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  1. ⚡️Jeff Madsen⚡️

    JeffMadsenobv 20.4k followers · 299 friends · 15.4k tweets
    ⚡️ Poker Player ~ Rapper ~ Skater ~ Sleeper ⚡️ Private Coaching: ⚡️
  2. Adam Levy

    Roothlus 20.5k followers · 1.7k friends · 18.6k tweets
    eSports Coordinator @ Phantom Firm. SocialTron Live community manager. Poker player. Techno enthusiast. Tech fanboy.
  3. Adam Schoenfeld

    adamschoenfeld 1.9k followers · 0 friends · 326 tweets
    Bankroll's on swoll
  4. Adam Schwartz

    PokercastAdam 6k followers · 1.1k friends · 10.2k tweets
    Director of poker programming for the Pokervision network, poker player and podcaster. Kid hockey shuttle driver. Part-time Violent Femmes slide whistle boss
  5. Adam Small

    AdamLoebSmall 1.4k followers · 590 friends · 11.5k tweets
    PocketFives co-founder. Entrepreneur. Professional dad. Tennis junkie. Vanderbilt alum.
  6. alexpokerguy

    alexpokerguy 4.1k followers · 2k friends · 71.3k tweets
    TrainingSpecialist, StrategyColumnist, Pokerist, Pupwhisperist, 90sHiphopPreferencist NYSportsDieHarderist I snap pics n jokes. Outhred, descendant of Uhtred 〽️
  7. Allen Cunningham

    AllenCunningham 31.3k followers · 120 friends · 752 tweets
    Recreational poker player
  8. Allen Kessler

    AllenKessler 24.2k followers · 3.7k friends · 20.7k tweets
    Allen Kessler aka The Chainsaw. I travel the tournament circuit playing WPT, WSOP, HPT and MSPT events. 2013 @hptpoker player of the year.
  9. Allie Prescott

    AlliePrescott 1.5k followers · 20 friends · 1.1k tweets
  10. Amanda Leatherman

    RadioAmanda 38.8k followers · 827 friends · 3.8k tweets
    I ask a lot of hypothetical questions. Follow on Instagram @RadioAmanda ❤️✌️Add me on Snapchat: RadioAmanda
  11. Amanda Musumeci

    TheReaLMander 9.2k followers · 238 friends · 5.6k tweets
    Poker Professional. Alpha Female. Cool Cucumber. Closet Softie.
  12. Amit Makhija

    amak316 7.9k followers · 923 friends · 3.7k tweets
    Uncrustables Connoisseur. Lover of high sodium soy sauce.
  13. andre akkari

    aakkari 62.8k followers · 1.6k friends · 40.9k tweets
    Amante do bom humor, apaixonado pela familia e pronto pra jogo!!!
  14. Andrew Feldman

    AFeldmanESPN 42k followers · 1.2k friends · 24.9k tweets
    Dad of two amazing girls. @ESPNFantasy, @ESPNInsider, @WWEonESPN, MMA, Boxing and more. Former poker guy. Iron Chef wannabe. #GoBlue, #NYRangers #Mets
  15. Andy Bloch

    Andy_Bloch 31.3k followers · 970 friends · 3k tweets
    Professional Poker Player
  16. Andy Seth

    bkice_ 3.4k followers · 2.5k friends · 260 tweets
    chasing memories of many a transcendent night and trying to leave good vibes in my wake
  17. Annette Obrestad

    Annette_15 42.2k followers · 175 friends · 2.5k tweets
    Sands Poker Room Ambassador
  18. Annie Duke

    AnnieDuke 47k followers · 351 friends · 13k tweets
    Mom of four amazing kids, professional speaker and decision strategist. World Series of Poker bracelet winner and author of four books on poker.
  19. Antonio Esfandiari

    MagicAntonio 196k followers · 59 friends · 3.9k tweets
    Welcome to the official Twitter page of Antonio Esfandiari.
  20. Barry Greenstein

    barrygreenstein 85.5k followers · 32 friends · 3.4k tweets
    PokerStars Team Pro
  21. Bay 101 Casino

    Bay101Live 4k followers · 5.2k friends · 19 tweets
    The Bay 101 Shooting Star poker tournament with tournament director Matt Savage kicks off on March 9th. Stay tuned to for details!
  22. BenjoDiMeo

    BenjoDiMeo 4.3k followers · 289 friends · 5.8k tweets
    I write about people who play cards.
  23. beth shak leventhal

    bethshak 122k followers · 132 friends · 10.7k tweets
    Living a HAPPY life ,entrepreneur, designer, shoe connoisseur, pokerpro, handbag guru, philanthropist, lover of animals & my HOT FoxNews Senior Correspondent
  24. BJ Nemeth

    BJNemeth 8.7k followers · 153 friends · 69.1k tweets
    Poker tournament reporter that drives around the USA w/ @BriscoMutt, and travels the rest of the world without him.

