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  1. @Grievance

    grievance 2.3k followers · 322 friends · 1.4k tweets
    A reporter in the off hours. The real stuff's over at @MatthewSchneier.
  2. Adam Fusfeld

    afusfeld 956 followers · 372 friends · 1.6k tweets
    Tweet for myself. Senior staff editor for @nytimes. 'Melo for president.
  3. Adrienne Carter

    adriennecarter 2.6k followers · 638 friends · 1.7k tweets
    Adrienne is the International Business Editor at the New York Times.
  4. Agnes Chang

    aggggnessss 593 followers · 289 friends · 171 tweets
    Product + tech. Formerly @nytimes, @nytlabs, @medialab. Walk the edge.
  5. agustin armendariz

    agustin_NYT 1.8k followers · 1.8k friends · 3k tweets
    reporter @nytimes
  6. Aimee Harris

    HarrisAimee 1.6k followers · 2.3k friends · 331 tweets
    @nytimes Business Day early news editor
  7. AJ

    ajchavar 5.2k followers · 860 friends · 7.1k tweets
    Nature liker. Video maker. Enemy of the American people at the failing New York Times (in D.C.), formerly from the guardian of Amazon not paying internet taxes.
  8. Al Baker

    bakeal 2.6k followers · 1.1k friends · 1.1k tweets
    Reporter, The New York Times, covering policing and law enforcement for the Metropolitan desk, e-mail:
  9. Alan Cowell

    cowellcnd 2.2k followers · 139 friends · 2.5k tweets
    Alan Cowell writes for The New York Times. His new novel, Permanent Removal, a political thriller, is out now as e-book and in stores since April 4, 2016.
  10. Alan Rappeport

    arappeport 12k followers · 1.8k friends · 9.8k tweets
    Economic Policy reporter at The New York Times. Formerly @FT; @MarjorieDeane alum @TheEconomist @LSEECHist. RT ≠ endorsement
  11. Alan Wong

    alanwongw 17.5k followers · 2.6k friends · 8.5k tweets
    @nytimes digital editor in Hong Kong
  12. Albert Sun

    albertsun 2.5k followers · 1k friends · 3.9k tweets
    assistant editor for global, personalization on @nytimes platforms team
  13. Alex Burns

    alexburnsNYT 142k followers · 2.8k friends · 83.2k tweets
    Political reporter for @NYTimes, analyst for @CNN. If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.
  14. alex maccallum

    alexmaccallum 3.4k followers · 741 friends · 861 tweets
    SVP Video, Assistant Managing Editor @nytimes
  15. Alexandra Alter

    xanalter 6.6k followers · 1.1k friends · 2.4k tweets
    New York Times publishing reporter alexandra[dot]alter[@]
  16. Alexandra Garcia

    garcia_alexndra 3.9k followers · 1.5k friends · 1.1k tweets
    Visual journalist @nytimes. Formerly @washingtonpost, @niemanfdn fellow. Aspiring surfer. Exploring the future of storytelling.
  17. Alexandra Jacobs

    AlexandraJacobs 7.2k followers · 736 friends · 4.1k tweets
    Features editor and sporadic critic at The New York Times; writing Elaine Stritch's biography for Farrar, Straus & Giroux.
  18. Alexandra Stevenson

    jotted 5.2k followers · 2.5k friends · 5.6k tweets
    @nytimes reporter covering China business news. Got a tip? GPG🔑: 2E59 A14F 698F EBBA
  19. Alicia DeSantis

    aliciadesantis 910 followers · 480 friends · 259 tweets
  20. Alicia Parlapiano

    aliciaparlap 2.6k followers · 459 friends · 720 tweets
    Graphics Editor at The New York Times
  21. Alison Smale

    asmalenyt 4.6k followers · 307 friends · 953 tweets
    New York Times bureau chief in Berlin, still with Russian pianist-composer Sergei Dreznin and daughter Lucy......retweets not endorsements...
  22. Alissa J. Rubin

