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  1. (((Dan Hodges)))

    DPJHodges 95.5k followers · 9.1k friends · 103k tweets
    Commentator for the Mail on Sunday. 'Worst political pundit in the West' - Glenn Greenwald. EI Political Commentator of the Year, 2016.
  2. Adam Boulton

    adamboultonSKY 123k followers · 1.3k friends · 46.1k tweets
    Presenter All Out Politics. Editor at Large. Sunday Times political columnist. I RT what amuses or interests me inc. criticism. RT is not an endorsement.
  3. Adam Fleming

    adamfleming 11.8k followers · 1.2k friends · 2.7k tweets
    Brussels Reporter, BBC News. Ex-Daily Politics, and Newsround. Runner and board-game fan. All views are my own.
  4. Alan Roden

    AlanRoden 13k followers · 1.7k friends · 14.5k tweets
    Politics, PR & media. Former Scottish Labour comms director, Scottish Daily Mail political editor, SPJA secretary & Edinburgh News reporter. York City fan.
  5. Alan Travis

    alantravis40 12.4k followers · 1.9k friends · 11.7k tweets
    Guardian home affairs editor and author
  6. Alex Barker

    alexebarker 26.2k followers · 1.9k friends · 2.1k tweets
    Brussels bureau chief, Financial Times.
  7. Alex Forrest

    _alexforrest 12.1k followers · 2.3k friends · 11k tweets
    Freelance journalist, broadcaster & moderator. Love politics, good food, swimming & being a mum. ITV/BBC/Al Jazeera etc.
  8. Alex Spillius

    alexspillius 1.2k followers · 302 friends · 1.6k tweets
    Media consultant. Former Diplomatic & Washington Correspondent, Daily Telegraph. Author, Lords of the Ring, Saturday's Boys
  9. Alex Stevenson

    Alex__Stevenson 3.7k followers · 284 friends · 5.6k tweets
    Press Secretary to the Leader of the House of Commons. Parliament person.
  10. Alex Wickham

    WikiGuido 27.5k followers · 2.1k friends · 42.3k tweets
    News editor @GuidoFawkes. Columnist @BritishGQ.
  11. alexmassie

    alexmassie 34.1k followers · 1.2k friends · 66.5k tweets
    Freelance hack. Scotland Editor of The Spectator. Columnist for The Times and The Sunday Times. Contact:
  12. Allegra Stratton

    ITVAllegra 54.6k followers · 3.3k friends · 3k tweets
    National Editor, ITV News & Screeny @pestononsunday. Previous happy incarnations: political editor Newsnight, Woman's Hour and pol corr The Guardian.
  13. Allegra Stratton

    allegrastratton 9.1k followers · 0 friends · 1.1k tweets
    Former Guardian Political Correspondent now tweeting under @BBCAllegra as Newsnight's Political Editor. This account will close soon.
  14. Allister Heath

    AllisterHeath 75.5k followers · 889 friends · 10.1k tweets
    Editor, The Sunday Telegraph
  15. Amber de Botton

    AmberSkyNews 14.7k followers · 1k friends · 5.1k tweets
    (née Elliott) Deputy Head of Politics @SkyNews. I do politics, antics and humble brags
  16. Amol Rajan

    amolrajanBBC 54k followers · 1.9k friends · 37k tweets
    Media Editor @BBCNews; Presenter, @BBCRadio4 (#MediaShow; #StarttheWeek) and @BBCRadio2; Reggae nut; Author, #Twirlymen
  17. Andrew Gimson

    AndrewGimson 2.3k followers · 716 friends · 4.2k tweets
    Author of Boris: The Adventures of Boris Johnson, and of Gimson's Kings and Queens; contributing editor to ConservativeHome
  18. Andrew Neil

    afneil 743k followers · 290 friends · 44.4k tweets
    Chairman @Spectator, @Apollo_Magazine,, Addison Club, BBC PRESENTER @daily_politics @bbcthisweek Tweets reflect only my view
  19. Andrew Picken

    andrewpicken1 9.1k followers · 1.3k friends · 6.2k tweets
    Politics and investigations editor of The Sunday Post. Get in touch at or send a secure message to Apicken on Telegram.
  20. Andrew Rawnsley

    andrewrawnsley 383k followers · 313 friends · 1.4k tweets
    The Observer's award-winning Chief Political Commentator, critically-acclaimed broadcaster and author of Number One best-seller, The End of the Party.
  21. Andrew Woodcock

