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  1. 24/7 Wall St.

    247WallSt 195k followers · 218 friends · 47.2k tweets
    Daily tweets from editors @jonogg & @dougmcintyre and updates from 24/7 Wall St.
  2. Ad Age

    adage 979k followers · 12k friends · 87.9k tweets
    Ad Age is a daily must-read for an influential audience of decision makers and disruptors across the marketing and media landscape.
  3. BBC Click

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    The BBC's flagship tech show. Presented by @Spenley. Tweet us or include #BBCClick in tweets. Transmission times here -
  4. BBC Politics

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    The official account for political news from the BBC team based at Westminster
  5. BBC Radio 4 Today

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    @BBCRadio4 flagship news programme, on air 6-9am weekdays and 7-9am on Saturday. Talk about the programme #r4today
  6. BBC Science News

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    News, features and analysis from the BBC Science & Environment news desk.
  7. BI Tech

    SAI 1.4M followers · 67 friends · 153k tweets
    The latest tech news from @BusinessInsider.
  8. Bill Gates

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    Sharing things I'm learning through my foundation work and other interests...
  9. Bloomberg

    business 4.7M followers · 1.1k friends · 325k tweets
    The first word in business news.
  10. Bloomberg LP

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    Connecting decision makers to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas.
  11. Breaking News

    BreakingNews 9.5M followers · 559 friends · 101k tweets
  12. Bupa

    Bupa 11.5k followers · 805 friends · 3.1k tweets
    Bupa's purpose is helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives. Here you'll find us sharing stories about our people, customers and business performance
  13. Business News

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    Business news in publishing, media and more from The Write News
  14. BuzzFeed UK

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    British buzz. Tweets by @DionneGrant. Find us on Facebook:
  15. CERN

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    #CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is the world's largest particle physics lab. #WhatsUpLHC #IWorkAtCERN French: @CERN_FR
  16. Channel 4 News

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    Stories that reveal and inspire, challenging expectations.
  17. Charles Read

    EconCharlesRead 9.6k followers · 462 friends · 1k tweets
    Economic historian and journalist
  18. ChicagoFed

    ChicagoFed 69.3k followers · 523 friends · 9.1k tweets
    The Seventh Federal Reserve District and Money Smart Week®. Terms of Use: We reserve the right to report posts that include profanity or spam or are off topic.
  19. CNBC

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    First in Business Worldwide
  20. CNN

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    It’s our job to #GoThere & tell the most difficult stories. Join us! For more breaking news updates follow @CNNBRK & Download our app 📲

    congressorg 33.7k followers · 1.1k friends · 8.1k tweets
    A non-partisan website dedicated to building a knowledge base for professionals wishing to better educate and engage their communities.
  22. CQ

    CQRollCall 6.8k followers · 562 friends · 6.4k tweets
    Corporate handle for CQ, the premier source for Congressional news, analysis, & tracking, essential intelligence, & advocacy & engagement solutions.
  23. CQ Now

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    News and intelligence from the CQ newsroom — placing you inside the halls of the Capitol one tweet at a time.
  24. CSPAN

    cspan 1.8M followers · 8.8k friends · 33.1k tweets
    Capitol Hill. The White House. National Politics.
  25. Dan Rosenheck

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    Data editor and sports editor, The Economist. Wine writer, 1843. Gramercy → Southwark. Rootless cosmopolitan.
  26. Daniel Lin

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    A heartbreaking waste of human capital
  27. Digg Science

    DiggScience 213k followers · 0 friends · 10.1k tweets

    DRUDGE_REPORT 1.3M followers · 2 friends · 215k tweets
    The DRUDGE REPORT is a U.S. based news aggregation website run by Matt Drudge(@DRUDGE).
  29. econdiscuss

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    The Economist's official Twitter channel for discussions on topical issues and events
  30. Economist Media

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    Information from The Economist's comms team and press office. Follow @TheEconomist for official newspaper feed. Latest announcements:
  31. Economist Offers