    Alissanyt 9.5k followers · 174 friends · 894 tweets
    New York Times Bureau Chief in Paris, France formerly in Afghanistan
  23. Allen Tan

    tealtan 4.4k followers · 1k friends · 42.6k tweets
    NYTimes: design lead for messaging, and redesigning the homepage (for real this time). Assistant editor of Contents and Codex. Slytherin.
  24. Amanda Cox

    amandacox 8.7k followers · 248 friends · 89 tweets
  25. Amanda Hess

    amandahess 38.6k followers · 1k friends · 14.8k tweets
    writer @nytimes
  26. Amanda Taub

    amandataub 11.8k followers · 1.4k friends · 3.2k tweets
    Former human rights lawyer, now writer for the @nytimes Interpreter, exploring the ideas and context behind major world events.
  27. Amy Chozick

    amychozick 52k followers · 1.9k friends · 10.4k tweets
    New York Times reporter. Author of upcoming @HarperCollins memoir. Covered HRC in 2008 & 2016. Former Tokyo correspondent. Native Texan.
  28. Amy Fiscus

    amyfiscus 7.3k followers · 499 friends · 13.7k tweets
    New York Times national security editor
  29. anahad oconnor

    anahadoconnor 3.8k followers · 765 friends · 3.1k tweets
    New York Times reporter & certified health, fitness and nutrition junkie. All the news that's fit to tweet. Views are my own. @nytimeswell
  30. Andrea Elliott

    andreafelliott 6.6k followers · 987 friends · 935 tweets
    NYT investigative, writing book for Penguin Random House. New America fellow. Sangre Chilena.
  31. Andrei Kallaur

    akallaur 888 followers · 611 friends · 2.1k tweets
    Taking a pause.
  32. Andrew Chow

    andrewrchow 2.3k followers · 1k friends · 3k tweets
    the Ian Clark of the @NYTimes culture desk juggernaut
  33. Andrew E. Kramer

    AndrewKramerNYT 4.9k followers · 242 friends · 555 tweets
    Moscow correspondent for The New York Times
  34. Andrew Keh

    andrewkeh 8.4k followers · 1k friends · 8.2k tweets
    European sports correspondent for The New York Times,
  35. Andrew Phelps

    andrewphelps 7.6k followers · 240 friends · 30.5k tweets
    Interim product director at @Meetup. Previously @nytimes product lead for mobile and messaging. Innovation report coauthor. 📸: phelpsomatic
  36. Andrew Scrivani

    AndrewScrivani 6.5k followers · 640 friends · 6.5k tweets
    Photographer/Director. New York Times & Adobe Stock Premium contributor. @andrewscrivani Instagram
  37. Andrew Stanfill

    madshrew 1.6k followers · 1.3k friends · 16.1k tweets
    Photo editor for The New York Times News Service, independent photojournalist and UF alumnus. Cycling and homebrew enthusiast. @NPPA Exec. Committee
  38. Andy Lehren

    lehrennyt 1.4k followers · 321 friends · 196 tweets
    New York Times reporter. Works on in-depth and investigative stories. Former NBC investigative doc producer, data journalism @ire_nicar. RTs endorsements.
  39. anh-thư huỳnh

    oldwestaction 1.2k followers · 304 friends · 13.3k tweets
    software engineer at @onbondstreet • formerly @nytimes & @ofa • blingee power user • DM me if u need emergency plan B
  40. Anna North

    annanorthtweets 11k followers · 2.1k friends · 5k tweets
    Reporter @voxdotcom, covering gender. Previously @nytimes. Author of the novels America Pacifica (2011) and The Life and Death of Sophie Stark (2015).
  41. Anne Barnard

    ABarnardNYT 59.1k followers · 2.5k friends · 24.4k tweets
    NYTimes Beirut bureau chief, cover Syria, Middle East. Former Boston Globe Iraq-ME buro chief. Russia hand. Mother. New Yorker. RT=look!
  42. Annie Correal

    anniecorreal 4.4k followers · 1.3k friends · 2.1k tweets
    New York Times reporter writing New York City stories. Send leads to
  43. Anthony Tommasini

    TommasiniNYT 5.4k followers · 344 friends · 687 tweets
    Chief classical music critic at The New York Times
  44. Anya Strzemien

    astrzemien 3.5k followers · 235 friends · 713 tweets
    Deputy Editor, Digital | NYT Styles and Travel. I love a good breeze.
  45. Arí Bevacqua

