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  1. #Fungi Stops Here

    antifungalsolu1 2.3k followers · 3.2k friends · 37.1k tweets
    Now you can add Eco-Stabilized H2O2 - 50ppm to #IrrigationWater you water your #FungiInfected #plants #grass with - to #restore back to #FungalSolotions
  2. _

    eltheus 1.1k followers · 1.4k friends · 127k tweets
  3. ♀♥ GoddessVenus

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    IMO📱💼 #MusicMonday💃🏻 #SaveTheBees 🐝 🤑FB GoddessVenus 🤓 IG venus6irl #happynerdgirl 🤗
  4. •CÅԄŁσگ•βҼρ®

    carlosbep_ladi 418 followers · 1.5k friends · 7.7k tweets
    Diseñador Gráfico Publicitario Graphic Designer 80% cretivity, el otro 20% un poco d todo AIESECer AIESECenCarabobo instagram: @carlos_bep
  5. A Fine Affair

    afineaffair 229 followers · 383 friends · 647 tweets
    Nature inspired full service Interior Design and Professional Organizing Services.
  6. Aaron Strong

    aaronlstrong 436 followers · 873 friends · 2k tweets
    teacher of environmental studies | climate change | justice | sustainability science | carbon accounting | ocean acidification wonk | UMaine professor | father
  7. ACP Secretariat

    PressACP 1.9k followers · 412 friends · 3k tweets
    News from the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP Group). Retweets not necessarily endorsements.
  8. Adrienne

    Adri_AnneC 620 followers · 627 friends · 5.4k tweets
    Global climate comms • @Northeastern M.S. • @TexasExes • War Eagle bred • Enviro • I like 3rd down conversions, walkoffs & buzzer beaters • Southpaw
  9. Ageing-UnitedNations

    UNandAgeing 1.6k followers · 1.3k friends · 4.1k tweets
    Official UN Ageing Committee: Raising world awareness on the opportunities & challenges of global ageing through the United Nations and the global community.
  10. Aimiee D

    AimieeD 467 followers · 539 friends · 430 tweets
    Vegan*Lover of Animals* Animal Rights
  11. Aisha BenMansourRose

    Shoshanaben 395 followers · 1.2k friends · 7.3k tweets
    World whirling dervish. Mother of a dragon. Tweeting about SustainableDev & Humanitarian issues incl. #SDGs #Water #FoodSecurity #ClimateChange #Women #Refugees
  12. AKSharkWatch

    aksharkwatch 30 followers · 77 friends · 253 tweets
    Sharks, sharks, sharks and the occasional Octopus, okay and maybe some Jellyfish.
  13. Alejandro Iglesias

    alej_iglesias 222 followers · 200 friends · 2.3k tweets
    Programme Specialist at @Iocunesco. Coastal and Marine Management and Planning, Ecosystems, GIS, Data, Information and great networks.
  14. Alex Godoy-Faundez

    AlexGodoyF_ 3.6k followers · 1.1k friends · 90k tweets
    Director @CiSGER_iSlab. RA at Earth Engineering Center, ColumbiaU & @CRHIAM ; Member @GlobalYAcademy , @FutureEarth & HLPE @UN_CFS Tweets are my own
  15. Alexander Mueller

    alexander_tmg 620 followers · 261 friends · 550 tweets
    ThinkTankforSustainability @TMG_Think & Study Lead TEEBAgriFood @TEEB4Me German Council @RNE_DE , Ex FAO-ADG Nat Res & State Sec German Min. Agriculture
  16. Alfonso Medellin

    KahuMoanaIke 187 followers · 202 friends · 3k tweets
    Marine science, Sharks, marine resources management, fisheries, fisheries science, fisheries forecasting, technologyandstuff, data wrangler, knowledge broker
  17. Ali Akbar

    AliCoder 8.7k followers · 862 friends · 1.2k tweets
    IT Officer @YouthAssembly at @UN, MSP @Microsoft, Social Entrepreneur, Youth Activist, Dreamer, Enthusiastic, #Coder, #WebDesigner
  18. Alison Sky Simmance

    AlisonSimmance 454 followers · 667 friends · 1.7k tweets
    PhD Candidate-sustainability lens of aquaculture. Passionate about people& protecting marine environ. #fisheries #marine #conservation #governance #foodsecurity
  19. All Charities-Count

    All_Charity_Ct 2.1k followers · 2k friends · 28.7k tweets
    All Charities Count provides Consulting * Marketing * Social Networking services to non-profits. Promote your org. activities via
  20. Allison Fuisz 🦑

    allison_fuisz 4.4k followers · 3.3k friends · 9.2k tweets
    Educator | Student Voice Advocate | MPEd | Energetic Energyball | Attitude of Gratitude | #TeachSDGs Ambassador 🌏|#ONedchat | love/learn/educate 🏳️‍🌈
  21. Almond

    almond3131 5.2k followers · 2.1k friends · 114k tweets
  22. Alvaro Cedeno

    alvarcidane 1.4k followers · 1.5k friends · 12.2k tweets
    For life to thrive on Earth. That is why. Costa Rican ambassador @WTO. TEDx English; Spanish
  23. Amelia Wenger

    AmeliaWenger 691 followers · 840 friends · 725 tweets
    conservation planning postdoc @UQ_SEES and @Grnfirescience, working with @WCSmelanesia on ridge to reef planning to support fisheries
  24. Amy Jackson

    amyjacksoncc 2k followers · 3.9k friends · 20.7k tweets
    is a multimedia artist creating from her home studio in Nashville, TN, USA
  25. Andrew Darby

    looksouth 1.2k followers · 291 friends · 7.1k tweets
    Watching nature. Eye on the poles.
  26. Andrew Hudson

    AHudsonUNDP 451 followers · 190 friends · 666 tweets
    Head, Water & Ocean Governance Programme at @UNDP
  27. Andy Cornish

    AndyCornishHK 319 followers · 109 friends · 413 tweets
    WWF Leader - Shark & Ray Initiatve
  28. Aneika Angus

    aneikaangus 348 followers · 211 friends · 20.5k tweets
    Ask. Believe. Recieve
  29. Ángela Rodríguez S.

    acrsedano 114 followers · 581 friends · 18.1k tweets
  30. anna :)

    AnnaHolzberger 343 followers · 526 friends · 3.7k tweets
    cannabis ocean, its vegan.
  31. Anna Axelsson

    AnnaAxelsson4 604 followers · 672 friends · 1.2k tweets
    Policy Advisor on Climate Change at Diakonia, Sweden. Policyrådgivare klimatfrågor på Diakonia. Cyklist, tågpendlare, kolonist, dansfantast.
  32. Antonio Palazuelos

    anpapri 225 followers · 537 friends · 1.6k tweets
    Communication Specialist, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Views my own.
  33. Ariel baker

    archimed115 182 followers · 695 friends · 14.4k tweets
    Marine Mammalogy Belugas Conservation Habitat Restoration
  34. Arju

    mohammadarju 366 followers · 141 friends · 1k tweets
    Writer, Conservationist. Working w/ @GYBN_CBD @SaveOurSeaTrust @GeorgiaSeaGrant @BYE_Initiative. Interests #SocialEcologicalSystems #ClimateChange #BlueEconomy
  35. Arman

    arman234ppp 111 followers · 209 friends · 380 tweets

    ArmateursFR 2.1k followers · 412 friends · 2.5k tweets
    Organisation professionnelle des entreprises françaises de transport et services maritimes. #MarineMarchande, 1 industrie décisive pour notre économie.
  37. Arne Sönnichsen

    ArneSonnichsen 34 followers · 109 friends · 126 tweets
    Doctoral Student and Political Scientist @UniDuE | works on Outer Space Policy, Outer Space Governance, Popular Culture and Science Fiction.
  38. Art Aborigène

    artsdaustralie 2.7k followers · 1.7k friends · 2k tweets
    Arts d'Australie • Stéphane Jacob Galerie d'art #aborigène #contemporain Aboriginal contemporary art gallery; @expertsCNES
  39. Automedia Gabon

    automediagabon 184 followers · 146 friends · 4.3k tweets
    Gabon libre très bientôt 😃
  40. AYLI Delegations

    aylidelegates 415 followers · 65 friends · 6k tweets
    @youthleadersnz trains & inspires young Kiwi leaders by sending them to international conferences. Follow their experiences here! Opinions our delegates' own.
  41. badgurljewelry

