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  1. Alan Coss

    AlanCoss 2.5k followers · 1.3k friends · 15.5k tweets
    MD, FRCPI. Gastroenterology/Medicine, Music/Books/Podcasts/Film/Art. Behind the scenes at @dotMDconf and @Bedsiders.
  2. Amanda Hamilton

    AmandaNourish 100k followers · 754 friends · 4.3k tweets
    I'm a #nutritionist, #health activist #gut health and #weight loss expert, host of #retreats,TV & radio. Creator of G Plan Diet &
  3. Amelia Freer Dip ION

    AmeliaFreer 31.2k followers · 1.4k friends · 7.7k tweets
    Nutritional Therapist FdSc, DipION, mBANT & Author. Growing, cooking & eating food. Instagram: @ameliafreer
  4. Amy Myers, M.D.

    AmyMyersMD 18.7k followers · 329 friends · 7.3k tweets
    2 NYT bestsellers: The Thyroid Connection & The Autoimmune Solution #Autoimmunity #Thyroid #Leakygut
  5. Andrea Hardy RD

    AndreaHardyRD 5.9k followers · 3k friends · 7.4k tweets
    Registered Dietitian & owner of Ignite Nutrition Inc. | Food-relationship advocate. | IBS expert. | Food puns are my JAM. #allfoodfits #yyc #dietitian #rdchat
  6. Angela Heap

    angeheap 498 followers · 401 friends · 952 tweets
    Nutritional Therapist with an interest in fertility, hormones preconception and pregnancy.
  7. Anna Jones

    we_are_food 22.5k followers · 904 friends · 3.2k tweets
    Veg chef, @GuardianCook, @ThePoolUK columnist + author of three cookbooks. 'The Modern Cook's Year' available now
  8. BANT

    BANTonline 6.5k followers · 1.9k friends · 4.3k tweets
    British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy. Non-for-profit, volunteer-run body for Nutrition Practitioners.
  9. Benjamin Brown, ND

    BenBrownND 1.5k followers · 501 friends · 670 tweets
    Author, Speaker, Natural Medicine. Sharing scientific wellness research.
  10. Change4Life

    Change4Life 98.1k followers · 805 friends · 5k tweets
    The official twitter feed from Change4Life, the campaign to help families to eat well, move more & live longer. #change4life
  11. Claire Baseley RNutr

    ClaireBaseley 1.8k followers · 629 friends · 4.5k tweets
    Registered nutritionist; lover of food & evidence; specialist in infant & sports nutrition; media nutritionist as seen on #SaveMoneyGoodFood; all views my own.
  12. CNM

    collegenatmed 3.6k followers · 1k friends · 5.2k tweets
    The College of Naturopathic Medicine - the UK's largest training provider for recognised diploma courses in Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture & Homeopathy
  13. CV Gastroenterology

    CedarValleyGI 314 followers · 379 friends · 197 tweets
    A division of Cedar Valley Medical Specialists, CV Gastroenterology offers Waterloo, Cedar Falls & the surrounding area world-class digestive health care!
  14. Darya Rose 🍅

    summertomato 55.7k followers · 1.3k friends · 16k tweets
    Author of Foodist & creator of Summer Tomato, one of TIME's 50 Best Websites. Also a neuroscience Ph.D, SF foodist, former dieter, & soulmate to @kevinrose.
  15. David Perlmutter, MD

    DavidPerlmutter 49.5k followers · 88 friends · 8.5k tweets
    Neurology, Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Author, Lecturer
  16. Dr David Unwin

    lowcarbGP 11.1k followers · 317 friends · 3.4k tweets
    All diets and drugs have risks:Do we weigh up the pros and cons of drugs & lifestyle choices properly BEFORE making choices?Starch is concentrated sugar
  17. Dr Megan Rossi

    TheGutHealthDoc 5.8k followers · 236 friends · 584 tweets
    Feeding you the latest news on Gut Health. 🔬Research Associate @KingsCollegeLon 🍏Registerd Dietitian on Harley St 🌶Food Industry 🎙Public speaker & Media
  18. Dr Michelle McMacken

