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  1. bethelchurch 88 followers · 0 following · 1 post
  2. Elevation Church

    elevationchurch 328k followers · 100 following · 2.5k posts
    Elevation exists so that people far from God will be raised to life in Christ.
  3. Lakewood Church

    lakewoodchurch 234k followers · 123 following · 2.7k posts
    Where Jesus is center and all are welcome. Come and discover God's plan for your life. Houston, Texas @JoelOsteen @VictoriaOsteen Pastors
  4. NewSpring Church

    newspring_church 63.1k followers · 129 following · 3.5k posts
    We Exist To Connect People To Jesus And Each Other
  5. Saddleback Church

    saddlebackchurch 46.6k followers · 7.3k following · 2.5k posts
    Find your purpose and your place at Saddleback Church. No matter where you're at in life, we have a place for you. Welcome home.
  6. Southeast Christian Church

    southeastchrist 10.7k followers · 72 following · 2.4k posts
    Connecting People to Jesus and One Another.
  7. Willow Creek Community Church

    willowcreekcc 20.4k followers · 177 following · 2.3k posts
    Regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey, our doors are open to you. Welcome to Willow Creek! #LoveEveryoneAlways
  1. Free Life Community Church

    freelifecc 62 followers · 45 following · 23 posts
    Sick, healthy, broke, rich, in shape, lots of shapes, unemployed, employed. All are welcome and can offer something to God and others.
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