    MCanuelleAdams 257 followers · 752 friends · 3.4k tweets
    A jewelry designer, metal smith, and Graduate Gemologist living the dream by being creative, working in my yard, travelling, and enjoying mother nature.
  42. BalticSeaActionGroup

    BSAG_ 1.8k followers · 625 friends · 2.2k tweets
    The Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted seas in the world - together we can save it! Tweets in EN, FI and SWE.
  43. Based🇺🇸Mermaid🦈

    AdelineParker20 2.7k followers · 2.7k friends · 20.1k tweets
    politics and badassery 😈 #MAGA 🇺🇸 Gulf war Vet, Master Scuba Diver🇵🇱, part time pole dancer🎠 Vets determined to take our country back. #2A 🔫🔫🔫
  44. Beatriz Hernández N

    BHdezNarvaez 241 followers · 788 friends · 2.5k tweets
    Mother of Emiliano, Sebastian & Matías; mexican diplomat with a passion on development issues & int'l affairs. RT ≠ necessarily endorsements.
  45. Belgium UN New York

    BelgiumUN 5.3k followers · 775 friends · 4k tweets
    🇧🇪 Permanent Mission of #Belgium to the UN | Représentation permanente de la #Belgique auprès de l'ONU | Permanente Vertegenwoordiging van #België bij de VN
  46. Billy Holiday

    BilyHoliday 348 followers · 187 friends · 34.4k tweets
  47. BinStrap

    BinStrap 2.2k followers · 2.7k friends · 11.4k tweets
    BinStrap is Dedicated to Stopping wheelie bin pollution, and Stopping Rubbish and Plastic getting into our Environment, Rivers and Oceans. #KeepItInYourBin!
  48. BIOACID_project

    BIOACID_project 556 followers · 286 friends · 1.4k tweets
    BIOACID (Biological Impacts of Ocean Acidification) is the German collaborative research project on ocean acidification.
  49. Biri Initiative Org

    BiriInitiative 820 followers · 755 friends · 3.6k tweets
    Project 250 is underway. Coral is growing back, fish are returning and the Biri community is really behind us now!! 🐟
  50. BKIPM Semarang

    bkipm_semarang 1.2k followers · 433 friends · 9.5k tweets
    Akun Twitter resmi Balai KIPM Kelas II Semarang - BKIPM - KKP | Certified by ISO 17025; ISO 9001 & ISO 17020 | | Telp. 024-3541769
  51. BLOOM Association

    Bloom_FR 6.2k followers · 994 friends · 4.9k tweets
    Lanceur d'alertes, médiateur scientifique, contre-pouvoir, BLOOM met sa liberté de ton au service des citoyens, travaillant sur l'#océan et la #pêche

    fareedaasf 1.1k followers · 3.7k friends · 157k tweets
    we. are. just a concident. to meet but in the truth. we never know us
  53. Bothnia Savages

    BothniaSavages 77 followers · 152 friends · 595 tweets
    Journalism with activist heart, sports for environmental development. Tweets by: @ainohuotari & @piparkakkuhymy
  54. Broome Must Speak

    BroomeMustSpeak 759 followers · 631 friends · 11.8k tweets
    #Broome, Australia has power to initiate change for slaughtered dolphins in #Taiji, Japan. It's for that reason Broome Council remain silent. #TheBroomeSolution
  55. Burhan Gafoor

    BurhanGafoor 697 followers · 280 friends · 711 tweets
    Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Singapore to the United Nations in New York. All views are personal. RT not endorsement.
  56. By the Marina

    hurunui9414 505 followers · 552 friends · 67 tweets
    Retired Navigator
  57. CAAST-Net Plus

    CAAST_Net_Plus 909 followers · 315 friends · 5.8k tweets
    CAAST-Net Plus is a network of 26 European and African partners collaborating to support research and innovation partnerships addressing global challenges.
  58. Calypso Diving

    CalypsoBoracay 249 followers · 61 friends · 617 tweets
    We are a PADI 5-Star IDC center right on the famous White Beach in Boracay. Fun dives, courses, day trips, we got it all!
  59. Canada in Indonesia

    CanEmbIndonesia 2.1k followers · 40 friends · 1.6k tweets
    Embassy of Canada to Indonesia and Timor-Leste - Français : @AmbCanIndonesie -
  60. Carl J. Königel

    CarlKonigel 1.5k followers · 1.3k friends · 30.4k tweets
    the parrot next to the canary in the coal mine | nature conservationist | omnia mutantur | volunteer planetary futurist & geopolitical analyst | EN & NL
  61. Carolina G. Azevedo

    carogazevedo 1.6k followers · 1.6k friends · 5.4k tweets
    Coordino la comunicación de @PNUD p/ AmLat y Caribe @PNUDLAC/ I coordinate @UNDP 's comms 4 LatAm & Caribbean. Former @MisionONUCol Spokeswoman & Chief of Comms
  62. Carter Craft

    cartercraft 708 followers · 764 friends · 3.4k tweets
    planner, educator, captain of boat, bicycle & garden. Sr. Economic Officer at the Consulate Gen. of the Netherlands in NY. RT does not=endorsement
  63. Caterina Conti

    caterinaconti 1.5k followers · 2.4k friends · 14.9k tweets
    Consultant. Investor. Occasional tweeter.
  64. CharlieA

    ___CharlieA 1k followers · 265 friends · 6k tweets
    Circadian rhythm. Pro-cetacean. When Dolphin NGOs & activists focus on influence #Broome has in #Taiji, slaughtered dolphins will see change. #TheBroomeSolution
  65. Chase

    WFPchase 135 followers · 25 friends · 2k tweets
    Spanish-Chinese by blood, American-Filipino by birth • Ocean Advocate • Communications & Partnerships for the United Nations @WFP_Philippines
  66. Chasing Coral

    ChasingCoral 8.4k followers · 241 friends · 1.8k tweets
    A Netflix Original Documentary. A team of divers, photographers & scientists set out on an adventure to document how the oceans are changing. #ChasingCoral
  67. Childrenwithout

    childrenwithout 335 followers · 1.5k friends · 5.2k tweets
    I like to explore from sea level to 25000 feet and see the world from a different perspective. Internet is my vehicle to discovery. We are the magic school bus
  68. Chris Chuku

    ChukuChris 92 followers · 280 friends · 4.4k tweets
    #ClimateChange #EnvironmentalSolution #DisasterManagement #OccupationalHazard #SustainableDevelopment #RenewableEnergy
  69. Christina Hicks

    ChristinacHicks 880 followers · 346 friends · 821 tweets
    Environmental social scientist at Lancaster Environment Centre, affiliated & adjunct fellow at Stanford & JCU
  70. Christine Barnes

    clb2357 109 followers · 179 friends · 1.2k tweets
    Asker of Why? and Why not? Innovator, collaborator, problem solver. Org. development/coaching at work. Sports 4 fun, ocean health for my passion.
  71. Claire Nouvian

    ClaireNouvian 3.4k followers · 883 friends · 4.9k tweets
    BLOOM Founder (@Bloom_FR), Fascinated by public policy, committed to fighting opacity of lobbies & injustice. Gutted by what we've done to the planet & humans.
  72. Clifton Nunnally

    seagrifo 134 followers · 144 friends · 1k tweets
    Just a dude trying to figure this crazy world out, from the deep-sea to the mountain top.
  73. Commonwealth Fdn

    commonwealthorg 4.4k followers · 1.5k friends · 2.1k tweets
    We are the #Commonwealth's agency for civil society. Our mission is to strengthen civic voices and enhance participatory governance.
  74. Connie Innis

    byzantinerose 16 followers · 34 friends · 58 tweets
  75. Cool New Zealand

    coolnewzealand 213 followers · 2 friends · 13.4k tweets

    ICRIcolombia 579 followers · 358 friends · 1.3k tweets
    Nohora Galvis, Observatory based on Scientific Facts to Improve Conservation (Founder, SCB Coral Reefs Working Group and Foundation ICRI Colombia)
  77. Council for Science

