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  1. alan shimel

    ashimmy 4.8k followers · 800 friends · 4.7k tweets
    DevOps, Security, Open Source, Tech, Business, Writer, old dude
  2. Andi Mann

    AndiMann 16.5k followers · 952 friends · 60.7k tweets
    Global Digital Business Executive - strategist, technologist, innovator, marketer, communicator, student, teacher, author, b'baller, cyclist, cook, skier, ...
  3. Anne Thomas

    AnneWoof 2.3k followers · 754 friends · 8.4k tweets
    IT industry analyst. Beach bum. Chessie rescue volunteer. Thrower of tennis balls.
  4. Bohdan Zabawskyj

    bzaba 11.4k followers · 2.9k friends · 7.4k tweets
    Serial #CTO Co-Founder @fortayapp #Leader #Advisor #companyculture #HRTech #machinelearning #AI #diversity
  5. Cameron Haight

    camhaight 2.3k followers · 337 friends · 584 tweets
    VMware VP & CTO, Americas | Thankful son | Grateful husband | Proud father | Lucky Texan
  6. Chris Preimesberger

    editingwhiz 10k followers · 1k friends · 17k tweets
    Editor, Features & Analysis at eWEEK, covering IT business/innovation since 1995 & NCAA hoops for The AP since 1983. Creator of eWEEK Innovation site.
  7. Chris Riley ☁

    HoardingInfo 4k followers · 976 friends · 17.1k tweets
    editor @sweetcodehq - bad coder, judgemental & aspiring apathetic visionary and/or futurist
  8. Christopher Kusek

    cxi 23.7k followers · 25.6k friends · 103k tweets
    CTO @Xiologix Tech Evangelist, vExpert, EMCElect, Cisco Champion, Google Insider, Cloud, Ninja, Vegan, Single, Father, Cat, Humorist, Author, Researcher, Taco
  9. Christopher Mines

    chrismines 1.9k followers · 637 friends · 3k tweets
    Some #Forrester stuff here. Also tweets about politics, sports, and family.
  10. Damon Edwards

    damonedwards 13k followers · 526 friends · 2.4k tweets
    DevOps, IT operations, and improving how businesses operate is my thing. Rundeck is where I work.
  11. Dan Twing

    dtwing 14.2k followers · 11.2k friends · 10.8k tweets
    President & COO @EMA_Research. Market Research, Competitive Intel, Market Sizing #Cloud, #Containers, #Blockchain, #Security, #DevOps, #BigData, #Analytics
  12. Dave West

    DavidJWest 2.3k followers · 356 friends · 1.2k tweets
    Product Owner
  13. DavidLinthicum

    DavidLinthicum 36.3k followers · 4k friends · 18.6k tweets
    Cloud Computing visionary. CTO, CEO, executive, blogger, speaker, best selling author.
  14. Debra Ruh

    debraruh 172k followers · 168k friends · 232k tweets
    #CEO @RuhGlobal Help #Brands w #Disability #Inclusion #Accessibility Host #HumanPotential @Work & @AXSChat @StateDept Global #Speaker, #Consultant for @UN @ILO
  15. Dominic Erdtmann

    elMachik0 79 followers · 103 friends · 180 tweets
    Sales Consultant for Enterprise Software Interested in DevOps, Continuous Delivery, IT Automation, Workload Automation. Crazy about food and Gin ;-)
  16. Donovan Brown

    DonovanBrown 8.7k followers · 379 friends · 8k tweets
    Principal DevOps Manager of the #LoECDA, @Microsoft for #VSTS and #Azure but these are my opinions.
  17. Dr Milos Milojevic

    1MilosMilojevic 2.2k followers · 4.1k friends · 5.1k tweets
    Industry Analyst Digital, IoT & AI @CXPgroup lead UK Manufacturing & Transport practice; venture capital; digital innovation; #PhD from @CityUniLondon
  18. Dr Nic

    drnic 13.6k followers · 561 friends · 36.6k tweets
    Cloud Foundry, BOSH and a world of Ops knowledge and humor. CEO of Stark & Wayne.
  19. Dr. Althea Champagnie

    Champagnie 111k followers · 28k friends · 28k tweets
    Ph.D. Eng. @Microsoft on #interop. #Scifi geek passionate abt giving back, #education #science #technology #innovation #DevOps #IoT Jamaica. Personal account.
  20. Drue Reeves

    dreeves1 3.5k followers · 1.4k friends · 3.1k tweets
    VP & Distinguished Analyst @ Gartner. Covering #IoT, #Cloud, #Analytics, & Data Mgmt. Sports fan, gym rat, husband, father of 3, disciple of #Christ
  21. E.G.Nadhan