    BLUFFMedia 46.3k followers · 363 friends · 11.3k tweets - The Thrill of Poker
  26. Brad Booth

    YukonBrad 7.8k followers · 1 friend · 1.7k tweets
  27. Brad Willis

    BradWillis 4.2k followers · 709 friends · 21.7k tweets
    Writer, traveler, & suburban warrior. Dehydrated. Self-loathing with bursts of relentless optimism.
  28. Brandon Cantu

    brandoncantu 10.3k followers · 287 friends · 1.6k tweets
    Poker Player, Sports, Golfer. On Facebook, Instagram Any2cantu, Snapchat Anytwocantu
  29. Brett Jungblut

    gank 2.1k followers · 91 friends · 1.1k tweets
  30. Brian Balsbaugh

    Balsbaugh 9.1k followers · 317 friends · 2.2k tweets
    Showing clients the money since 1998. Lawyer- iGaming- User Acquisition- Sales
  31. Bryan Devonshire

    devopoker 14.5k followers · 938 friends · 13.9k tweets
    Professional gambler since 2003. 16 seasons in the outdoor industry, mostly on rivers. Freelance author. @Rotogrinders @GrindersLive #PGA co-host.
  32. Bryan Micon

    BryanMicon 6.9k followers · 536 friends · 14.5k tweets
    Still Not Working For The Man | #Bitcoin FTW | Cryptography is freedom | Poker Man | And FPV Drone Racing
  33. Carter King

    CKingLivePro 3.9k followers · 388 friends · 5.8k tweets
    Poker Player... some times
  34. Cash Plays

    CashPlays 547 followers · 14 friends · 35 tweets
  35. change100

    change100 2.8k followers · 407 friends · 6.3k tweets
    Writer, editor, gambler, recovering D-Girl.
  36. chopshere

    chopshere 213 followers · 32 friends · 452 tweets
  37. Clonie Gowen

    cgowen 2.5k followers · 54 friends · 173 tweets
    Poker Player
  38. Court Harrington

    CourtHarrington 3.9k followers · 113 friends · 2.2k tweets
    Business, Poker, Water Skiing, Investing
  39. Dave Stann

    Hollywood_Dave 3.1k followers · 128 friends · 5.7k tweets
    pro gambler turned product designer & social justice advocate. #FactsMatter #MediaLiteracy #NoMuslimBan #NoDAPL #Resist #JusticeDemocrats #BrandNewCongress
  40. David Chicotsky

    TheMavenVT 4.6k followers · 2.6k friends · 4.6k tweets
    Bluff Magazine's 2008 Online Poker Player of the Year, Poker Coach and Writer. David Chicotsky on Facebook
  41. Dennis Phillips

    Dennis_Phillips 10.9k followers · 922 friends · 1.6k tweets
    Pro Poker Player; Poker Consultant and Former Co-Host of The Final Table Show with @PaulHarrisShow.
  42. Doyle Brunson

    TexDolly 429k followers · 234 friends · 3.3k tweets
    Poker Player, 10 Time WSOP Bracelet Winner, Christian, 82 Years Old Still Going Strong
  43. Dream Team Poker

    DreamTeamPoker 2.5k followers · 274 friends · 780 tweets
    DTP Monday Night Football @ The Bike on Oct 19-Dec 28, 2009, $67 per person / $201 per team. Cash prizes including Super Bowl tickets. See you there!
  44. DSPT

    DeepStacks 13.4k followers · 1.3k friends · 3.4k tweets
    This is the official DeepStacks Poker Tour twitter account. Follow us for all DSPT event information!
  45. Elaine Chaivarlis