    ICSUnews 8.1k followers · 1.3k friends · 5.1k tweets
    We work to provide scientific advice to UN processes and convene scientists around the biggest research challenges of the 21st century.
  78. CozumelSeaDiveshop

    CozumelDiveshop 277 followers · 492 friends · 2.3k tweets
    Amamos los arrecifes de Cozumel, brindamos el mejor servicio en la Isla, dedicados a cuidar el ecosistema, naturaleza y a los buzos. #PasionporelBuceo
  79. Cristina Rivas

    chrissierivas 306 followers · 783 friends · 14.7k tweets
    De todo un poco... de aquí y de allá
  80. Crystal Dive Koh Tao

    crystaldive 7.2k followers · 7.8k friends · 8.5k tweets
    Crystal Dive is a leading Asia Pacific #PADI Dive Centre. As a PADI Career Development Centre, we offer all PADI Diving Courses & Scuba Diving Internships 🇹🇭
  81. Dan Thomas

    DMWThomas 1.3k followers · 646 friends · 3.9k tweets
    Communication professional working at the United Nations. Opinions are my own.
  82. Daniel A. Zarrilli

    dzarrilli 4.1k followers · 2.8k friends · 6.4k tweets
    Senior Director, Climate Policy & Programs | Chief Resilience Officer, @NYCMayor. #OneNYC @NYClimate #stopfundingfossils Views mine. 🌎
  83. Daniela Rivas

    daniela_mrivas 440 followers · 876 friends · 1.8k tweets
    On the search for solutions to reconcile conservation and development trade-offs #ThinkLandscapes / Country Rep @YPARD @YPARDPeru / Co-Founder @GrowEmpowerment
  84. Dario Piselli

    dariopiselli 1.3k followers · 1k friends · 4.2k tweets
    Research Officer & PhD Candidate @IHEID | Project Leader, Solutions @SDSNYouth | MSc @LSEGeography | JD @unisiena | Int'l env law & policy, global health, SDGs.
  85. David Giraud

    DavidGiraud12 259 followers · 611 friends · 8.4k tweets
    Professeur spé. handicap @partisocialiste 🌹 @mvt1717 @benoithamon humaniste athée #océan #protection #biodiversité Plongeur. #aloha
  86. David Obura

    dobura 1.1k followers · 334 friends · 1.1k tweets
    Coral reef ecologist and by philosophy an egalitarianist. Knowledge, education, choices, equity, justice – it should be possible, tweet by tweet?
  87. David Vivas

    DavidJVivas1 721 followers · 655 friends · 5.4k tweets
    Expert on Trade, Environment, Oceans Economy, Intellectual Property and Sustainable Development. Opinions are of personal nature. RT is not endorsement.
  88. Dawn Borg Costanzi

    DawnBC012 112 followers · 271 friends · 175 tweets
    Fighting illegal fishing by day, dancing by night, travelling whenever I can. All opinions are my own. Retweets are not endorsements.
  89. Deb Castellana

    debcastellana 11.5k followers · 7.3k friends · 4.7k tweets
    Promoting awareness & policies for a healthy ocean planet with Mission Blue and Heirs to Our Oceans. Tweets are my own.
  90. deborahh marie #Extinction Is Forever

    deborahskyrim 3.7k followers · 4.9k friends · 114k tweets
    IF WE ALL WORK TOGETHER WE CAN SAVE OUR EARTH AND LIFE AS WE KNOW #ClimateChange #ExtinctionIsForever #CleanPowerPlan #Earth #KeepItInTheGround #CleanEnergy 🌎💞
  91. Dennis Ivan Felisari

    DIFelisari 256 followers · 592 friends · 16.3k tweets
  92. Diana Jayne Delute

    DJDelute 84 followers · 245 friends · 610 tweets
    Adventures of a middle-class gal with a thirst for knowledge and exploration. Sr. Systems Analyst at #LufthansaTechnik 🇵🇭 #Travel #Aviation #Freediving #IT
  93. DianeN56

    DianeN56 21.7k followers · 4.1k friends · 271k tweets
    The sea, the great unifier, is man's only hope. Now, as never before, the old phrase has a literal meaning: we are all in the same boat. ~Jacques Yves Cousteau
  94. Dianne Sika-Paotonu

    DSikaPaotonu 28 followers · 125 friends · 180 tweets
  95. Dick Höglund

    DickHoglund 28 followers · 32 friends · 166 tweets
  96. disaster

    AndiDisaPermata 383 followers · 207 friends · 6.7k tweets
    a master once was a disaster
  97. Dive Boss

    Dive_Boss 124 followers · 322 friends · 89 tweets
    #PADI IDC Staff Instructor teaching up to Assistant Instructor level on the PADI Professional ladder 🤓
  98. Doctor Zoidmoose

    ChrisWaterkotte 460 followers · 536 friends · 18.3k tweets
    same as it ever was. same as it ever was. same as it ever was. same as it ever was. same as it ever was.
  99. Domino Albert

    dominocean 1.5k followers · 909 friends · 9.3k tweets
    Comms Manager @projectaware. Love #diving 👌🏻, the #ocean 🌊 & #sharks 🦈. Fascinated by the Power of Social Media & its Effect on Society! (Views are my own)
  100. donald epperson

    donaldepperson 592 followers · 1.9k friends · 7.4k tweets
    mma,all Louisville sports.and helping others!!!!
  101. Donna Isaacson

    DonnaIsaacson7 196 followers · 233 friends · 1.4k tweets
    Proud Mom of 2, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign College of Business Alum, Finance Professional, Photographer, Basketball Fan 🏀
  102. Dr Anthony Gallagher

    Evolvedorange 164 followers · 433 friends · 185 tweets
    Professor of Marine Sustainability; Chair of the Hamble Estuary Partnership; thoughts occasionally my own ....
  103. Dr Imran Ahmad

    FEA_Imran 601 followers · 2.4k friends · 3k tweets
    Adj. Prof ANU| Ex-Dir @futureearth Australia @Science_Academy |Board @MSSIMelb |Governor @WWF_Australia |Ex-Exec @gggi_hq @irena @undesa | Tweets/RTs personal|
  104. Dr Ishrat Ashraf

    drishratashraf 278 followers · 73 friends · 691 tweets
    @Harvard and @Cambridge_Uni Alum, @WorldBank Fellow,UNESCO-L'Oreal Fellow @4WomeninScience, @awaawardsuk Award Winner,Scientist, Mentor,Motivational Speaker
  105. Dr Pala Molisa

    Pala_Molisa 405 followers · 1.1k friends · 953 tweets
    Academic. Social justice/ecological sustainability researcher. Oly weightlilfter. Gym rat. 2nd hand book addict. Part-time poet.
  106. Dr. Ayoade Alakija

    yodifiji 6.8k followers · 93 friends · 14.7k tweets
    Activist for social justice & change| Chief Humanitarian Coordinator, Nigeria| Mother of a gorgeous Olympian| Wife. I dance because I am free......
  107. DSCC

    DeepSeaConserve 3.1k followers · 1.9k friends · 5.5k tweets
    Campaigning to protect vulnerable deep-sea ecosystems and conserve deep-sea species. Follow us and take action to protect the incredible biodiversity of the sea
  108. Dutch Shark Society

    DutchSharkSoc 1.1k followers · 748 friends · 7.8k tweets
  109. Dwi Novilia Suyono