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    Bringing you the best subscription offers from The Economist. To subscribe go to:
  32. Economist Radio

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    The Economist in Audio
  33. EIU Perspectives

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    The official Twitter account for EIU Perspectives, sharing forward-looking perspectives from The Economist Intelligence Unit's Thought Leadership division.
  34. EIU Retail/Consumer

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    Official Twitter account of The Economist Intelligence Unit's retail, consumer and FMCG team.
  35. Elon Musk

    elonmusk 20.4M followers · 48 friends · 4k tweets
  36. errol barnett

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    dc correspondent @cbsnews • fmr @cnni • @ucla alum • snap @errolbarnett • •
  37. Finance News

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    Tweets by FT companies editor @brookeamasters and her team. Our customer service team is @FTcare.
  38. Financial Times

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    Financial Times headlines as they’re published on For a curated feed of our journalism, follow @financialtimes
  39. Forbes

    Forbes 14.6M followers · 5.7k friends · 177k tweets
    Official Twitter account of, homepage for the world's business leaders.

    FortuneMagazine 2.3M followers · 452 friends · 161k tweets
    Defining design, arresting photography, and award-winning writing for those who want to succeed in business and in life.
  41. Freakonomics

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    The hidden side of everything: books, blog, podcasts, etc. Subscribe to 'Freakonomics Radio' on Apple Podcasts, and our newest podcast, @TMSIDK_Show
  42. FT Alphaville

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    Instant market insight from the FT. This account is a feed of our posts. For the musings, and (occasional) rants, of the Alphaville team, pls follow @ftalpha.
  43. FT Technology News

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    Financial Times technology news. Our customer service team is @FTcare.
  44. Good Judgment Inc

    superforecaster 4.2k followers · 1.1k friends · 1.5k tweets
    Delivering insights into global challenges through the science and art of #Superforecasting. Test your forecasting prowess at
  45. Google

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    News and updates from Google
  46. Guardian news

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    The need for independent journalism has never been greater. Become a Guardian supporter:
  47. Guardian Science

    guardianscience 1.1M followers · 2.2k friends · 35.5k tweets
    Science, health and environment news from the @Guardian. Plus, independent comment and analysis from our network of expert science bloggers
  48. Guardian Tech

    guardiantech 2.7M followers · 22.6k friends · 30.9k tweets
    News and comment from the @Guardian's technology team
  49. Haley Cohen

    hco96 5.2k followers · 1.8k friends · 4.8k tweets
    Reporter @TheEconomist covering the American West. Published in @VanityFair, @CalSunday, @ForeignPolicy etc. Formerly based in Argentina and London.
  50. Harvard Biz Review

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    The leading destination for smart management thinking. Click here to subscribe:
  51. Helen Joyce

    HJJoyceEcon 8.2k followers · 385 friends · 9.7k tweets
    Radical centrist, Continuity Remainer, citizen of nowhere, saboteur. The Economist's Finance editor. I tweet about Brexit, Brazil - & other stuff.
  52. HuffPost Politics

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    The latest political news from HuffPost's politics team.
  53. jack

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  54. James Astill

    JamesMAstill 10.2k followers · 718 friends · 2k tweets
    Lexington columnist at The Economist. Author of The Great Tamasha, a book about India and cricket
  55. James Tozer

    JCDTozer 1k followers · 561 friends · 1.2k tweets
    Data analyst for @TheEconomist, and contributor to @EconCulture and @EconSports. Daft opinions generally my own.
  56. jimmy fallon

    jimmyfallon 50.7M followers · 7.8k friends · 10.5k tweets
  57. John Colucci

    johncolucci 9.4k followers · 1.4k friends · 49.8k tweets
    Valerie Cherish Stan. @WeAreSinclair Social Media Director. Exes: NJ, CA, @engadget @virginamerica. 🏳️‍🌈
  58. Kevin Kal Kallaugher

    kaltoons 13.4k followers · 503 friends · 2.3k tweets
    Editorial cartoonist, animator and satirist. With The Economist for 40 yrs,The Sun for 23. Loves the ancient mighty pen.
  59. Khaya Dlanga

    khayadlanga 360k followers · 1.6k friends · 144k tweets
    Leader of the People's Army Against Typo Nazis. Author of To Quote Myself. Alan Paton Prize Shortlist for literature. Marketeer. Never eats black jelly babies.
  60. Lawrence H. Summers