    NadhanEG 2.3k followers · 527 friends · 23.6k tweets
    E.G.Nadhan, Chief Technology Strategist, Red Hat. Innovative IT Strategist for driving Cloud Transformation using DevOps
  22. Ed Blankenship

    edblankenship 3.6k followers · 1.2k friends · 9.1k tweets
    Head of Product @Algorithmia (DevOps for AI) | Former Product Manager @Microsoft: #DevOps, Developer SaaS | Speaker, author, @UW MBA alum, and swimmer 🏊🏼‍♂️
  23. Ed Kwedar

    EdKwedar 14.3k followers · 13.4k friends · 25.2k tweets
    #Technology #Cloud #IoT #BigData #DevOps #Healthcare #ML #CyberSecurity #DigitalMarketing #AI #M2M #Analytics #Blockchain #FinTech
  24. Eric Knipp

    erichknipp 2.4k followers · 2.2k friends · 4.7k tweets
    German by blood, Texan by birth. IT Analyst. Catholic. Father of three. My tweets are my own and I only follow actual people.
  25. ericlandes

    ericlandes 828 followers · 575 friends · 3.5k tweets
    An Agile, Lean software dev enthusiast, agile coach, Christ follower, Husband, Father, not in order of importance.
  26. Fin Goulding

    fgoulding 1.9k followers · 1.3k friends · 8.3k tweets
    Aviva's International CIO & Author of Flow #MarathonRunner #Flow #Agile, #Lean, #KanBan, #DevOps, #ContinuousEngineering #Disruptor #InsurTech #FinTech Fin-Tech
  27. Fredrik Tunvall

    tunvall 2.5k followers · 2.7k friends · 12.7k tweets
    Global GTM lead, Product Management - IBM Watson Assistant || @LFC & @nyrangers fan || Swedish || Views are my own.
  28. garthk

    garthk 1.3k followers · 995 friends · 40k tweets
    I write code for a living.
  29. Gregory S Bledsoe

    geek_king 66.7k followers · 24.8k friends · 13.6k tweets
    @accenture'd servant, #devops, #lean, #agile, consultant, writer, speaker. Disruptor-In-Chief. Gentleman Barbarian, Peaceful Nerd Warrior.
  30. Hal Rottenberg

    halr9000 5.4k followers · 3.2k friends · 25.3k tweets
    SE @Splunk. Author, Podcaster @powerscripting & @splunktalk. Fan of #PowerShell, #bigdata, #BBQ
  31. Hart Rossman

    HartDanger 1k followers · 622 friends · 7.1k tweets
    Home: Family, Outdoors, Climb, Bike, Guitar, Camp, Circus Skills. Work: Amazon Web Services {all tweets are solely my own}
  32. Isaac Sacolick

    nyike 7.9k followers · 1k friends · 16.8k tweets
    Author of "Driving Digital", Top 100 Social CIO & Digital Transformation Leader. Innovation, Agile, Data Science, SaaS, SocBiz, Product Dev, Media, FinTech
  33. Jayne Groll

    JayneGroll 2k followers · 1.2k friends · 2.6k tweets
    CEO of DevOps Institute. Passionate about IT Transformation through People, Process and Automation - ITSM DevOps and Agile.
  34. Jeff Sussna

    jeffsussna 6.2k followers · 1.4k friends · 90.8k tweets
    I help companies build continuous learning cultures by integrating Agile, DevOps, and Design Thinking. Author of Designing Delivery
  35. Jeffrey Hammond

    jhammond 4.9k followers · 794 friends · 23.7k tweets
    Passionate about the art of software development. Beer brewer, gardener, enjoy jujitsu and G&S.
  36. Jennifer Davis

    sigje 5.6k followers · 1.3k friends · 38.3k tweets
    #coffeeops #hugops practitioner, co-author Effective Devops, organizes devopsdays.
  37. Jeremy Likness ⚡️

    jeremylikness 10.5k followers · 1k friends · 19.4k tweets
    Author/mentor/speaker empowering 👨‍💻👩🏿‍💻developers to be their best. ✝️ΙΧΘΥΣ. 🥑Vegan. 🏃‍♂️I run. Cloud Developer Advocate for #azure @microsoft. Opinions my own
  38. Joe Kination

    monkchips 22.9k followers · 4.2k friends · 110k tweets
    redmonk co-founder, optimist, developer advocate, progressive, occasionally rebellious.
  39. John Kindervag

