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    amcadegames 10.1k followers · 6.5k friends · 735 tweets
    Video game business & marketing consultancy working with AAA, indie and #VR dev studios to help their games succeed. Sucker for cute gifs and cat games.
  2. App Touch Games

    MobileAppGamer 4.4k followers · 2.9k friends · 368 tweets #Gamer Digital Market📱News in #Technology and #Apps 🕹️ #Games inspirational 💡#Reviews #Indiegame #indiedev #Gamedev #Developer
  3. Austin Hourigan

    arhourigan 7.7k followers · 850 friends · 61.5k tweets
    NSFW. Mad SCIENTIST producer at the Game Theorists. Care too much about Harry Potter. Blacks Matter. email:
  4. BasedGamer

    BasedGamerTeam 4.3k followers · 4k friends · 3.9k tweets
    BasedGamer empowers the gamer to create extraordinary game reviews and opinion pieces. Sign up to!
  5. Bigosaur

    Bigosaur 2.1k followers · 2k friends · 210 tweets
    Indie game developer ★ Drone Invaders ★ Seeders ★ A New Life ★ My Mom is a Witch:
  6. Bloodstained: RotN

    SwordOrWhip 24.3k followers · 7 friends · 328 tweets
    The official Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Twitter account. Welcome to the Army of the Night #Igavania
  7. Boogie2988

    Boogie2988 547k followers · 1.3k friends · 54.9k tweets
    I make internets. Mostly I make Youtube video and Twitch Streams. You likely know me better as my angry lisping character Francis. Also, Vidya Gaemz.
  8. Daniel Floyd

    EC_DanielFloyd 28.2k followers · 345 friends · 10.4k tweets
    Animator (and the high-pitched talky guy from Extra Credits)
  9. Danny O'Dwyer

    dannyodwyer 76.1k followers · 870 friends · 65.9k tweets
    That Irish guy who makes crowdfunded documentaries about video games. Watch them @NoClipVideo. Previously seen on GS, GB & KF. dannyodwyer on YT / Twitch
  10. Dodger

    dexbonus 432k followers · 752 friends · 32.5k tweets
    Nerdlord, Weeb, YouTuber, Streamer, Cat Mom, Food Goblin! ❤️@strippin ❤Business email:
  11. Edward Castor

    CastorEdward 111k followers · 86.1k friends · 67.7k tweets
    Personal account for @ComputerFiguur founder of the @CFN_Gaming project - likes #IndieGame and support #IndieDev/#GameDev - hello! :)
  12. Extra Credits

    ExtraCreditz 48.4k followers · 51 friends · 8.4k tweets
    Because Games Matter.
  13. Game Designer World

    LoveDesignGame 379 followers · 1.9k friends · 968 tweets
    Follow us for more News, Tips, Tricks, Tools, Knowledge...about Game design. #GameDesignerWorld #GameDesign #unity
  14. Games Done Quick

    GamesDoneQuick 112k followers · 119 friends · 13.3k tweets
    Video game marathons featuring high-level play by speedrunners raising money for charity. #SGDQ2017: July 2-9, 2017!
  15. Gamevice

    Gamevice 4.5k followers · 2k friends · 2.5k tweets
    Legit console controls for Mobile Console Gaming. But which iOS games are controller compatible? We got your back! Download our free app
  16. Gus the Shark

    gustshark 4.4k followers · 5.3k friends · 169 tweets
    Just an average everyday normal game developer who is totally not a shark.
  17. Indie Reborn

    IndieReborn 245 followers · 555 friends · 83 tweets
    Welcome to Indie Reborn. We provide tutorials and speed art on Graphic Design, Game Art, Coding and More! For Everything Indie check out our channel!
  18. Inside Out Gaming

    Ins_Out_Gaming 48.5k followers · 46.6k friends · 4.4k tweets
    News and opinions about #retro #arcade #emulation and modern day #gaming. From the perspective of #gamedevs and #gamers.
  19. Jesse Cox

    JesseCox 412k followers · 338 friends · 34.6k tweets
    Puckish Rogue. General Nuisance.