    Veg_MD 5.7k followers · 552 friends · 1.6k tweets
    Primary care / internal medicine physician empowering people to lead healthy and compassionate lives through #plantbased nutrition. Evidence-based #vegan.
  19. Dr Zoe Harcombe, PhD

    zoeharcombe 25k followers · 289 friends · 21.7k tweets
    PhD (nutrition/public health/dietary guidelines), author, researcher, blogger, speaker. Eat real food! Also love Wales & rugby
  20. Dr. Josh Axe

    drjoshaxe 37.2k followers · 2.9k friends · 3.5k tweets
    Wellness Physician, Radio Show host, Physician for Olympic athletes, Nutrition and Fitness coach
  21. Dr. Terry Wahls

    terrywahls 26k followers · 944 friends · 5.3k tweets
    Dr. Terry Wahls, author of The Wahls Protocol, used functional medicine and Paleo principles to overcome her MS and now teaches others how to use food to heal.
  22. Dr. Will Cole

    drwillcole 5.7k followers · 966 friends · 22k tweets
    leader in Functional Medicine / seen on mindbodygreen, goop.
  23. Eat Well 2 Live Well

    sarahgreen_nutr 176 followers · 204 friends · 138 tweets
    Registered #NutritionalTherapist, certified #functionalmedicine practitioner. Vice Chair @BANTonline. Loves real food. Loathes edible foodlike substances.
  24. eatdrinklivewell

    eatdrinklivewel 2.3k followers · 1.3k friends · 2.7k tweets
    Nutritional Therapists and Functional Medicine Practitioners Emma and Caroline. Passionate about using food as medicine.
  25. Eirini Dimidi PhD RD

    EiriniDimidi 1.6k followers · 529 friends · 560 tweets
    Dietitian & researcher specialising in probiotics, fibre and FODMAPs in gut health & disease @KingsCollegeLon 👩‍🔬Greek in London🇬🇷🇬🇧Views are my own

    EveKalinik 3k followers · 1.1k friends · 3.4k tweets
    NUTRITIONAL THERAPIST 🍴FOODIE 🤷🏻‍♀️ ➕ COLUMNIST for @psychologiesmagazine and @matchesfashion 📚My book "BE GOOD TO YOUR GUT" is out now 🍌🍏🥕🌶🧀🍯🍷
  27. Fig & Bloom®

    FigandBloom 1.4k followers · 931 friends · 1.3k tweets
    Science-based nutrition + culinary creativity ⭐️ private consultations | workshops | recipe development | corporate consultancy. Also on Insta & FB @figandbloom
  28. Fight The Fads

    fightthefads 4.5k followers · 1.5k friends · 1.6k tweets
    📚 RD2Bs 📝 Freelance Writers 🔍 Correct nutrition misinformation 🔬 Evidence-based information ℹ️ 🎥 YouTube 👀 Views are our own
  29. Fitness On Toast

    FitnessOnToast 24.2k followers · 817 friends · 2.3k tweets
    🇸🇪 Swedish Personal Trainer, Fitness Blogger and Author - healthy recipes, fitness fashion, active travel and workouts! ⬇️ ORDER MY BOOK HERE ⬇️
  30. FODMAP Fun

    FODMAPfun 3.2k followers · 112 friends · 3.8k tweets
    Adventures on the low-FODMAP diet. Recipes, tips and advice and lots of FODMAP-free fun for sufferers of IBS and food allergies.
  31. GAIN

    GAINalliance 19.4k followers · 1.4k friends · 12k tweets
    The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) builds partnerships to increase access to food that is safe, nutritious and affordable to all.
  32. Greg Miller, Ph.D.

    drdairy50 7.4k followers · 4.8k friends · 72.2k tweets
    #Scientist, #Nutrition, #Dairy Research, CSO Nat. Dairy Council, Dad, Published/Book Author, Enjoy good #wine - #cheese, like being outdoors. (views are my own)
  33. Hazel Wallace