    Kindervag 7.2k followers · 6.1k friends · 9k tweets
    Field CTO at Palo Alto Networks. Creator of Zero Trust. Former Forrester analyst.
  40. Josh Atwell🔊🥃

    Josh_Atwell 8.7k followers · 1.5k friends · 51.1k tweets
    Husband to renowned COO & creative visionary of The Atwell Family, Stephanie Atwell. When not helping raise 3 kids I work as a Developer Advocate at @NetApp
  41. JP Morgenthal

    jpmorgenthal 3.8k followers · 693 friends · 11.5k tweets
    Author. Blogger. Speaker. Strategist. @dxctechnology CTO, Application Services. #microservices #IoT #Containers #API #digitaltransformation Tweets are my own.
  42. Julien CORIOLAND

    jcorioland 1.8k followers · 860 friends · 5.7k tweets
    Software Developer Engineer @Microsoft. #Azure, #Containers, #Docker, #Kubernetes, #DevOps. Tweets and opinions are mine.
  43. Kati Lehmuskoski

    KatiLehmuskoski 8.7k followers · 8.2k friends · 2.9k tweets
    Published author, blogger and influencer on #DigitalTransformation. Co-founder of and Senior Advisor at Sofigate.
  44. Kevin R Benedict

    krbenedict 15.1k followers · 9k friends · 10.6k tweets
    SVP Solutions Strategy @Regalix,, view my profile at
  45. Kurt Bittner

    ksbittner 631 followers · 122 friends · 143 tweets
    “The elevation of ends and the simplification of means is the goal.” ― Henry David Thoreau.
  46. Laurent MILTGEN

    kubernan 19.8k followers · 6.3k friends · 60.4k tweets
    #Geek in the #cloud
  47. Lee Doyle

    leedoyle_dc 2.4k followers · 320 friends · 7.2k tweets
    Principal Analyst at Doyle Research - focusing on the Intelligent Network, SDN/OpenFlow, NFV, COTS, CSCO, JNPR. Hike|Ski|Mtn Bike|Ultimate Frisbee
  48. Lori MacVittie

    lmacvittie 8.2k followers · 3.6k friends · 25.7k tweets
    Evangelist for F5 Networks ★ Mom ★ Grandmom ★ Geek ★ Gamer ★Writer ★ Thinker ★ Musician ★ Opinionated ★ Really opinionated, actually.
  49. Mark R. Hinkle

    mrhinkle 7.9k followers · 2.6k friends · 10k tweets
    Executive Director of Node.js Foundation - Technologist, Adidas Sneaker Fan, Jiu Jitsu Player.. #devops #marketing #opensource #cloud #nodejs
  50. Mark Thiele

    mthiele10 16.8k followers · 2.8k friends · 58.9k tweets
    Family, Friends, Innovation IT, Leadership, Agile, Cloud, PaaS, IoT, Founder, Scotch, Coffee. CIO & CSO at Apcera Board member CNCF
  51. Marlon Molina

    MarlonMolina 16.7k followers · 1.5k friends · 53.5k tweets
    Technology enthusiast, I love to see how the World is being transformed by humans with Technology. I tweet in English and Spanish
  52. Matt Aslett

    maslett 7.1k followers · 281 friends · 12k tweets
    Husband, father, citizen, research director. Data and analytics and occasional political ranting. My tweets are my own.
  53. melinda ballou

    melindaballou 1.2k followers · 855 friends · 2.1k tweets
    Software Industry Analyst IDC life cycle ITPM SaaS violist gardener
  54. Merv Adrian

    merv 30.2k followers · 143 friends · 54.7k tweets
    Analyst@Gartner: DBMS, Hadoop, data security. Guitarist, husband, dad. Tweets do not represent my employer.
  55. mike d. kail

    mdkail 12.2k followers · 5.5k friends · 28.5k tweets
    CTO @Cybric #CTO #CIO #DevOps #DevSecOps #CyberSecurity #Cloud #SaaS #AI #Blockchain #Dad
  56. Mike Gilpin

    mgilpin 996 followers · 137 friends · 1.2k tweets
    Managing VP at Gartner
  57. Mike Gualtieri

    mgualtieri 51k followers · 35.3k friends · 12.9k tweets
    Forrester VP & Principal Analyst: Artificial Intelligence! Weekly improvisational swing dancing with @lisagualtieri
  58. Mike Kavis

    madgreek65 3.5k followers · 1.5k friends · 15.6k tweets
    Author of Architecting the Cloud. No hype, just lessons learned
  59. Myles Suer

