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  1. Andy Slavitt

    ASlavitt 192k followers · 584 friends · 18.6k tweets
    Ran Medicare/caid & ACA for 44. Board Chair, @usofcare. Investing in solutions for under-served populations . @usatoday, columnist. My opinions.
  2. Ben Wikler

    benwikler 75.8k followers · 2.6k friends · 19.3k tweets
    Washington Director, @MoveOn.
  3. Dan Diamond

    ddiamond 101k followers · 903 friends · 47.5k tweets
    I write @POLITICO Pulse — the morning briefing on health care politics and policy — and host the PULSE CHECK podcast. Got tips? DM me for Signal.
  4. Kaiser Family Foundation

    KaiserFamFound 90.8k followers · 22 friends · 17.9k tweets
    Filling the need for trusted information on national health issues | nonprofit organization | health policy analysis, journalism & polling
  5. Sarah Kliff

    sarahkliff 119k followers · 1.2k friends · 19.2k tweets
    Senior Policy Correspondent @voxdotcom. Host of THE IMPACT, a podcast about how policy affects people. Listen/subscribe to our first season. 👇
  6. Topher Spiro

    TopherSpiro 91k followers · 314 friends · 17.9k tweets
    Senior Fellow, Economic Policy and VP, Health Policy, @amprog. Co-chair, @HealthCareVoter. Personal account, opinions mine.
  1. Esther Choo

    choo_ek 23.9k followers · 1.6k friends · 22.3k tweets
    em doc•@OHSU_CPREM @publichealthpdx• oxford comma•#DoctorsSpeakOut #thatsbias• @feminemtweets•contributor @SELFmagazine •202-224-3121 on speed dial
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