    Ari_NYT 4.3k followers · 814 friends · 2.5k tweets
    @NYTimes comms director (press inquires & hellos: & @GWU adjunct professor. Yogi, Mom & @usmc #milspouse. Namaste!
  46. Armando Arrieta

    armandoarrieta 1.7k followers · 1.5k friends · 7.3k tweets
    I edit stuff. The views are mine.
  47. Ashley Southall

    AshleyAtTimes 2.2k followers · 1.6k friends · 5.5k tweets
    Alive, deep fried and Southerner than a mutha. @nytimes reporter for @NYTMetro. I do a dangerous daily dance with deadlines. Edges are my own. @HowardU.
  48. Ashwin Seshagiri

    winguero 1.5k followers · 352 friends · 3.1k tweets
    All around stand-up guy. Deputy editor at @NYTimesBusiness. I think about the onlines.
  49. Aurélien Breeden

    aurelienbrd 3.3k followers · 2.1k friends · 3.5k tweets
    Franco-American journalist, reporter at the @nytimes Paris bureau.
  50. Austin Ramzy

    austinramzy 63.5k followers · 3.5k friends · 20.3k tweets
    New York Times reporter in Hong Kong 紐約時報記者王霜舟 previously @UMKnightWallace @TIME @ucbsoj PGP key:
  51. Azam Ahmed

    azamsahmed 8.5k followers · 339 friends · 1.1k tweets
    New York Times bureau chief for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Former Kabul bureau chief
  52. barbara graustark

    bagrau 1.1k followers · 305 friends · 2.4k tweets
    art editor at The New York Times covering cultural news, social trends, art, design, architecture. My heart beatin' rhythm/And my soul keeps a-singin' the blues
  53. Barbara Strauch

    bstrauch 1.5k followers · 604 friends · 503 tweets
    NY Times science editor, author of Primal Teen and Secret Life of Grown-Up Brain.
  54. Barry Meier

    BarryMeier 2.4k followers · 195 friends · 758 tweets
    NYTimes. Author, MISSING MAN: The American Spy Who Vanished in Iran. PAIN KILLER: A Wonder Drug's Trail of Addiction and Death
  55. Ben Grandgenett

    bengrandgenett 1.9k followers · 440 friends · 349 tweets
    Deputy Art Director at The New York Times Magazine.
  56. Ben Hubbard

    NYTBen 30.5k followers · 1.4k friends · 8.5k tweets
    Middle East Correspondent for The New York Times. مراسل النيويورك تايمز في الشرق الاوسط hubbard at nytimes dot com
  57. ben protess

    benprotess 1.3k followers · 25 friends · 81 tweets
  58. Ben Strauss

    benjstrauss 2.7k followers · 958 friends · 10.2k tweets
    co-author of Indentured: The Inside Story of the Rebellion Against the NCAA, winner of 2017 PEN/ESPN award; @politicomag contributing writer
  59. Benedict Carey

    bencareynyt 3k followers · 565 friends · 256 tweets
    New York Times reporter
  60. Benjamin Hoffman

    BenHoffmanNYT 2.2k followers · 742 friends · 8.5k tweets
    Married Brooklynite and two-time creator of human life who talks very loudly and writes & edits for @nytsports.
  61. Benjamin Weiser

    BenWeiserNYT 12k followers · 670 friends · 6.4k tweets
    NYT reporter covering the Manhattan federal courts: justice, injustice and much in between.
  62. Benoit Denizet-Lewis

    BenoitDLewis 4.8k followers · 2.7k friends · 4.8k tweets
    Writer. Professor. Half-French Person.
  63. Bill Hamilton

    hamiltonbill 1.4k followers · 620 friends · 29 tweets
    Washington editor for the New York Times
  64. Bill McDonald

    wmcdonaldnyt 2.3k followers · 115 friends · 348 tweets
    Obituaries Editor, The New York Times
  65. Bill Wasik

    billwasik 8k followers · 534 friends · 11.3k tweets
    Deputy editor @NYTmag. Author of AND THEN THERE'S THIS and co-author of RABID. Let's do this, people.
  66. Billy Witz

    billywitz 2.8k followers · 383 friends · 6.7k tweets
    Possession of anything new or expensive only reflected a person's lack of theology and geometry; it even cast doubts upon one's soul -- Ignatius J. Reilly
  67. Binyamin Appelbaum

