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  1. #444

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    Give it one more call It's one more "whatcha doin right now?" It's one more trip to my side of town and you walk right in ,one more here we go again....❤❤❤❤
  2. #FreeEarth 🌎

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    Sovereign being.
  3. #HappyGoy

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  4. #SixthMassExtinction

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    #Fukushima and #GeoEngineering are ACCELERATING #ClimateChange and the extinction of humanity #SpeakUp, steal my content, spread awareness! #SixthMassExtinction

    sparky33583866 23.9k followers · 7.9k friends · 424k tweets
  6. ☆Crann Tara☆

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    Scottish Patriot seeking truth. RTs are for info sharing. Gotta have government? Let's keep it SMALL. Politically INcorrect #YourSilenceIsYourConsent #SaorAlba
  7. ♥JazzyGyal♥

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    Love conquers all - love is the grace that transcends any kind of injustice in the end. #Health #Wellbeing♥
  8. ⚛️🦎भिक्षुणी༜師賢菐🐉⚛️

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    PhD ~ contemplative researcher ~ physicist (summa cum laude) ~ 3rd world ~ generally block most profanity
  9. Abu~AkhI¿◇

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    no Dm's or Groups = block Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah rabi-alakhar 02 #RickSimpsonoil #NotInMyName #BanSharia #AntiVaxxed #YPG #NotAnon #PrayforSomalia
  10. AirPollutionMiami

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  11. AktionAktivAnarkist

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    #Anarchist #Anonfamily.#OpSafeWinter @Opchemtrails #Activist #OpNoLulz #infosec #DirektdemokraternasForringnAffaris #Reqruter #Anonymous #Piratpartiet
  12. allyson baxter

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    I'm 120lbs @ 5ft. 9 in. Born in Tulsa, OK. I look 20 something or so I'm told.
  13. andreaventura

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    Librarian. Without any faith I observe the world: nation and socialism without ideology. We will not go silently into the night.
  14. Andrew J. Maslik II

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    Just a deplorable small fry doin what I does!
  15. Angel

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    #Counselor #Teacher 👩‍⚖️ #Veteran #Education #Diplomacy #Dogs #Wildlife #Capybara #Health #BeKind #Travel #Foodie #Cooking #Laughing ✌️RT Does Not = Agreement
  16. Anonym Tipster

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    Tweeting for Peace, Justice, Truth, & Sound Money for America; RTs meant to inform and/or provoke...perhaps not my opinion, but one worth being aware of.
  17. Artist Patriot

    Patriotsartist 720 followers · 925 friends · 21.6k tweets
    Realist .dedicated to Truth, Freedom and Peace for all. Against ISLAM takeover of our Freedoms, Defender of the Environment & Humanity, SAVE Our Planet
  18. Awakened_being

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    No negativity around here.🤗 #GODSQUAD #StayWoke 👀 Just trying to open the people's eyes. know the truth, realize it, spread it.
  19. awilliamsplumbing@ya

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  20. AZ SKYwatcher

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    Old Cowgirl trying to live my last chapter lol Thank God for Trump #MAGA #NRA #ShepherdsChapel
  21. bagwanger

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  22. bailey kaden

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  23. banki leftfield🇬🇧

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    Ex military, ex government slave, ex royal subject, ex member of the people's front of Judea.
  24. Barb

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    Love our USA Love Our President Trump
  25. Barbara

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    Survivor, paranormal, UFO experience, good, kind, single, Spiritual. Physically disabled but always smile, laugh. Love each other most important.
  26. Barnaby Cadwallader

    BroadyBridge 71 followers · 176 friends · 527 tweets
    Rid this place, of deceit, corruption, nonsense, cannibalism, satanism, elitism, freemasonry & Kabbalist Zionism. Brother's and Sister's unite against tyranny!
  27. Baylee 🍷🍷

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    If you say... Sup?, Bae, On Fleek, Hella, Jelly, Cray Cray, OR want me to consider the Earth is flat, please leave me alone. Thank you...
  28. BBrams

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    Qui pretend tweeter sans prendre position. Qui ose défendre ses positions sans tweeter.
  29. Because🥀I Love🥀You

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    If there B Pain reach out4ahelpin hand&I shall holdU wherever I am.Every breath I breathe will B in2U4without u here my joy is thru~Tupac PRUDE @JosieV25 's Mum
  30. Bob

    gallantbob 22 followers · 176 friends · 1.4k tweets
  31. BORKA

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    ✝ In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior, our God ✝
  32. Brig