    Thefoodmedic 17.9k followers · 1.8k friends · 20.5k tweets
    Doctor, personal trainer, blogger, and author of @thefoodmedic. Agency:
  34. Helen West RD

    HelenlouWest 5.5k followers · 2.6k friends · 13.2k tweets
    Registered Dietitian #RD. Gastro & Gut Stuff. Whole Diet & Health. Writer @AuthNutrition Surfer. Runner. Wine lover & Mum! Co-founder of @rooted_project
  35. Ian Marber

    IanMarber 7k followers · 912 friends · 11.4k tweets
    Nutrition consultant, author, award winning health journalist/columnist (Spectator, NetDoctor, Natural Health) speaker, food/brand/health claims consultant.
  36. Ilyse Schapiro

    NutritionIlyse 3k followers · 2.8k friends · 2.1k tweets
    Ilyse Schapiro, MS, RD, CDN is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist in New York
  37. Inlivo

    Inlivo 2.4k followers · 842 friends · 141 tweets
    Do you aspire to live at your optimum #health... and manage weight effortlessly? Inlivo combines data, science and technology to help you live a better life.
  38. James Duigan

    JamesDuigan 18.9k followers · 3.3k friends · 12.4k tweets
    clean and lean wellness warrior. being kind at every opportunity. married to the most beautiful woman in the world. loving our beautiful planet.
  39. Jeannette Hyde

    Jeannettehyde 1.4k followers · 781 friends · 2.1k tweets
    Nutritional Therapist (BSc) + Author of The Gut Makeover - 4 Weeks to Nourish your Gut, Revolutionise your Health + Lose Weight. 🇬🇧 Out now. 🇺🇸 .
  40. Jenny Rosborough

    HelloHealthyYou 2.7k followers · 2.3k friends · 13k tweets
    Registered Nutritionist (PH) BaMSc. Campaign Manager (Nutrition) at Action on Sugar and Paediatric Nutrition Consultant. Views my own.
  41. Johanna

    bolnutrition 684 followers · 1.1k friends · 2.6k tweets
    Nutritionist. Views are my own (after three years of evidence based Nutrition degree)
  42. Julie Thompson

    Jules_GastroRD 2.8k followers · 1.8k friends · 8.1k tweets
    Registered dietitian with interest in #IBS, Advisor to #IBS Network, works in NHS, advice on #IBS, #crohns, #coeliac, #colitis #GIsurgery and diet.
  43. Kevin Whelan

    ProfWhelan 5.5k followers · 640 friends · 1.9k tweets
    Professor of Dietetics at King's College London. All about the evidence - nutrition science not nutrition nonsense.
  44. King's Wellbeing

    kingswellbeing 750 followers · 595 friends · 757 tweets
    We aim to empower students at King's College London to invest in their mental & physical wellbeing as a tool for growth, learning & achievement. Get in touch!
  45. Klara Mudge for BSB

    bothsides_butt 72 followers · 134 friends · 55 tweets
    BSc (Hons) Functional Med Nutritionist hyping health and nutrition
  46. Kristie Leong M.D.

    DrKristieLeong 8.6k followers · 2.9k friends · 19.9k tweets
    Physician, medical writer, health nut. I deliver straight talk about #Nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits..Staying healthy should be an adventure!
  47. Laura Clark

    lecnutrition 1.3k followers · 713 friends · 2.3k tweets
    Freelance #dietitian, #sportsnutritionist, #blogger, media expert and probably not so expert Mum! As seen on #furtherbackintimefordinner
  48. Laura Thomas, Ph.D.

    laurathomasphd 5.6k followers · 733 friends · 5k tweets
    AfN Registered Nutritionist. BBC1 Mind Over Marathon Nutritionist #mindovermarathon Evidence Based non diet approach. Don't Salt My Game Podcast: iTunes/Acast.
  49. Laura Tilt