    MylesSuer 2.7k followers · 542 friends · 36.4k tweets
    #CIOChat Facilitator. Contributor. Business Strategist focused on solutions to help orgs transform with data. Work @DellBoomi. Opinions are mine.
  60. Natalie Lambert

    nflambert 2.8k followers · 1.1k friends · 6.7k tweets
    Wine & nacho enthusiast. Love to cook, eat, drink & drive fast cars. Hate airlines. Ex-dancer. #peloton junkie. VP Marketing @sapho. Alumni @citrix & @forrester
  61. Olivier Blanchard

    OABlanchard 49.9k followers · 18.9k friends · 110k tweets
    Senior Analyst at @Futurumxyz. Digital Transformation + Tech + Disruption. Author, keynote speaker + troublemaker. Opinions are my own. I like croissants.
  62. Oliwia Berdak

    OliwiaBerdak 1k followers · 875 friends · 1k tweets
    Analyst @forrester and renegade academic; interested in innovation and digital disruption in retail financial services
  63. Patrick Bolger

    patb0512 2.8k followers · 265 friends · 4.7k tweets
    Comments and musings on all things ITSM and ITIL. Chief Evangelist at Hornbill, keen photographer, motorcyclist and less than average guitarist.
  64. Patrick Debois

    patrickdebois 19.7k followers · 6.4k friends · 27.2k tweets
    bridging the gap between creativity and technology with a #devops mindset - eternal researcher and pragmatic implementor - cto @townheroes - started @devopsdays
  65. Paul Bevan

    Bevanp4 539 followers · 660 friends · 2.6k tweets
    Constantly curious IT analyst and strategic marketing executive with love of music, history and Chelsea Football Club
  66. Paul J. Walsh

    walsh_ 910 followers · 246 friends · 664 tweets
    Never Stop Innovating, Always Disrupt, Keep the Customer at the Center of your Thoughts and Make History! Opinions shared are my own.
  67. Paul Leenards

    pllnrds 1.3k followers · 2.1k friends · 7.4k tweets
    Advise in Digital Organizations: Strategy and Innovation, Governance and IT Service Management, Connecting Technology and People
  68. Pete Zerger

    pzerger 19k followers · 807 friends · 15.1k tweets
    12-Time MS MVP * CISSP * Cloud * DevOps * Identity * Security * Agile * Azure * ExpertsLive US Chair * CISSP * CEO @Lumagate * Author * Speaker
  69. Phil Murphy

    FillMurphy 1.2k followers · 271 friends · 1.1k tweets
    Retired due to back injuries - formerly VP / Principal Analyst at Forrester Research
  70. Philip Carter

    carter_pc 1.8k followers · 362 friends · 3.3k tweets
    Chief Analyst with IDC Europe based in Munich, Germany. Coverage: digital transformation, innovation, enterprise infrastructure & software for Europe
  71. Rachael Stormonth

    rstormonth 8.9k followers · 5.4k friends · 6.2k tweets
    NelsonHall EVP. Interested in BPS, ITO, IT services, disruptive trends, sustainability, CSR, global neighborliness
  72. Rachel Dines

    RachelDines 6.1k followers · 4.6k friends · 5.9k tweets
    Talking IaaS, cloud management, containers. Now: @CloudHealthTech. Former @Forrester analyst, @NetApp & @Riverbed alum. Foodie alter-ego: @thechefdeplunge
  73. Rich Simmonds