    BCAppelbaum 81.8k followers · 850 friends · 25.1k tweets
    A Washington correspondent for The New York Times. Pure applesauce. | Facebook: Binyamin.Appelbaum
  68. Brent Staples

    BrentNYT 20.6k followers · 843 friends · 1.5k tweets
    Editorial Writer for The New York Times. Delta husband. Author of the memoir "Parallel Time" - winner of The Anisfield-Wolf Book Award.
  69. Brian Fidelman

    brianfidelman 424 followers · 133 friends · 24 tweets
    Deputy Director of News Design for @nytimes and resident Roving Runner.
  70. Caitlin Dickerson

    itscaitlinhd 5.4k followers · 1.1k friends · 1.9k tweets
    I cover immigration for the @nytimes. Formerly of @npr investigations.
  71. Campbell Robertson

    campbellnyt 6k followers · 982 friends · 3k tweets
    Southern correspondent for The New York Times
  72. Carla Correa

    pinkgrammar 6.9k followers · 1k friends · 11.2k tweets
    @nytimes senior editor for digital storytelling. Previously @washingtonpost @fivethirtyeight @baltimoresun. New Englander at heart. I like seltzer + gymnastics.
  73. Carlotta Gall

    carlottagall 10.9k followers · 861 friends · 1.9k tweets
    North Africa Correspondent, New York Times. Reported from AfPak for over 12 years from 2001. Author of The Wrong Enemy: America in Afghanistan, 2001-2014.
  74. carolynryan

    carolynryan 21.1k followers · 2.9k friends · 11.9k tweets
    Senior Editor, NY Times. Blindly loyal to the Red Sox and the Simpsons. Lover of fiction, except in news stories.
  75. Catherine SaintLouis

    cslwrites 9.3k followers · 4k friends · 8.4k tweets
    I write about pediatrics, ob-gyn, teeth, opioids & more. Podcast lover becoming podcast maker. Ex-NYT reporter. Got a surprising tale?
  76. Celia W. Dugger

    celiadugger 4.4k followers · 546 friends · 2.1k tweets
    Health & Science Editor, The New York Times. Former correspondent, New Delhi and Joburg. Global health & development beat.
  77. Ceylan Yeginsu

    CeylanWrites 40.6k followers · 1.9k friends · 9.9k tweets
    London-based reporter for The New York Times. Former Turkey correspondent. Graduate: @Columbiajourn'11. Istanbulite at heart. Curious by nature. Views:Mine.
  78. Chad Bray

    Chadbray 2.3k followers · 247 friends · 1.9k tweets
    Reporter at The New York Times covering banking, mergers and acquisitions, regulation and other topics;
  79. Chanelle Price

    ChanellePrice 3.3k followers · 1.6k friends · 14.4k tweets
    Faith. Love. Passion.
  80. Charles Homans

    chashomans 5.7k followers · 2.9k friends · 30.5k tweets
    Politics, @nytmag
  81. Chase Davis

    chasedavis 4.4k followers · 1.2k friends · 2k tweets
    Husband of @toreyvanoot. Proud @nytimes alum. Itinerant outdoorsman, taking some time off before joining @startribune later this year.
  82. Chris Buckley 储百亮

    ChuBailiang 92.6k followers · 2k friends · 20.2k tweets
    New York Times reporter in China 纽约时报驻华记者
  83. Chris Dzombak

    cdzombak 2.4k followers · 1.3k friends · 21.5k tweets
    emoji consultant; iOS developer; aspiring polymath. also: @localdzombak, @arborwx, @fatalerrorfm.
  84. Chris Stanford

    stanfordc 1.6k followers · 2.2k friends · 2.2k tweets
    I write the Morning Briefing for @nytimes. Alum of @washingtonpost, @UGAGrady and @redandblack.
  85. chris wiggins