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    owner of edible plant nursery, permaculture designer, one of 1st bloggers, founder Eatonweb Blog Portal, Web Designer, Author, crypto trader tips:brigeaton.eth
  33. bristolskywatch

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  34. c2funk

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    c2funk a pris la pillule rouge..anti-nwo / bankster / anti-chemtrails / anti-HAARP / Sciences / peace et Spirit / soul & funk music. Le savoir libèrera l'Homme.
  35. carine Tanagila

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    #OpBeast #OpKillingBay #OpChemtrails #FreeLeonardPeltier #OPWhales #EndVivisection #AnimalRights #HumanRights
  36. carmic

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    Mother Earth is a living breathing entity. Honor Respect Protect HER #Karma #NoDAPL #Impeach45 #BernTheGOP #LockThemUp #LGBTQ2S #NoMoFWar #Medicare4All #offgrid
  37. Caroline

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  38. CharlieFlowers

    CharliePoet 3.2k followers · 2.5k friends · 170k tweets
  39. Chemtrail SKYWATCHER

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    LOOK☝✈☢☁===✈ ☁☼☁===✈☢===✈====✈☁===✈ Solar Radiation Management, Cloud albedo enhancement via Aerosol Injections #Chemtrails #manmadeclouds #Globaldimming
  40. ChemtrailSky

    zerozoot 338 followers · 44 friends · 18.7k tweets
    I am alarmed by the current changes in the sky. THEY’RE CONTROLLING THE WEATHER. We need to organize and rally. We need to bring this to the attention of public

    GrnGalFrmSoCal 1.3k followers · 2.9k friends · 141k tweets
    WEATHER WAR AGENDA: Incite Fear using Natural Occurrances like. 'Global Warming/Climate Change' . Create Weather Disaster 4 Profit & Power. Blame: MotherNature
  42. chris mueller

    pittfan51 1.1k followers · 1.7k friends · 2k tweets
  43. Chrissy

    L117AA 1.5k followers · 3.2k friends · 34.8k tweets
    99% #OrdoabChao KEEP BATTLING! Don't much like them cannibals.
  44. Christl

    Singingsands29 358 followers · 425 friends · 22.2k tweets
    Truthseeker! Every time we learn something new that is the truth we should celebrate, we are closer to (home)God. Tweets in Papiamentu, Dutch, English, Spanish.
  45. Cin

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    Military Mom I block all who add me to lists
  46. CitizenoftheWorld

    CitizenoftheWo4 3.8k followers · 4.9k friends · 66.1k tweets
    Environment, Economics, Science, Space and everything in between. Determined to Win forever. #12s
  47. claire

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  48. CO4Truth

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    Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often
  49. Comedybot

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    I am the comedy bot ,comedy is my middle name
  50. ctothez

    c2_thez 315 followers · 273 friends · 20k tweets
    C-Zula, The Mic Rula!! #BernieForPresident-Who are you then? -I am part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works good
  51. Cui Bono

    BigSkyGuy57 735 followers · 2.7k friends · 73.9k tweets
    Connecting the dots...

    dileo_karen 2.4k followers · 1.6k friends · 84.6k tweets
  53. D★Ǝ

    DesertErrorist 1.9k followers · 907 friends · 91.5k tweets
    "Believe nothing you hear, and only one-half that you see."
  54. Dana Elizabeth 1969

    DanaElizabeth69 1.1k followers · 1.1k friends · 38.3k tweets
  55. Danny Dempsey

    HauntedGenius 839 followers · 1.5k friends · 13.4k tweets
    Songwriter/Lyricist/Producer/Local Radio Presenter. Why Blend in When You're Born to Stand Out?
  56. David Plater

    PlaterDavid 525 followers · 2.5k friends · 38k tweets
  57. dean

    dean_anonym 4.6k followers · 4k friends · 114k tweets
    Still shaking the tree Boss Retweets do not necessarily equate to a endorsement as some muppets on twitter seem to believe. Live and learn is the way.
  58. Debbie

    clearimages 1.7k followers · 3k friends · 21.5k tweets
    100% Trump!
  59. deborah sidener

    debbiesidener2 857 followers · 501 friends · 16.3k tweets
    Helping to stop the New World Order LOVE GOD AND COUNTRY Making America Great Again

    DESMONDKING3 1.5k followers · 2k friends · 48.3k tweets
    Hackers Beware !
  61. Dr Евгенија♒