    RichSimmondsZA 515k followers · 198k friends · 230k tweets
    Father | Professional Keynote Speaker & Facilitator | Disruptor, RuleBreaker & ChangeMaker | Top 20 Global Online Influencer | Bitcoin Opportunities | Author
  74. Richard Fennell

    richardfennell 714 followers · 305 friends · 1.6k tweets
    Engineering DIrector of Black Marble Ltd
  75. Richard Watson

    richwatson 2.3k followers · 1.6k friends · 1.6k tweets
    Cloud & containers analyst @Gartner_Inc. Running over the same old ground / What have we found?
  76. Riitta Raesmaa

    raesmaa 9.8k followers · 7.5k friends · 20.5k tweets
    Entrepreneur. Partner @ContractZen, Digital Growth Coach @AccelerandoLtd. Cloud, SaaS, Startups, Innovation, Sustainability, Serendipity, ITSM, Design.
  77. Rob England

    theitskeptic 8.2k followers · 206 friends · 30k tweets
    The IT Skeptic: writer, commentator, IT consultant, life balancer, DevOps anticryptoequinologist. Keeping IT antifragile. Often compelled to speak out.
  78. Rob Lewis

    Infosec_Tourist 1.7k followers · 651 friends · 47.1k tweets
    Transcending Infosec BS. KSE OS controls/trusted computing vs Insider Threat/espionage. Langsec,algebraic modelling, automated WAF attack denial,Red Team fails
  79. Rob Schmidt

    RobSchmidtCxO 99.3k followers · 114k friends · 8.6k tweets
    Applied Machine Learning and Data Science :: AI Research @GeorgiaTech @YellowCircleNet @GrainsterGlobal
  80. Rob Whiteley

    rwhiteley0 2.3k followers · 1.2k friends · 2.6k tweets
    CMO @NGINX | Tech enthusiast | Wine Lover, mostly Rhone | Ex-industry Analyst | Bay Area resident, Boston sports fan | Tweets are my own
  81. Robert L. Mitchell

    rmitch 2.4k followers · 670 friends · 2.7k tweets
    Chief Editor, infrastructure, security and app delivery management @TechBeaconCom. Former national correspondent, Computerworld. Thoughts and opinions are mine.
  82. Robert Stroud CGEIT CRISC

    RobertEStroud 7.1k followers · 4.2k friends · 16.5k tweets
    Chief Product Officer @Xebialabs #DevOps #BizDevOps #CICD #K8s #ARA #Agile #Cloud #CIO Former Principal Analyst @Forrester •Past ISACA Intl Chair •Tweets my own
  83. roy illsley

    royillsley 2k followers · 422 friends · 4.3k tweets
    IT Strategy, Infrastructure Management, Networking, cloud computing, and Virtualisation Analyst
  84. Sandrine

    sandrinea 6.6k followers · 5.2k friends · 27.6k tweets
    #marketing #communication #Director #networking #social networks #RP #UX #IT #DSI #ITSM #Cloud #RH #BigData #Security #Mobile #IA #IoT... #i4emploi VP @CMITfr
  85. sandy carter

    sandy_carter 79k followers · 69.5k friends · 41.2k tweets
    Agile leader. Energizer bunny. #AWS VP + Entrepreneur. TOP 10 #AI #cloud #CMO #socbiz #iot influencer. Best Selling Author. Evangelist. TEDx.Tweets are my own.
  86. Sarah Burnett

    SarahBurnett 9.8k followers · 6.9k friends · 9.9k tweets
    VP @EverestGroup, Top 30 influential #WomenInTech #Automation #RPA #AI #BPS #ITS @BCSWomen chair & #AIAccelerator founder
  87. Scott Bils

    sbils 1.8k followers · 993 friends · 4.2k tweets
    Digital Transformation Practice Lead - Americas @DellEMCServices. #CloudNative #DevOps #BigData #IoT. Husband. Father. @McKinsey alum, @uchicago.
  88. Scott Bollinger

    kfalconspb 23.3k followers · 25.6k friends · 55.3k tweets
    Long time IT pro and certification junkie. #vExpert 2017-18; Virtualization, Security, Networks, and Tacos!
  89. Scott Helme

    Scott_Helme 13.9k followers · 239 friends · 21.9k tweets
    Information Security Consultant, blogger, builder of things. Creator of @reporturi and @securityheaders. I want to secure the entire web
  90. Scott Stewart

    CIOmatters 18.6k followers · 21.1k friends · 6.5k tweets
    CIO consultant | IT Strategy and Sourcing Strategy | experienced CIO and Industry Analyst | All opinions are mine alone
  91. Shayne Higdon