    JMMREVIEW 13.2k followers · 9.7k friends · 2.9k tweets
    I'm an N64 gamer at heart but these days I relive old games on my Xbox and PC. Also a huge fan of survival horror games and all things zombie!
  21. Joe Vargas

    AngryJoeShow 284k followers · 649 friends · 34.2k tweets
    You Watch Videos, so I make some for you to Watch. Youtube: Email:
  22. John Bain is now only available in $5 lootboxes

    Totalbiscuit 717k followers · 199 friends · 124k tweets
    TotalBiscuit's personal Twitter, for retweeting dogs and my personal opinion, games or otherwise. @cynicalbrit for no opinions. Inquiries
  23. John Romero

    romero 99.5k followers · 666 friends · 6.5k tweets
    Speaking inquiries: Game designer, programmer, etc. Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM, Quake, Dangerous Dave, Keen, Daikatana, Heretic, Hexen + more.
  24. Leon Guest 📸

    LeonGuest 1.4k followers · 1.2k friends · 1.1k tweets
    Freelance Photographer & Creative Thinker / Affiliated with @XGamerEnergy -
  25. linux gamer

    linux_games_me 7.3k followers · 4.6k friends · 4.6k tweets
    i love gaming and i'm promoting linux | mac games #linux #gaming #mac
  26. Online Courses

    gotocoupontoday 6.9k followers · 6.3k friends · 194 tweets
    #onlinecourses #coupons #onlineclasses #webdevelopment #webdesign #graphicdesign #affiliatemarketing #onlinelearning #onlinecolleges #skillshare #gamedesigning
  27. OwlsoFun -MemoryGame

    laideGamers 842 followers · 1.7k friends · 313 tweets
    Indie Game Developer / Start-Up Based in Adelaide South Australia #radelaide
  28. Political Suicide

    Pol_Suicide 4k followers · 3.8k friends · 1.2k tweets
    Political Suicide is a comedy card game built around the most suicidal politicians: Bush, Trump, Clinton & Nixon! Wholesalers email:
  29. Ragiva Games

    RagivaGames 7.1k followers · 4.4k friends · 600 tweets
    🎮 Indie Game Developers From Around The World
  30. RunningWithScissors

    RWSbleeter 11.6k followers · 217 friends · 8.4k tweets
    We develop outrageous games just for the hell of it, and we regret nothing!
  31. s0da

    s0da 269 followers · 311 friends · 469 tweets
    Game maker. Story lover. Synthwabilly.
  32. Sean Beeson Composer

    SeanBeeson 1.1M followers · 780k friends · 3.8k tweets
    I am a composer who writes music for games, film, and multimedia! My piano music has been listened to over 70 million times on YouTube.
  33. spinning #VR

    spinningVR 17k followers · 13k friends · 28.6k tweets
    #VR news, #Gaming posts, fun insights, and some updates on our sky diving, puzzle solving, story driven game #VRGame
  34. TopHat Gaming

    TopHatGamingMan 14k followers · 482 friends · 8k tweets
    A man in a Top Hat and a Moustache reviews rare video games in his massive collection. Appreciate the finer things in life.
  35. Trafalgar Soft

    TrafalgarSoft 9.3k followers · 4.2k friends · 2.6k tweets
    Trafalgar Soft is a game development company, always looking for fun way to create a game and entertaining good games
  36. VeraRacing

    Vera_racing 2.6k followers · 2.9k friends · 37 tweets
    #MultiPlayer #IndieGame developing by VERAGAMING (@Vera_play). Follow us to be kept informed of our news!
  37. Vonshell Morgan ♿️

    Realvonshell 144k followers · 124k friends · 46.5k tweets
    YouTuber born with #CerebralPalsy can't walk but I'm trying to run to my dreams if possible.
  38. WereCoder

    WereCoder 10.9k followers · 11k friends · 437 tweets
    Former AAA #GameDev (Borderlands, Evil Dead, Aliens, Section 8), now Solo #IndieDev @AmplectiChao. Currently building a ProcGen Sci-Fi FPS codenamed Dionysus.
  1. Code Gears

    _CodeGears_ 535 followers · 503 friends · 2.9k tweets
    Code Gears is your specialist for #Apple, #Web, #Dev, #Server, #Network, #Design and #Print ... We build solutions for everyone & every need AND WE LOVE IT!
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