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  1. #ChildhoodMemories

    RifleAkaFurious 489k followers · 329k friends · 61.8k tweets
    ''Buy Now''↘Single Available on #iTunes |#LifeInFullEffect|#OnceUponATime| Management|Booking enquiries: #independentMusicLabel
  2. #LowSec

    sscoop4 47.7k followers · 56.1k friends · 299k tweets
    #LowSec main twitter @LowSecUnited #KyleTheGod & #Lord
  3. @BhanuBhawesh

    bhanu_love 8.2k followers · 8.4k friends · 34.6k tweets
    Electrical Engineer, Lover of nature & admirer of Artists, Activists or just People's.
  4. ▬▒@ṼỂⱤỠ░♥®

    vero_3031 78.6k followers · 19.7k friends · 84.8k tweets
    🌹❤•.¸✿¸.•❤•ø✽ VЄƦ☼ƝIƇƛ*❤️•.¸✿¸.•❤•❤️

    BrunoEleonora 48.4k followers · 49k friends · 75.3k tweets
    En el lado oculto de la luna, tres hijos, escribo todo lo que puedo y menos de lo que debo.#xeneise ,#lobas Instagram: BRUNOELEONORA
  6. ✨✨ TFBJP✨✨

    ifollowbackjp 168k followers · 169k friends · 107k tweets
    ✨#BigDad #TFBJP @bella__angel @hermosa_brisa_ @bigcaoru ✨
  7. ༺ † Sඅන්ඩ්‍රිනෙ † ༻

    ArKira_Sandy 8.3k followers · 5.6k friends · 138k tweets
    ༺ Joy #HFT & #TGMS NOW!! my support accounts: @TGMS_WorkSite & @TGMS_PromoX. President TGMS: @Raziel_MB My Brother & My Sister @PaxZue CEO of #TGMS
  8. andy_comte

    Andy_Comte 8.7k followers · 8.7k friends · 76k tweets
  9. Antonio J Campos

    ajcampos01 1.3M followers · 1.3M friends · 61.4k tweets
    O Senhor e meu Pastor e nada me faltará. #tech #green #eco #info @ClubeFollowback
  10. ask

    OscarSand16 5.3k followers · 6.9k friends · 24.3k tweets
    Yo soy responsable de lo que yo hablo, no de lo que tu entiendes! I am responsible for what I speak, not of what you understand!.
  11. Baldzingis

    brooklyn8S 1.2k followers · 122 friends · 21.9k tweets
    NBA | NFL | Conforama | Dominos Pizza Dépressif d'Octobre à Avril. Les Playoffs, là où on va on n'a pas Playoffs
  12. Banana Bitch

    BananaBitch1 2.9k followers · 2.8k friends · 10.4k tweets
    Losing power each day. Don't know how long I'll be able to hang in there. Try to tweet as much as I can ❤❤ LOVE YOU FRIENDS ❤❤ Auto-follow- & unfollow-back 100%
  13. Barbara Fariña

    babfari 71.4k followers · 35.3k friends · 172k tweets
    Coffee lover. Escribo lo que pienso y no pienso mucho lo que escribo. “Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.” Frank Zappa #art #music
  14. Barry Birkett

    BarryBirkett 63.8k followers · 47.9k friends · 51.3k tweets
    Creative thinker/listener/writer/analyst; brain overflowing with ideas in words, numbers, pictures; often lost in thought. Co-Founder Senior Care Corner® & more
  15. Boermans Erwin

    boezim 6.3k followers · 6.9k friends · 48.2k tweets
    I love to listen to music ,music of the stones ,the Beatles , the Doors , Mike Bloomfield and Willy Deville ,in a relation with @missyrockchick
  16. Celtic MoonDance

    CelticMoonDance 20.1k followers · 9.5k friends · 69.1k tweets
    Kindness matters and laughter is necessary. Love without expectations. Maybe you arrived late. Maybe I arrived early. Either way the party is over.
  17. Chains101

    chains101 865 followers · 648 friends · 6.1k tweets
    #RocknRoller.get's wild when the time is for it! Enjoy's from #Classic to #HorrorPunk.Express my self with music
  18. Cheese

    Se_Cheese 2.5k followers · 2.9k friends · 36.5k tweets
    You want to know anything, all you need to do is ask! Make sure your question is in english and we are good.
  19. Chef Jiovani NB

    javelini11 19.3k followers · 15.2k friends · 68.6k tweets
    AWARD-WINNING Chef | Midwestern Restauranteur -Travel/Food/Jewelry Designer/Funny Guy! Owner @aquaplymouth Innovative Euro Chef / 1 Artistic Plate @ a time!
  20. Christina Kelley