    NYuwono19 194 followers · 96 friends · 9.1k tweets
    A simple act of kindness, no matter how small, is never wasted.
  110. Elisabeth K Shuman

    ekoshuman 372 followers · 430 friends · 6.4k tweets
  111. Elizabeth

    ElizabethJSays 6.7k followers · 5.3k friends · 102k tweets
    Kind, joyous, resilient, adventurous, vivacious. Producer, writer, autism advocate. Love the water. Ready for 46. "Believer in common decency." ~ Ian Buchanan
  112. Emilie

    emimileee 119 followers · 328 friends · 1.8k tweets
    Graduate from @IRIS_SUP_. Volunteer @seashepherd_uk. Marine conservation volunteer @TCProjectInt. Nature lover. Spare-time traveler, hiker, 🏊🏼‍♀️ + 🚴‍♀️
  113. Emily Darling

    emilysdarling 4.6k followers · 1.3k friends · 7.8k tweets
    WCS conservation scientist thinking about coral reefs, fisheries, climate change, big data, and how to tweet about it. Tweets my own.
  114. Emily Frost

    EmilyJoyFrost 183 followers · 335 friends · 212 tweets
    PhD student Environmental (Climate change) physiologist - marine biologist-impacts of climate change on marine organisms
  115. EnriqueYeves

    EnriqueYeves 2.9k followers · 2.5k friends · 6.5k tweets
    Journalist&writer, now Director Communications at #UNFAO. #politics, #development, #diplomacy, #Hunger #International Affairs, #UN. Tweets in several languages
  116. EnviroVideo

    EnviroVideo 331 followers · 1.7k friends · 5.4k tweets
    EnviroVideo produces Enviro Close-Up with Karl Grossman, seen on Free Speech TV and
  117. Erfgoed Nws

    erfgoednieuws 4.7k followers · 2.8k friends · 13.1k tweets
    Actueel cultureel erfgoed, musea en meer | Cultural Heritage and Museum News | | @erfgoed20 | @stichtingE30| @theomeereboer
  118. España en Haití

    EmbEspHaiti 379 followers · 479 friends · 760 tweets
    Cuenta oficial de la Embajada de España en la República de Haití. Normas de utilización:
  119. EssentialAfrica

    essentialafrica 7.4k followers · 6.4k friends · 26.7k tweets
    African web portal and business directory bringing you curated news from Africa
  120. EU Delegation to UN

    EUatUN 50k followers · 1.8k friends · 21k tweets
    News from the 🇪🇺#EU Delegation to the #UN in New York. Follow Ambassador Vale de Almeida @ValedeAlmeidaEU. Like us
  121. EU Maritime & Fish

    EU_MARE 34.3k followers · 36.1k friends · 22.9k tweets
    The official account for @EU_Commission Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE). Marine/maritime/seafood news. Rts and likes not necessarily endorsements.
  122. EuroGOOS

    EuroGOOS 2.4k followers · 978 friends · 3.4k tweets
    The leading European #OceanObserving network of oceanographic institutes and research organizations, operating within @IocUnesco @GOOSocean, striving for #EOOS

    EvrythingOceans 2.9k followers · 4.6k friends · 10.4k tweets
    We •Engage •Educate •Empower people to preserve and protect oceans, coral reefs, sharks, dolphins, whales, seaturtles, fisheries and ecosystems. Oceans matter!
  124. F Kell

    baileyscream26 116 followers · 376 friends · 7.9k tweets
  125. Fabio Lucheroni

    LucheroniFabio 51 followers · 210 friends · 1.4k tweets
  126. Faisal Abdi Siyad🕌

    Faisal_Abdi_Siy 1.4k followers · 833 friends · 10.5k tweets
    #Pastrolist, Humanitarian professional, Specialized in #CashTransfer, #FoodSecurity, #Nutrition, #livelihood, #DRR, #ClimateChange and #Resilience programming.
  127. FAO and the SDGs

    FAOSDGs 23.7k followers · 6.8k friends · 5.1k tweets
    The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (#UNFAO) focus and support to the Sustainable Development Goals #SDGs
  128. Fernanda Rodríguez R

    Palmera_F 105 followers · 168 friends · 2.5k tweets
    Palmey del Mar🌴🌊 PhD in Microbiology, Postdoc at @LACERUPLA Viña del Mar
  129. Finella Blair

    finellab 106 followers · 168 friends · 300 tweets
    Conservation scientist, relational database nerd & traveller, particularly interested in technology, data capture and management in field conservation projects
  130. Fiona Simmance

    FionaSimmance 295 followers · 651 friends · 402 tweets
    PhD Natural Resources Social Scientist - Passionate about people and the marine environment. Follow me: #fisheries #climatechange #foodsecurity
  131. FisheriesAquaculture

    FAOfish 21.1k followers · 883 friends · 24.9k tweets
    UN Food & Agriculture Organization's Fisheries & Aquaculture Department. Follow for updates on the latest meetings, publications, information, and news.
  132. Fran Siracusa

    ProfeEdTech 9.2k followers · 6.4k friends · 26k tweets
    #globalgoals connect.create.inspire| EdTech M.Ed, Spanish T| Calliope, #EdcampTB #TeachSDGs co-fndr| ISTE award, @Edutopia blogger, @Buncee, #Kahoot, @flipgrid
  133. Francisco Blaha

    BlahaFrancisco 274 followers · 334 friends · 2.3k tweets
    Independent Fisheries Advisor, NZ/Aoteroa based. Basically a fisherman carried away by Academia. Love my job, but I don't really like working.(ex bFM'ManoPaco)
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    Clinical social worker, MSW fighting political legal&social oppression of others. Lover of everything nature, reef diver, who would rather be under.
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    Geek#1 @Bloom_FR
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    Working for the marine environment at IMO, London
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    This account retweets the tweets of the ftse100 companies - nothing else.
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    Future Earth is an ambitious international research programme for global sustainability.
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    🌸🌷🌻| Internationalist | Sustainable Development & International Cooperation | My World 2015 Youth Ambassador & Internal Management of My World México🇲🇽🌎
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    The Global Environment Facility (GEF) is the world’s leading international institution investing in the joint management, care, and restoration of our planet.

    IWLEARN 413 followers · 76 friends · 2.3k tweets
    GEF IW:LEARN is a programme that promotes experience sharing and learning among GEF International Waters projects and partners.
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    Geógrafo, UNAM | Sist. de Comp. Admva., UVM Docencia Preparatoria y Bachillerato | Trekking, Media Montaña, Pueblos, Off Road, Buceo |
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    The Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI) is a cross-sectoral alliance committed to driving solutions to the problem of lost and abandoned fishing gear worldwide
  144. Girl Up

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    A @unfoundation campaign: Uniting girls to change the world.
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    Socialistisk folketingskandidat for SF. Tror på der er plads til os alle sammen og ikke kun til dem der har råd.
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    Marine policy, fisheries, ocean energy, academic stuff. Drinker of tea, lover of the sea, and Oxford Comma user. 📕 I did a book!
  147. Global Ocean Trust

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    A global team of environment experts promoting ocean solutions through partnerships and innovative finance.
  148. Global Schools

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    A global program to bring the #SDGs in schools and educate about sustainable development. A community of teachers, students and volunteers. By @SDSNYouth
  149. Go Pro In Paradise

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    Platinum PADI Course Director Richard Reardon conducting IDCs in conjunction with All 4 Diving in Phuket, Thailand. Email
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    Sand, salt, sea, sails and sailing for me. The oceans and humanity is all that matters.
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    #sustainability underpinned with science. Dedicated partner & dad in #renewable energy.
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    #UNFAO Director-General. Committed to working in partnership to reach a #ZeroHunger and sustainable world.
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    We take all we want from black culture but will we stand up for black lives
  157. HBS North America

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    The Heinrich Böll Foundation is a non-profit organization affiliated with the German Green Party and promotes sustainability, a green economy and human rights.
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    International Expert in traceability and agro-food value chains. Trying to bring innovation to the primary sector. Active in Asia, Africa, Europe and America.
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    Die grüne politische Stiftung mit über 100 Partnerprojekten in 60 Ländern. Impressum:
  161. Heritage People

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    Globally connecting cultural heritage – tangible & intangible. Things that should be remembered & things that should not be forgotten. @woodac2 @wood_cdwo1
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    Tony Long is a former Naval Officer now campaigning for the conservation of our oceans Views are his own, retweets to inform the debate or lighten the moment.