    LaneyLV 3.5k followers · 942 friends · 9k tweets
    Vegas PR. A few of my favorite things: poker, tennis, MMA, Vols, Saints, Greece, coffee, magic, and sprinkles.
  46. Eric Baldwin

    basebaldy 15.1k followers · 626 friends · 9 tweets
  47. eric froehlich

    efropoker 12.6k followers · 75 friends · 12k tweets
    2 time WSOP bracelet winner, Magic: the Gathering Hall of Fame, Co-Host for Constructed Resources
  48. Eric Mizrachi

    EricMizrachi 16.5k followers · 264 friends · 12k tweets
    I play with cards, chips and peoples minds! #Poker ♠️♥️♣️♦️ Plan on coming to Las Vegas? Contact me or visit for info / deals! 👍🏼
  49. Erik Seidel

    Erik_Seidel 76.5k followers · 193 friends · 1.7k tweets
  50. ESPN Inside Deal

    ESPNInsideDeal 2.3k followers · 1 friend · 873 tweets
    Check out ESPN Inside Deal. New Episodes at
  51. eugene todd

    eugenetoddbro 3.1k followers · 1.7k friends · 4.1k tweets
    family man / poker player / ny ranger and knick super fan.
  52. Evelyn Ng

    evybabee 20.8k followers · 99 friends · 4.9k tweets
    : professional poker player / fake plastic guitar enthusiast / xbox dj / hearthstone addict
  53. Fabrice Soulier

    _Fabsoul_ 8.5k followers · 1.3k friends · 2.1k tweets
    Fabrice Soulier, Poker Player. Founder of
  54. Gavin Smith

    olegsmith 30.1k followers · 314 friends · 5.2k tweets
    professional poker player, proud Canadian, living the Alaska experience
  55. Gene Bromberg

    genebromberg 806 followers · 405 friends · 9.6k tweets
    Pittsburgher. Penn Stater. Reese’s Dad. Opinions expressed are my own, especially the perpetual whining about the Pens, Steelers and Arsenal.
  56. Howard Lederer

    howardhlederer 33.9k followers · 37 friends · 768 tweets
    Poker Player
  57. Jack Effel

    WSOPTD 27.5k followers · 724 friends · 8k tweets
    VP and Tournament Director, World Series of Poker.
  58. Jason Mercier

    JasonMercier 131k followers · 236 friends · 12.5k tweets
    Floridian 4 Life, Team Pokerstars Pro, Entrepreneur, sports fanatic, globetrotter, bracelet hunter, hashtagger, son, brother, uncle, coach, teacher... Phil 4:13
  59. JC Alvarado

    JCAlvarado1 6.8k followers · 507 friends · 6.4k tweets
    Mexican Samurai
  60. JDN

    jdnewitt 860 followers · 416 friends · 6.7k tweets
    I make stuff.
  61. Jean-Robert Bellande

    BrokeLivingJRB 67.2k followers · 419 friends · 7.3k tweets
    Poker Pro. Track my crazy swings as I take my bankroll from zero to a million. Instagram: brokelivingjrb
  62. Jennifer Harman

    REALJenHarman 77.7k followers · 5.4k friends · 3k tweets
    Professional Poker Player. Winner of 2 WSOP Bracelets. Animal lover.
  63. Jennifer Leigh

    Jennicide 17k followers · 420 friends · 6.2k tweets
    Poker playing, food blogging, picture taking, traveling, shopaholic, tech junkie, gamer, sparkle obsessed, rock loving, ridiculously awesome full time mommy!
  64. Jennifer Newell

    WriterJen 4.5k followers · 385 friends · 34.1k tweets
    I write about poker, mostly. I tweet about social justice and politics, mostly.
  65. Jessica Welman

    jesswelman 9k followers · 270 friends · 20.1k tweets
    Coffee addict. Classic movie fanatic. Defensively pessimistic.Raging carnivore.Old soul. Picker of nits.
  66. Jimmy Fricke

    jvfricke 8.5k followers · 330 friends · 12.1k tweets
    Part time poker player, part time gourmet baller, full time weird and freaky dude.
  67. Joe Cada

    cada99 13.3k followers · 247 friends · 502 tweets
    Online Professional Poker Player/2009 WSOP Main Event Winner / Dog lover / fan of esports / lions
  68. joe sebok

    joesebok 913k followers · 447 friends · 8.5k tweets
    professional poker player, president of, radio cohost of PokerRoad Radio, former television cohost of Poker2Nite on Versus.
  69. Joe Stapleton