    chrishwiggins 5.5k followers · 759 friends · 2 tweets
    .edu: associate professor @columbia; .org: cofounder @hackNY; .com: chief data scientist @nytimes.
  86. chrisladd

    chrisladd 595 followers · 173 friends · 500 tweets
    dev/designer behind @betternotesapp and @chordbank.
  87. Christina Caron

    cdcaron 1.3k followers · 1.1k friends · 293 tweets
    Staff Editor at The New York Times ~ Formerly at ABC and NBC ~ Missouri School of Journalism and @mtholyoke grad ~ West Coast transplant
  88. Christine Hauser

    christineNYT 2.5k followers · 618 friends · 3.9k tweets
    Senior staff editor at the New York Times
  89. Christoph Fuhrmans

    CFuhrmans 1.2k followers · 376 friends · 2.5k tweets
    One of the tallest journalists at The New York Times. Chocolate chip cookie connoisseur, Star Wars enthusiast and lifelong Jayhawk.
  90. Christopher Drew

    nytdrew 3.7k followers · 965 friends · 4.5k tweets
    New York Times reporter on military & intelligence: drones, Navy SEALs, Big Data, cyber. Best-selling author, Blind Man's Bluff, on submarine espionage.
  91. Christopher Mele

    MeleChristopher 2k followers · 1.9k friends · 8.5k tweets
    Reporter @nytimes Express Team covering breaking news, trending topics and whatever other forms of mayhem come my way.
  92. Clay Risen

    risenc 4.6k followers · 2.7k friends · 5.9k tweets
    Deputy editor, NYT op-ed page; Eagle Scout; dad; Nashville expat; obsessive follower of whisk(e)y and politics. Dumb tweets are entirely my own.
  93. Clifford Krauss

    ckrausss 4.6k followers · 2.1k friends · 3.7k tweets
    New York Times energy correspondent
  94. Connor Ennis

    EnnisNYT 4k followers · 685 friends · 4.9k tweets
    Deputy Media Editor at The New York Times. Formerly weekend business editor. Before that NFL & college sports editor.
  95. Conor Dougherty

    ConorDougherty 6.8k followers · 1.3k friends · 14.8k tweets
    Aging skateboarder and New York Times reporter, in that order. I heart @CandaceJackson
  96. Coral Davenport

    CoralMDavenport 37.8k followers · 2.8k friends · 5k tweets
    I cover energy and environment policy for the New York Times. Also reachable on Signal and WhatsApp.
  97. Dagny Salas

    dagnysalas 3.4k followers · 3.4k friends · 2.4k tweets
    Assistant editor, @nytimes National desk, after everything digital/etc., 2016 team. I like coffee, cheese, seltzer, news and storytelling across all platforms.
  98. Dan Bilefsky

    DanBilefsky 9.9k followers · 997 friends · 7k tweets
    London-based writer for the New York Times. Previously in Paris, New York, Prague, Istanbul, Brussels. Next up: Montréal. Analyst, BBC. Ex-WSJ + FT.
  99. Dan Gendler

    DanGendler 762 followers · 417 friends · 187 tweets
    Newsroom Analytics at the NYT || All views my own || Stay Vigilant, Stay Strong
  100. Dan Levin

    globaldan 3.8k followers · 262 friends · 1.2k tweets
    I'm a Canada reporter for The New York Times
  101. Daniel Fromson

    dfroms 2.5k followers · 658 friends · 3.7k tweets
    Copy editor for @NYTmag, writer for hire. Previously: @nytopinion, @NewYorker, @TheAtlantic.
  102. Daniel Jones

    danjonesnyt 6.9k followers · 253 friends · 1.2k tweets
    Editor of Modern Love @nytimes, author of Love Illuminated @WmMorrowBks, on a podcast @wbur, posts at
  103. Danielle Ivory

    danielle_ivory 5.1k followers · 1.1k friends · 19.6k tweets
    Reporter at The New York Times, covering the Trump administration. I ❤️ data. Signal at 917-280-2607 or PGP Key: 4F0C8AF6FB9B5DBE
  104. Darcy Eveleigh