    Delaevgenija 3k followers · 1.2k friends · 183k tweets
    anesthesia, books, cooking, sports, kids, pets, dance , history and all the beauty of the nature, NO DM
  62. druidznonwo

    druidznonwo 334 followers · 255 friends · 7.7k tweets
  63. DSL1984

    DSL1912 1.5k followers · 2.1k friends · 6.7k tweets
    truth seeker?speaker-Earth is flat not a debate #truth ☯️whaaat? I'm not Google. Prove a spinning globe 🌎 if you dare but trust me ALL illusion mind control
  64. EliTheWatchman

    EliTheWatchman 321 followers · 858 friends · 3.1k tweets
    Observer of the chaos. Exposing works of darkness. Please don't add me to lists.
  65. Erika Sherman

    ExGwenabee 1.4k followers · 3.1k friends · 13.9k tweets
    Social Media, This is my personal account, my opinions are my own!, friends, the Truth and America are my intrests. #wakeup #OpChemtrails #StopNWO #killuminati
  66. Erin

    MolotovGirl 2.2k followers · 365 friends · 91k tweets
    I will never fit into this world. For that alone, I am humbled.
  67. Escher Nineeleven

    Escher911 1k followers · 2.1k friends · 5.2k tweets
  68. Evie

    evelynm89678056 111 followers · 201 friends · 1.7k tweets
    Stop human cloning satanic richal abuse geo engineering. Be kind to animals #for the homeless. I mostly 're tweet
  69. explorer.....

    lifechaserz 4.2k followers · 4.8k friends · 8.6k tweets
    "thou shall not kill" #OpRebirth #OpMentalViolence
  70. Fake Clouds

    fakecloudwatch 667 followers · 252 friends · 949 tweets
  71. Flat as!

    mend_the_world 704 followers · 929 friends · 1.9k tweets
    Common sense tells us that the world is flat
  72. follow your bliss

    suznu 529 followers · 1.9k friends · 3.7k tweets
    #SOS Earth,Us,help! All poisoned purposely #NWO #GMOs #BigPharma #Geoengineering #Monsanto #chemtrails #VoteWith$$$ #WakeUpNow
  73. Freedom Writer

    FreedomWriter69 3.8k followers · 4.6k friends · 44.2k tweets
    Free Spirit & Pro-Humanity. When I define myself, I set my own limit.. So, whatever I feel today is who I am today.

    acls9_9 990 followers · 921 friends · 16.7k tweets
    Hospital Network Engineer, Cyber Security Engineer, Army Vet, Bosnia sucked, Bahgdad sucked
  75. gabrix_

    gabrieltoma 391 followers · 341 friends · 17.1k tweets
    Alba Iulia. pui de dac. T.0 twitter Rev 04 '09. against zionism, banks, masonry and corruption. Earth is flat and immovable. Truth. Love. Faith.
  76. Gavroche

    complejisimus 1.2k followers · 1.1k friends · 30.9k tweets
    Solo estoy de paso.
  77. george bernie

    hempster1975 174 followers · 1.7k friends · 1.9k tweets
  78. GH

    GHCT1776 542 followers · 698 friends · 13.6k tweets
  79. Gord Russell

    gord_russell 1.6k followers · 3.1k friends · 7.8k tweets
    Trying to stay in my lane ~
  80. Gospel Truth

    BadBuc99 1.9k followers · 1.6k friends · 11.7k tweets
    #Conservative. #Constitutionalist. - #Yahweh is my #God! #Yahushua is my #Messiah! Yahweh's Spirit living in my soul. Born again believer.
  81. Greg Michaels 🇺🇸

    gregmichaels6 140 followers · 421 friends · 618 tweets
    During times of universal deceit , telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. George Orwell

    gg3428 2.4k followers · 2.8k friends · 239k tweets
    Ecole de la vie, beaucoup voyagé, tout m'intéresse, merci de me suivre, mes tweets sont variés...j'ai un autre blog = hlog g83g ...mon ancien blog gg83
  83. Heike Gani

    GaniHeike 608 followers · 753 friends · 10.7k tweets
  84. Hiddenhand👥

    hidenhand1 1.1k followers · 26 friends · 18.6k tweets
    Notice the #Geoengineering #SRM #Chemtrails behind the BBC reporters, subliminal broadcasting. Question everything.
  85. IaM YoU