    AndyWoodcock 4.9k followers · 606 friends · 2.7k tweets
    Political Editor of the Press Association. Opinions expressed are my own.
  22. AndrewSparrow

    AndrewSparrow 65.4k followers · 1.2k friends · 21.2k tweets
    I write the Guardian's Politics Live blog - news from Westminster as it happens, with analysis, all the best quotes and key links to relevant blogs/sources
  23. Andy Bell

    andybell5news 6.9k followers · 805 friends · 4.9k tweets
    5 News Political Editor
  24. Andy McSmith

    andymcsmith 5.4k followers · 460 friends · 4.6k tweets
    Was with The Independent till the end, now out on my own. Author of 'No Such Thing As Society: A History of Britain in the 1980s'
  25. ann treneman

    anntreneman 13.8k followers · 1k friends · 6.9k tweets
    Theatre critic and former sketchwriter for The Times. Author of All in This Together (cartoon from jacket is by the great Morten Morland) and Finding the Plot.
  26. Anne Alexander

    Annemariealex 2.7k followers · 1.6k friends · 3.7k tweets
    I am Good Morning Britain's political producer. Originally from Wednesbury, and now a proud Walthamstower
  27. Anushka Asthana

    GuardianAnushka 37.7k followers · 2.1k friends · 15.2k tweets
    Political Editor at the Guardian - along with the excellent @GuardianHeather #jobshare
  28. BBC Daily Politics and Sunday Politics

    daily_politics 169k followers · 4.8k friends · 60k tweets
    Daily Politics: BBC2 weekdays 1200 (Wed from 1130) with @afneil & @jo_coburn #bbcdp --- Sunday Politics: BBC1 Sundays 1100 with @bbcSarahSmith #bbcsp
  29. Becky Barrow

    beckymbarrow 5.8k followers · 550 friends · 2k tweets
    Editor of The Sunday Times's Money section. Loves Desert Island Discs. Hates bananas.
  30. Ben Duckworth

    ben_duckworth 3.7k followers · 822 friends · 1.3k tweets
    I communicate for a government department. I try to use short sentences.
  31. Ben Wright

    BBCBenWright 6.1k followers · 285 friends · 612 tweets
    BBC Political Correspondent. Sometime presenter of Saturday PM on R4. Author of Order, Order! The Rise and Fall of Political Drinking. Paperback out June 2017
  32. Benedict Brogan

    benedictbrogan 44.1k followers · 956 friends · 9.1k tweets
    Group Public Affairs Director, Lloyds Banking Group
  33. Beth Rigby

    BethRigby 39.8k followers · 2k friends · 27.2k tweets
    Senior political correspondent, Sky News. Formerly of the Times and FT. Facebook www.facebook/bethrigbysky
  34. Billy Kenber

    billykenber 3.9k followers · 2.1k friends · 2.4k tweets
    Investigations Reporter @TheTimes / PGP:
  35. Brendan Carlin

    leggieno1 148 followers · 864 friends · 1 tweet
  36. Carole Walker

    carolewalkercw 8.8k followers · 1.2k friends · 2.5k tweets
    Journalist and presenter. Former BBC Political Correspondent, mother, cyclist, walker, dog-owner, Norfolk-lover.
  37. carolyn quinn

    carolynquinncq 13.9k followers · 790 friends · 8.2k tweets
    Presenter of The Westminster Hour (@BBCWestminHour) and @BBCPM on BBC Radio 4. Own views here. Love bass guitar. Am learning, slowly. Fair weather cyclist.
  38. Cassell Bryan-Low

    CassellBryanLow 2.2k followers · 416 friends · 1.5k tweets
    UK Editor for The Wall Street Journal
  39. Cathy Newman

    cathynewman 156k followers · 702 friends · 19.3k tweets
    Presenter for Channel 4 News, blogger for the Telegraph. 2 husbands: Jon on-screen, John off-screen. Full-time job: mum of 2. Facebook
  40. Chris Cook

    xtophercook 32.1k followers · 1.7k friends · 57.6k tweets
    Policy Editor @BBCNewsnight. I cover what govt does. Obviously, my views are mine. DM me for secure ways to give me info.
  41. Chris Deerin

    chrisdeerin 21.2k followers · 1.7k friends · 110k tweets
    unrestrained accelerationist futurism
  42. Chris Giles