    NutriTilty 2.2k followers · 940 friends · 9k tweets
    Dietitian, Health Writer. Columnist for Women's Health. Nutrition science, made simple! As seen on Ch 4’s What Britain Bought. London. Founder @paleta_girls
  50. Lawrence Haddad

    l_haddad 11.8k followers · 4.8k friends · 6.6k tweets
    Executive Director of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN). An evidence based champion of efforts to end malnutrition. Soon.
  51. Lucy Jade

    lucyjade92 843 followers · 654 friends · 4.1k tweets
    24 💚 Gluten and Dairy Free Blogger 🍃 Nutritionist in training 🤓 Peanut butter enthusiast 🌰
  52. Madeleine Shaw

    madeleine_shaw_ 59.1k followers · 3.9k friends · 15.5k tweets
    Holistic nutritional health coach, blogger, healthy chef, with an intention to enliven the hottest, happiest and healthiest you. Buy A Year of Beautiful Eating!
  53. Marianne Williams,RD

    allergydiet 645 followers · 205 friends · 479 tweets
    Award winning dietitian specialising in allergy, IBS, coeliac disease/gluten sensitivity. Established first NHS dietetic-led gastroenterology community clinic.
  54. Mr Toribio-Mateas

    miguelmateas 12.3k followers · 2k friends · 4.7k tweets
    Doctoral researcher: practice-based learning: #cognitive #ageing + #nutrition ♡ #systems ⇄ #brain ⇄ #microbiome Angry? →⛔️ Views ≠ advice #LGBT 👍🏼
  55. Nanci Guest RD, CSCS

    NanciGuestRD 4.1k followers · 1.4k friends · 22.2k tweets
    PhD(cand) #UToronto🇨🇦 researching #Nutrition #Nutrigenomics #Genetics & #Athletes ~ #SportDietitian ~ S&C Coach #AnimalLover🐶🐷🐬#Equestrian🐴 #PlantBased🌾
  56. Natalia Otero Sancho

    NataliaOteroS 286 followers · 473 friends · 648 tweets
    Nutritional Therapist
  57. Nichola Whitehead RD

    nicsnutrition 18.9k followers · 997 friends · 1.4k tweets
    UK Registered Dietitian | BSc (hons) PGDip MSc | Best UK Health Blog 2015 | It's not about diets, it's about a way of life | As seen on BBC Breakfast & Ch4 📺🍎
  58. Nicky Clinch

    NickyClinch 528 followers · 634 friends · 1.7k tweets
    Macrobiotic Counsellor & Chef From Addiction to Living Free Feed Your Inner Warrior 🙏🏼 New Transformational Workshop: Being In Heart 30th June 💓
  59. Nina Teicholz

    bigfatsurprise 39.5k followers · 837 friends · 12.3k tweets
    Science journalist, author of The Big Fat Surprise, advocate for nutrition policy based on rigorous science.
  60. Penny Brooks, MS, RD, LD/N

    pbroo003 10.9k followers · 11.9k friends · 5.4k tweets
    MS in Nutrition, specialization in biochem|Spreading hope & inspiration from conquering #prediabetes|#diabetes #obesity #CVD|Speaker| #Miami & #FIU influencer⬇️
  61. Pixie Turner

    plantbasedpixie 3.7k followers · 354 friends · 4.8k tweets
    Freelance nutritionist (MSc), food blogger, wellness rebel. Contact: Nutrition: hello@pixieturnernutrition
  62. Re-Find Health

    refindhealth 11.6k followers · 3.9k friends · 12.6k tweets
    A Global Community of 1,400+ Healthcare Professionals at the Intersection of Ancestral Health & Functional Medicine
  63. Rhiannon Lambert

    Rhitrition 6.4k followers · 727 friends · 9.7k tweets
    Harley Street Nutritionist BSc MSc ANutr 🤓 Pre-Order My Book 👉🏻 #ReNourish
  64. Robert Lustig MD