    Orangesec333 578 followers · 725 friends · 23.2k tweets
    Just put the word jew in description and never get banned. follow me on gab as well
  86. ian Macleod

    ianMacleod14 170 followers · 384 friends · 9.6k tweets
  87. IDawtITawAPuttyTat

    my2meows 148 followers · 103 friends · 7.6k tweets
    Our choice is either vote for 3rd party (Green/Ind) candidates or vote 4 TURD parties (Dems/GOP). I'm voting 3rd party because both (Dem/GOP) parties are 💩
  88. ILikeSport

    SportTalkSport 1.4k followers · 2k friends · 7.8k tweets
    Massive sports fan. Lover of life. Positive thinker 😀🏌️☮️
  89. JAL

    HereNowJAL 1.1k followers · 2.4k friends · 16.5k tweets
    What do we think ? Why do we think this ? Everything is energy ... anything is possible. Live life with unconditional love and compassion. #SupportIndieFilm
  90. James

    jme_vegas 631 followers · 1.3k friends · 4.1k tweets Information relevant to the world, with an emphasis on the Southwestern USA. Direct from the Oa$i$ in the Desert...
  91. James Mangwiro

    jttmmangwiro 4.5k followers · 3.2k friends · 221k tweets
    #Love Nature #Sportsfan #manchesterunited&realmadrid supporter #Religion are many &diverse but reason and goodness are one. #kindness #Love #respect
  92. james sydnor

    jsyd22 40 followers · 313 friends · 515 tweets
  93. janice

    theemporersnew 235 followers · 317 friends · 6.4k tweets
  94. Jay Jones

    johnjones111142 36 followers · 105 friends · 58.3k tweets
  95. jc walt

    star2000dancer 1.6k followers · 511 friends · 117k tweets
    Pay it Forward, the movie. Genius doesn't meet expectations, it shatters them. Serenity Prayer. Sun, Fun, Tropics, Water, Art, Advocacy Animals & Humans.
  96. Jjule

    Jjule85 237 followers · 227 friends · 7.7k tweets
    Uniting our Worlds Populace. never be afraid to speak the truth. PC Propaganda is Hate. Let US Learn to Debate respectfully again. Socratic Style of Questions.
  97. Joe O'Connor

    The1Transformer 1.5k followers · 1.4k friends · 57.3k tweets
    I can help you Transform your life in #Motivation #Success #Mindset #Leaders #Mastermind #Wealth #Health #Inspiration #Entrepreneur #PublicSpeaking #Fitness
  98. Johan Blank New

    JohanBlankSwede 76 followers · 178 friends · 649 tweets
  99. John Dough 🇲🇽🇺🇸

    JohnDou1776 334 followers · 519 friends · 4.5k tweets
    #MexicanAmericansForTrump #Trumpx1can #Infowarrior #woke #Geoengineering #USA #independentsForTrump #californiaForTrump 🇲🇽🇺🇸 #LeoLyonZagami
  100. John Smith/Redman

    JohnSmi51600974 917 followers · 1.1k friends · 14.7k tweets
    American patriot/ Marine Vet ! God Corps & Country ! Father,son and proud #2nd Ament ! Country boys will survive ! #animal lover! New Army family member 2 17 17
  101. JourneysNonnie

    JourneysNonnie 1.2k followers · 1.5k friends · 163k tweets
    child advocate
  102. Just Another Slave

    VeganJase 1.7k followers · 1.6k friends · 33k tweets
    Dad, t'other half, all things Liverpool, beard grower and Guinness drinker. Instagram: @veganjase
  103. Karin Söderbäck

    sderbck_karin 223 followers · 144 friends · 5.2k tweets
    Trying to stay awake and alive in this world of illusion and lies,,, though, it's an interesting time we are living in,,,
  104. Katalin Pota PhD

    katalin_pota 3.8k followers · 4.5k friends · 257k tweets
    Humanitarian, Actor, Art Historian, Professor
  105. kazzy

    eyelash911 1.6k followers · 1.6k friends · 33.6k tweets
    against #abuse, esp #CSA #SRA, #spiritual gifted.believer in #truth.Support Anon. Am a TI. eyelash. Anti war.We are all #human Learning daily #Aliens Eve
  106. Keith Thomas King

    photoking63 341 followers · 796 friends · 10.9k tweets
  107. Kenny

    MEADON_JR 287 followers · 977 friends · 983 tweets
    Person from the Slave Planet Earth, Truth Seeker, Dance Muzik productions and DJ, Esoteric Knowledge, Punk Rocker, Trouble maker and Professional Ass Hole.
  108. KT