    Stapes 34.1k followers · 200 friends · 7.4k tweets
    Comedian. Poker guy. Upward failer. Hooker with a heart of gold.
  70. John Caldwell

    ScheckTwit 2.1k followers · 307 friends · 2.3k tweets
    Consultant to online gaming & startup world. Chips & salsa connoisseur. Terminally curious. Hubby to @jenleo; Dad to #Cora. Carlsbad, CA/Charleston, SC
  71. Johnny Chan

    ItsJohnnyChan 8.6k followers · 159 friends · 119 tweets
    The OFFICIAL Twitter of Johnny Chan. Two-time back-to-back WSOP Main Event World Champion and winner of 10 WSOP bracelets.
  72. Jon Friedberg

    JonFriedberg 3.9k followers · 417 friends · 4.8k tweets
    CEO of @PokerAtlas, WSOP Bracelet Winner, Entrepreneur, Pepperdine MBA
  73. Jonathan Aguiar

    JonAguiar 10.8k followers · 507 friends · 13.5k tweets
    Handing out million dollar checks @DraftKings #DFS. I used to play card games. These views couldn't possibly be anyone else's. #OpenlySecular
  74. Jonathan Little

    JonathanLittle 19.4k followers · 162 friends · 24k tweets Poker player and author. I teach at Part of @LASmoneymakers, @3BetClothing, @ShareMyPair, @InstaPoker.
  75. Joy Kendra Brown

    joykendra 2.2k followers · 408 friends · 7.4k tweets
    Producer and Proud Mommy
  76. Justin Bonomo

    JustinBonomo 32.6k followers · 552 friends · 4.1k tweets
    I have pink hair.
  77. Justin Smith

    BoostedJ 28.8k followers · 567 friends · 8.3k tweets
    Dealmaker. Producer. I play a little poker too. Always active. Context is what makes things interesting. Not stuck.
  78. Karina Jett

    KarinaJett 6.2k followers · 490 friends · 1.8k tweets
    #Las Vegas Realtor specializing in Residential Sales|#Poker Player|Mother|Disney Junkie|Passionate about family, community, & good food.
  79. Kathy Liebert

    pokerkat 10.9k followers · 1.5k friends · 10.9k tweets
  80. Kevin Mathers

    Kevmath 29.1k followers · 2.3k friends · 82.6k tweets
    Community Manager @pocketfives, 2016 American Poker Awards Jury Prize winner, Tweeter of many things poker. Tweets 100% my own. Striving to be a #10Percenter
  81. Kevin Saul

    BeL0WaB0Ve 8.4k followers · 858 friends · 9.7k tweets
  82. Kristy Arnett

    KristyArnett 24k followers · 565 friends · 12.4k tweets
    I write & speak about life, love & chasing dreams. 🎙Podcaster ♠️Professional Risk Taker 📖Author of my own story ☀️Unreasonable optimist Risk. Everyday.
  83. Lacey Jones

    LaceyJones 24.4k followers · 417 friends · 8.7k tweets
    Model • TV Host • Poker Player • Find Me on Instagram & Snapchat : @GratifiedSoul
  84. Lara

    Lara_Miller 2.4k followers · 164 friends · 9.8k tweets
    PR person for tech and celebs. Mediocre skier, mountaineer, climber. Native. ambassador. Pro try harderer.
  85. lauren kling

    laurenkling 30.7k followers · 324 friends · 3.3k tweets
    World Traveler & Adventurer Poker Player @RunGoodGear Pro @AdvancedPokerTraining Instructor Poker, Leadership, and EQ Coach
  86. layne flack

    back2backflack 14.7k followers · 178 friends · 931 tweets
    Many hands of poker and golf swings have been made and played
  87. Lee Jones

    leehjones 6.5k followers · 153 friends · 1.8k tweets
    I work for PokerStars, if you can call this business work (I don't).
  88. Leo Margets

    LeoMargets 24.3k followers · 379 friends · 10.1k tweets
    Somos el resultado de las decisiones que tomamos. ➡️ +
  89. Lex Veldhuis