    LHSummers 111k followers · 555 friends · 3.7k tweets
    Charles W. Eliot Professor and President Emeritus at Harvard. Secretary of the Treasury for President Clinton and the Director of the NEC for President Obama.
  61. Library of Congress

    librarycongress 1.2M followers · 10 friends · 14k tweets
    World’s largest library. Explore collections, services & plan a visit. Follow @LibnOfCongress to meet Carla Hayden, 14th Librarian of Congress.
  62. Los Angeles Times

    latimes 3.2M followers · 10.6k friends · 192k tweets
    News from Los Angeles and the world. Staffed by editors.
  63. Lynn de Rothschild

    LdeRothschild 20.8k followers · 75 friends · 7k tweets
    CEO of E.L. Rothschild; Co-Founder, Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism;views expressed on Twitter are my own
  64. MarketWatch

    MarketWatch 3.6M followers · 189 friends · 219k tweets
    News, personal finance & commentary from MarketWatch.
  65. Media Guardian

    mediaguardian 530k followers · 120 friends · 60.7k tweets
    News, comment and analysis from the @Guardian's media team
  66. UK print

    minfoUKprint 10.8k followers · 1 friend · 103k tweets
    The latest print journalism news about UK newspapers and magazines from
  67. Medium

    Medium 2.3M followers · 81 friends · 20.7k tweets
    Words matter. Learn more at For support go to @MediumSupport.
  68. Metis Facility

    MetisFacility 756 followers · 56 friends · 6.5k tweets
    Strategic Research and Consulting Group
  69. Michael Brunt

    michaelbrunt 4.3k followers · 1k friends · 836 tweets
    Chief Marketing Officer & MD, Circulation at The Economist. Posting mainly marketing and LGBT stuff; all views are my own.
  70. MSNBC

    MSNBC 2M followers · 571 friends · 128k tweets
    The place for in-depth analysis, political commentary and informed perspectives. Questions? Tweet to @Farrashley. Find us on Snapchat: msnbc
  71. NASA Kennedy / KSC

    NASAKennedy 1.4M followers · 203 friends · 12k tweets
    Official Tweets from NASA's Kennedy Space Center
  72. Nasdaq

    Nasdaq 509k followers · 7k friends · 31.6k tweets
    At Nasdaq, we're relentlessly reimagining the markets of today. Not by chasing the possibilities of tomorrow, but by creating them. ✍️ #RewriteTomorrow
  73. Natasha Loder

    natashaloder 8.4k followers · 3k friends · 9k tweets
    Healthcare Correspondent, The Economist. Opinions=own. Like the cartoons here:
  74. National Geographic

    NatGeo 22.3M followers · 37 friends · 42k tweets
    Since its inception nearly 130 years ago, the core purpose of National Geographic has been to further the knowledge and awareness of our world.
  75. Nature News & Comment

    NatureNews 1.9M followers · 3.7k friends · 48.1k tweets
    Science news & opinion from the news team at Nature, the international journal of #science. Get our daily newsletter:
  76. NBC News Business

    NBCNewsBusiness 383k followers · 379 friends · 38.9k tweets
    Breaking news and analysis of the economy, the business world, stocks, and autos from @NBCNews.
  77. Neeraj Kumar Singal

    nksingal 7.7k followers · 7.8k friends · 22k tweets
    #Entrepreneur #Rail #Defense #Auto #ElectricVehicle #LifeCoach #Strategy #BusinessModels #Investor #Startup #Futuristic #AI #VR #Blockchain @MIT @HBSAlumni @YPO
  78. New York Times World

    nytimesworld 1.9M followers · 503 friends · 204k tweets
    World news from The New York Times. Follow our journalists here:
  79. News leads for press

    pressreleases 15.4k followers · 16.9k friends · 18.2k tweets
    Journalists - sign up for free PR alerts PRs - publish your press releases directly to journalists Tel: 01273 384293
  80. Newsweek