    Kay7To 639 followers · 1.2k friends · 13.6k tweets
  109. Ladie penny

    LadiePenny 894 followers · 78 friends · 37.8k tweets
    26 year old independent entrepreneurial initiative. #GeoEngineering #Chemtrails #WeatherModification #OpChemtrails
  110. Lady Emily

    Pushingtheboat 404 followers · 944 friends · 29.9k tweets
    My magic can heal, it comes from the place where there is no separation and we are all one, where the water of the pool merges again and is lost in the ocean.
  111. Later Newspaper

    LaterNewspaper 916 followers · 2.1k friends · 14.1k tweets
    #Chemtrails photography
  112. Laurie Sharp

    lorjoy23 87 followers · 157 friends · 533 tweets
    Spiritual. Environmentally conscious. Connected.
  113. Lavida Lavida

    LavidaLavida11 121 followers · 392 friends · 3.1k tweets
  114. Lee

    Redelmo89 193 followers · 461 friends · 1.3k tweets
    Deep thinker. Truth seeker. #Truth #Peace #Humanity
  115. Lee Charles

    Truth0404 63 followers · 38 friends · 4.9k tweets
  116. Leibundgut Manuela

    leibundgutmanu1 398 followers · 216 friends · 31.8k tweets
    Man sieht nur mit dem Herzen gut, das wesentliche ist für die Augen unsichtbar!
  117. LERI#‎Dignidad22M

    ISMVALSyR 4.6k followers · 4.1k friends · 253k tweets
    denunciar lo indignante y lo que nos ocultan,Novivimos una crisis económica,sino un ataque organizado del capital neoliberal contra el Estado del Bienestar.SyR✊
  118. Leslie Jahn

    LeslieJahn1 475 followers · 129 friends · 60.1k tweets
  119. L'ESTIRPATORE ☆☆☆☆☆

    Beppesardinia 1.2k followers · 1.1k friends · 60.8k tweets
    studioso dell'autolesionismo umano,amante della natura,contro il disegno autocratico sionista,rivoluzionario gentile!
  120. lilly scott

    SHUTDOWNSKYNET 772 followers · 2.4k friends · 7.1k tweets
    single mum being attacked & my kids @,SHUT ME UP V YOU CAN FIND OUT MORE @ Targeted Individual Australia
  121. LittleRedEye

    littleredeye300 595 followers · 515 friends · 1.1k tweets
    #FreeThinker #TruthSeeker #YHWH #Yahshua

    FortuneClint 659 followers · 1.2k friends · 51.7k tweets
  123. Lola Puddin

    LolaPuddin 130 followers · 399 friends · 4.2k tweets
  124. Lucy K

    lucy_kong 124 followers · 675 friends · 3.7k tweets
  125. Luga Of The Long Arm

    Lugalongarm 94 followers · 65 friends · 6.7k tweets
    No Master Blog
  126. Lynn Beynon

    LynnBeynon 187 followers · 208 friends · 10.9k tweets
  127. LyxOnLine

    lux_line 2k followers · 1.9k friends · 77.2k tweets
    Interior and fashion design - new or old - as I like it! No to FUR! Truthseeker, wake up to the changes! animalabuse ZERO tolerance!
  128. L👁️👁️K UP👆

    Uniocracy 4.1k followers · 2.9k friends · 40.5k tweets
    #NWO #Illuminati #Haarp #OpChemtrails #Geoengineering #SRM #Ecocide #Chemtrails #Nexrad #Morgellons #Weathermodification #Depopulation #Trollfreezone
  129. M4G1C

    g1_m4 84 followers · 102 friends · 324 tweets
    Warrior of Love,Light & Truth 💚
  130. Mar quiltson

    bamberxerxes 702 followers · 2.8k friends · 3.2k tweets
    Don't judge me until you know me, don't underestimate me until you challenge me, and don't talk about me until you've talked to me . #Nationalist
  131. MartellThaCool​™