    ChrisGiles_ 78.6k followers · 899 friends · 16.8k tweets
    Economics Editor, FT
  43. Chris Mason

    ChrisMasonBBC 56.5k followers · 5k friends · 46.1k tweets
    Beyond fortunate to be a BBC Political Correspondent at the best time in my life to cover politics.
  44. Chris Ship

    chrisshipitv 40.1k followers · 1.4k friends · 35.5k tweets
    ITV NEWS Royal Editor. Tweeting the newsworthy (and the occasional non-newsworthy) from the British Royal households
  45. Christopher Hope 📝

    christopherhope 39k followers · 3.5k friends · 24.9k tweets
    Chief Political Correspondent, The Daily Telegraph and Presenter, "Chopper's Brexit Podcast" every Friday. Email me tips:
  46. Coffee House

    SpecCoffeeHouse 52.4k followers · 348 friends · 19.6k tweets
    Tweets from The Spectator's Coffee House team. Sign up to our free Evening Blend newsletter:
  47. ConservativeHome

    ConHome 68.8k followers · 8 friends · 30.7k tweets
    Comprehensive, independent coverage of the UK Conservative Party from @PaulGoodmanCH, @wallaceme, @HCH_Hill , @HarryPH, @AndrewGimson, and @rmlcoulson
  48. Craig Woodhouse

    craigawoodhouse 12.8k followers · 2.5k friends · 17k tweets
    Formerly of Downing Street, DCMS and Fleet Street.
  49. Dan Sabbagh

    dansabbagh 23.6k followers · 1.5k friends · 17.1k tweets
    Journalist @guardian, associate editor. Westminster based reporter with a roving brief, across politics and power. Ex national editor, media editor etc.
  50. Daniel Boffey

    DanielBoffey 4.3k followers · 718 friends · 4.4k tweets
    Brussels Bureau Chief, The Guardian
  51. Daniel Finkelstein

    Dannythefink 372k followers · 1.1k friends · 48.1k tweets
    Times political columnist, football columnist, Conservative member of the House of Lords and father of three but not necessarily in that order
  52. Daniel Johnson

    DanBJohnson 788 followers · 1k friends · 446 tweets
    Editor of Standpoint
  53. Daniel Martin (Mail)

    Daniel_J_Martin 2.6k followers · 1.2k friends · 495 tweets
    Chief Political Correspondent, Daily Mail
  54. Darren McCaffrey

    DMcCaffreySKY 17.5k followers · 3k friends · 17.8k tweets
    Sky News 🇮🇪Dublin Correspondent 🙋🏻‍♂️🎥📺Got a story: 📮Find me on #Instagram 📸
  55. David Aaronovitch

    DAaronovitch 111k followers · 2k friends · 81.8k tweets
    Times columnist, broadcaster, dad, dog-owner, author of Voodoo Histories and Party Animals. Concocting a thriller.
  56. David Barrett

    davidbarrett 2.9k followers · 1.1k friends · 2.5k tweets
  57. David Blair

    davidblairdt 6.2k followers · 657 friends · 2k tweets
    Chief speechwriter to the British Foreign Secretary. Previously a Telegraph correspondent in Africa & Middle East. Now on Twitter holiday.
  58. David Charter

    DavidCharter 3.1k followers · 1.7k friends · 2k tweets
    Berlin Correspondent of The Times, new book What Has the EU Ever Done for Us?
  59. David Derbyshire

    dderbyshire 2.7k followers · 888 friends · 2.1k tweets
    Very overrated journalist. Part of the very, very dishonest press. Freelance environment & science hack. Written for Sunday Times, Observer, Mail, Guardian.
  60. David Grossman

    davidgrossman 4.5k followers · 815 friends · 1.6k tweets
    Newsnight Technology Editor who does some politics too
  61. David Hencke

    davidhencke 8.9k followers · 1.2k friends · 15.2k tweets
    David Hencke is a freelance lobby journalist.Author,Former head of ExaroNews .Writer for Tribune Former Guardian Westminster Corr. Political Journo of Year 2012
  62. David Hughes