    CN_Kelley 3.3k followers · 3.9k friends · 4.8k tweets
  21. CJ

    CheekyisMonkey 721 followers · 1.2k friends · 13.5k tweets
    @VanCanucks @DirtyRadioMusic @CodySimpson @BrunoMars Mention us if you want a #followback :) enjoy !
  22. Compa Yhanza Lópex

    YanShaY 2.1k followers · 2.4k friends · 23.4k tweets
    Creadora plástica y Feminista de tiempo completo..una linda especie de esta fauna urbana....mujer de mi misma
  23. Conleth

    iConleth 24.5k followers · 27.3k friends · 32.1k tweets
    Artist/Designer/Maker. Luv London, Ideas, Water, Nature, People, Fun, Junk, Animals, @BORO Fan. Go Well Peeps!!
  24. Connie von Leitner

    ConnieImage 11.5k followers · 5.7k friends · 117k tweets
    Founder/Leader/Innovator/LA Socialite🍷/ The Global Transformation Show/ Transformation News Network/ Elevated☝ 🌍 Ambassador To: iU eMagazine
  25. Cristiane C. Abdalla

    Cris_Abdalla 37.4k followers · 32.1k friends · 186k tweets
    Serva de Deus, Temente a Deus, Casada♥, Filhos abençoados. Eu sou do meu amado♥ o meu amado♥ é meu. JESUS
  26. Culver

    Culver_Music 15k followers · 12.9k friends · 49.5k tweets
  27. david platt

    davidplatt17 586 followers · 1.9k friends · 2.6k tweets
    united forever #mufc #CMAR #fucklife #fuckeveryone #PlattLife

    divafied04 3.4k followers · 3.4k friends · 23.9k tweets
    YOUTUBE,FCBK, INSTAGRAM US⏩⏩DIVAS OF RVA Booking info at nXtGt.. GOAL---HAVE TO MEET @jasonmitch im his #1FAN

    DJBLAKMAGIC 35.1k followers · 28k friends · 3.8k tweets
    Celebrity DJ | Tour DJ | Media Personality | Music Connoisseur | Atlanta Influencer | Atlanta's Hardest Working DJ | #imallovertheplace | IG: @DJBLAKMAGIC
  30. Dr. Adrián Vassallo

    advass_ 184k followers · 179k friends · 56.3k tweets
    Abogado, Locutor Nacional. Bs As ARGENTINA. My web page
  31. DreaⓂBeliever #MGWV

    gr8benj 115k followers · 94.2k friends · 271k tweets
    #VIPs #TFBJP #MuzikkZone #MGWV #TM1DN @LauRenArren @INDIABONITA_11 @botagain IFB 100% ( 🚫NO DM'S & PORN )
  32. Eduardo Montana

    edu_montana 1.5k followers · 1.5k friends · 13.5k tweets
  33. Eleesha

    eleesha 216k followers · 122k friends · 146k tweets
    #Author of +10 Inspirational #Books ★ ★ #Soul ★ #Quotes ★ #Affirmations ★ #Inspiration ★ #Meditation ★ ❤️
  34. Elegida y estrella

    marielabravo21 47.8k followers · 41.3k friends · 66.1k tweets
    Soy una chica normal,casada,NO DOY PIN,FACE o MSN,abogado,SOLO BUSCO AMISTAD,ser sexy no es igual a ser fácil,no se equivoquen.#TeamHadas
  35. Eric Weinhardt

    EricWeinhardt 7.9k followers · 6.2k friends · 221k tweets
  36. esteban colba von

    estebacol 16k followers · 17.3k friends · 88.7k tweets
    prof. vitiVInicultura y olivicultura de la UN MERCOSUR consejero Agr de los paises en desarrollo TV LATIN VON AMÉRICA
  37. Eva S Kurniawan

    anvy2446 13k followers · 9.9k friends · 63.8k tweets
    Be honest to your self .. Love music, movies especially my family ..Do not follow me if you unfollow .. No DM at all ..
  38. Flávia ♡🎸 🎶🎼