    DarcyNYT 2.2k followers · 747 friends · 318 tweets
    Photo Editor New York Times National Desk, Creator & Editor of The Lively Morgue, Author "Unseen" Unpublished Black History from the NYT Archives
  105. Dave Renard

    drenard 916 followers · 507 friends · 2.4k tweets
    Asst culture news ed. @nytimes. Music, film, art, food, NYC: Instagram @deadheat. Horse racing fan.
  106. David Barboza

    DavidBarboza2 39.4k followers · 840 friends · 2.9k tweets
    I'm a reporter for The New York Times
  107. David Barstow

    DavidBarstow 4.9k followers · 484 friends · 137 tweets
    Reporter, The New York Times
  108. David Brooks

    nytdavidbrooks 142k followers · 45 friends · 456 tweets
    Op-Ed columnist, @nytopinion. Author of The Road to Character, The Social Animal, and Bobos in Paradise.
  109. David D. Kirkpatrick

    ddknyt 44.1k followers · 1.3k friends · 14.6k tweets
    International Correspondent, The New York Times. I like to tweet NYT articles about the region by my colleagues, including those in DC
  110. David Gelles

    dgelles 11k followers · 2.4k friends · 13.3k tweets
    editing finance stuff and promoting meditation at the @NYTimes. Author of 'Mindful Work.' Happy dad.
  111. David Halbfinger

    halbfinger 2.9k followers · 870 friends · 1.9k tweets
    Headed to Jerusalem for The New York Times.
  112. David Jolly

    davjolly 5.2k followers · 618 friends · 17.9k tweets
    Book-lover, journalist, mangler of languages. Trying to make sense of the world.
  113. David Philipps

    David_Philipps 2.2k followers · 167 friends · 2k tweets
    New York Times military veterans correspondent david.philipps(at)
  114. David Streitfeld

    DavidStreitfeld 3.2k followers · 299 friends · 1k tweets
    Winner of the 2016 William Randolph Hearst Award for my coverage of Silicon Valley, in particular Amazon.
  115. David Tanis

    DavidTanisCooks 4k followers · 411 friends · 594 tweets
    My newest cookbook, DAVID TANIS MARKET COOKING--now available
  116. David Waldstein

    DavidWaldstein 7.6k followers · 328 friends · 14.6k tweets
    New York Times Sports Reporter; Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, whatever.
  117. Dean Baquet

    deanbaquet 18.6k followers · 74 friends · 3 tweets
    Executive Editor of The New York Times
  118. Dean E. Murphy

    deanemurphy 4.1k followers · 416 friends · 771 tweets
    Business Editor, The New York Times
  119. Deborah Acosta

    DeborahAcosta 4.7k followers · 1.2k friends · 3.6k tweets
    Journalist, interactive filmmaker @nytimes.
  120. Declan Walsh

    declanwalsh 115k followers · 1.7k friends · 7.4k tweets
    Cairo bureau chief, The New York Times
  121. Deep Kapadia

    durple 827 followers · 539 friends · 3.6k tweets
    Fairly clueless. Director of Technology, @nytimes. Delhi born, Indian expat. Dad. Husband. Loves eggs.
  122. Denise Grady

    nytDeniseGrady 8.2k followers · 548 friends · 952 tweets
    Health and medicine reporter at The New York Times since 1998.
  123. Dennis Overbye

    overbye 2.4k followers · 277 friends · 532 tweets
    Cosmic Affairs Correspondent
  124. Derek Watkins

    dwtkns 4k followers · 917 friends · 1.9k tweets
    Graphics editor @nytgraphics. Map maker and geographer.
  125. Des Shoe

    DesNYT 2.5k followers · 1.4k friends · 3k tweets
    London homepage editor at The New York Times. Transplanted Southerner. I enjoy oysters. And UNC basketball.
  126. Didi Kirsten Tatlow

    dktatlow 20.1k followers · 1.4k friends · 8.5k tweets
    Hong Kong-born journalist, MERICS Fellow in Berlin. Previously: SCMP, AP, Die Welt, Deutsche Welle, IHT/New York Times. Mother.
  127. Dionne Searcey

    dionnesearcey 4.5k followers · 951 friends · 2.8k tweets
    New York Times West Africa bureau chief, native Nebraskan.
  128. donofrio

    donofrio 255 followers · 147 friends · 360 tweets
    geek living in New York into photography, occasional welding
  129. Douglas Alteen

    doug_alteen_nyt 1.1k followers · 82 friends · 620 tweets
    New York Times editor handling breaking news on the copy desk. Husband, dad, runner, skier, fair-to-middling hockey player.
  130. Douglas Schorzman