    RobertLustigMD 41.4k followers · 29.2k friends · 3k tweets
    Physician, Author of Fat Chance, Hacking of the American Mind: The Science Behind the Corporate Takeover of Our Bodies and Brains
  65. Rosie Saunt RD

    rosie_saunt 4k followers · 1.3k friends · 5.5k tweets
    Specialist NHS Dietitian. Co-founder of the @rooted_project, making evidence-based nutrition accessible. Nutrition & Dietetics BSc KCL.
  66. Sidney Fry

    sidneyfry 292 followers · 114 friends · 71 tweets
    JBF Award-Winning nutrition writer, editor, and whole food enthusiast. MS, RD. Powered by plants, lover of beer & bits of bacon. I bring words to life.
  67. SR Nutrition

    SR_Nutrition 5k followers · 997 friends · 27.3k tweets
    🍎Registered Nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed 🎥Seen on BBC, ITV, Channel 4 & 5 👶🏼 Specialist in maternal & child nutrition 📝Brand & PR work 🥑BIG foodie
  68. Stephanie Moore

    HealthinHand 323 followers · 63 friends · 380 tweets
    Clinical Nutritionist; Health Coach; Head Nutritionist at Grayshott Spa. Keeping healthy is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and those you love.
  69. Tahgasa Bertram

    Tahgasa 5.6k followers · 92 friends · 2.4k tweets
    Working on something cool, but for now all things #food, #fitness and #health. Occasionally transforming into @SweatyEskimo to draw pictures.
  70. The Happy Pear

    thehappypear 35k followers · 2.6k friends · 52.1k tweets
    Bestselling Book Makers | new book available to preorder link below, eatmoreveg Snapchat @thehappypear
  71. The Nutrition Man

    StirlandMatt 1.9k followers · 2.5k friends · 5.4k tweets
    • I tell you what you should be eating #DontDoDiets • Making #Depression Cool as F**K • Training Clinical Counsellor
  72. The Rooted Project

    rooted_project 3.4k followers · 303 friends · 1.7k tweets
    ⭐️Award-winning community co-founded by two Dietitians. We make evidence-based nutrition accessible. Speaking • Events • Consultancy • Enquiries 👉 @CWAgencyUK
  73. The Urban Kitchen

    urbankitchen 5.7k followers · 3.8k friends · 18.8k tweets
    Toral Shah, MSc Nutritional Medicine. Nutritional Scientist, food consultant & chef. Cancer survivor. Prevention is my passion - nutrition is my key
  74. Tim Noakes

    ProfTimNoakes 92.8k followers · 130 friends · 36.9k tweets
    Author, Emeritus Professor, runner, low carbohydrate diet proponent. Spreading scientific information, not medical advice. No longer a medical practitioner
  75. TJ Waterfall, MSc 🌱

    tjwaterfall 10.8k followers · 10.3k friends · 633 tweets
    ✖️Nutritionist 🍴🍅🔬 ✖️Plant-based 🍌🌍🐮 ✖️Fitness 🏋🏽🚴🏽💪 Showing you how easy it is to get fit and make amazing food without eating meat. Creator of:
  76. Urban Wellness

    UrbanWellnessUK 624 followers · 931 friends · 488 tweets
    Functional medicine nutrition and hypnotherapy: stress, anxiety & eating disorders. AFMCP 2017. Private and corporate wellness programmes Founder: @NicolaJShu
  77. Vanessa May

    vanessaschoice 1.4k followers · 984 friends · 3k tweets
    Registered Nutritional Therapist with an online organic and natural skincare boutique
  78. Wholefood Warrior

    wholefwarrior 1k followers · 1.9k friends · 454 tweets
    Eva Humphries - Nutritional Therapist, DipION, mBANT, CNHC, Nutrition consultations & talks in the East Midlands
  1. The Gut Stuff

    TheGutStuff 2.4k followers · 602 friends · 3.5k tweets
    Your one stop shop for everything #guthealth! Visit our website 👇🏼for more info✨
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