    Newsweek 3.4M followers · 235 friends · 141k tweets
    Stay relevant. News and analysis on politics, science, technology, and culture.
  81. Nick Owen

    n1ck0wen 3.5k followers · 779 friends · 2.7k tweets
    Indonesia correspondent @TheEconomist. Previously, Southeast Asia chief economics correspondent @Reuters and Asia editor @TheEIU. Views mine not my employer's.
  82. Nightline

    Nightline 1.4M followers · 467 friends · 41k tweets
    @ABC News Nightline anchored by @JujuChangABC, @danbharris and @byronpitts 12:35am ET.
  83. NowThis

    nowthisnews 1.9M followers · 12.5k friends · 91.8k tweets
    Stories that move.
  84. NPR

    NPR 7.5M followers · 72.2k friends · 146k tweets
    News. Arts & Life. Music. Everything and more from NPR. 🕵️ Securely send us news tips:
  85. NPR's Planet Money

    planetmoney 354k followers · 410 friends · 10.9k tweets
    Your global economy, explained. Email us Subscribe to our twice weekly podcast in iTunes.
  86. NYT Business

    nytimesbusiness 796k followers · 389 friends · 175k tweets
    Financial, tech, media and other business news from The New York Times.
  87. NYT Science

    NYTScience 1.2M followers · 472 friends · 48.4k tweets
    Science, Medicine, Environment, Space and Cosmos. Sync your calendar with the solar system:
  88. Panorama 🌐

    BBCPanorama 76.1k followers · 1.2k friends · 3.9k tweets
    The world's longest running investigative TV show. #BBCPanorama Facebook
  89. Paul Blackthorne

    PaulBlackthorne 217k followers · 317 friends · 3.3k tweets
    actor/filmmaker/picturetaker/swimmer/lover of live wild animals
  90. PBS NewsHour

    NewsHour 993k followers · 127k friends · 125k tweets
    PBS NewsHour is one of the most trusted news programs on TV and online.
  91. Pew Research Fact Tank

    FactTank 94.3k followers · 755 friends · 27.2k tweets
    A blog from @pewresearch writers, pollsters & demographers. We find the news in the numbers. Tweeting about polls, data, econ, demographics and more.
  92. Rachel Lloyd

    rachelsllloyd 1.2k followers · 1.3k friends · 2.8k tweets
    Assistant editor, Books & Arts @TheEconomist. Opinions my own, etc.
  93. Real Time Economics

    WSJecon 790k followers · 96 friends · 51.7k tweets
    Economic insight from The Wall Street Journal. Want more? Sign up for our daily Real Time Economics newsletter:
  94. Reuters Business

    ReutersBiz 2M followers · 236 friends · 148k tweets
    Top business news around the world. Join us @Reuters, @breakingviews, @ReutersGMF
  95. Reuters Science News

    ReutersScience 961k followers · 0 friends · 23.2k tweets
    From newly charted astronomical anomalies at the far reaches of the universe to the rise of nanotechnology, nobody covers science like
  96. Reuters Top News

    Reuters 19.5M followers · 1.1k friends · 259k tweets
    Top and breaking news, pictures, and videos from Reuters.
  97. Richard Branson

    richardbranson 12.3M followers · 3.8k friends · 19.6k tweets
    Tie-loathing adventurer, philanthropist & troublemaker, who believes in turning ideas into reality. Otherwise known as Dr Yes at @virgin!
  98. RISE

    RISEConfHQ 11.1k followers · 419 friends · 2k tweets
    #RISEConf: The first major tech conference in Asia by the people who brought you @WebSummit. Get a 2 for 1 discount code for 2018:
  99. robert shrimsley

    robertshrimsley 17.1k followers · 649 friends · 7.8k tweets
    Editorial director, Financial Times. Fed up with the hatred and bigotry on Twitter. Seeing if Nuzzel is better.
  100. Robin Bew