    DougSchorzman 2.8k followers · 447 friends · 801 tweets
    Deputy Asia Editor at The New York Times. Probably eating.
  131. eli m. rosenberg

    emrosenberg 2.5k followers · 1.9k friends · 3k tweets
    New York City reporter for @nytimes. likes are bookmarks, every single time.
  132. Elisabeth Bumiller

    BumillerNYT 7.2k followers · 362 friends · 240 tweets
    New York Times Washington Bureau Chief, former Pentagon and White House reporter, author
  133. elisabetta povoledo

    EPovoledo 4.1k followers · 581 friends · 1.6k tweets
    I am a reporter based in Italy for the International New York Times,
  134. Ellen Barry

    EllenBarryNYT 29.5k followers · 1.9k friends · 12.3k tweets
    NYT International Correspondent, former Delhi and Moscow bureau chief. Retweet ≠ endorsement. Write me at
  135. Emily Bazelon

    emilybazelon 65.5k followers · 537 friends · 7.7k tweets
    Staff writer for the NYT Magazine. Co-host of the Slate Political Gabfest. Author of Sticks and Stones. Truman Capote Fellow at Yale Law School.
  136. Emily Brennan

    BrennanEm 1.6k followers · 309 friends · 677 tweets
    @nytopinion editor, but my firmest views are about food
  137. Emily Steel

    emilysteel 48.6k followers · 4.7k friends · 8.1k tweets
    New York Times. WSJ alumna. FT alumna. Tar Heel. Views are mine. DMs are open.
  138. Emma Cott

    EmmaCottNYT 1.4k followers · 106 friends · 76 tweets
    Video Journalist for The New York Times
  139. Emma G. Fitzsimmons

    emmagf 7.2k followers · 598 friends · 6.5k tweets
    Transit reporter for @nytimes. Texan. Married to @gerryfsmith.
  140. Eric Buth

    ericbuth 904 followers · 493 friends · 4.7k tweets
    Creative researcher at @The_O_C_R. Previously wrote code for the @nytimes.
  141. Eric Lipton

    EricLiptonNYT 109k followers · 801 friends · 14.6k tweets
    Investigative reporter NYT. Helping cover President Trump-without fear or favor. I write about people and power. Transparency matters a lot to me.
  142. Eric Schmitt

    EricSchmittNYT 22.8k followers · 593 friends · 804 tweets
    Senior writer, The New York Times ( covering terrorism and national security issues. Co-author, Counterstrike
  143. Eric Schorr

    JerseySchorr 756 followers · 371 friends · 3.1k tweets
    ☕ I'm not paranoid, this just the default setting. I don't code on Shabbos.
  144. Eric Thayer

    ericthayer 2.4k followers · 1.5k friends · 967 tweets
  145. Erica Goode

    egoode 2.5k followers · 1.7k friends · 272 tweets
    Science writer for New York Times and other publications/visiting professor, S.I. Newhouse School of Communications
  146. Erica L. Green

    EricaLG 12.5k followers · 3.5k friends · 14.8k tweets
    Covering education - the people, policy, politics -- @nytimes. Proud @baltimoresun alum. On leave until Nov, but still tell me stuff:
  147. fahima

    fahima_haque 1.1k followers · 768 friends · 1.5k tweets
    social editor @nytimes slash mfa getter @NewSchoolWrites. former @guardianus @nypost + @washingtonpost. cats are the chocolate chips in the cookie of life.
  148. Farah Assir

    farahassir 1.2k followers · 539 friends · 446 tweets
    Make something everyday. UX at @meetup Formerly of @nytimes.
  149. Farhad Manjoo (feat. Drake)

    fmanjoo 167k followers · 4k friends · 130k tweets
    NYT. DMs are open. signal: 4156836738. Instagram/Snapchat: fmanjoo
  150. Florence Fabricant

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