    Hijaukudotcom 232k followers · 1k friends · 60.7k tweets
    Celebrating sciences. Greening the environment | INAICTA 2012: Creative & Innovative New Media | We Communicate Green |
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    ForeignAffairs | UN & MultilateralAffairs | @DutchMFA | Candidatures Campaign Elections | HumanRights UPR | tweet 🇫🇷🇪🇸🇳🇱🇬🇧 | my opinions RT not endorsed
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    Dum spiro, spero...
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    Works on sharks & rays, Son of Wales. Views ... own...etc.
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    I work on Climate-Change-Smart Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning.
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    International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) Focal Point for the UN Agenda2030/ Sustainable Development. #SDG11 #HeritageTarget 11.4 #CulturalHeritage
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    The 5th International Conference on Sustainable Development | @UNSDSN & the Global Master's in Development Practice (MDP)
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    International Award Winning #PADI Diving Centre on Koh Tao • Divemaster & Dive Instructor Courses at The World's Premier Training Location @Matt_Bolton 🇹🇭
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    Lawyer, Kids, Pets, Truth, Art, Music, Plants. We must nourish what matters.
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    The Institute for Ocean Conservation Science pursues world-class research into pressing marine conservation issues.
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    Somos un grupo estudiantil de la EEPA-Ucv, miembro del Centro de Estudiantes. Seguimos Avanzando!
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    IPS: News and Views from the Global South | Local correspondents in more than 400 locations | Established in 1964
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    INWES was established to: “Strengthen the capacity of individuals, organisations, and corporations through education and professional development..
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    #environment, #biodiversity, #climatechange, #sustainabledevelopment, #energy, #greeneconomy & more for @ipsnews...
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    Official account of Baghdad city of peace annual carnival in Baghdad on September الحساب الرسمي لمهرجان بغداد دار السلام Find us on sc/insta/fb #iqpeace

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    Pour une #science actrice d’un futur durable, le #partenariat scientifique équitable avec les pays en #développement
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    Irene Quaile is a journalist specialising on polar issues, environment and climate. Keen on ice, wildlife and nature conservation.
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    Private Equity I Impact Investing I UN NGO Advisor l Frontier Markets #GenderEquality #WomensEntrepreneurship
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    Brown addicted. Hidup itu pilihan.
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    The IUCN Water Programme is a trusted partner for action & knowledge on sustainable water management.Our IUCN Water Knowledge Portal:
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    Passionate about fisheries and its industry. This profile reflects my personal views only.
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    healthy oceans, healthy people
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    Venezolano que cree en la Propuesta Democrática en Venezuela! Trabajador de la Construcción Civil.
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    Governor, Royal Canadian Geographical Society; Fellow, RGS: Governor, NS Museums; Adj. Prof. Geog, GIS & Marine Affairs,; IGU-2018 Committee
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    Kiwi guy living in paradise. Climate scientist, cyclist, woodworker, whisky drinker.
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    Sax-jazz,aut-comp-inter/EMM,relationnel Big Band de l'Olympia/ Rédactionnel'Sté DROITS du NET'/ré sprint athl./
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    Hydrologist Director of CNRS - IRD Joint Office for Southern Africa PhD University of Paris VI
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    Entrepreneur, Development of programmer system for US special administration
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    Passionate shark conservationist & marine bio. using science & media to teach people about #sharks. Founder of @SharkEducation, author of Norman the Nurse Shark
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    Chef för Havsfiskelaboratoriet och fd chef för Internationella enheten på Havs- och vattenmyndigeten.
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    Retired prof. Taught structure of poetry, reading, writing, business writing, structure of story in popular movies, web use, speaking, & podcasting. Feminist.
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    Adventurer and Planet Warrior In short...I'm out to be the change I want to see in the world.
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    They pay me to talk about biology, but these tweets are mine. I spend my spare time underwater or building stuff.
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    Vice chair Swedish Climate Policy Council, Advisor at SEI, Adj Prof at Sthlm University. Tweet what I find interesting, not necessarily endorsing.
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    adviseur buitenlandse betrekkingen Aruba
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    Director of the Collaborative Centre for Sustainable Use of the Seas (CCSUS) at Cefas and the University of East Anglia (UEA).
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    I am a serving paramedic with over 35 years experience in NHS. Passionate about our horse and high board diving. Care deeply about wildlife and the environment.
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    PCU member of @IWLEARN and LME:LEARN projects at @IocUnesco
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    Advisor @NLatUN working on Agenda 2030 | Sustainable Development Goals | Financing for Development & Student MSc in International Relations
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    PhD student @BrenUCSB focused on fisheries and environmental policy. also a runner, surfer, yogi, canadian, and adopted californian.
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    We are the spark!! that will light the fire!! that will burn the first order down!!
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    Fritidspolitiker (S) i Mölndal, ledamot i Miljönämnden, ers i KF, styrelseledamot Folkets Hus, Chokladfantast. Åsikterna är mina egna.
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    Permanent Representative to the United Nations for the Kingdom of the Netherlands. In March 2018 President of the UN Security Council. See also @NLatUN
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    marine ecologist, top predators, CLIOTOP chair, aspiring green thumb, lover of disco balls and vinyl
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    Kathryn Brusco: Activist, Author, Screenwriter
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    Water lover, environmentalist, diver, lover of sunken wrecks. Managing Editor of the Scuba News Canada and Owner/Operator of Kirk Scuba Gear
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    Deep-sea ecologist, member of the ICES working group on deep sea ecology (WGDEC). Research focused on conservation and sustainable management of the deep-sea.
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    Works @ #seafood #wine #travel #sharkcagediving #CyberSecurity #PMLN WhatsApp +923360780777 educated @HurtwoodHouse & Richmond Uni UK
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    Professor of Geopolitics Royal Holloway, University of London. FAcSS. Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellow 2017-20. Tweeting in a personal capacity
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    Marine biologist & fisheries scientist with an unwavering passion for tunas & travel. Lover of challenges, languages, lemon desserts & big impossible dreams.
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    C.E.O of 7SEAS®: 7SEAS Clothing-7SEAS International,Dive,Surf & Yacht Club-7SEAS Cottages & The Garden C@fe-I tweet about Oceans-Follow me,I always follow back
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    CEO, @WWFSuomi, PhD on #SustainableDevelopment. Chair of @WWF_Arctic Program. I work for the #sustainable #future of our planet. #conservationist #leadership
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    Internationale Umweltpolitik, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung / Ecology & Sustainable Development, Heinrich Böll Foundation, tweets are in personal capacity
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    CEO & Executive Director, UN @globalcompact. International Gender Champion of Change. Let’s make #GlobalGoalsLocalBusiness and create the world we want!
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    Wife, sister, mother, mother-in- law, grandmother to 11 thank God. Loves family, people, truth, justice and mercy. My views are my own.
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    Senior policy advisor WWF Sweden. Tweets about environmental politics, political thought. These are my personal tweets.
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    Curator of Fishes at @CalAcademy. Coral reefs, conservation, #OceanOptimism, sustainability, #STEMdiversity. Tweets are my own.
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    Director of the @pewenvironment global shark campaign - tweets very much my own.
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    These are my own tweets, but are mostly about the work of the #UN, where I am the Acting Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications.
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    सभी के लिए घर, 24 घंटे बिजली, हर गांव तक सड़क-मेरा देश बदल रहा है…आगे बढ़ रहा है in Great leadership of honorable Prime Minister Modi
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    Father of two, Professor of Gastroenterology, Doctor and Scientist, EASL governing board member, reader, diver and skier, "opinions are my own"
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    @UN Executive Office of the Secretary-General (EOSG), Associate Expert on Sustainable Development, #SDGs #2030Agenda #Gender #Peace #CivilSociety #HumanRights
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    Democratic candidate for First Selectman of Orange, CT. Former Director, Strategic Communications @UN, now retired
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    Politóloga, internacionalista, feminista, pacifista, municipalista, convencida del derecho a la ciudad, experta en cooperación Sur-Sur
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    Marine scientist tackling illegal fishing, human rights, traceability, CSR & sustainable seafood. Travel, thru-hiking & outdoor adventures for kicks.
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    Global citizen & development lawyer with specialization in Law of the Sea, Ocean Governance, Sustainable Management of Marine Resources.Comments are mine only.
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    Por un mejor apoyo al desarrollo de la I+D+i chilena. Criticas positivas y negativas aunque a algunos no le gusten
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    COO of @participate. Culture shark and digital badger. Tweets are pretty much mine, most of the time.
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    physical oceanographer interested in sustained ocean observing, ocean understanding, ocean information and sustainable ocean development. Personal views
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    Climate change and Fisheries
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    I am a scientist @sznDohrn involved in fish research and conservation, in particular sharks and their relatives and Antarctic fishes
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    Multi-Award Winning Platinum #PADI Course Director. Over 20 Years Dedicated to Instructor Development and at the Centre of The Thailand Scuba Diving Industry.
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    For global benefit, local individual and collective action is needed! Sharing news & views on global sustainable development. Environment Officer @UNESCOBrasil
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    Environmentalist on the heart and the profesion. Looking to amplify the good news and working to tranform the bad ones in good.
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    About the largest enclosed Sea on Earth. 46,000km of Coasts, People, Resources, Biodiversity and Innovation Sustainability in 26 Mediterranean Countries.
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    🇵🇷🇲🇽 #LatinainSTEM marine biologist studying #diversesharks 🦈 Fins United Initiative founder. ConCiencia Azul #podcast host. TEDx speaker.
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    Global citizen. Working for @UNDESA @sustdev. Mostly tweet about #SDGs, and sustainable development
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    PhD candidate @ Hull University. International fisheries law, transparency & accountability. Behind the IUU Fishing Blog. Ocean lover, diver & jogger. European.
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    Official account of Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA 🇸🇬).
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    I'm a photographer, artist, environmentalist, techie, geek... I live and work at the cross-roads of the art, technology, and the amazing world around us.
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    Former journalist, now ocean conservation advocate @World_Wildlife, husband, father & eater of pasta. Opinions are my own.
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    Environmentalist, Bsc Wildlife and Countryside Conservation, Activist, Scuba diver, Traveller, Litter picker, Problem solver, Philanthropist & Optimist.
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    World Climate Research Programme. Polar Focal Point @WMO. #Climate #Oceans #Antarctica #Arctic #Sciencetopolicy #SDGs. Also #Yoga #Surfing #Snowboard...
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    Mission Blue inspires action to explore and protect the ocean! @SylviaEarle #HopeSpots
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    Mmbr@UNAUSA&@UNWomen, ExMmber@ClintonFDN,ExPresident Pakistan Outdor&Media Advertiser Association,Member Amnesty International,Director Global Goodwill Ambassad
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    Monitoramento Mirim Costeiro Projeto socioeducativo para a preservação da zona costeira e dos oceanos, pioneiro no mundo.
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    We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one. Jacques Yves Cousteau
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    Southern African office of the Marine Stewardship Council. #choosethebluefish label on seafood products!
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    ED of the New York Harbor Foundation, the organization behind @harborschool and @billionoyster. Opinions my own and RT do not necessarily imply endorsements.
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    Creating & Incubating Public Diplomacy & Global Social Impact Thru Music since 2006. Named for Leonard Bernstein's 1987 #MusicForLife concert at @CarnegieHall.
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    Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Miami; #minbuza #sustainability #digitaldiplomacy.
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    NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster is a world-leading industry cluster. Our goal is to develop innovative solutions for sustainable growth of the seafood industry
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    • Second Secretary, @NLatUN #KingdomNL • #UNSC #Peacekeeping #SIDS #Agenda2030 #Oceans • Curaçao born, NYC based • RT≠end
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  301. Nereus Program