    RaSZi 33.3k followers · 339 friends · 10.8k tweets
    Member of PokerStars Team Pro Online. Ambassador for Cheqio. Twitch streamer. Gambling is only fun when it hurts.
  90. Lisa Amador

    Pievegas 1.6k followers · 322 friends · 4.2k tweets
  91. Liv Boeree

    Liv_Boeree 119k followers · 383 friends · 9.9k tweets
    Poker player & Team Pokerstars Pro. Physics nut. Aspiring rationalist. Mountain goat.
  92. Liz Lieu

    LizLieu 85.1k followers · 231 friends · 9.6k tweets
    Pro Poker Player, Model, Ambassador for The Goodwill Treaty for World Peace and Philanthropist.
  93. Lynn Gilmartin

    LynnGilmartin 18.8k followers · 773 friends · 11.9k tweets
    ♠️ Anchor @WPT on @FoxSports // Founder @JooceBar 🍍 // Be Well • Travel Often • Life's Good ✌️ // Passport Stamp Collector 🌏
  94. Maciek Gracz

    Michaelgracz 711 followers · 7 friends · 31 tweets
    Professional poker player
  95. Mad Dawg Mel

    Chitownbeotch 943 followers · 565 friends · 1k tweets
    I am an agent of chaos & an OG Mack not a wanna be player.
  96. Maria Ho

    MariaHo 63.2k followers · 128 friends · 5.3k tweets
    Pro Poker Player, @WinStarWorld Spokesperson, @GPLSunset Manager, TV Host, Amazing Race 15, sometimes performer & full time knowledge seeker! IG: maria_ho
  97. Maria Mayrinck

    Maridu 8.6k followers · 1k friends · 12.8k tweets
    Professional poker player & screenwriter/director, lived 20 lives in 1. If we listen to enough Beatles, & Led Zep all problems in the world can be solved...
  98. Mark Seif

    markseif 4.7k followers · 88 friends · 570 tweets
    Former attorney turned poker pro. Husband, father, twitter newbie. Follow my official tweets here!
  99. matt brady

    mattbrady_ 2.8k followers · 857 friends · 1.5k tweets
    Father to the greatest little girl in the world, Husband to @e_tay, Professional poker player, fantasy sports/DFS enthusiast--Team Pro for FantasyDraft
  100. Matt Glantz

    MattGlantz 25.8k followers · 656 friends · 11.4k tweets
    Never take twitter all that seriously and you will be much better off.
  101. Matt Savage

    SavagePoker 44.1k followers · 889 friends · 33.6k tweets
    Executive Tour Director of WPT, Founder of TDA, TD at Commerce, Bay 101, plus many other worldwide venues, and host of Inside Poker.
  102. Matthew Parvis

    MatthewParvis 3.4k followers · 465 friends · 6.6k tweets
    Chief Creative Officer, IBus Media | Husband, Melissa Parvis | Dogfather, Riley Bartholomew Parvis & Guapo El Chapo Parvis | Co-Founder,
  103. Michael Binger

    mwbinger 4.5k followers · 33 friends · 754 tweets
  104. Michael Mizrachi

    TheGrinder44 75.2k followers · 825 friends · 4.9k tweets
    I AM...The Grinder. I chose the nickname of my own accord because it signifies my determination and fiercely competitive spirit at the poker table.
  105. Michele Lewis

    MicheleLewis 3k followers · 349 friends · 7.5k tweets
    outside for a bit
  106. Michelle Lau

    michelle_lau 1.3k followers · 947 friends · 8.2k tweets
    I live in Candyland, where everything is Sweet. I make boys cry at and away from the poker table.
  107. Mike Matusow

    themouthmatusow 106k followers · 272 friends · 10.3k tweets
    4 time World Series of Poker champion, 2 time WSOP main event final table, 2013 NBC Heads-Up champion, 5 time wpt final tablist
  108. Nam Le

    Nam_Le 1.4k followers · 24 friends · 40 tweets
  109. Norman Chad

    NormanChad 61.2k followers · 77 friends · 4.8k tweets
    American poker talker/bowler/Couch Slouch/husband.
  110. Patrik Antonius

    Patrik_Antonius 43.6k followers · 6.8k friends · 74 tweets
    Professional Poker Player. Instagram: patrik_antonius_official
  111. Paul Wasicka