    DavidHughesPA 3.9k followers · 2.8k friends · 5.5k tweets
    Chief Political Correspondent at the Press Association (@pa). Any views are mine, retweets are not endorsements. Open DMs if you've got a story...
  63. David Maddox

    DavidPBMaddox 5.8k followers · 3.3k friends · 12.6k tweets
    A political journalist for The Daily Express based in Westminster, formerly of The Scotsman. Views expressed here are personal. Retweets are not endorsements.
  64. David Seymour

    daseymour 225 followers · 661 friends · 3.6k tweets
    Has written more leaders than anyone in the history of journalism. And then some.
  65. David Stringer

    David_Stringer 7.5k followers · 3.9k friends · 14.5k tweets
    Reporting for Bloomberg @business in Australia. Formerly UK politics, diplomacy, terrorism at @AP. Views mine, RTs not endorsements.
  66. David Williamson

    dp_williamson 4.3k followers · 1.2k friends · 9.1k tweets
    Political Editor of, the Western Mail, Wales on Sunday, South Wales Echo and Daily Post and lobby correspondent for Liverpool Echo
  67. David Wooding

    DavidWooding 21.6k followers · 1k friends · 18.8k tweets
    Journalist & broadcaster. Sun on Sunday Political Editor, Kopite & classical music lover. Also on facebook
  68. Deborah Haynes

    haynesdeborah 14.4k followers · 1.5k friends · 3.8k tweets
    I am defence editor of The Times newspaper - DMs open for tips, news or drop me a line via
  69. Dina Rickman

    dinarickman 5.8k followers · 2k friends · 11.7k tweets
    Head of Social and Trending Content @independent
  70. Dorothy Lepkowska

    DotLepkowska 6.8k followers · 6.6k friends · 26.7k tweets
    Award-winning education writer, British Pole/Polish Brit; politics of Brexit obsessive; wife, momma, linguist, runner RT not endorsement & views mine alone.
  71. Ed Conway

    EdConwaySky 77.7k followers · 741 friends · 20.7k tweets
    Economics Editor of @SkyNews, columnist at @TheTimes. I like writing books and listening to obscure dance music
  72. Ed Howker

    EdHowker 3k followers · 1.6k friends · 5.7k tweets
    Journalist, often but not always at Channel 4 News. Co-author - Jilted Generation (Icon).
  73. Eddie Barnes

    EddieBarnes23 4.7k followers · 744 friends · 6.8k tweets
    Director of Strategy and Communications for
  74. Emily Ashton

    elashton 25.9k followers · 1.1k friends · 10.1k tweets
    Senior political correspondent @BuzzFeedUK / / DMs are open
  75. esmewren

    esmesky 3.6k followers · 1.4k friends · 572 tweets
    Head of Politics, Business & Specialist Journalism.
  76. Evan Davis

    EvanHD 486k followers · 989 friends · 10.2k tweets
    This is the guy on Newsnight, Dragons' Den and the Bottom Line. These are only my views - the BBC has no views.
  77. Faisal Islam

    faisalislam 236k followers · 8.5k friends · 64.2k tweets
    I'm @SkyNews Political Editor, economic crisis book @theDefaultLine Brexitologist. United ST holder. purveyor of bad jokes.
  78. Francis Elliott

    elliotttimes 8.6k followers · 848 friends · 2.2k tweets
    Political Editor for The Times
  79. Fraser Nelson

    FraserNelson 188k followers · 2.1k friends · 21.6k tweets
    Editor of the @spectator, columnist for the Daily Telegraph.
  80. Gaby Hinsliff

    gabyhinsliff 59.8k followers · 1.8k friends · 60k tweets
    Guardian columnist & writer, political editor at The Pool, author of Half a Wife, sometimes on telly. Grateful for the mute button.
  81. Gary Gibbon

    GaryGibbon 223 followers · 578 friends · 6 tweets
    This account is NOT used - please follow @garygibbonblog for alerts of a new blog. Thanks - Gary Gibbon, Political Editor, Channel 4 News
  82. Gary Gibbon's Blog

    GaryGibbonBlog 38.8k followers · 77 friends · 1.8k tweets
    News and gossip from the corridors of power in Westminster and beyond from the @Channel4News Political Editor.
  83. Gary O'Donoghue