    Flavia_0201 130k followers · 87.5k friends · 262k tweets
    @srone82 @TM1DN @Alicelovelb @Alice_TFR @Lady_Angelo @666_alhlwan @Mechis_M @mike_hblmal04🎹 #MAYAR #TmUS #Genisis #MGWV #TM1DN #TLF #MUZIKZONE🎼🎸
  39. Follow Back Always

    young_at_heart1 2.5k followers · 2.9k friends · 13.5k tweets
    57 yr old guy,with my wife,dog Barkley & 2 cats. Willing to lend a helping hand.I'm also a musician. I play guitar,bass,and keyboards.Love to hang out on here.
  40. Francis Unson

    DJFrankieee 12.4k followers · 13.6k friends · 114k tweets
    Social Media 📱 | #SEO | #SEM | Business 💰 | Astronomy 🔭☄️ | Technology 💻 | Science 🔬 | Art 🎨 | Architecture 🏰 | Photography 📷 | Travel ✈️ | Food 🍕
  41. Francisco Imperatore

    ImperatoreChico 7k followers · 6.3k friends · 168k tweets
    Brazilian Architect 非常に感謝して| Привет ! 하십니까 Grazie! Thank you! Merci beaucoup! Obrigado!
  42. Frank

    beacon126 13k followers · 12.7k friends · 57.8k tweets
    I fly helicopters.camping,love all music and animals. I follow back.
  43. Gaby ̥

    guaramay 10k followers · 8.7k friends · 54.8k tweets
    Administradora, me gusta la musica,el tennis,la tecnologí gusta viajar hacer amistades...gracias por seguirme..

    ghostdevil 48.1k followers · 55k friends · 87.8k tweets
    When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before. #Character animator #VFX Artist #TEAMSUN #TeamFollowBack #TeamAutoFollow
  45. Hector-

    Hetitor432 55.6k followers · 45.4k friends · 95k tweets
    soy de Buenos Aires Argentina.necesito comunicarme con el mundo sigueme y te sigo sigueme y followback Don't worry be happy
  46. Hersh Davis-Nitzberg

    HNitzberg 32k followers · 9.6k friends · 1.9k tweets
    Recently voted number one Reputation Repair Consultant in America #repairbadreputation #reputationrepair #reputationmanagement #onlinereputationmanagement #ORM
  47. Imaginary Friend™

    TheDaybreaker 17.7k followers · 19.5k friends · 42.2k tweets
    ♪♫♬Music and Games♪♫♬ Imaginary Friend® powered by Daybreaker Inc™ #TFB #PS4 I'm always here like the moon🌛
  48. insta scribble_1978

    SCRIBBLE1978 38k followers · 14.4k friends · 195k tweets
  49. James Massie

    jamesmassie007 1.4k followers · 1.9k friends · 8.2k tweets
    I love the Bee Gees
  50. jesus h. cadena r

    chuy_beto 45.3k followers · 24.4k friends · 275k tweets
    Especialista en Ciencia Política y en la Administración Pública Experto en Gestoría, Gestión Pública y Analista Político
  51. JoeJoeKeys

    JoeJoeKeys 27.6k followers · 21.6k friends · 249k tweets
    Musician - Owner of @IndieMusicPlus I love to tweet with my followers and talk about #Music.
  52. Jorge León

    jleonso 8.8k followers · 7.1k friends · 30.1k tweets
    lo mas importante es estar vivo, y lo demas............. YA VEREMOS.!!!
  53. Jules

    TJFJesterJules 3.3k followers · 3.2k friends · 11.3k tweets
    Write/Paint/Draw/MakeBeats/TakePhotos/DesignGraphics. Acronyms rule. Always be you.
  54. JuLi@N 

    Im_jr27 1.9k followers · 2.5k friends · 42k tweets
  55. Katy Mohr

    katy_mohr 1 follower · 41 friends · 1 tweet
  56. Kelly

    CompanyTeamwork 3.2k followers · 3.6k friends · 46.2k tweets
    The ThriveScan® is a unique tool for measuring the strength of your company “culture”, the level of teamwork present & quality of your Guest Service Environment
  57. Kelly Rowland

    KellyR71 12.9k followers · 13.6k friends · 50.4k tweets
    Married mum of 2 boys and foster carer to many others.Supports Chelsea and follow Norwich City as I'm a Norfolk girl!