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    Global interdisciplinary initiative between the Nippon Foundation & 16 partner institutes. Marine science, fisheries, policy, climate, Indigenous issues & more.
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    Marine biologist and policy nerd with a passion for diving and nudibranchs. Working for @SAERI_FI on natural capital assessments of UKOTs (Re)tweets my own.
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    The Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the United Nations in New York | Our ambassadors: @KvanOosterom & @LiseGvH | Our ministry: @DutchMFA
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    Official account of, teaching dive professionals how to market in a modern age
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    When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty - TJIEW @SaveNZDolphins #SaveNZDolphins #TheBroomeSolution
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    Award-winning conservation biologist & environmental practitioner. Passionate & optimistic about Seychelles.
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    Program Director for Energy & Environment Policy @boell_us. Let's work together on a sustainable future and a open society! Tweets are my own.
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    Tweets from Norway's Mission to the @UN in New York. Follow our ambassadors @AmbHattrem & @MayElinStener. 📸 Instagram & Snapchat: NorwayUN
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    Nohora Galvis, Directora, Observatorio Pro Arrecifes, Fundadora SCB Grupo de Trabajo para Mejorar Conservación de Arrecifes Coralinos e ICRI Colombia
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    The #Ocean and #Climate Platform is an alliance of NGOs and #research institutes, with support of UNESCO #cop21 #cop22 #cop23 #OceanforClimate
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    Oceans inc is a multimedia channel broadcasting about the ocean.It is a space for anyone concerned with protecting the ocean to share their knowledge.
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    OLSPS Marine specialises in scientific, quantitative and analytical management of commercial marine resources.
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    Our Pacific Vision: a region of peace, harmony, security, social inclusion & prosperity so that all Pacific people can lead free, healthy & productive lives.
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    Investment & Development in Small Island States #SDGs #ImpactInvesting #SaveOurOceans
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    We partner w/ schools & districts to provide leading-edge tech, comprehensive frameworks & support services. Happy to be part of the @bcorporation community.
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    We change the world, one mind, one heart, one tweet at a time ! #ShepherdStrong #TheOceansMatter #TheDolphinsOfTaiji OceanConservationist, *opinions my own
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    Per Strand Sjaastad is Norway’s Ambassador to the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Albania.
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    Ambassador of Canada to Indonesia and Timor-Leste & Senior APEC Official/Ambassadeur en Indonesie et Timor-Leste & réprésentat auprès de l'APEC
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    Member of Austrian Parliament, chairs sub-committee for development cooperation. SPÖ Favoriten. Globally engaged at PGA, AWEPA, IPPF, ICCA, IPU, EPF & others.
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    PGA’s vision is to contribute to the creation of a Rules-Based International Order for a more equitable, safe and democratic world.
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    Petroleum Geo-Services offers geophysical services and products; 2D, 3D, 4D marine seismic acquisition, data processing, MultiClient data and reservoir services
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    @UNFoundation team working toward implementation of the #2030Agenda for #sustainabledevelopment, building on progress of #MDGs. Retweets are not endorsements.
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    Researcher @PIK_Climate interested on #ecosystemservices, #foodsecurity #SDGs, #climatechange impacts/mitigation/adaptation RT ≠ endorsement
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    Oceanographer, community college educator, textbook author, nature photographer, cat lover.
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    a global movement for ocean protection powered by a community of adventurers. We connect the passion for ocean adventure with the purpose of marine conservation
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    The Charter of Reconciliation Day was unanimously passed by the United Nations under secretary General Kofi Annan with the full support of founder@Vincentcoyle1
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    Empathy for Marginalised Coastal Communities | Empowering innovation on the edge of sustainability. UN Supported #OurOcean participant founded by @VisualPersist
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    Director @ The Varda Group - My bio online: - Strategy, Policy, Governance, Advocacy, Transparency for Environment
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    Fundraising, strategy and management consultant for non profits. with our partners in Zohar and Entropia. #Givingtuesday Spain
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    Academic (UCD), international legal polemicist, wannabe salty sea dog, political naysayer and fading cyclist. Tweets in a personal capacity.
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    Fisheries, sharks. I love both
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    Dutch ambassador to New Zealand, Fiji, Kiribati, Samoa, Tonga and Tuvalu
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    I lead A Rocha's global Marine Programme. We are integrating Christian faith and marine conservation for ocean transformation. All tweets my own thoughts.
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    GrandMaBerta, Mom, Sis, Educator,Ret.; ^0^NYBAT^0^; Author; Learner4Life; Enjoys GR8 Memories & Experiences! #TheSerenityPrayer# ✌️♋️❤️
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    Contenta con mi trabajo por la ayuda a los demás. Lee, curiosea, informate para que no te jueguen contigo. El respeto al derecho ajeno es la Paz.
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    1st African Fleet of #InternationalYachtingFellowshipofRotarians. Membership open to all members of #Rotary interested in the sea & living in #Africa
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    Int civil servant working as UN RC/RR, Papua New Guinea. Passionate abt poverty reduction, LUFC, running, current affairs, family & more. RTs not endorsements.
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    Precandidato a la Presidencia Municipal en Zacatecas Capital, luchador Social, egresado de la Licenciatura en Derecho Burocrático.
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    Netherlands Mission to United Nations, Head of Development, Humanitarian Affairs and Human Rights. Tweets are mine and do not express any official position.
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    Partager les nouvelles de cette petite planète terre! Share the news of this small planet earth!
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    Marine biologist and Specialist in Marine Protection & Renewables with @WWFCanada. I tweet mostly about the oceans. My tweets are my own personal views.
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    🦎 | Regional Technical Advisor #Ecosystems & #Biodiversity @UNDP #SustainableDevelopment | 🐘 | Tweets reflect my own views | 🐋
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    Truth teller. Fighting to save Earth's rarest marine dolphins from extinction. Maui dolphins #SaveNZDolphins #Extincton #NewZealand
  384. Save Our Sea

