 'applying budget on a priority basis' too much #ppcchat
  55. Lilach Bullock

    lilachbullock 105k followers · 44.5k friends · 316k tweets
    Professional Speaker, Lead Conversion Expert, Content Marketing & Social Media Specialist, Proud mum
  56. Lisa Myers

    LisaDMyers 17.7k followers · 1.2k friends · 7.5k tweets
    CEO & Founder of Award Winning SEO Agency @VerveSearch. BIMA100 - CEO & Leaders 2017, Founder @WomenInSearch Conference Speaker. Business Mentor. Mum. Original.
  57. Marcus Knight

    marcusknight 443 followers · 953 friends · 1k tweets
    Tottenham fan with a healthy obsession for beer, music and advertising. Head of Paid Media @Koozai
  58. Marcus Miller

    marcusbowlerhat 4.4k followers · 4.5k friends · 4.5k tweets
    SEO & PPC Consultant. Founder of Top 25 Digital Marketing Influencer. Columnist for @sengineland. Ask me anything about SEO and PPC.
  59. Mark Connolly

    connolly1970 235 followers · 155 friends · 429 tweets
    Media exec with UK, European & Global leadership experience. Managing Director Investment & solutions at Havas Media Group. @Havas_MGUK.
  60. Mark Iremonger

    iremonger 311 followers · 130 friends · 267 tweets
    CEO, iCrossing UK. The marketing agency for a modern world.
  61. mark rushworth

    trooperbill 29.6k followers · 92 friends · 10.9k tweets
    I've been a multi-skilled digital marketing, design & SEO Swiss army knife since 1998.
  62. Mark Williams

    williamsmark 137 followers · 172 friends · 75 tweets
  63. Matt Bullas

    mattbullas 11.5k followers · 224 friends · 4.4k tweets
    CEO & Founder of Click Consult, Digital & e-Commerce Agency 2017, Search Marketing Agency Year 2018, also top 50 UK search influencer published by the drum 2014
  64. Matt Rhodes

    mattrhodes 10.7k followers · 1.9k friends · 53.2k tweets
    Advertising, strategy and digital. Head of Digital Strategy @WCRS_LDN and @EngineLondon. Marathon runner and trustee @Running_Charity for fun.
  65. Matt Stannard

    mattstannard 1k followers · 1.2k friends · 14.6k tweets
    Data, Tech Analytics geek, CTO for @HappinessIndex1, Director of Innovation for @4psmarketing - #ITFC Fan and hardened commuter - All views expressed my own
  66. Michael Madew

    IntelligentPPC 61.1k followers · 2.4k friends · 1.8k tweets
    Owner at Paddock Media; MCFC fan
  67. Mike Turner

    michaelturner 10.1k followers · 7.6k friends · 26.2k tweets
    MD @TinDigital Network Founder @SixOClockClub 5 fab 👧🏻👧🏻👧🏻👧🏻👧 1 crazy 🐱 1 mad 🐶, 1 patient 👩🏻 🏠Cornwall 🏢 Plymouth ❤️ 🍺☕️🍕🚤⛵️🏉🖥😀
  68. Nadeem Azam

    NadeemAzam 57.9k followers · 5.7k friends · 1.9k tweets
    Digital pioneer and writer. Founder and CEO of award-winning global agency @AzamMarketing marking 20th anniversary. Blogs at:
  69. Neil Peace

    NeilPeace 199 followers · 690 friends · 381 tweets
    Digital Strategy Director, UM London
  70. Nick Wilsdon

    nickwilsdon 6.8k followers · 3.5k friends · 4.5k tweets
    Global SEO Lead @VodafoneGroup & Consultant @NTT_DATA_UK | Digital Strategist | Speaker | Judge #UKSearchAwards #EUSearchAwards | Blog
  71. Paul Frampton Calero

    Paul_Framp 13.8k followers · 10.7k friends · 45.5k tweets
    Ex @Havas_UK CEO, #SocialCEO, #Progress1000, Top 25 Marketing Influencer. Advisor 4 @Groundtruthco @jackparsons_CEO. Twitter Lifetime Award ‘17. #HeforShe #MUFC
  72. Paul Lee

    pjvlee 1k followers · 189 friends · 824 tweets
    Partner and head of tech, media and telecom research at Deloitte, citizen of the world.
  73. Paul Rouke

    paulrouke 3.4k followers · 789 friends · 10.2k tweets
    Founder & CEO @PRWD. International keynote speaker. Author of Advocate of industry, company & personal change
  74. Pete Handley

    ismepete 4.9k followers · 694 friends · 60.3k tweets
    SEO & Digital Marketing, #SEOMusic, space, sustainability & science. @uksearchawards/@eusearchawards/@MENAsearchaward judge. All views mine, not @sagegroupplc's
  75. Philippe

    philippeUK 270 followers · 85 friends · 487 tweets
    CEO at Convertize and Scenario
  76. Piyush Pankaj

    piyushpankaj 3k followers · 2.4k friends · 32.9k tweets
    Havas London | Head of Search | Digital Marketing | Ad Agency person | Listed in #BIMA100 2014 | Views are my own | @havaslondon #havastogether #havas
  77. Richard Duff-Tytler

    RichDT 369 followers · 528 friends · 1.6k tweets
    Bad Dad jokes, big eyebrows. Head of Social & Digital Content at @goodstuffers
  78. Robert Allen