    Gonsein 6.7k followers · 6k friends · 33.2k tweets
  59. lauren

    NLaurenp 1.3k followers · 1.8k friends · 20.4k tweets
    I dont hunt ghost i go to communicate! #Empathic. Anything else just ask! Investigator of @ZendamaParanorm
  60. Lee Meade

    leemeade77 13.8k followers · 14k friends · 186k tweets
    Tennis, Golf, Soccer, London, New York, Politics, History.
  61. LOS GWOP

    losgwop 13.5k followers · 3.3k friends · 659 tweets
  62. Ɯ☼☼Ƒ ƛɴƊ MЄ ❤

    Mily116 51.7k followers · 22.1k friends · 293k tweets
    ❤ @PRINCE_LOVEO6 ~ If there ever comes a day when we can't be together... Keep me in your heart❤ I'll stay there forever❤ 01/10/15 ❤@MILY116 ▶ NO DM'S ◀
  63. Major Success

    MajSuccess 4.6k followers · 5.4k friends · 33.3k tweets
    Not Really a Cat ♥ Male Patriot ♥ PokerPlayer ♥ #TTO ♥ #TeamRT2EAT ♥ NoDMs ♥ Tweet Others As You Wish To Be Tweeted ♥ #CertifiedGeezer ♥18+ ♥ #UnFollowedBack
  64. Make Money Online

    javajoemyspace 71 followers · 0 friends · 1 tweet
    Taking a Break from Twitter because i'm Making $500 a day each and every day working online from home. My dreams finally came true.
  65. Márcia Bueno #SDV

    marciamattosnu 10.4k followers · 10k friends · 21.4k tweets
    Olá meu nome é Márcia, conhecida como Flor de Jasmim Membro @ClubeFollowBack
  66. MAS-E

    RATEFIVEGOONS 3k followers · 5.9k friends · 10.6k tweets
    Latise life is based & created by people with real life personal struggles & endeavors. Recognizing the reality that anything is possible. Through our music & l
  67. Mauricio Ogura

    MauricioOgura 1.3k followers · 1.9k friends · 5.4k tweets
    Tá precisando de um Contador formado pela PUC SP com Pós em Controladoria pela FECAP
  68. mega follow

    megafollow1 27.4k followers · 31.3k friends · 27.8k tweets
    ❤ƦØ₡Ƙ ₩łŦҤ ⓂεĢᎯ ⒻΘιιΘώ♔❤♕☞#promo #teamfollowback #Hitfollow #F4F #FolloWnGain #SCOOBYCREW #SW875crew
  69. Mena Sá

    menasa56 6k followers · 5.8k friends · 71.7k tweets
  70. Mother Rose

    MotherRose1 331k followers · 304k friends · 221k tweets
    Blessing & Praying for all. Believer in Father Son & Holy Spirit Prayer request to no dms
  71. motiejus

    deadcrazyzombie 3 followers · 2 friends · 2 tweets
  72. NicolasBlue62 #MGWV

    NicolasBlue62 21.9k followers · 21.7k friends · 76.8k tweets
    Born and Raised in California...NOW You Understand! #TeamVirgo #TeamMaxVIP #TFB #TFBJP #TTO #TMM #TRU #SUN #SUN_Family #TFB_Cats #TEAM_Gatito #MGWV
  73. omeng

    romeldj 3.9k followers · 4.3k friends · 20.6k tweets
    Follow me and I'll follow back. #TeamShowMeThePromo #FOLLOW4FOLLOW #TeamFollowBack #NoToRHBill

    Docs357 14.4k followers · 12.5k friends · 292k tweets
  75. Paul Featherstone

    fev_rides_again 11.4k followers · 12.7k friends · 36.5k tweets
    I enjoy writing poetry, computers, dancing, music and karaoke #TEAMFOLLOWBACK #F4F #TEAMGEMINI #TVD #TVDFamily #GACfamily #TEAMZUCKER Main @Fevrocks
  76. Paulo Henrique

    discipulo17 1 follower · 0 friends · 0 tweets
  77. ƤƦIƝCЄ ❤ ♚ Ɯ☼☼Ƒ!

    PRINCE_LOVEO6 28k followers · 8.4k friends · 112k tweets
    @MILY116~I want to keep this page in Memory of my Beloved Puppy Prince You are forever in my heart. Until we meet again♥@PRINCE_LOVEO6~NO DM'S
  78. prisca A

    PrincessPrisca9 24.2k followers · 26k friends · 42.1k tweets
    Founder of Pristine Priscas cleaning company.
  79. PublicacionVzla

    PublicacionVzla 152 followers · 327 friends · 905 tweets
    Hola, vi que este username estaba disponible y lo agarre :) - 04140520904
  80. Riddhish

    ridddz 13.9k followers · 12.7k friends · 111k tweets
    A die Hard SRKian, an Extremely Proud Indian.. #JabTakHaiJaan! I'm an ordinary guy, but if u want to follow someone extraordinary go follow @CarlieG23 :)
  81. Roxana P