    ShayneHigdon 776 followers · 625 friends · 3.3k tweets
    President, Performance and Analytics @BMCSoftware. Board member at @JAMFSoftware.
  92. Simon Porter

    simonlporter 153k followers · 123k friends · 306k tweets
    Leading influencer in #cloud, #bigdata & #IOT. Enabling business to adapt to disruption with agile #HR. WW VP #DigitalHR @ NGA Human Resources. Views are my own
  93. Simone Jo Moore

    simonejomoore 1.2k followers · 22 friends · 9.4k tweets
    Share, Connect, Discover & Realise. ITSM Mixologist articulating Transition, Design, Development & Transformation. Freelance Consultant*Trainer*Speaker*Writer
  94. Stephen Thair

    TheOpsMgr 1.9k followers · 613 friends · 2.9k tweets
    Co-Founder of DevOpsGuys Born in Perth, Western Australia but currently residing in Guildford, UK.
  95. Steve Buchanan

    buchatech 1.8k followers · 188 friends · 15.6k tweets
    Microsoft MVP, Author, Group Manager with @AvanadeInc, & Blogger | lead @MNAzureUG | #SystCtr | #AzureStack | #ITSM | #Azure | #DevOps | #MSOMS | #MNTech
  96. Steven Murawski

    StevenMurawski 4.6k followers · 653 friends · 14.2k tweets
    Developer Advocate for @Microsoft @Azure @AzureAvengers #AzDev #LoECDA
  97. Stuart Sumner

    StuartSumner 5k followers · 754 friends · 11.4k tweets
    Editorial Director of Computing, V3 & The Inquirer. Also: journalist, presenter, broadcaster, writer & author of 'You:For Sale' out now:
  98. Thomas Otter

    vendorprisey 7.8k followers · 3.9k friends · 14.2k tweets
    Curious about software and law. Cyclist, runner, triathlete etc and cricket fan. Phd student at KIT, SAP Successfactors PM exec.
  99. Todd Pigram

    pigram86 1.5k followers · 2.2k friends · 46k tweets
    Cloud, Open Source, DevOps , Security & a health and Fitness nut. Words are my own.
  100. Tom Reuner

    tom_reuner 2.4k followers · 526 friends · 2.2k tweets
    IT Industry Analyst for HfS Research covering IT Services and #Automation. True to his (first) name. Long suffering Spurs supporter. Comments are my own etc.
  101. TomGrantPhD

    TomGrantPhD 1.5k followers · 518 friends · 2.6k tweets
    Two professional goals: (1) Improve software innovation; (2) Expand the success of serious games.
  102. Tony Baer

    TonyBaer 13.3k followers · 1.2k friends · 17.3k tweets
    IT analyst with Ovum covering Big Data & data management with some systems engineering thrown in. Views stated here are my own.
  103. Tony Lock

    LockTD 1.8k followers · 305 friends · 4.1k tweets
    IT Industry Analyst, Chelsea fanatic and Horse Riding, Book reader
  104. Tony Thijs

    OpenMarketingTV 16.7k followers · 17.8k friends · 162k tweets
    YouTube, Amazon Video Direct Partner, Vimeo, Internet / Social Media Marketing, SEO, Photography, Video, Herding Cats, #HeForShe
  105. Troy DuMoulin

    TroyDuMoulin 2.7k followers · 369 friends · 4.1k tweets
    VP, Research & Development @ Pink Elephant / Passionate abt IT Governance, Lean IT & IT Service Management, is an author & frequent speaker.
  106. vawns

    vawns 762 followers · 457 friends · 2.4k tweets
    Irish mum, step mum & feminist. ITSM fan girl. Analyst @ITSM_tools. Like shoes, anything pink, Disney and vodka. All tweets my own!
  107. Volker Will

    volkerw 1.8k followers · 944 friends · 8.7k tweets
    Enterprise Evangelist at Microsoft - Living a Techie's Dream (Tweets are my own!). Just been named Chief DevOps Evangelist
  108. Will Malz

    wmalz 12.5k followers · 1.8k friends · 1k tweets
    #AWS All Fiver. Founder of @oc4inc. #DevOps, #Security, #Compliance nerd. Evolving #Email guru. Husband, father, terrible dancer.
  109. William Toll

    utollwi 11.7k followers · 12.8k friends · 45.3k tweets
    B2B Marketing Executive - Love: Cloud Computing | #DevOps | SaaS | MSPs | Gadgets | #Berlin | #Boston Curation & Posts by me, not my employer: Navisite
  1. BMC Software

    BMCSoftware 57.8k followers · 1.8k friends · 23k tweets
    BMC is a global leader in software solutions that help IT transform traditional businesses into digital enterprises for the ultimate competitive advantage.
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