    Kwickfish 7.8k followers · 49 friends · 1.2k tweets
  112. Pauly

    taopauly 7.5k followers · 637 friends · 25.2k tweets
    Writer. Insomniac. Co-host: @DopeStories. Author: Fried Peaches, Lost Vegas & Jack Tripper Stole My Dog. Creator: Tao of Poker, @CoventryMusic & @OcelotSports
  113. Phil Galfond

    PhilGalfond 86.9k followers · 330 friends · 3.7k tweets
    crazy sexy cool
  114. Phil Ivey

    philivey 844k followers · 5k friends · 1.4k tweets
    Professional poker player. Training site: -- --
  115. Phil Laak

    PhilLaak 123k followers · 56 friends · 1.3k tweets
    I am a time scientist. I love poker. I love the occasional nap. And I like putting grapes on my cereal.
  116. phil_hellmuth

    phil_hellmuth 259k followers · 27 friends · 9.4k tweets
    Professional Poker Player
  117. POKER PROductions

    Poker_Prod 10.1k followers · 547 friends · 742 tweets
    Production company that produces the World Series of Poker, WSOP Europe, WSOP Asia-Pacific, NBC Heads-Up, Poker After Dark, High Stakes Poker, and...Billiards
  118. Poker Tweeters

    FollowPoker 3.5k followers · 1.1k friends · 43 tweets
    All the professional poker players, writers, reporters, sites and personalities on Twitter. Please let us know if there is someone you think should be added.
  119. Poker2Nite

    Poker2Nite 1.1k followers · 41 friends · 269 tweets
    Poker2Nite returns for Season 2 on Versus. Featuring Scott Huff, Joe Sebok, Dana Workman, and Lacey Jones
  120. Pokerati

    Pokerati 11.8k followers · 1.9k friends · 16.4k tweets
    Independent snarky pseudojournalism about poker since 2004.
  121. PokerListings

    PokerListings 19.1k followers · 3.5k friends · 9.1k tweets
    Online poker news, blogs, reviews and bonuses. Live tournament coverage. Cannonball Run references. Suddenly Susan lovers.
  122. PokerNews

    PokerNews 120k followers · 3.1k friends · 60.1k tweets
    News, reviews, live reporting, videos, podcasts, and game strategy. Snapchat: pokernews Instagram: pokernewsdotcom
  123. PokerPlayersAlliance

    ppapoker 20.9k followers · 10.8k friends · 13.6k tweets
    Proud to Play America's Favorite Card Game. Tweets written by PPA Staff. Tweets from Executive Director John Pappas Signed -jp
  124. PokerRoad

    PokerRoad 6.5k followers · 13 friends · 557 tweets
    The best in poker multimedia - podcasts, video interviews, video blogs, etc.
  125. PokerRoad Nation

    PokerRoadNation 10.2k followers · 3.9k friends · 209 tweets
    PokerRoad Nation is an online community featuring real-time updates from poker pros and fans. Add #nation to your tweets to join the PokerRoad Nation.
  126. PokerStarsBlog

    PokerStarsBlog 92.9k followers · 120 friends · 14.5k tweets
    PokerStars official blog -- All the news from the world of PokerStars, EPT, APPT, LAPT, WSOP and beyond
  127. Prahlad Friedman

    PrahladFriedman 18.5k followers · 452 friends · 1.9k tweets
    Poker legend. Rapper, singer/songwriter and producer. Hazy Eyez by Pragress & Aida.
  128. Rafe Furst

    RafeFurst 9.8k followers · 6.9k friends · 4k tweets
    Coaching entrepreneurs...
  129. RawVegasTV

    RawVegasTV 2k followers · 74 friends · 494 tweets is a broadband Internet channel dedicated to creating fun, edgy short-form videos covering all that makes Las Vegas great.
  130. Rizen1020

    Rizen1020 3.4k followers · 1.2k friends · 1.1k tweets
  131. Scott Huff

    ScottHuffNYC 4.7k followers · 312 friends · 2.8k tweets
    Living in NY. Producing stuff. Please follow @WhitePrincess & @HPPlayLDN & @themissingStarz
  132. Scotty Nguyen

    TheScottyNguyen 43.8k followers · 11.1k friends · 10.8k tweets
    This is me Scotty baby!
  133. Shannon Shorr