    RobinBew 25.3k followers · 2.2k friends · 11.3k tweets
    Managing Director of The Economist Intelligence Unit. Expert on global economy, world business environment & industry trends.
  101. Roll Call

    rollcall 358k followers · 1.2k friends · 89.7k tweets
    Breaking news, reporter tweets and analysis from the Source for News on Capitol Hill since 1955.
  102. Roll Call Politics

    rollcallpols 130k followers · 665 friends · 43.2k tweets
    The original leader in Congressional campaign political coverage. More from @RollCall's @EricMGarcia, @SFPathe, @Alex_Roarty and @EYokley.
  103. Ryan Avent

    ryanavent 35.3k followers · 622 friends · 15.2k tweets
    Economics columnist, The Economist. My book, The Wealth of Humans, is available now.
  104. Salon

    Salon 1M followers · 6k friends · 187k tweets
    The original online source for news, politics and entertainment. Got questions? Send a tweet to @josephneese or @shiratarlo. We’re on Instagram: salonofficial
  105. science

    science 936k followers · 149 friends · 6.3k tweets
    Science and space news from Writers Write's Science, Space & Robots.
  106. Scientific American

    sciam 3.5M followers · 523 friends · 57.6k tweets
    Awesome discoveries. Expert insights. Science that shapes the world.
  107. SCMP infographics

    SCMPgraphics 3.4k followers · 354 friends · 1.7k tweets
    Graphics team at South China Morning Post @SCMP_News
  108. ST Foreign Desk

    STForeignDesk 39.7k followers · 115 friends · 108k tweets
    The Straits Times Foreign Desk brings you news about the rest of the world. Follow us for live tweeting of major events.
  109. Steve Kalifowitz

    skalifowitz 3.7k followers · 1.5k friends · 15.9k tweets
    Director of Brand Strategy @Twitter jAPAC, helping brands create impact on & offline."Discovery & invention can be the same, especially as it relates to urself"
  110. TED Talks

    TEDTalks 11M followers · 558 friends · 26.7k tweets
    Official tweets by Ideas worth spreading.
  111. The Associated Press

    AP 12.5M followers · 7.2k friends · 207k tweets
    News from The Associated Press, and a taste of the great journalism produced by AP members and customers. Managed 24/7 by these editors:
  112. The Economist

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    Official tweets from The Economist's US correspondents
  113. The Economist

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    One of The Economist's official accounts. Follow for news about Europe.
  114. The Economist

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    Follow this official Economist account for global economic news, analysis and opinion
  115. The Economist

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    Official daily charts from The Economist
  116. The Economist

    EconCulture 71.2k followers · 214 friends · 28k tweets
    Official Economist account for analysis and debate about books, arts and culture
  117. The Economist

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    Official account for The Economist on the Americas
  118. The Economist

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    Official posts from The Economist on Business, Finance and Economics. Subscribe to our Money Talks podcast here
  119. The Economist

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    Follow for news on Britain from The Economist. For all our Brexit coverage:
  120. The Economist

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    Official Economist account for news and analysis on Science and Technology. Subscribe to our podcast here
  121. The Economist

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    Official Economist account for news and analysis from the Asian region
  122. The Economist 1843

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    @TheEconomist's magazine of ideas, lifestyle and culture. Follow us and
  123. The Economist Events

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    The official account for The Economist Events. Follow us for the latest events news plus business critical insights and opinions.
  124. The Economist Intelligence Unit

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    The Economist Intelligence Unit (The EIU) is the research and analysis division of The Economist Group and the world leader in global business intelligence.
  125. The Economist, Once

    EconomistOnce 45.2k followers · 1 friend · 5.3k tweets
  126. The EIU Asia team

    TheEIU_Asia 9.5k followers · 273 friends · 6.2k tweets
    Official tweets from The Economist Intelligence Unit. This account is managed by analysts to filter info we think is important in Asia.
  127. The EIU Europe