    MartellThaCool 2.5k followers · 5k friends · 29.8k tweets
    @Steam_games - 🎮| @Instagram📱| @YouTube 📺 @GooglePlus🌍 ⏬⏬ ➡️ MartellThaCool ⬅️ @Facebook: 🚨ask me🚨 🎶@soundcloud🎶 ⬇️ please hear my music in my bio⬇️
  132. Martin Frith

    martin_frith 479 followers · 352 friends · 22.1k tweets
    La conciencia y el libre albedrío depende solo de vos. Consciousness and Free Will is up to you.
  133. martin lawrence

    martin58115842 644 followers · 950 friends · 68.4k tweets
    pizza expert
  134. Mary Findlay

    porridgeisgood 2.8k followers · 2.3k friends · 316k tweets
  135. Matrix Sojourner

    8thdimensional 196 followers · 710 friends · 1.8k tweets
    #Christian. #Veteran, former weather guesser for U.S. Navy. Avid traveller. #Truther. Instigator for the greater good. #PlanetXhoax #Repentnow #fakefirstcontact
  136. Merkaba Film Group

    MerkabaFilmGrp 297 followers · 826 friends · 9.2k tweets HD Aerial Cinematography, A/V Production, Music creation & Publishing Call 828-747-1298 for current day rates.
  137. Michael Sator ن

    MSator 2.1k followers · 2.1k friends · 128k tweets
    Traditional Catholic,Pro Russia, Я, Holy Virgin & St. Michael deliver us from usury and neocons. No NWO,No Zionism,No Islamism. IT,EN,FR,SP
  138. Michael Walker

    mikerestorer 2.1k followers · 5k friends · 87.3k tweets
    "An atheist is a man with no invisible means of support," John Buchan. Retired nurse, BSc Health Studies, Dip Nursing, Protestant Christian, British patriot.
  139. Michael Witt

    turmic_witt 274 followers · 187 friends · 28.3k tweets
    Stolz des Germanisch-slawischen Uradels - bekennender anti-Kapitalist
  140. Micky@MGR

    MICKYLEAKS_MGR 586 followers · 1.7k friends · 8.9k tweets
  141. mike

    atasiding 2.1k followers · 400 friends · 3.1k tweets
  142. Mike Houston

    WhiteHatGuy 3.5k followers · 3.4k friends · 34.5k tweets
    I'm a American #Patriot and truth seeker. I support #Constitution #2A #LawEnforcement #Veterans, #MAGA
  143. mikel

    mikefunky1 30 followers · 61 friends · 955 tweets
  144. Mixed Race Rebellion

    mixedracerebell 1.5k followers · 2k friends · 2.9k tweets
    Capitalism... Really? Bringing you the news that our western media won't #imwithcorbyn #corbynhood #ToryTallTales Wake up, get up and lets shake em up
  145. Monique Kruger

    MoniqueKruger8 116 followers · 1k friends · 1.5k tweets
  146. Montse 7285

    montse7285 985 followers · 856 friends · 23.6k tweets
    Si tú sabes quién eres tienes nada que demostrar.
  147. Mr Erekosë Saboteur

    scytheanon 2.1k followers · 1.9k friends · 147k tweets
    No gods / No kings / No masters / 2H Pencils / Music (Folk, Blues, Rock, Metal) / Fortran / scifi / horror / physics / reading
  148. New User

    W_J_ThomaS 48 followers · 74 friends · 1.6k tweets
  149. Nicolas GWET

    Nicolasgwet 7.4k followers · 3.2k friends · 192k tweets
    Founder @EHFoundation237 /Versatile Entrepreneur/Project Manager/Business developer/Critical Thinker/#saveachild #foodwaste #sustainability #recycle #nohunger
  150. Nicole Orosco

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    DISCLAIMER: Sometimes I post, share & like offensive shit!! Mother of 2 vaccine injured boys with autism. Human & animal rights. #OpSafeWinter #Vaxxed
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    Statutes and Acts are only given the force of Law by the consent of the governed. If we like you..We will RT the fuck out of you!
  152. Non HumanGMO

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    Paradigm shift towards individual liberty, truth, sovereignty & nature. Nationalism Not Globalism #GMO labeling #Trump #infowars No #TPP #AmericaFirst
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    Each day is a gift! Try to make a difference!
  154. Notorious

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    It is crucial that we help fund
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    💭Think for yourself🙋Wake up💡Ten criterio propio🔗El sistema nos ha adoctrinado para no cuestionar su ''verdad''📖La verdad nos hace libres🆓Freedom Speech
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    You are Water......Be water. 🙏
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    Hi, I post tweets from the #OpChemtrails archives. Feel free to copy & share my tweets | Backup Acc for @OpChemtrails | #OpChemPBA
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    || OFFICIAL #OpChemtrails TWEETSTORMS || Joint Acc | #trollfreezone | STOP #Chemtrails / #GeoEngineering | #ff @303TruthNetwork @OpChemArchives @OPCImageGallery
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    Percusionista, Vinotinto, Madridista y llevamos 12, seguidor CABJ, Guaquero Ψ de sangre, con Dios y la Virgen siempre, NO AL NUEVO ORDEN MUNDIAL, Namasté.
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  162. paul rikmans