    ShannonShorr 14.5k followers · 710 friends · 7.1k tweets
    Pro Poker Player. ❤️ fitness, outdoors, travel, Amazon Prime
  134. shaun deeb

    shaundeeb 29.8k followers · 66 friends · 8.1k tweets
    sometimes pokerplayer sometimes father
  135. Shirley Rosario

    shirleyrosario 405 followers · 208 friends · 698 tweets
    Professional Poker Player and World Traveler ~ Skater at Beach Cities Roller Derby #Siren ~ Cheer Mom and Cheer Fanatic #PCM
  136. Short-Stacked Shamus

    hardboiledpoker 3.1k followers · 831 friends · 10.6k tweets
    Your average jingle-brained sap
  137. Stella Su

    stellasu 138 followers · 49 friends · 55 tweets
  138. Steve Begleiter

    begspoker 1.7k followers · 39 friends · 60 tweets
    Married to Karen with 3 wonderful children Joshua, Caroline and Aaron. 2009 World Series of Poker - Main Event Final Table - 6th place
  139. Steve Lipscomb

    SteveLipscomb 617 followers · 5 friends · 19 tweets
    World Poker Tour Founder, President and CEO
  140. Steve Sung

    ssung41585 2.2k followers · 1 friend · 374 tweets
  141. steveodwyer

    steveodwyer 19.3k followers · 212 friends · 4k tweets
    He is a master of mind control and interrogation, but his expertise also includes genetics, cloning, dentistry, and some cybernetics.
  142. Tells Kitchen

    TellsKitchen 4.8k followers · 3.5k friends · 92 tweets
    Tells Kitchen is an online training school on poker tells. We help our players pick up tells on their opponents, hide their own and improve their win rate.
  143. The Poker Beat

    PokerBeatRadio 1.5k followers · 7 friends · 125 tweets
  144. Thomas Fuller

    gnightmoon 872 followers · 88 friends · 2.9k tweets
    Full-time elementary school writing teacher, DFS pro and Twitter grammar police officer. Summertime poker player and mountain climber.
  145. Thuy Doan

    RealThuyDoan 2k followers · 40 friends · 646 tweets
    Retired poker player, cancer figher, blogger for
  146. Tiffany Michelle

    TiffnyMichelle 29.8k followers · 29 friends · 3.1k tweets
    Poker hasbeen. Amazing Race loser. Soap Opera reject. Spiller of most things. Excellent writer of bios. | Insta: TiffnyMichelle
  147. Tim Lavalli

    timlavalli 493 followers · 81 friends · 673 tweets
    Travelin' along, listenin' to some songs.
  148. Todd Brunson

    ToddBrunson 45.5k followers · 279 friends · 18.4k tweets
    Please don't follow me if you are easily offended by silly racial or sexist humor
  149. Tristan Wade

    TristanCre8ive 7.1k followers · 509 friends · 9.9k tweets
    I teach people how to win at poker and life; then try to do the same. BS in Psychology @UCF. @WPTDeepStacks Ambassador. get to know me.
  150. TwoPlusTwo Forums

    twoplustwoforum 22.3k followers · 3.2k friends · 1.9k tweets
    Official Twitter for the Two Plus Two Forums
  151. UB

    UB 5.4k followers · 165 friends · 5.2k tweets
    Raise. Stack. Own.
  152. unixangel

    unixangel 619 followers · 154 friends · 1.1k tweets
    Blogger, writer, photographer, player, mother, energetic, geek, mostly happy and always by heart!
  153. Vanessa Rousso

    VanessaRousso 139k followers · 2.6k friends · 3.9k tweets
    Pro #Poker Plyr & DJ/Producer | N1TEL1TE DJ Duo w @MelProceOuellet | | Was on CBS #BigBrother #BB17 | Contact:
  154. WCOOP Radio 2009

    WCOOPRadio09 387 followers · 10 friends · 44 tweets
  155. Wicked Chops Poker

    wickedchops 15.5k followers · 95 friends · 3.2k tweets
    Measured and usually correct takes on poker and iGaming news.
  156. wicked+

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    We build brands. Design their websites. Execute campaigns for them. We're also a retail shop in Hermosa Beach purveying a wicked selection of goods.
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    Will The Thrill
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    Live Updates from every stop on the World Poker Tour.
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    The OFFICIAL source for World Series of Poker updates and news.
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