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    Ocean Literacy and Locally Led Marine Conservation for the Bay of Bengal region.
  385. SDG Media Zone

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    Platform for #editors #bloggers #influencers to communicate a call to action for humanity to engage the #SDGs for #socialchange - Powered by @pvblicf #SDGLive
  386. SDSN Northern Europe

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    A network of Nordic academia institutions that links knowledge to action for society’s achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.
  387. Seafarer Circle

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    Sincerely supporting all our Seafarers. An initiative to promote awareness of the maritime industry. #AtSeaForAll
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    Tech | Politics | Liberal | Interests: Youth Affairs, Sustainable Development, Economics, Transport | Member of @yfg National Executive | opinions my own
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    Youth Engagement Strategist. Environmental Educator. Ocean Conservationist. Youth Ocean Conservation Summit director. Speaker. Changemaker. @StowDontThrow
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    U.N. reporter for Kyodo News, UNCA Secretary, Treasurer of Dag Hammarskjold Fund for Journalists, dancer, (re/tweets are mine and ≠ endorsements)
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    Océanologue géochimiste au CNRS, Directeur de l'unité de recherche M I O (Institut Méditerranéen d'Océanologie)
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    #1 Dallas Cowboys Fan! love my Lions 🦁Pistons! Under Water Photographer Sharks 🦈Scuba Diving my Life.... marine life passionate #SeaHorses #Sharks
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    A non-profit project of The Ocean Foundation dedicated to advancing science-based conservation of sharks & rays. Tweets by founder, Sonja Fordham.
  394. Shark Education

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    Creating the next generation of shark advocates through education and outreach. Shark Science, Curriculum, Classroom visits & outreach. IG: @sharkeducation
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    #Sharktrooth Sharks are wonderfully complex, beautiful and surprising animals and deserve to be understood, not feared. Facebook:
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    You, me and the sea... Marine Conservation Programme Officer with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
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    Societat d'Història Natural de les Balears - Fundada l'any 1954 - Editora de la revista científica #BSHN Bolletí de la SHNB - Organització sense ànim de lucre
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    UN Resident Coordinator & UNDP Res. Rep, Maldives. Passionate dev practioner. Formerly worked in Nepal, Pakistan, Mongolia, NY, DRC, Serbia, Kosovo, Tadjikistan
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    Foreign Affairs Kingdom of the Netherlands, International Environmental Law, International Law of the Sea, Security Council, @LLijnzaad for ITLOS
  401. Simone Filippini

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    Exec. Dir. @WeAreNIMD | previously CEO @Cordaid - Dutch Ambassador | @Leadership4SDGs | Women&Youth | Prez @UNANL | @HollandDance | @DreamFactory | @POF
  402. Singapore Mission UN

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    Welcome to the official Twitter account of the Permanent Mission of Singapore to the United Nations in New York
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    kids who pop today will rock tomorrow👊 Communications and Development Education with @SERVE_ie
  404. Slideluck

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    SLIDELUCK combines art slideshows and potluck events worldwide.
  405. Social Change Group

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    A platform where youths can contribute to Africa's developmental process. Port Harcourt Sustainable Development Goals Symposium 2017.
  406. Sol Hog

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    The truth should not be silenced! Sustainable democracy, human and environmental global rights requires the truth! (Middleaged female biologist mother forever)
  407. Soledad M. Santiago

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  408. Soledad Quiroz

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    Bioquímica y Mg. en Políticas Públicas. Abogando por la Ciencia en Chile. Aburrida de los "paneles de hombres".
  409. Sonya Lee

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    Ocean lover. Science Education Lead at Ocean School Advancing ocean literacy in Canada with @OceanLitCanada. #scicomm
  410. Sopheap Chak

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    Executive Director at @cchrcambodia and #Cambodia clogher. Tweets are my own & RTs are not endorsements.
  411. Sophie Hulme

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    Director at Communications Inc - working to get the right stuff seen and heard. Views are mine etc etc
  412. Sophie MirgauxdePina

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    International negotiator for the Belgian Ministry of Environment.
  413. Sophie Treinen

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    IKM Officer @#UNFAO, knowledge sharing, facilitator, social media, capacity development, food security, good practices, e-agriculture #KM4Dev #ict4d
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    No Porn pictures- will be blocked 🚫 Respect 4 animals and children. #Tweet4Taiji #EmptyTheTanks Love Art, Photography💞💞💞
  415. Staffan Danielsson

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    Global, regional, EU and Swedish marine management, fisheries, biodiversity, polar policy, integrated ocean governance etc. Views are mine.
  416. StartingUpGood

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    Where are the sweet spots for startups & impact investment? We explore this evolving space & share what we find.#impinv #startups #SDGs #CorporateVentureCapital
  417. Stephanie Wear

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    Ocean scientist, PhD, coral reef lover, common sense conservationist. Working for The Nature Conservancy at @DukeMarineLab. Living the salty life! Tweets mine.
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    Love my my kids,love my Mum.Love all Sharks Love all marine life.Love my Football team.Love my cats.Love my sport.#COYI
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    SUEZ Water South Jersey (formerly United Water SJ) //Serving Toms River, S. Toms River, Berkeley Township, Princeton Meadows, Lambertville, Camden and Manalapan
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    out law... I love to dive and drive!!
  423. Sustainable USAR

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    The United States Army Reserve relies on natural resources to accomplish our mission. We are protecting them for the Soldiers of today and tomorrow.
  424. SustyVibes

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    We make sustainability cool & relatable by creating a platform for young people to think up solutions for Sustainable Development.
  425. SwedenUN 🇸🇪

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    Permanent Mission of Sweden to the #UN in NY. Member of the Security Council 2017-18, #SwedeninUNSC. Follow our ambassadors @OlofBSkoog @IrinaSNyoni @CarlSkau.
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    ⚫️ Dream big. ⚫️ Work hard. Accounts profession. Radio & TV presenter I do a lot of other things. My tweets are My own views!
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  429. Tharanga Yakupiti

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    UN Correspondent for @ipsnews | #HumanRights Advocate | #ForeignPolicy /#Politics Analyst | Internet Enthusiast | Tweets are my own | RTs ≠ endorsement.
  430. The Future Ocean