    BBCBlindGazza 4.6k followers · 824 friends · 3k tweets
    BBC Washington Correspondent - former Chief Political Correspondent in London - though all the views I express on Twitter are mine alone.
  84. garyhoneyford

    skyhoneyford 544 followers · 210 friends · 228 tweets
  85. George Eaton

    georgeeaton 65.6k followers · 3.8k friends · 38.7k tweets
    Political Editor, New Statesman
  86. George Parker

    GeorgeWParker 13.3k followers · 342 friends · 3.9k tweets
    FT Political Editor, former Brussels bureau chief, Palace and Somerset fan
  87. Gerri Peev

    GerriPeev 3.7k followers · 1.7k friends · 6.3k tweets
    Political Correspondent - Daily Mail, Citizen of Britain and the world
  88. Giles Dilnot

    reporterboy 13.1k followers · 2.3k friends · 77.5k tweets
    A Beeboid then Think Tanker, now working for Children's Rights. If I didn't exist it's highly unlikely I'd've been invented. Norway fan. Not fat but.. "sturdy"
  89. Gill Penlington CNN

    GillPenlington 2.2k followers · 811 friends · 4k tweets
    Director of Programming, London & EMEA, CNN. All views personal etc
  90. Glen Oglaza

    glenoglaza1 58k followers · 5k friends · 31.5k tweets
    former ITN Senior Reporter & ex-Political Correspondent Sky News. RT means worth reading not agreement #Arsenal #AFC
  91. Gonzalo Viña

    gonzalovina 1.2k followers · 714 friends · 2 tweets
  92. Gordon Corera

    gordoncorera 7.4k followers · 758 friends · 1.1k tweets
    BBC Security Correspondent but views expressed are my own. Author: 'Intercept: The Secret History of Computers and Spies' - Entitled 'Cyberspies' in the US
  93. Graeme Demianyk

    GraemeDemianyk 5.6k followers · 1.4k friends · 21.9k tweets
    Night News Editor and US-based Reporter for @HuffPostUK, and former Westminster lobby hack.
  94. Graeme Paton

    GraemePaton 5.3k followers · 736 friends · 281 tweets
    Transport Correspondent for The Times. Likes rugby league, cycling, real ale. Dislikes snakes, the Northern Line, Brexit.
  95. Graeme Wilson

    agraemewilson 59 followers · 555 friends · 1 tweet
  96. Greg Hurst

    GregHurstTimes 17k followers · 287 friends · 7.7k tweets
    Social Affairs Editor at The Times ... How is society changing? What's normal for family/home life? How about the voluntary sector? And guys: beards? Really?
  97. Guardian politics

    GdnPolitics 246k followers · 2.4k friends · 54.4k tweets
    News and opinion on UK politics from the Guardian
  98. Guido Fawkes

    GuidoFawkes 242k followers · 33 friends · 97k tweets
    Scuttlebutt purveyor to all. Gathering kompromat.
  99. Gwyn Topham

    GwynTopham 2.8k followers · 774 friends · 1.2k tweets
    Guardian transport correspondent
  100. Harry Cole

    MrHarryCole 72.3k followers · 4.3k friends · 115k tweets
    Westminster Correspondent @TheSun
  101. Holly Watt

    holly_watt 2.1k followers · 361 friends · 467 tweets
    Investigations, The Guardian
  102. Hugh Pym

    BBCHughPym 62k followers · 1k friends · 8.6k tweets
    BBC News Health Editor covering all aspects of health (UK and Global). Politics and economics of the NHS.
  103. Hugo Duncan

    DuncanHugo 210 followers · 827 friends · 1 tweet
  104. Iain Dale

    IainDale 105k followers · 2.7k friends · 72.9k tweets
    Presenter of @LBC Drive, 4-7pm weekdays, CNNTalk Panelist, Radio Presenter of the Year 2013, 2016, MD of @BitebackPub, Vis. Prof Politics & Broadcasting @ UEA
  105. Iain Martin

    iainmartin1 54.5k followers · 2.1k friends · 58.1k tweets
    Columnist for The Times, editor of Reaction, hack/commentator, Alanbrooke devotee, Stones obsessive. Latest book: Crash, Bang, Wallop - published by Sceptre
  106. Ian Birrell

    ianbirrell 28k followers · 1k friends · 27.2k tweets
    Foreign reporter, columnist, campaigner, co-founder @africaexpress, citizen of the world and a bit more besides...
  107. Ian Dunt

