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  1. Betty Sue

    FamilyGiggles 5k followers · 3.4k friends · 7.8k tweets
    I'm a mumpreneur who loves cooking, living a healthy lifestyle, & funny things children say. Fan of fitness, gardening & natural products.
  2. eatdrinklivewell

    eatdrinklivewel 2.3k followers · 1.3k friends · 2.7k tweets
    Nutritional Therapists and Functional Medicine Practitioners Emma and Caroline. Passionate about using food as medicine.
  3. Healthy Perspective

    JanMinihane 5.7k followers · 3.5k friends · 39.7k tweets
    Spreading the #paleo #primal lifestyle word 1 tweet at a time & via - mum of 3 awesome boys & organiser of @ukpaleoawards
  4. Jo Webster

    wondergut 178 followers · 295 friends · 611 tweets
    Ex lawyer, practising mother and microbe lover. Exporing the magic of our microbiome and how we can better care for it.
  5. LoveSparrow ❤️

    alovesparrow 8.8k followers · 9.2k friends · 272 tweets
    Welcome to Love Sparrow ❤️ Social dating website, zine and mobile app for like-minded individuals. Free VIP membership for pre-launch sign-ups until Sep 17.
  6. Sam Hadadi

    samantha_hadadi 5.4k followers · 781 friends · 46.3k tweets
    Freelance health and food journalist / recipe developer. Professional nut butter addict, fitness & sports fan, lover of good food, mum of 3.
  1. The Gut Stuff

    TheGutStuff 2.6k followers · 619 friends · 3.7k tweets
    Your one stop shop for everything #guthealth! Visit our website 👇🏼for more info✨
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