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    The Cluster of Excellence “The Future #Ocean”:An #interdisciplinary #network of more than 200 #marine #scientists aiming at #sustainable global #oceanmanagement
  431. The Kermadecs

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    Celebrating the Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary announcement and the 'gold standard' it sets for marine protection in NZ.
  432. The Ocean's Voice

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  433. The TerraMar Project

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    TMP is a US/UK charity on a mission to transform how people think & value #ocean by building a global, engaged & informed community of connected ocean lovers
  434. TheTravellingSharks

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    Travelling the world to dive with sharks and learn as much as possible about these beautiful animals.
  435. Thomas Arrison

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    Program Director, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
  436. Thomas Dahlgren

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    Marine Biologist and scientist. Placed in Hobart, Australia I work at Uni Research, Bergen, and University of Gothenburg. Views are my own. #deepscience
  437. Tim Cashion

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    Fisheries researcher focusing on the little guys and how we use them
  438. Tina Ngata

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    Artist, Activist, Kaiako, Environmentalist, Concerted Non-plasticker....
  439. TMG ThinkTank

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  440. Tom Arnbom

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    Working at WWF as senior advisor covering topics as Arctic and Marine issues. Tweets are my own.
  441. Too Big To Ignore

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    A new global research network and knowledge mobilization partnership to promote and revitalize sustainable small-scale fisheries.
  442. ToOur Shores

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  443. Toscano Rossella

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    Prof.lettere classiche.Esperta politiche del lavoro.progettista fondi UE Europa non tesori di banche,ma tesori di cuore, arte letteratura.Non Liste
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    Searching for beauty in unexpected places. Follow Trish Minogue Photos on Facebook.
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    Tuck is an online magazine covering human rights, politics, current affairs, literature and the arts
  446. UN Development

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    Working to end poverty for good. Transforming our world #By2030. Follow @ASteiner & visit for more
  447. UN Global Compact

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    Helping to align business with #TenPrinciples on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, and to catalyze actions in support of broader #UN goals
  448. UN in the Maldives

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    Official twitter account of the United Nations System in the Maldives. RTs/likes not endorsements.
  449. UN SDG Action Campaign

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    United Nations @SDGAction Campaign: Committed to fostering & expanding a global movement to support the implementation of the #SDGs. #ACT4SDGs
  450. UNCTAD

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    The official account of the @UN Conference on #Trade and #Development. We're dedicated to empowering developing countries in the global economy. #GlobalGoals
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    UNCTAD's Division on International Trade in Goods & Services, and Commodities. For inclusive and sustainable economic development through international trade.
  452. UNDP Norway

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    FNs utviklingsprogram UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) er FNs globale nettverk for utvikling.
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    YK:n alueellinen tiedotuskeskus UNRIC. Twiittaamme ajankohtaisista aiheista YK:ssa ja maailmalla.
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    Usa Dagat, Un Océano, Satu Lautan, One Ocean; Connects us all; my problem is your problem, App for #IUU & #fisheries by @ReefScan
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    Hiee im Ju, Im here for BTS xD // My ultimate bias is Kim Taehyung // ARMY since Oct 9, 2016 // KPop since 2012
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    Make the world a better place! #ZeroHunger #RefugeesWelcome #StopRacism #ClimateAction #SaveTheChildren #ProtectHumanity #WithRefugees #ProtectNature #LÖSEV 🌍☮
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    Development Education & Global Justice Educator #deved #youthwork #globalyouthwork UN Youth Delegate Prog #UNYouthIRL Personal《-》Global #SDGs #Coalition2030
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    NZ DepSec Trade+Econ exChair WTO Ag negs Surfcasting Committed in hope if not expectation 2 @WgtnPhoenixFC @olympiacos_org. RT not always=agree. Personal views
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    #UN Resident Coordinator and @UNDP Representative in Madagascar. Views are my own. Retweets are not endorsement
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    Médico. Ambiciono un mundo mejor, más justo, para todos vivir en el respeto mutuo, la paz y la libertad. Y con alegria, que contagia y da vida.
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    Connecting you with Holland: Office Management | Personal Assistant | Event Management | PR | Marketing | Financial Support | Web Development | HR Management
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    High Commissioner of India to Fiji; personal tweets; retweets not endorsements
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    Actualité Sports Nautiques tous confondus !
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    Living in transit | Opinions my own
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    The engine behind philanthropist & Microsoft cofounder @PaulGAllen's network. Empowered by Paul's vision to make a positive difference in the world.
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    Environment Writer Indian Ocean Observatory Member of G-Media, GLMI, IORG. #KCKulishAward Laureate
  469. warikowaita

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    External Relations and Resource Mobilisation Consultant/Views expressed are my own
  470. WBG Environment

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    The @WorldBank Group works with countries to sustainably manage the environment and natural resources that support livelihoods and sustain life.
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    Lifelong conservative TRUMP 2016-2024. Family/pets R my life. Proud mom of EMT/sis of Harris Co. Tx. Sheriff.#Trump2016 #Bringdownthering #ClintonChildren
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    Mandarin Chinese Teacher from Odell Elementary School
  473. Willemijn Peeters

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    Ocean Ambassador of the Netherlands. Founder of Searious Business. Close Plastic Tap - Mobilize business leadership - Zero plastic waste - Circular Economy
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    Proud Husband and Father of two Sons, Sailing Enthusiast, Bicycler Enthusiast, Dog Lover and passionate Notre Dame Fan Go IRISH!
  475. World Ocean Festival

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    The inaugural World Ocean Festival will kick-off the UN Ocean Conference week with a day of special events in the streets & waters of NYC on Sunday, June 4th.
  476. WWF Sharks

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    World Wide Fund for Nature Sharks - Restoring the Balance
  477. Xavier Prens

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    Diplomat | from Curaçao to Washington DC | One Kingdom, Four Countries | Caribbean | SIDS | DROP | Blue Halo.
  478. XPRO Consulting

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    Responsible Research and Innovation, Knowledge Management, Business Strategy, Capacity Building, Environmental protection
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    You're my every thing JC :)
  480. YoungEconomicSummit

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    The YES! - Young Economic Summit provides a stage for next generation solutions to global challenges. Legal notice:
  481. Yunus Arikan

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    ICLEI´s updates in making the world #GetInspired on sustainability through ambitious actions of local and subnational governments as governmental stakeholders.
  482. Yuvan A. Beejadhur

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    Leadership for a better planet. Ocean expert. Islander. Former World Bank and UN.
  483. Yves Sciama

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    Journaliste freelance. Science, biologie, environnement, choses humaines. Board member @_ajspi. @KSJatMIT '14
  484. Zach Koehn

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    Researches 🎣, nutrition, policy, ethics. PhD student @UW_SAFS, fellow @IGERT_POC. Occasional 📷. A day in or on water always better than a day without it.
  485. Zero Vision Tool

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    Collaboration for a safer more environmentally efficient transport at sea
  486. Александр Зубов

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  487. るかひだえう (その2)

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    Kokura Minami senior highschool 3-5 吉田幼😊🐟→沼小✴🐑🐬🐳→沼中🌠🐟🐳🐑🐬🐩→小倉南高3✨🐬🐑🐳🐩🐟💗✌ 車は大好きです!まあ、車以外にも、好きなものはありますよ!😄😄😄🐬🐬🐬☺☺☺✌✌✌🙋
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    هنا #الأمم_المتحدة بالعربية. نتابع المستجدات في عمل الأمانة العامة وأنشطة المنظمة إجمالا مع التركيز على #الأهداف_العالمية. #GlobalGoals #SDGs
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    | Maldivian | | My tweets reflect my personal view | #Amaabunithifarahdiyun
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    Partnerships for equitable education @Participate | #SparkEmpathy | #TeachSDGs | #WalkforWisdom | #SmartPlanet | #BTheChange
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    Executive director @BlueActionFund. Views my own. Retweets ≠ endorsement.
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    to search the dot under B using the paces in the universe
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