    Roxanita67 17.8k followers · 18.1k friends · 39.8k tweets
    Ansia absoluta de crecer y superarme, sé leal, doy #FB a todos pero reviso mis listas a menudo, no sigo a ególatras #UF
  82. RTtheBEST

    RTtheBEST 451k followers · 372k friends · 163k tweets
    Get noticed & increase engagement! #Videos #Photos #Music #Sports #Tech #Pets #Art & more! #BEST #Social Business Inquiries Only:
  83. SageAine™️

    SageAine1 5.9k followers · 6.3k friends · 50.5k tweets
    SageAine ™️ Designs. Catholic✝️ 🇺🇸 NO LISTS NO DMs 🇺🇸 #MAGA 🇺🇸#GodBlessTrump 🇺🇸 #ArrestHillary #ArrestObama #PizzaGate
  84. Sally Walters ❤

    kiacoco1 6.5k followers · 6k friends · 54.1k tweets
    #Englishrose #Gemini ♊️ #Dogs #Boxing #TFK #Ink ❤️❤️❤️#supportourtroups❤️❤️❤️
  85. Shirlee Dolter

    ShiLove7 7.3k followers · 7.3k friends · 11.2k tweets
    Appreciating another awesome day! We are all so blessed!
  86. Sissi

    AaronMinou 5.9k followers · 6.8k friends · 14.8k tweets
    Il mio nome è Simonetta, Sissi per gli amici.Semplicemente me stessa e amo gli animali. Follow me and follow back mi otra cuenta ,altro mio account @Sissi210
  87. Stinkfoo

    Stinkfoo 4.7k followers · 1.5k friends · 42.6k tweets
    designer, editor, fan of humor
  88. Sweetliquor official

    Sweetliquor 87 followers · 110 friends · 7 tweets
    Gt.×Dr.×?=Sweet liquor
  89. Takeshi Music 411 🎵

    TakeshiMusic411 199k followers · 186k friends · 7.1k tweets
    Music is always my best friend. Wanna get to know ppl frm all over the world. Into Blues,Rock,Metal,Jazz,MOZART. Plz follow me! I'll follow u back!
  90. Talula Digi

    Twiittal 25.6k followers · 16.5k friends · 101k tweets
    Dizem que sou louca por pensar assim. Se eu sou muito louca por eu ser feliz. Mas louco é quem me diz. E não é feliz.
  91. Ted Braverman

    TedBraverman 6.5k followers · 6.6k friends · 75.4k tweets
    #Computer #Engineer, Braverman Film & #Photography #Video #Consulting #Props #armydad FCC N3NRU "Your love of life will get you through any circumstance" ~LM
  92. TFB

    angels97n 24 followers · 20 friends · 1 tweet
  93. TIMKAT Entertainment

    timkatent 10.2k followers · 9.6k friends · 45.1k tweets
    WORLD CLASS #Soulful #Music since 2007, est. by Tim Ballard (d. 2009) & Kathryn Ballard Shut. U.S. Label 4 @Camera__Soul. FOL @AzzurraHub & @Antonioamarecor
  94. tom☮️

    tom_athey 955 followers · 765 friends · 5.7k tweets
    18. av a little fun for once in ur life.
  95. TwiterHero

    TwiterHero 353k followers · 339k friends · 493k tweets
    Sometimes you have to be your own hero...fencer, inventor,patent prof, engineer, guy w/mop bucket
  96. ʍ.ʌ

    Mumthazeer3 3.8k followers · 525 friends · 12k tweets
    Muslim| Zahirian| MANCHESTER UNITED❤⚽| Dunya to Jannah♥
  97. win harrington

    3broski 7.2k followers · 7.5k friends · 35.5k tweets
    small business owner nascar fishing & all types of music I am Not a fake nor a Hater follow my bff @TheThrillerMan 18+only please #BBBH
  98. Wolfgang Peters

    Wulffy 72.1k followers · 73.6k friends · 140k tweets
    Web & Starbucks addict, Movie fan, SEO nerd, Likes China, Trance & House &

    JAYWHITE_1978 3.8k followers · 4.2k friends · 9.9k tweets
  1. Fabio Lacchini

    Fabio_Lacchini 120 followers · 185 friends · 192 tweets
    Landesvorsitzender JUNOS Salzburg Landeskoordinator NEOS Salzburg | private Meinung
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