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    Themes: freedom, authority, libertarianism and the relation to something out there. And the queste of my being on this planet
  163. Paula Sabrsula

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    Healthcare Professional, Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur Mentor, innovation Partner, SuVida Enterprises Owner, Neighborhood Rehabilitator
  164. PD Strategies

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    Educator, Coach, Nutrition, Strength Training, Learning Specialist, How to set goals and overcome adversity
  165. Peter Xzeros

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    Orthodox(roman_catholic)disciple. The essence of truth is Christ Jesus. I embrace geocentrism,why? the Bible tells me so.
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  167. proxima

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    Adhérent UPR Le caillou dans la chaussure des marcheurs...
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    Ballerina in training, madwoman, genius. Take your pick. Thelemite.
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  170. Reina d los lagartos

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    Contre le #nucléaire, les épandages aériens clandestins, ►►►►►► Pour la #décroissance, la #nature, la #lenteur, l'énergie libre de #Tesla, les idées de #Chouard
  172. Reptoid Hunter

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    Only when people realise they are slaves can we start to be free! Please watch this
  173. Revel Stacey

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    Ne prenez pas les mots pour des idées et efforcez vous toujours de découvrir l'idée sous le symbole.
  174. Rhye

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    His eyes as a flame of fire, and a name written that no man knew. And on his vesture a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS. (💖@Gem_WifeOfRhye 💖)
  175. RiverRat57

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    I am an OTR(over-the-road) Truck Driver, I team-drive with my wife, I enjoy riding the GoldWing & shooting. μολὼν λαβέ
  176. Roberg

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  177. Robert A Adjutant

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    Life is long,we must live it wisely! I study alternative health and wellness, In to protect environment for animals and Human beings . being the best me I can.
  178. Ryan inNC

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    Do not entertain evil, instead expose it! Giving out one poke in the eye at a time to the Luciferians who run this Beast System
  179. S. K.

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    Travelling the worlds, get in touch with new friends...
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    commentaar is een kado om beroepsdeformatie te doorbreken, soms persoonlijk tweets, lezer bepaalt zelf de waarde/waarheid van retweets
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    I ❤️life. Save all children from predators. Exposing truths "They'' hide. Optimistic-4 a better future for all. God bless-Jesus saves.I'm not perfect. NO Lists
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    #GamesIndustry Recruiter w/GAME ON! Recruiting. I help "Experienced" #Gamedev #Talent get Dream JOBS in the USA. I believe everything I read on the internet...!
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  185. Siempre madridista

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    Estoy hasta la polla de los oficialnoicos de mierda. Todo lo que se dice en esta cuenta es una puta mentira.
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    SRM/SAI Climate Remediation is insane as putting a cyanide capsule in your bottle of aspirin,knowing,1 day U will swallow it.PEOPLE U R SWALLOWING IT EVERY DAY!
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    I'm ready for #ScotRef Are you? pls don't add me to any lists thanks.
  189. SPINNY

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    Stanley Funk ... artist.
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    An old school American who believes in GOD & Country. A simple man... GOD Bless Judicial Watch! #buyamericanhireamerican #MarchAgainstSharia 🙏☪️🆓🌍
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    L'Univers n'est que le simple fruit de sa probabilité mathématique et je ne peux pas dire probabilité avant la probabilité. T=Illusion
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    industrial metal and dark ambient music I'm also a vegan and that's about it 👽👻
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    👈 Statists to the Left. #OregonStandoff, #BundyRanch & #FakeNews
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    Suel Susan. Citizen of the world, made in Brasil. #ForaTemer #Musician #Model #Artist #LibertyLover #WeedLover #PeaceLover
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    #spiritualhealer﹢#truthseeker﹢#mufc fan 🇾🇪
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    Retweets are not an endorsement! Photographer (check Tactilepoet on know some truth in most conspiracies!
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    😳awake, PC-detesting, animal-loving, plant-eating mom/lawyer/librarian❤️
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    LOVE LIFE LAUGHTER! Love my dogs, weed, food, 🌎✌! NO #chemtrails #GMO #Capitalism is a failure. NOT A DEM OR REPUB OR trump supporter so don't follow me.
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    loves art, painting, yoga, inspirational people, health & beauty, anti ageing, travelling, fitness, culture, life ❤️