    IanDunt 84.3k followers · 3.2k friends · 94.9k tweets
    Editor of Author of Brexit: What The Hell Happens Now? Host on @RemainiacsCast. Says stuff on TV & radio.
  108. Ian Katz

    iankatz1000 75.3k followers · 903 friends · 22.5k tweets
    Director of Programmes, Channel 4
  109. Ian Traynor

    traynorbrussels 17.6k followers · 780 friends · 10.8k tweets
    11 Nov 1955 - 27 Aug 2016, Former Europe Editor, The Guardian
  110. Indy Politics

    IndyPolitics 37.2k followers · 151 friends · 34.6k tweets
    Politics news from the world's most free-thinking newspaper
  111. Isabel Hardman

    IsabelHardman 128k followers · 2.1k friends · 42.5k tweets
    Assistant Editor, The Spectator; presenter of Radio 4's Week in Westminster. 'Why We Get the Wrong Politicians' will be published by @atlanticbooks in Sept.
  112. Isabel Oakeshott

    IsabelOakeshott 88.3k followers · 864 friends · 9.7k tweets
    Political Journalist and Commentator. BBC1 Sunday Politics, Sky News and the rest.
  113. Jack Doyle

    jackwdoyle 3.4k followers · 2.4k friends · 1.3k tweets
    Executive Political Editor & leader writer at the Daily Mail. Tips, stories etc to
  114. Jackie Ashley

    JackieAshley 9.6k followers · 359 friends · 1.6k tweets
    President, Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge. Journalist and broadcaster
  115. James Blitz

    JamesBlitz 2.7k followers · 1.1k friends · 4.1k tweets
    Whitehall Editor, Financial Times; writes FT Brexit Briefing; former Political Editor, Leader Writer
  116. James Chapman

    jameschappers 57.4k followers · 7.8k friends · 19.7k tweets
    Recovering @dailymailUK pol ed. Osborne's right hand man. FoG chair. Ex-DEXEU chief of staff (let's gloss over that). Trainee Guardianista. Citizen of the world
  117. James Delingpole

    JamesDelingpole 38.4k followers · 1.5k friends · 51.5k tweets
    Still right about everything
  118. James Forsyth

    JGForsyth 44.5k followers · 1.5k friends · 10.7k tweets
    Political editor of The Spectator and Sun columnist
  119. James Kirkup

    jameskirkup 39.9k followers · 1.6k friends · 12.9k tweets
    Director @SMFthinktank | Writer @Spectator and elsewhere | #militantlysensible
  120. James Landale

    BBCJLandale 62.7k followers · 702 friends · 2.3k tweets
    Diplomatic Correspondent for BBC News
  121. james lyons

    James_Lyons_N5 30.7k followers · 801 friends · 25.9k tweets
    NHS. Recovering lobby hack. Abu El Banat. Puns. Really bad puns. RTs not endorsements. Views mine.
  122. James Macintyre

    James_Macintyre 7.6k followers · 1.2k friends · 6k tweets
    Managing editor, Christian Today. Miliband biographer. Formerly Prospect politics editor, reporter for New Statesman+ Independent+producer of BBC Question Time.
  123. James Millar

    PoliticalYeti 3.2k followers · 1k friends · 31.1k tweets
    Freelance journalist, commentator and podcaster. Veteran of referendums & elections. RT does not imply endorsement. politicalyeti [@] gmail. com
  124. James Tapsfield

    JamesTapsfield 4.5k followers · 1.5k friends · 7.2k tweets
    Political Editor for MailOnline. But it doesn't necessarily agree with everything I tweet
  125. Janan Ganesh

    JananGanesh 73.2k followers · 857 friends · 15.4k tweets
    Columnist for the Financial Times.
  126. Jane Merrick

    janemerrick23 48.9k followers · 7.6k friends · 50k tweets
    Co-editor @the_spoon ex-political editor, allotment & knitting blogger, freelance @cnni @telegraph @timesredbox @independent @dulwichdiverter @theneweuropean
  127. Jason Groves