    Rob_H_Allen 478 followers · 148 friends · 1.9k tweets
    Helping to accelerate the transition to zero carbon cities. I specialise in being a generalist
  79. Robert Jones

    exodusanalytics 32.3k followers · 16.6k friends · 136k tweets
    Exodus Digital Marketing. Business consultants. FB profile #growthhacking #startup #socialmedia #Mediabuyer #influencer #ppc #seo
  80. Ron Peterson

    12onPeterson 1.2k followers · 421 friends · 776 tweets
    General Manager @AKQA. Fan of simplicity and all things designed well.
  81. Sam Ellis

    SamuelEllis 597 followers · 1k friends · 1.5k tweets
    Head of Innovation @mcsaatchilondon @lidalondon. Interested in AI, startups, politics, marketing, motoring, my little lad(s) & terrible chat. All views my own.
  82. Sam Fenton-Elstone

    sjfe 616 followers · 916 friends · 1.8k tweets
    Senior Digital Leader taking a 12 month sabbatical. Currently exploring the world with the woman of my dreams. Read about our journey at
  83. Saul Malpass 🌟

    MalpassSaul 559 followers · 490 friends · 2.2k tweets
    Head of Digital marketing @agency97 Football, Marketing, Business, Writing, Award Winning Prankster. My curiosity leads me to places.
  84. Screaming Frog

    screamingfrog 20.6k followers · 1.2k friends · 27.3k tweets
    Run by Founder Dan Sharp of Screaming Frog, a UK search marketing agency & developer of the SEO Spider. Gooner. SEO. & Philanthropist.
  85. Shea Bennett

    Sheamus 9.2k followers · 699 friends · 42.3k tweets
    Head of #Digital #Marketing @Identity_Agency, @Identity_Events & @SignagePrinting. IG: Snap: sheamusbennett
  86. Stacey

    ManagedPPC_UK 1.2k followers · 1.8k friends · 5.5k tweets
    PPC, SEO & Analytics Specialist
  87. Stephen Lepitak

    StephenLepitak 6k followers · 3.7k friends · 9.6k tweets
    Award losing Editor @thedrum & general tweeter of 'interesting' things. Work UK & US. Expect the film of my life to be directed by Alan Smithee if he's willing.
  88. Steve John Myring

    SteveJohnMyring 1.6k followers · 2.8k friends · 526 tweets
    I am CEO of @Digi_Strategies #DigitalMarketing #ContentMarketing #SocialMediaMarketing #SEO #Everton #EFC #EvertonFC
  89. Steve Pailthorpe

    Iconic_Digital 29.6k followers · 26.3k friends · 6.4k tweets
    Digital Strategist, Social Entrepreneur, Author & Speaker. CEO at Iconic Digital, a Future50 #digital #marketing agency in London. Let's chat...
  90. Steve SEO UK

    Steve_SEO_UK 44.2k followers · 20.5k friends · 49.6k tweets
    Learn about SEO, Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing with daily news updates on latest methods and tips from the Experts.
  91. Susan Hallam MBE

    SusanHallam 4.5k followers · 717 friends · 5k tweets
    Digital marketer and founder of @HallamInternet. AngloAmerican fan of all things digital.
  92. Tanya Goodin ☜

    tanyagoodin 3.1k followers · 1.3k friends · 12.7k tweets
    Award-winning digital & tech #entrepreneur | #Founder @timetologoff | #digitaldetox evangelist | #schoolspeaker | Author 'OFF.' 👉🏻
  93. The Branded Gent

    TheBrandedGent 2.3k followers · 1.2k friends · 2.2k tweets
    Charles Vallance, founding partner of VCCP and co-author of a book called The Branded Gentry. Occasional tweets about brands, interspersed with random thoughts
  94. Tim D Gray

    TimGrayUK 2.5k followers · 333 friends · 710 tweets
    CEO of Digivate. Founder of Neuro Web Marketing & #HyperbaricOxygenTherapy Ltd. A Cognitive #Hypnotherapist & #Biohacker. Specialist in #Psychology, #CRO & #SEO
  95. Tim Grice

    Tim_Grice 5.1k followers · 196 friends · 6.3k tweets
    CEO at Branded3, obsessed with Search Marketing for over a decade, blogger, speaker etc....
  96. Tom Armenante

    Armenante 826 followers · 792 friends · 2.6k tweets
    Head of SEO @MatalanDirect in Leeds, part time Marketing Director at @UKsearchawards 16 Judge. Casual interest in property investment.
  97. Will Critchlow

    willcritchlow 40k followers · 1.7k friends · 25.4k tweets
    I run Distilled, enjoy cooking, playing basketball and drinking whisky (in nearly any order)
  98. Will Harvey 🤖

    WilliamEdHarvey 4.2k followers · 3.3k friends · 13.1k tweets
    Innovation Lead @VCCP / Speaker & writer on technology & trends / Director @InnovationSoc #BIMA100 #hclub100
  99. Willie Taminato

    Williet 1.3k followers · 145 friends · 2.4k tweets
  1. Paul Eggleton

    Paule2 171 followers · 538 friends · 843 tweets
    22 year-old postgraduate student living in southern England; world's number one Autopia fanboy.
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