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    700BTC Had your chance to buy cheap. Only truth told here.
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    Information is worthless if it doesn´t lead to knowledge
  205. third party fiction

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    Rebel and truth seeker,New World Order Hater,U.F.O believer ,chemtrail detective,artist,tattooist,looking for peace.
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    Trolling to argue?👋idgaf #Research #Truth PC=NO SPEAK! #Awakening #PerceptionDeception #consciousness​ *shadowbanned😉
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    Colorado native. Arvada High School. CU at Denver. Horse enthusiast. Rural lifestyle. Colorado sports fan.
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    Musician and weed advocate! 💨💨😎💯💯💯 #SnowGang
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    Thinking and awake. @trutherbotred is the original.
  210. Type of Way

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    I'm a free thinker unbound by the chains of the Establishment.
  211. Ulrich Gröbli

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    In den besseren Stunden aber wachen wir soweit auf, dass wir erkennen, dass wir träumen. Ludwig Wittgenstein,1917
  212. Unique Mind Fat Loss New

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    After 30 years studying Hypnotherapy Nutrition Fitness and best foods for Fat Loss.Disillusioned with current Weight Loss Programs.I decided to do my own system
  213. V.

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    Proud Baby Boomer and University of Miami grad. Sukyo Mahikari practitioner. 'Canes, Dolphins, Heat. It's 11:11! #TheU #FeeltheBern
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  215. Waking Warriors ✊

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    Our heroes are FAKE, our country is FAKE, our sky is FAKE, our food is FAKE, duality is FAKE...... Please #WakeUp! #NoGMO #NoDAPL #OpChemtrails #FreePalestine
  216. westie

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  217. Wilfredo E. Cespedes

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    Educator, Advocate and proud Grandfather of 7 beautiful children. Love to talk join me and lets change our zeitgeist for the betterment of all.
  218. William Guy Carr ㊙️

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    Satanic Dionysus Cult (aka Nimrod/ Semiramis/ Tammuz) & Humanity's enemies:
  219. William R. Cameron

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    I Beleave Earth is Flat!!!
  220. Winyan Staz Wakien

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    I am ancient. I teach Seeing. Here is one of my songs …
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    Shout out to Gigafrost for making my logo! Need one? Check em out!:
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    |Jobless IT pro with a too much grey minded. Military.Analyst | ex DND. Hax0r, 0sec World News:Infosec, OSINT, GIS, Mapper, Weather, SpaceWeather,Disasters,UFOs
  223. てまりん(男♂) 焼却灰のリサイクル反対

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    ゴミ・下水汚泥焼却でバグフィルターをすり抜けた放射能は、低濃度でも呼吸器を徹底的に被曝させている。 1mSv/年は原発労働者の被曝量だったが、3・11後は東日本住民の被曝量となり、土壌の放射能汚染は核実験時をはるかに超えた。ゴミ焼却灰・除染廃棄物の資源化・リサイクルで「埋立処分場不要化」政策に舵を切った敵の先回りを!
  224. なーな

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  225. รקคςє๓ค๓ค ๓คyค Ω

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    ≈o≈n≈e≈ l≈Ω≈v≈e≈
  226. རnvརຮར๖ʆཛ

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    ♡тяцтн ї₴ нДяd то ₴щДllощ❥ℋUℳᎯℕ&ℬᎾᏆ ♡ ❥Ive been to the edge, I came back stronger❥ #OpSerenaShim #OpChemtrails
  227. 우주인메신저

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    3번째천년시기 새로운 우주인 접촉자I'm a new contactee of aliens[ET],I'm a herald of truth[The law of nature],[Goblet of the Truth]
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    "He that takes medicine and neglects diet, wastes the skill of the physician"
  229. 流音

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  230. 緋色

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    I will do tweetstorm every day from 8 o'clock Japan time night #NO!Declaration of Emergency #TPP= #NWO #StopTPP and Weds #OpChemtrails #Tweetstorm #chemtrails
  231. 蓮華姫

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    教授補 近衛兵
  1. Wissenschaftler.

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    Wider dem alltäglichen, post-faktischen Wahnsinn.
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