    JasonGroves1 6.6k followers · 791 friends · 5.3k tweets
    Political Editor of the Daily Mail. Views my own, I'm afraid.
  128. Jenni Russell

    jennirsl 14.4k followers · 2.1k friends · 11.5k tweets
    Columnist for The Times, book reviewer for the Sunday Times. Winner of the Orwell Prize for political journalism 2011.
  129. Jessica Elgot

    jessicaelgot 26.3k followers · 2.5k friends · 29.9k tweets
    political reporter for @guardian in Westminster. 📥 - disclaimer etc. #lufc #yorkshire
  130. Jill Sherman

    shermanjill 936 followers · 489 friends · 27 tweets
    Journalist. Former Whitehall Editor and Media Editor of the Times.
  131. Jim Pickard

    PickardJE 43k followers · 3.7k friends · 29.9k tweets
    Chief Political Correspondent for the Financial Times and co-founder of FT Westminster.
  132. Jo Coburn

    Jo_Coburn 29.4k followers · 227 friends · 1.6k tweets
    BBC Daily Politics presenter. Tweeting in a personal capacity.
  133. Joe Churcher

    JoeChurcher 3k followers · 1.1k friends · 4.1k tweets
    P&J, ex-PA, has RP*, supports PFC, recently swapped N8 for AB39. Caution: may now express more views (*Retinitis Pigmentosa. Don't know? Ask).
  134. Joe Murphy

    JoeMurphyLondon 23.2k followers · 930 friends · 7.6k tweets
    Political Editor of the London Evening Standard
  135. Joe Watts

    JoeWatts_ 10.6k followers · 1.1k friends · 11.9k tweets
    Political Editor of The Independent
  136. Joey Jones

    joeyfjones 23.2k followers · 897 friends · 6.4k tweets
    Former journalist, branching out
  137. John Higginson

    JohnHigginson 3.7k followers · 1.1k friends · 5.7k tweets
    I help people and organisations to communicate effectively
  138. John Pienaar

    JPonpolitics 61.7k followers · 1.3k friends · 2.9k tweets
    Deputy Political Editor for BBC News. Presenter of Pienaar's Politics, every Sunday at 10am on @bbc5live.
  139. John Rentoul

    JohnRentoul 100k followers · 398 friends · 173k tweets
    Chief Political Commentator, The Independent; visiting professor, King's College, London. Books: Tony Blair, Prime Minister; Banned List; QTWTAIN; Listellany
  140. Jon Sopel

    BBCJonSopel 78.8k followers · 659 friends · 6.5k tweets
    Jon Sopel, BBC North America Editor. My book If Only They Didn't Speak English is out now.
  141. Jonathan Freedland

    Freedland 89.5k followers · 1.2k friends · 21.6k tweets
    Columnist at the Guardian, presenter of BBC R4's The Long View. Writes thrillers under the name Sam Bourne
  142. Jonathan Walker

    jonwalker121 5.8k followers · 2.8k friends · 25.4k tweets
    Political Editor of the Birmingham Post and Mail & Newcastle Chronicle and Journal.
  143. joncraigSKY

    joncraig 17.1k followers · 41 friends · 4.5k tweets
    Chief Political Correspondent, Sky News, reporting politics at Westminster since Jan 1982.
  144. Julia Hartley-Brewer

    JuliaHB1 78.1k followers · 247 friends · 65.8k tweets
    Radio presenter @talkRADIO 10am to 1pm every weekday. Journalist, broadcaster & commentator. After-dinner speaker & awards host. @MiscarriageA ambassador
  145. Juliette Jowit

    JulietteJowit 2.6k followers · 408 friends · 2.4k tweets
    Journalist for the Guardian. Parkrun PB 22:53.
  146. Kamal Ahmed

    bbckamal 78.8k followers · 645 friends · 11.2k tweets
    BBC Economics Editor
  147. Kate Devlin

    _katedevlin 5.7k followers · 4.1k friends · 5.9k tweets
    Deputy Political Editor, Sunday Express. Thoughts my own etc. Northern (Irish) powerhouse
  148. Kevin Maguire

    Kevin_Maguire 143k followers · 134 friends · 24.3k tweets
    @DailyMirror associate editor. @NewStatesman columnist. @sunderlanduni visiting prof. Suburban man
  149. Kevin Schofield

    schofieldkevin 5.6k followers · 500 friends · 10k tweets
    Married dad of a gorgeous wee girl, exiled Scot, Celtic fan, broadcaster and editor of Also at @PolhomeEditor.
  150. Kiran Stacey

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