    TheEIU_Europe 19.8k followers · 473 friends · 5.7k tweets
    Official tweets from the Economist Intelligence Unit's team of analysts, giving our take on what's happening in Europe.
  128. The Hill

    thehill 3M followers · 907 friends · 413k tweets
    The Hill is the premier source for policy and political news. Follow for tweets on what's happening in Washington, breaking news and retweets of our reporters.
  129. The Lex Column

    FTLex 67.1k followers · 78 friends · 12.4k tweets
    Lex is the FT's agenda-setting column on business and finance. Our customer service team is @FTcare.
  130. The Washington Times

    WashTimes 333k followers · 1.8k friends · 167k tweets
    Official Twitter Account for The Washington Times
  131. The White House

    WhiteHouse 16.8M followers · 12 friends · 3.5k tweets
    Welcome to @WhiteHouse! Follow for the latest from President @realDonaldTrump and his Administration. Tweets may be archived:
  132. The World In 2016

    EconWorldIn 22.4k followers · 226 friends · 4.2k tweets
  133. TIME

    TIME 15.4M followers · 843 friends · 275k tweets
    Breaking news and current events from around the globe. Hosted by TIME staff. Tweet questions to our customer service team @TIMEmag_Service.
  134. Tom Nuttall

    tom_nuttall 19.8k followers · 792 friends · 12.1k tweets
    Charlemagne columnist, the Economist, covering European politics/econ. Formerly of Los Angeles & London. Read my special report on refugees:
  135. Trend Hunter

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    Helping brands find better ideas, faster. Follow @trend_reports for #THinsights content. Producer of Trend Hunter #FutureFestival. World's #1 trend firm.
  136. United Nations

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    Official account of #UnitedNations. Get latest information on the UN. Follow us on Instagram: unitednations. #GlobalGoals #StandUp4HumanRights
  137. ur seester

    astrophysicist 69 followers · 218 friends · 7.9k tweets
    the worst. the literal worst.
  138. USA TODAY

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    The latest news and most interesting stories from USA TODAY. News that's meant to be shared.
  139. USA TODAY Money

    USATODAYmoney 456k followers · 1.5k friends · 89.6k tweets
    Latest news about financial markets, the economy, business, corporations, and personal finance, from USA TODAY.
  140. USGS

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    Science is only a tweet away. Tweets do not = endorsement: (Contact:
  141. Washington Post

    washingtonpost 12.2M followers · 1.5k friends · 261k tweets
    Tweet-length breaking news, analysis from around the world. Founded in 1877. Follow our journalists on Twitter:
  142. White House Archived

    ObamaWhiteHouse 13.9M followers · 232 friends · 28.4k tweets
    This is an archive of an Obama Administration account maintained by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).
  143. WILDE Network

    WILDENetwork 788 followers · 252 friends · 95 tweets
    Workplace Inclusion of LGBT Diversity at The Economist - Our network for LGBT staff and allies!
  144. WIRED

    WIRED 10.4M followers · 310 friends · 89.3k tweets
    WIRED is where tomorrow is realized.
  145. WIRED Science

    WIREDScience 2.1M followers · 140 friends · 9.9k tweets
    Bringing the radiothermally generated heat. The team: @KatieMPalmer, @JetJocko, @MeganMolteni, and @MrMattSimon.
  146. World Economic Forum

    wef 3.3M followers · 345 friends · 114k tweets
    The international organization for public private cooperation. Follow us for research, insight and analysis on global issues
  147. Write News

    writenews 197k followers · 431 friends · 2.7k tweets
    Business news, breaking news, media news and more from
  148. WSJ Breaking News

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    Breaking news from The Wall Street Journal.
  149. WSJ Business News

    WSJbusiness 1.5M followers · 396 friends · 66.2k tweets
    The Wall Street Journal's Business editors share the latest breaking news and their insights on what matters most in business and finance.
  150. Zanny Minton Beddoes

    zannymb 29.1k followers · 281 friends · 475 tweets
    Editor, The Economist
  1. Osman S

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